Smell This: Elie Saab La Perfum Resort Collection

I have a serious thing for figs.  While I’m not a huge candy fan, I go gaga for figs — nature’s candy — and no matter where I see them I simply must buy them.  The fig note in Elie Saab La Perfum Resort Collection is what drew me in.  The fragrance inspired by “the glamorous atmosphere of the French Riviera, is filled with elegance, refinement and glamour.”


Other notes in the fragrance include: jasmine, orange blossom, and frangipani. While I detected  fruity notes in the fragrance, it smelled a bit more floral than ocean blue bottle led me to believe. I was expecting a fresh, clean almost ocean like fragrance (maybe I’m too literal).  It is a light fragrance that wears well for about two to three hours. If you sweat a lot and you are running around all day, this is a great fragrance to try because it won’t leave you smelling like you’re covering up a funk by the end of the day. But I imagine the folks who shop a designer’s resort collection don’t do a lot of running around. (They are probably laid out on a large yacht in pristine waters having beautiful, scantily clad men and/or women pour them drinks and serve them fresh-from-the-ocean sushi or whatever. #Jealous! Anyway, I digress.)

Smell This- Elie Saab La Perfum Resort Collection

I give Elie Saab La Perfum Resort Collection ($98) a 3 out of 5 (not because I’m mad I’m not on a Yacht) but because, while I love the fig note in the fragrance, the overall fragrance composition is definitely forgettable. Next time you are at  Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Saks or Bloomingdales, stop by the counter for a whiff — you might disagree.


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