Facebook Live: No Makeup Day

Nobody needs makeup. Women and men wear makeup for all kinds of reasons. Some wear it to enhance their beauty, some wear it as a form of self expression, while others wear it to cover skin imperfections…and the list goes on and on.  No matter the reason you wear makeup, you generally get the best application and most flexibility when you start with great skin.  This Facebook Live will highlight some of the products we have been using that have made a different in our skin’s overall health and appearance. Joins us and let’s have a No Makeup Day!


Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask (Sephora, $27) 

Farmacy Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm (Sephora, $48)

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil (Nordstrom, $32)

Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum (Nordstrom, $88)

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 50+ (Ulta, $16.79)

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, (Target, $4.49)


Dermaflash Facial Exfoliating Device (Sephora, $189)

Becca First Light Filter Face Primer (Sephora, $38)

SKII Midday Essence Spray (Nordstrom, $88)

Belif First Aid Overnigh Brightening Mask (Sephora, $34)

Make Dew Pot (Net-a-Porter, $20)

Talika Eye Therapy Patches (Dermstore, $69)


(Assorted Skincare Favorites Valued over $200)

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  • I currently have about 50/11 items in my rotation lol. I am a skincare junkie and I’m ok with it because at 35 I have the best skin of my life!

  • You guys dropped some great tidbits. The older I get the less I wear makeup. But my under eye area and illuminating products have definitely garnered a lot of attention. I feel like I’m doing good because I swear by neutrogena cleansing wipes. I use the Lavender.

  • My routine is pretty simple… cleanser, toner, eye cream, moisturizer with SPF. I feel like I should be doing more though!

  • That’s a solid routine! So happy to hear sunscreen is included. I would add a once per week mask and/or exfoliant to the mix just to lick it up a notch.

  • LOL — I totally understand the junkie vibes. I have to rotate off my products every 4-6 weeks just to get to it all. Of course I have a few core items that never change.

  • Currently, I have 6 items in my routine. I cleanse with Kate Somerville cleanser or my origins cleanser, I use the P50 toner, fresh rose toner, drunk elephant vitamin c serum, may coop raw sauce and my Clinique moisturizer. I am thinking less is more though and I am planning on reducing it. But, I definitely want to try the skii essence. That looks amazing!!

  • Well sadly, I only have four items in my skincare routine because TSA decided to wage war on my skin and tossed ALL my skincare products away because I forgot to put them in my checked baggage.

    Relocated to Houston Texas and my skin became oily and I didn’t have my products. *Jesus Wept*

  • I have some skin care products that I rely on daily. However, watching you ladies confirmed that I have to increase my skin care game on a whole new level…I am tooooo excited!!

  • Forgot to mention that I use a cleansing oil followed by another cleanser, depending on how I am feeling that day lol. Then I use a scrub, following by a mask with others to follow, although it does not compare to the awesomeness that you ladies use lol!!

  • I currently only use 3, yes 3!, products in my skincare routine. I use an everyday simple charcoal soap to cleanse, ACV to tone, and a plant based sunscreen to moisturize. Big shout out to Felicia on the sunscreen tip. My skin has never felt or looked better❤️❤️.

  • Currently I have 5 items in my night time routine cleanser, micellar water, toner, serum, and moisturizer and my day time routine typically has just 3 items, cleanser, moisturizer, and I just added sunscreen (hides face). This is something I should have been doing along time ago as I was only using it when I went to the beach. I’m trying to get no make up skin like you all so I added it into my daily routine! Thank you all for your great skincare posts!

  • Yes to more no makeup days!! I don’t wear foundation so I’m always trying to make my skin clearer! Currently, I’m using about six products. I’m always trying to find what works best with what I’m using already and sometimes I’m nervous about what to add. Thanks for offering this giveaway!!

  • I have 6 products as part of my daily morning skincare routine. I am always on the hunt for the latest in skincare products.

  • I have a modest routine – oil cleanser, serum, and olay micro moisturizer. I have recently added that expensive sunscreen (Cleau) thanks Felicia- but glad I did!

  • I currently use 6 products: cleanser (one for day- milk based and one for night- creamy), face mist (alternate between two), blemish spot treatment, dark spot corrector at night and a oil/serum for day or a anti-age serum and eye cream (one for day and one for night), and a moisturizer (one with spf and one for night.

  • I use about 6 products for the day and 6 for the evening. I love the products listed in this article!

  • I use miscellar water, cleanser, witch hazel (sometimes), serum, rose spray, moisturizer, and eye cream! Always love trying new products and Felicia always inspires me to try new things she talks about!!

  • Currently my skincare routine is very basic, cleanse, mask, eye cream, moisturiser +moisturiser w/spf for daytime. I probably need to add some more steps to that.

  • I usually have 7 at night (double cleansing, 2 toners, eyes, treatment, and moisturizer) and 6 in the am.

  • Felicia is skincare goals! She’s my skincare muse, and because of her and her recommendations, I finally have glowy clear skin. I even prefer makeup free looks (minus brows and a little mascara, sometimes a lip of course). I went from 2-3 products max in my routine, to now 10+ that I rotate.

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