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Perfume is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to transform any mood and instantly transport the wearer to any place tied to the notes in that scent.  I recently went on a journey with the Flora by Gucci Collection.

Gucci Flora Garden Collection was inspired by a scarf originally designed for Princess Grace of Monaco.  The Scarf features five blooms that have now each been used to create five scents.  Frida Gianni, Gucci Creative Director explains, “ with Flora by Gucci, I wanted to express the loveliness of the Flora woman, charming, romantic and optimistic. Now with the Flora Garden Collection I am celebrating multifaceted way the Gucci woman expresses her personality.”

While scent is highly personal, it was interesting to note other people’s reaction to each fragrance. The most commented on fragrance was Glamorous Magnolia. It has top notes of freesia, green leaves and citrus zest. The heart notes are peony and magnolia and base notes are musk, sandalwood and warm chocolate accord. The fragrance starts out fresh but the dry down is sensual. “The Glamorous Magnolia woman is spellbinding in her allure. Confident, charismatic, she draws her audience in with a caressing touch.”

Gracious Tuberose reminds me of my grandmother.  It has a distinct old world feel to it. Notes include violet leaves, peach, tuberose, orange flower rose, cistus (rock rose and white cedar wood.  There is a distinct elegance about this fragrance, if you love old Hollywood movies, this might be the fragrance for you.

If you are longing for your next beach vacation, Glorious Mandarin is definitely the fragrance for you.  This fragrance has notes of mandarin, peony, jasmine, ambergris, white musk, creamy wood and my personal favorite, pina colada accord. After a burst of citrus to start there were hints of pineapple and coconut that just made me happy.  I was instantly transported to a white sandy beach.

Generous Violet is formulated with violet leaves, orris, violet petals and suede accord.  This combination of notes is meant to “evoke the hidden feminine secrets of a woman’s handbag.”  Maybe you have been putting off investing in that  next amazing Gucci bag, if you are, why not try to Generous Violet to tide you over?

Notes of  Gorgeous Gardenia include red berries, pear, white gardenia, frangipani flower, patchouli and brown sugar accord.“The Gorgeous Gardenia woman exudes a sultry sensuality that is lushly enticing. Men are drawn to her as bees are to a blossoming flower.” Need I say more?  If you are dating, you might want to give Gorgeous Gardenia a try on your next date…but be warned.

Gucci Flora Garden Collection  is a wonderful collection and I dare say there is a fragrance in the collection for everyone. As I did my five days of Gucci Flora, I realized there was something in the collection for every mood I experienced. Each fragrance lasted about 4 hours (that is up to the point where I could readily detect it.) However, people that saw me at the end of the day, still got a hint of something special.

Gorgeous Gardenia, Gracious Tuberose and Glamorous Magnolia are sold in 50 ml and 100ml bottles and are available in Macy’s and Gucci stores nationwide.  Generous Violet and Glorious Mandarin are exclusive to Gucci stores.

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