Warning: Mom Advice From A Newbie Mom

I’m not gonna lie — Being a new mom is, at times, filled with lots of self-doubt and worry over what you’re doing or not doing. So when I hear the old saying, “Mother knows best”, I can’t help but think, “Really? Me?!!”


But, once you take a breather and a step back, it’s true: Moms really do know best…because we do what we do with love and care — and that truly is the best you can give. This Mother’s Day, Mustela is celebrating mom and sharing motherhood advice from real moms, like YOU and ME!


From May 1 – 10, Mustela is asking moms to share their best piece of advice to new moms or moms-to be. Each winner (2 winners per day) will win an assortment of Mustela products, including Stretch Marks Care Oil, Stretch Marks Double Action, Hydra Bebe Body, Dermo-Cleansing and PhysiObebe (a ThisThatBeauty FAV!!).

Mustela Moms Know Best: http://bit.ly/1QJiPlq

Pheebs and Mom

So, seeing that I have a little bit of motherhood experience (20+ months) under my belt, I thought I’d share and answer some of the Mustela Moms Know Best questions. Let me be 1,000% transparent – I do not know it all. I can only share what has worked for me…with the hope that it will, in some small way, be helpful to you ☺

What’s your best piece of advice for new moms?
I cannot stress the importance of learning to depend on your own abilities and know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Motherhood unleashes a whole new level of emotions and potential insecurities. You’ve birthed this amazing little being and you’re constantly panicked that you’re not doing or giving him/her the very best. But repeat after me: I AM ENOUGH! Because you truly are. Learn to turn off the influences that make you feel less than enough. For me, it’s social media and, shockingly, BLOGS! I follow very few “mom blogger types” on social media. Sure, I follow women who are moms…but I don’t follow many who make a living as mommy bloggers or women who spend a large percentage of their time mostly sharing mommy things. Why? Do I hate mommy bloggers? No. It’s sort of “It’s not YOU, it’s ME.” I know myself and it’s neither productive nor healthy for me to spend too much time observing the social ramblings and shares of women who mainly do mommy things. And again, it’s not about them (more power to them if they are doing what they love), it’s about me. I begin to feel less than enough when I spend too much time with Uber Moms. So I turn off my triggers.

What’s one thing you wish you knew before becoming a mom?
That’s a tough one. I don’t know if there’s some magical pre-knowledge that would have made a difference. But I would say: Ask for help and don’t be crazy…let others bond with your child. You’ll regret it later if you kid is too attached to you and only you.

What’s the best tip to stay healthy while pregnant?
Manage your cravings as healthfully as possible. For example, if you crave sweet, instead of going hard on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, reach for Greek yogurt with honey and a few nuts sprinkled it. This way, you’re giving your body what it needs (something sweet) but you’re not loading up on extra calories that you can do without. You can’t avoid the guilty treat all the time…we’re human and sometimes we all need to just give in and live a little! But, for the most part, try to satisfy your cravings with the healthiest possible choice. Your post-baby body will thank you….because, when baby arrives, making time to shed those extra calories will be low low low on the list of priorities.

What was your favorite product to use while pregnant?
I loved using Mustela Stretch Marks Care Oil while I was pregnant. It’s so soothing and really helped to relieve itchy skin. Honestly, I think stretch marks are mostly genetic…but there was no way I was going to NOT try a cream or oil. I made it through pregnancy stretch mark free. Maybe it was Mustela Stretch Marks Care Oil, maybe it was genetics. I’ll never know for certain, but if I’m blessed to have another maybe, I’m definitely sticking with Mustela Stretch Marks Care Oil. NOTE: Continue using your stretch mark cream of choice for a couple of months post-baby too…..I have a cousin who didn’t get stretch marks until AFTER baby arrived (possibly because she stopped using her cream).

What is the best thing about being a mother?
The best thing is looking into Phoebe’s eyes and thinking: I DID THAT. It’s a major “wow” moment to know that you desired this little human, and here she is – as perfect as can be and all yours!

What’s you best advice for moms or moms-to-be? Share with Mustela!
Mustela Moms Know Best: http://bit.ly/1QJiPlq

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  • I stumbled across your site by accident but I am very glad that I did. You are doing AMAZING things and have a beautiful daughter (she has your smile:-). The BEST things in life are worth waiting for.
    I pray you have continued success and happiness. Here is a little advice from one mommy to another….Enjoy your little one each and every day because they grow up so fast!!!!

    By the way it’s Zalonda from Arts High!

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