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I absolutely love it when a product works according to what is promised. I mean, who doesn’t? Last year Oyin Handmade sent me a few items to try and somehow they slipped through the cracks. The PR person followed up twice (PR, following up is essential!) and I had to dig through my beauty drawers to find the products. Boy, was I happy I did.

The hair care products are what piqued my interest so I jumped in, head first.  I shampooed and conditioned my hair as I usually do. I decided to do a two strand twist because my hair has been liking  it lately.  I then followed with Oyin Handmade Whipped Butter and  Shine & Define Gentle Styling Serum for soft hold.

I sectioned my hair and applied pea sized amounts of the butter to each segment and worked it from roots to ends. I then applied Gentle Styling Serum over the  butter then did my twists.  I let my hair air dry.

The end result, happy hair!  I actually did a dance.  My twists lasted about three days without needing a re-twist and my hair was ridiculously soft. If you’ve seen my afro helmet you will understand why I was impressed. I thought I might have gotten a bit of crunch from the Shine & Define Gentle Styling serum but it help to define my curls without crunchiness, just as promised . These two products delivered superior moisture to my hair without a hint of crunchiness and no greasy residue.  On day four for a retwist I spritzed each small section of hair  with water and used a bit of the Shine & Define Gentle Styling serum for the twists. The results was just as great as day one.

Key Ingredients in Whipped Pudding:

  •  Shea Butter – a natural moisturizer with healing properties that contains essential vitamins, minerals and proteins for skin and hair.
  • Organic Aloe Vera Gel – this long-lasting moisturizer is super lightweight and helps maintain healthy tissue integrity.
  • Honey – a natural humectant to lock in moisture and restore balance. 

Other Oyin Products to Try with Whipped PuddingThe Juices, Honey Water, Honey Hemp Conditioner and Fizzy Milk Bath

Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding is available at: for $6, 2-ounce jar; $12, 4-ounce jar, and $18, 8-ounce jar. Great for men, women and babies.

Key Ingredients Shine & Define Gentle Styling Serum:

  • Sea Vegetable Complex –  for flexible hold and frizz reduction.
  • Flax Seed Extract – for soft, pliable hold.
  • Castor Oil – for shine and moisture retention.
  • Coconut Oil – and Shea Butter: to nourish your hair from the inside out.

Other Oyin Products to try with Shine & Define Gentle Styling Serum Whipped Pudding, Honey Wash, Honey Hemp Conditioner, Burnt Sugar, and The Juices

Oyin Handmade Shine & Define is available at: for: $6 (2 ounce jar); $12 (4 ounce jar); and $18 (8 ounce jar). Great for men, women and children.

All Oyin products are formulated with mostly natural ingredients and some come with instructions on how you might add additional fragrance, if needed, and even how to cocktail them to achieve amazing results. Oyin products are handmade with love, peace and happiness and are cruelty free, never tested on animals; made and shipped fresh. Visit the companies website to learn more about the company and the amazing line of products.

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