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When I discovered my first gray hair before I turned twenty I freaked out because I thought I would be completely gray in a matter of days (dramatic, I know). To my surprise, it’s been several years later and I still only have about eight strands.

If I had turned gray and needed a full head of color, I’m sure the TouchBack hair color would work wonders to cover my gray roots in between salon (or at home) coloring. TouchBack is not designed to cover entire strands of grays but that is what I did to the eight strands of gray in the top of my head. Let’s just say it doesn’t discriminate between entire strands of gray and root touch-ups.

According to the manufacturer, TouchBack should be applied as follows:

The TouchBack marker should be applied to dry hair. For resistant gray hair, hold the marker on the hair for a few seconds to deposit additional color. Mousse, gels and other styling products may be used prior to applying TouchBack, and hair spray can be used over it.

TouchBack includes a special comb for use at temples and hairline. The comb acts as a skin shield for those areas. Slide the comb under the hair, as close to the scalp as possible, then apply TouchBack.

TouchBack uses certified hair colors, is free of ammonia and peroxide, making it gentle on hair. Each .27 fluid ounce applicator is good for about 40-50 applications, depending on the level of gray coverage. According to the manufacturer, “ TouchBack actually bonds to the hair, blending beautifully with permanent hair color for a totally natural look.” TouchBack is available in eight shades, shown here. I tried the black TouchBack and the color was natural, however, after application, my few strands felt a little stiffer than usual. The color doesn’t flake and it doesn’t easily transfer unto clothing unless water is applied.

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