ThisThatBeauty Reviews: The Body Shop Fall Beauty Collection

I have been a huge fan of The Body Shop for maybe 10 years. This Fall The Body Shop launches a myriad of new products from eyeshadows to body cream. One of my favorites from this launch is the Body Butter Duo.  I am a huge proponent of the double layer moisturizing system during winter months and with this product you get both steps in one jar!  Here is how to use this product during winter:  immediately after emerging from the shower, pat your skin dry (leaving it a little damp) then apply the cream. Wait a few minutes then I apply the butter. If you buy one new skin hydrating product this winter…BUY THIS! Your skin will thank you! The Body Butter Duo retails for $18.

Another cool product is the shimmer cube palette – besides being highly pigmented and crease resistant, this product is perfectly packaged. Each shade is packaged separately and you can mix and match your favorite shade for a customized palette that is all your own. The shadows are made with fair trade Marula oil which gives the formulation its gliding and crease resistant capabilities. Shimmer cubes retail for $22.

Next up is the Extra Virgin minerals. While I was not able to find my exact shade, I was able to mix and match to find something right for my complexion.  What impressed me most about these minerals is a distinct lack of ashen, Morticia Addams-esque look after application  All but one or two mineral foundations that I have tried have left me looking as I might be from beyond the grave, not so with Extra Virgin minerals. For only $25 you can find your perfect foundation!

The Body Shop’s  Carbon Eye-definer pencil is made from FSC certified wood and has a built in smudger on one end. It is defined as a “water-resistant formulation, with a smooth texture for a bendable and smudgable effect.” I think this is what makes the carbon brown

shade perfect, not just as a eyeliner but also a brow pencil. My brows are thin and almost invisible in some places this pencil does an amazing job of filling and defining my brows and it lasts all day.  I think this very formulation and this colour should be rebranded as the best brow pencil EVER, with my name in fine print :). Carbon Eye-definer pencil retails for $13.





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