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Summer is my favorite of all the seasons…

I hate to admit it folks, but Fall’s just around the corner. Flip through any circular in today’s Sunday paper or open any current fashion mag — Fall is upon us. Bad news for my weekly pedicurist (I am so not doing weekly pedi’s once I break out my riding boots), great news for all of the awesome Fall collections that are launching.
First in line (and first in my pocket) is…

Backstage Beauty Eye Shadow Palette – The Runway Look

Yes, I say I said “Stila”! Oh hush…of course I know I just wrote a bad review of Stila’s Convertible Eye Color but I hold no makeup grudges. Fool me one, catch ya next collection. Tee hee! And with such consumer friendly return polices these days, makeup mavens everywhere can buy with confidence and return when it doesn’t work out. No grudges, no love….
and most importantly, no dollars lost 🙂
So anywhoo, Stila done got right back on the horse and redeemed herself big time. Just in time for Fall Stila has created two exclusive eye palettes for Sephora. Both palettes speak to the trends we’re seeing on the runway for Fall. Expect to see lots of purple and grey this season.
The grey palette is called “The Red Carpet Look” and the purple/ burgundy-ish palette is called “The Runway Look”. Both palettes are adorable and will work for a wide range of tones and complexions. While both palettes work for moi, the “Runway” palette really blew me away. I imagine that light to medium complexions will be able to wear both palettes with ease. The “Runway” palette will go over great for folks with darker tones. The “Red Carpet” palette will also work for darker complexions, but the colors will not be as stand out, IMHO
The palette/ kit is $40. It comes with three eye shadows…which is really all you need to create a great eye look (lid, crease, highlight). There’s also a kohl liner pencil included. The aforementioned come in a sleek faux leather palette case with a chic rosette accent that can be worn in the hair, around the wrist, neck, etc. Uhhh, that last little “add-on” isn’t quite my cup of tea but as I always say “different strokes…”. If a faux leather rosette on a string aint your cup o’ tea either, dont let that deter you. This palette is a steal at 40 bucks. Thats three eye colors and a liner in a great case for the low price of $40. Thats about $10 an item. Not bad for a higher end product.
Here’s what Stila has to say:

Backstage Beauty Eye Shadow Palette – The Runway Look
Stila takes Backstage Beauty front and center this fall with a couture-inspired eyeshadow palette. Inspired by Marchesa’s fall 2008 fashion show, this luxe collection is high class all the way. The three-pan palette includes both matte and shimmer shades, plus an onyx kajal liner to define and complete your sultry stare.

So without further ado, here I am below rippin’ the “Runway”.
Go strut into Sephora and get your “Runway” on…this palette is a limited edition.

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