As most of you know, I’m currently in Miami with The Powder Group, speaking at The Artist Summit. If you’re in MIA, please check me out (or check me at The Artist Summit Chicago this upcoming weekend)!

While in Miami I took the plunge and tried out the Minx Manicure. What is “Minx” you ask? Its the hottest new nail art trend to sweep the nation. Celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Rhianna have been spotted sporting the shiny flexible foil strips. Minx nail appliques come in a a variety of colors and patterns. Minx is affixed to the nail under the light of a small heat lamp.

I am just learning about Minx but undertsand it to be a fairly new procedure. In Miami alone, I only found two salons that provide the service. Back home in New York I only know of one salon offering Minx (Damone Roberts).

Linda of Minx Miami offers mobile nail service. How convenient! Linda and I met in my hotel lobby and caused quite a stir as hotel guests stopped to inquire about my nails. Since this was my first Minx application, I decided to go with a simple shiny gold 14kt Minx Manicure. Linda banged out an awesome manicure in thirty minutes flat….and here’s the result!photo

I love my Minx Manicure and wish I could sneak Linda into my carry-on and bring her back to NJ. I am in lust with Minx and cannot wait to get another Minx Manicure…next time I’m going for the cool Golden Lightening Studs!

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