The Hardest Working Necklace In My Jewelry Box..

The Hardest Working Necklace In My Jewelry Box..

Earlier this year I reported on the “bib necklace” as one of Spring/Summer’s hottest trends. In the post I mentioned that I got my first taste of the bib necklace about a year prior to the official trendspotting for Spring/Summer 2009.

When I purchased my JCrew bib necklace in early 2008, it pretty much sat in my jewelry box. I whipped it out once while on vacation in China in March 2008 but other than that, the necklace went unworn. 

Fast forward a year and I can barely go three days without rocking my trusty true blue bead bib necklace. I’ve worn it so much since the start of Spring that someone, who shall remain nameless, has threatened to burn it if I’m caught wearing it again. I’m sorry but I can’t help it. My fun blue bib necklace perfectly punctuates just about every outfit.

As I was going through pictures of makeup looks for ThisThatBeauty posts, I couldn’t help but notice how hard my poor little blue bib necklace has been working….which begs the question, am I playing myself?

ThisThatBeauty universe – I want your opinion. Check out my bib necklace picture montage below and let me know your thoughts. 

Ladies and gents, please give it up for:
 “The Hardest Working Necklace In My Jewelry Box”
(HELP!!!! I CANT STOP wearing it!!!)

Have I run my poor little necklace in to the ground?
Do I continue to PUMP IT or DUMP IT?
Please ladies, I need your advice.
Leave a comment 🙂

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  1. Pump it. I don't see why dumping it is even an issue. It's you signature accessory. If anything, just try and work another hot necklace or two into the mix to change it up.

  2. @IbisCaraib – Thanks mama. I def switch up, but every few days I cant help but go back to this gem, I love her so!

  3. PUMP, PUMP, PUMP IT UP! DEFinitely a classic piece, I love that it goes with so many different looks!

  4. It adds a funky touch to your overall look. A couple of the outfits I would have skipped it (like with the scarf) but most of pics it looks great!!! I agree with IbisCaraib, maybe add another one or two… You may have found your "signiture" look! Love it with the red lips, the tank and the 1st pic with your hair down!

  5. @KinKee – Thank you. Yes, this is exactly my dilemma. It goes with EVERYTHING 🙂

    @Deborah – Thanks for the advise darlin. I have other necklaces..tons. But for this reason I love going back to this one…like every other day. And there lies the problem. Luckily its a seasonal piece so I wont be wearing it past labor day 🙂

    @JustMe – Thanks mama. You;re new here. Come back soon, ya here 🙂

    @PRQueen – Thanks mama. Glad you approve 🙂

    @kadej – Thanks. See you on twitter. Thanks for the follow 🙂

  6. Pump-It.

    It's a pretty necklace that will go with anything. Love it with a simple tank 😉

    Great investment.

  7. @IMM – thats my dilemma exactly. it goes with everything. I'm wearing it right now with a grey tee!

    @Kareemah – Thanks darlin Where you been? Cheating on TTB:)

  8. keep pumping it!! but switch it up with a few made by stella pieces every now and then. ha! 😉

  9. @stella0bella – great tip! and where can i find these stella pieces? does she have a website? sell in a shop? where can i find this illusive stella. i hear her stuff rocks!!! "lol"

  10. girl keep rocking it! i love bib necklance and i love yours too.. a dash of funky blue!

    lol@ you– where in the world is felicia in her blue bib necklace pics… like where in the world is carmen san diego 😉

  11. Chic, pump it. Having doubts? This Aug. issue of Lucky has your little gem in it.. doesn't it feel good to be ahead of the curve? Keep rockin it she's got some miles left on her yet!

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