I’m About To Turn 41, But I’m Already Feeling Younger

This month I will turn 41 (yep, just let that number wash over you like a cold shower) yet I’m already feeling another year younger.


And no, I’m haven’t found the illusive fountain of youth or figured out how to turn back the hands of time (well, actually, the answer is: sunscreen). I recently fell pretty hard for Season 1 of Younger, a wildly additive, guilty pleasure-ish series on TV LAND. It’s all about 40-something Liza Miller who pretends to be 26 to land a job. (Her attempts at reentering the workforce at age 40? Sadly, FAIL.) In the midst of it all, she also (conveniently) lands a hot 20-something bf, Josh. And then the show gets, well, uhm, interesting *insert naughty smirk emoji*…



Full Disclosure: I have not watched TV LAND in I don’t know how long. And to be even more transparent – I haven’t actually watched much of anything since the birth of Phoebe, who is now 2. As many new moms will tell you, there’s simply no time for TV. And bad TV? Girl, bye! I am particularly uninterested in investing precious hours in bad TV viewing. That is akin to bad sex that one cannot take back. *shivers*

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Younger viewing essentials…

While recently battling half a cold and trying to carve out some me time, I figured I’d treat myself to a good ol binge-watching session of Younger Season 1. [Name Drop: It’s from the creator of Sex and the City.] Surprisingly, I found myself super into the main character, Liza Miller: We’re both 40-something, both from New Jersey, we both have a daughter and we both work around hella 20-somethings.

I have Younger Season 1...but you can also watch it online at tvland.com
I have Younger Season 1…but you can also watch it online at tvland.com


Younger has so many twists and turns that 100% sucked me in. The cliffhanger finale has me clearing my Wednesday night for the January 13 one-hour premier. And if you’re like me and don’t have the time to catch up on a full season of TV (unless you suddenly fall ill and have “free” time on your hands) please allow me to get you up to speed for Season 2:

– By the final episode, Josh, Liza’s boyfriend, learns the truth – but can he handle it?

– Liza’s work BFF, the 20-something Kelsey, has been majorly supportive of Liza career. Kelsey’s the girl that every girl wishes she had as a work wife. Can Liza ever come clean to her? Kelsey would be CRUSHED if she found out about the charade.

– Wait….then there is Liza’s hunky boss, Charles, who would be SO age-appropriate and perfect for her, IF she was acting her real age. How long can Liza and her boss Charles ignore the obvious chemistry between them? This part gets a little borderline hmmm, because he legit has chemistry with a “20-something”.


You see, it’s insanely good! And by “insanely good” I mean, it’s a well written and sucks you in pretty quickly…and viewing Season 1 isn’t even a pre-req (but an obvious bonus). Younger is not just soapy good fun — I love that the characters are confident, sexy, unexpected, relatable and funny AF. They seem like real people I’ve actually encountered in my 20’s (and currently at work)….and Liza sure as hell speaks to my 40-something self. Younger is a high stakes roller coaster ride and not overly predictable. The story lines move fast and the plots don’t revolve around stupid things that would never happen in IRL. I don’t want to spoil it, but my fav “twist” was when someone from Liza’s past thought she was going black mail ol’ Liza. SPOILER ALERT: Liza showed her!!

Ok, I think I’ve said too much…


Tune in – Wednesdays starting January 13 @ 10/9c

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