ThisThatBeauty Reviews: Miss Pop, Nail Artist

Felicia Walker Benson with custom Rock Stud nails by Miss Pop

Show me a girl who doesn’t like a fresh to death manicure and I’ll show you an alien. ThisThatBeauty was recently invited to a Lifebooker event where the featured nail artist was Miss Pop — one of the most adorable and high-spirited people we’ve ever met! We loved spending time with Miss Pop — She’s like cotton candy at the state fair. . .you simply can’t get enough! Prior to our appointment, Miss Pop took the initiative to check out the ThisThatBeauty blog where she discovered our love of Valentino Rockstuds and animale….and designed custom nail art accordingly. How cool is that? Pretty flipping cool if you ask us !!

TTB Rocks Stud Mani by Miss Pop

Felicia Walker Benson with custom Rock Stud nails by Miss Pop

All the art work was done free hand and each stud was individually applied. As of the writing of this post Felicia has gone 7 days with her mani and so far she has only lost a few tiny studs….after vigorously washing her super coily mane. The whole process from prep to dry was about an hour with lots of fun and laughter in between coat applications.

Animal print is Miss Pop’s favorite color (no joke) and I walked in wearing leopard print, so, we were besties in no time flat. I took advantage of the serendipitous situation and asked for a leopard print nail design. I was beyond excited about my choice and I received numerous compliments over the next several days.

Christene Carr wearing hand painted nails by Miss Pop

My mani lasted 5 days but I’m always doing dishes [and I also do quite a bit of my laundry by hand – yup, i’m that girl :-)]

Don’t be jealous, you too can get highly personalized manicures from Miss Pop and experience her very infectious personality. Through LifeBooker, you can schedule a private, personalized manicure for you and up to nine of your friends.  You’ll be able to choose from a menu of fantastic designs such as; glitter fades, ombre, leopard print, metal studs, and more. You might even be able to get the mani inspired by the Valentino Rockstuds. This offer is now $550 (for up to 10 people) a discount of 56%!

Click here  to take advantage of this deeply discounted offer and plan a memorable girls night (or day). Offer ends July 19th.

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