ThisThatBeauty: Beauty Observations – False Eye Lashes in Everyday Life

Hey ThisThatBeauty Babes – 

Your girl has been in heavy deliberation over whether or not to broach a particular subject.
Yea yea, everyone loves my quick witted and light hearted beauty talk but will you stand with me when the ish gets real? Will y’all continue to ride with Ms ThisThatBeauty even when I have to dish out beauty tough love? When the fit hits the shan, will you still read my blog?

Well here goes...
For today’s installment of ThisThatBeautyBeauty Observations, we must deal with the topic of false eye lashes in everyday life…*SMDH

OK, how do I say this? How can I put this delicately? (Dear Lord, somebody’s feelings are gonna get hurt, I can just feel it.)

*Felicia, breathe. Wooo saaah!!!*
OK. I love false eye lashes as much as the next diva. When its time to gear up for major events like Fashion Week…

Or a crazy night out with the girls, dramatic lashes are practically a prereq!
And the longer and more dramatic the betta! Everyone needs to see my fierceness from a mile away. 
But lets say (true story) I’m heading to visit Lipstick Queen headquarters in Chinatown and need to take the subway. Uncertain of which train to take, I ask the MTA token booth attendant for guidance. WHY ARE HER EYE LASHES GREETING ME from through the plexiglass? Is this really necessary?…in broad daylight on a Wednesday??? 

Or lets say I’m in Target (true story) buying cleaning products, hangers, and sneaking in a cute lil Mossimo boyfriend tee for $5…should my check out girl’s eye lashes reach the hell out and tickle my chin?

The answer to both questions/scenarios is HELL to the NO!

LADIESWhy are we wearing extreme length lashes in normal everyday settings like the MTA token booth and the Target check out on route 22 in Union, New Jersey? Why? 

I simply cannot take it. Can you not hear your mommas in the background nagging:

“Baby, there’s a time and a place for everything”

I’m sorry but the MTA token booth is not the appropriate place for extreme eye lashes. That is never OK. PERIOD!

Do I stand alone on this topic? How do you guys feel about extreme lashes outside of special occasions? Please leave a comment. I need some perspective.

And BTW, lace front wearers who ARE NOT on stage performers or A-list celebs – I’m coming for that a$$ next. This I promise!!!

PS: My opinion excludes those with medical conditions that leave the eye lashes bald. And honestly, I doubt these people are wearing over the top extreme lashes. They’re probably wearing very tasteful natural length extensions.
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  • @Deb – See, you're starting trouble…and I loves it!
    @Yummy – I agree 100%. what i'm seeing around town is just not right and it makes me a wee bit sad
    @Jesiah – LOL. I hear you loud and clear:)
    @Tiara – I'm with you, I always feel weird in I'm all made up and outside of a "made up environment".
    @Milan – Next stop, sumo wrestlers!
    @Miss Pretty – AMen sister
    @Stella – LOL mama.
    @Jair – its not you, its them. LOL

  • Thank you. I was sooo afraid that something was wrong with me; That I should embrace the SpongeBob lashes at the afternoon cook-out but alas the truth is here. *sighing with relief*

  • lmfao. you are hilarious! eyelashes greeting you thru plexiglass, lol, tickling your chin at target! i was cracking up reading this one!! there is a time and a place for everything. i am wit you! LOL

  • Ladies please dont get your lashes done at the nail shop for 20 dollars! I dont care if they are individual if they are attached with a pound of glue it looks uncomfortable! Invest in some mascara and wear that everyday.

  • LMAO!!!! This cracked me up. I can barely get the lashes down for an "appropriate time" like a night out on the town with the girls so I'm definitely not wearing them on a normal regular day. I've seen it done though but the length was tasteful and it looked more natural than not.

    I'm ready for the lace front vent! LMAO! I don't GET THAT.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! ITA-time and place baby, time and place!

    I will say though-I had just come from a MAC makeover and had to stop in Target before going home to get dressed for a night on the town. I felt like such a fool made up to go to Target (even though that wasn't my real destination) so I don't understand why no one else feels stupid walking around with mile long lashes everyday.

  • hahahahaha i see your very passionate about this topic , I have to say anything over the top with feathers or lashes that reach your brow bone is definitely inappropriate for anything other than a costume party.

  • i just hate the baby doll, thick, blunt cut lashes that no, do not belong on your face. however, if you feel fab and glamorous in lashes of long length, the by all means be fabulous in the daytime, whenever!

    lace fronts off of the performing stage does seem to be a bit OTT.

  • @Kareemah – Argh, those hood shops are the worse. who knows what the heck theyre using??? its really scary to think about…toxic glue and god only knows what kind of hair!!!

  • I'm LMAO. Somebody had to break the news to them. I just learned that the nail salon's are doing this process now for $25.00. You have to see the line of women waiting to get this service done.
    Lots of women take some fashion trends to far. ie. lace fronts.

    Kareemah M

  • LOL! On you coming for the lacey chicks too! LMAO!!!

    Can I contibute a true story? Or 5? LOLOL! Girl the stuff I see everyday… It's the frickin' stuff movies are made of… Or bad D List reality/movies!

  • LOL, yall are hilar and really telling it like it TIS! Thanks for riding with me on this one!

    gg – short, sweet, and to the point! love it!

    @Deb – I'm glad I amuse you:) LOL
    I'm wearing mac #33 in both pics…lurves them!

    @Anon – LMAO!!!! I think I would have burst out laughing..or crying. LOL!!!! Seriously dying over here!

  • I'm definitely feeling you! I was at Six Flags and the ride attendant looked like one of those baby dolls that close their eyes when you lay them down. Very unflattering!

  • Girl I must say! I loved your writing style! I was giggling (the whole time) reading this.

    I concure! EXTREME eyelashes are not appropriate for everyday settings… However, sometimes people just want to feel a bit of glamour in their everyday lives.
    If this is the case, I'd go for individual lashes (not a strip) and focus on the lashes looking fuller and realisticly longer (as opposed) to over the top.

    BTW- The lashes you have on in the second picture look good. I'd wear them anyday. To, me you just look pretty as opposed to over the top.


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