5 Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

Do you think beauty routines are most exciting when they’re out of the box extraordinary? There’s obviously nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone, but it also doesn’t hurt to mix things up once in awhile — especially when it comes to beauty. We’ve rounded up a few beauty hacks you can pull off with items you probably already have around the house. Not only will your skin thank you, but so will your wallet. Read on as we share 5 beauty Hacks You Need to Know!

Coffee Filters as Blotting Paperbeauty hacks - unbleached coffee filters as blotting paper

Suffer from shiny forehead syndrome? You’re not alone. A quick tip to minimizing shiny skin is to pat face with a coffee filter to blot excess oil. Ironically, coffee filters are made from similar ingredients as the blotting papers you may find in Sephora, but cost a lot less money. They also provide more bang for your buck, as they have a wider surface area per usage. 

#TTBTIP: Try the unbleached coffee filters if you are concerned about any toxins left behind in the bleaching process.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Natural Toner

beauty hacks - apple cider vinegar as toner

It’s pretty safe to say that apple cider vinegar is a champion in helping to attain beauty on the inside and out as it is a natural purifying agent. This particular vinegar works amazingly as a facial toner because it acts as a natural astringent, particularly if you’re prone to breakouts. Wipe a little on skin with a clean washcloth after washing your face and before moisturizing to keep zits at bay. 

Green Tea Bags to Decrease Under Eye Puffiness

Beauty Hacks - Green Tea Bags to Decrease Under Eye Puffiness

If you find yourself out of cucumbers, one of the quickest ways to minimize under eye puffiness is to apply a cold product that contains caffeine and antioxidants, such as green tea bags. Caffeine is the perfect knockout to puffiness, as its properties help to shrink blood cells. Throw two tea bags (that have previously been in hot water) into the freezer for about 10 minutes, then apply to your under eyes for five or six.  

Oatmeal as a Skin Soother

Beauty Hacks - Oatmeal as a Skin Soother

Suffer from dry or itchy skin? taking a dip in a bath of oats can help bring a calming spa-like experience to your front door. Oats contain fats which act as lubricants that help to moisturize dry skin, and is key for dealing with any irritation. Soak in an oatmeal bath for at least 20 minutes to feel the full calming effects on skin. Follow your bath with a body butter or favorite lotion to help lock in moisture. 

Brown Sugar as a Body Scrub 

beauty hacks - brown sugar as body scrub

Brown sugar is just as useful in your bathroom as it is in the kitchen. Combine it with your favorite body wash to create the perfect body exfoliant. Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid which penetrates the skin and encourages cell turnover, creating fresher, more younger looking skin. Its rough texture also works to easily remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling baby bottom smooth. 

#TTBTip: You can also combine brown sugar and coconut oil to create a super hydrating body scrub.

Do you have any beauty hacks to share? Tell us below!
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  • Ohh, I totally agree with your brown sugar scrub tip! A really effective, natural and quick way to make your skin look much better. I like to mix the sugar with some coconut oil and make a gentle massage, wait a little and then rinse with lukewarm water. The result? Silky but also well nourished skin. 😉 #sugargirls #beautytips #BeautyRocher

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