Valentine’s Day Gift Giving: The Robert Verdi Edition

Valentine’s Day Gift Giving: The Robert Verdi Edition

Hey folks — I’m back from Robert Verdi’s too cool for school Valentine’s Day Gift Idea Twitter party. If you’re anything like me and completely void of crazy, sexy, cool, freakum V-Day ideas, fret not. My Jersey broham, Robert Verdi has you covered [and when I say “Jersey” I do not mean it in the “Jersey Shore” kind of way…Oy, I think I just contracted rabies!].

If times are rough and tough like leather, and you have about 50 bones in your pocket, Robert suggests:

If you’re rolling with Ben Franklin and have $100 to spend, Robert suggests:

If you’re “In the Ferrari or jaguar, switchin’ four lanes Wit’ the top down screaming out Money ain’t a thang“…and have $500 to make rain, Robert suggests:

Other great ideas from Robert Verdi include:

Make Valentine’s Day special with a fun Fragoli Passion Cocktail. During Robert’s event we enjoyed delectable Fragoli and Prosecco libations. YUM!


Don’t forget to bring the creativity. Give a coupon book filled with fun redeemable surprises!


Try a unique way of giving flowers with Rebecca Cole Grows candy dish filled with amazing blooms. It’s a modern take on the traditional gift of flowers.


Instead of a humongous box of chocolates, try:


Or give chocolates with a purpose: Godiva and the Elton John AIDS Foundation have partnered to create a new Limited Edition True Love Gold Heart Assortment. Show how much you care by giving this thoughtful heart shaped box filled with a heavenly assorted caramels, pralines, dark, while, and milk chocolate.


Don’t have enough vacation days for a long romantic getaway? Plan a short jaunt and whisk her away! This hip Eenamaria travel tote holds everything for an overnight stay and wont cost you an arm and a leg.


Here’s a great way to re-invent dinner at home:date

For the bella who favors baubles: Swarovski Crystalized Charm Bracelet


R.J. Graziano clear marble-style large lucite beads makes a great statement necklace gift. Show her you’re in the know with this stylish piece!


And she’s going to need a place to keep her baubles….Now her jewelry can travel in style with this patent leather jewelry case from Cole Haan.


The simplest of gifts still say I “LOVE YOU”:


Forget a bicycle made for two, try this: Combine “dress” and “sport” with this modern His/Hers offering from AK Anne Klein.


Throw shade, but in a good way! Now here’s a shameless plug for a gift that would make Ms ThisThatBeauty’s heart melt. The DIANE von Furstenberg eyewear collection has my name written all over it! Mimicking the same geometric patterns and eye catching prints found on DVF frocks, the DIANE von Furstenberg eyewear collection includes shades of colors of Black Merlot, Brown Teal, Teal Gold, and Hot Pink. The vintage cat eye frame is the cat’s meow!


Show your man what time it is! This Kenneth Cole watch is a timeless choice that’s sure to remind him of his boo every time he checks his wrist!


I hope this Robert Verdi approved Valentine’s Day Gift Guide helps to spark inspiration, kindle the home fires, and ignite an evening of fireworks!



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