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How often do you evaluate your skin care routine? I mean, really critically analyze the needs of your skin against the efficacy of your products. Perhaps the serum you’re using is great for managing acne, but that was five years ago and suddenly you’ve noticed tiny fine lines on your forehead. Or, perhaps your usual daily moisturizer feels great and applies well, but when stacked against current technology and advanced delivery systems, you realize that in addition to increasing hydration, maybe there are creams on the market that also eradicate wrinkles, fight hyperpigmentation, and leave a luminous finish.

I say all of this to say: Skin beyond the age of 20ish regularly goes through a laundry list of changes. It’s up to you to make sure that the products you apply topically are the cream (pun intended) of the crop and best suited for skin’s changing needs.

Does your skin suffer from diminished vitality? Is it not as plump, smooth, and supple as it used to be? In just four weeks, ANEW Genics Treatment Cream (patented with YouthGenTM Technology – inspired by genetic research on human longevity) is a fairly recent skin care breakthrough that promises to do a Cher (“turn back time”) in as little as four weeks. By boosting specific skin proteins, ANEW Genics Treatment Cream stimulates skin’s Youth Gene and triggers younger acting skin. Momma ThisThatBeauty has been enjoying the benefits ever since I gave her a jar about a month ago. Recently, I could not help but marvel over mom’s much improved 58-year old skin…Isn’t she pretty?!

Most women first reach for an eye cream somewhere around early 20’s…usually due to the effects of dryness, puffiness, or dark circles. However, as skin matures, the prevention of fine lines, wrinkles and creasing is a primary concern. Newly launched, SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream smooths the early signs of aging at the corners of eyes and underneath.

The signature complex, a proprietary blend of Pitera™, Oli-Vityl (anti-oxidant protection), Signaline, and concentrated levels of Niacinamide, work in concert to reduce dull appearance, increase hydration, and firm the look of crepe-y skin. SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream is serious treatment for eyes and an appropriate next step option for those of us in search of an eye cream that does more…much more! (ME!!)

It all sounds so sci-fi…A renewable energy project, turned anti-aging discovery is the real life true story inception of Algenist. Picture it: A team of San Francisco based biotechnology scientists were hard at work developing microalgae-based renewable energy solutions when they uncovered “alguronic acid”, a powerful compound connected to cell regeneration. When tested in clinical trials, younger-looking resulted…in as little as 10 days. Yes, 10 days! Now, who doesn’t have 10 days to put the claim to the test?

Ladies, start your engines…I mean, er, start your infrared LED light. Sure, topicals are effective…but why not work deeper? LightStim helps create collagen (the secret to plump, line-free skin) and improve skin’s elasticity by emitting pain-free amber and red infrared LED light. The wavelengths energize skin’s youth cells and promote radiant, brilliant complexion. The handheld, at-home device is a must add to your routine. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


Give your skin the attention it deserves. Take a step back. Look in the mirror. Survey your skin. Now, survey your medicine cabinet? Are you well-equipped to handle the skin care challenges before you? If not, re-read this blog post and compile your shopping list. Thank me later!

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We are a few months into the new year and I know many people are looking for ways to improve their appearance. Some, like me, are hitting the gym hard. Some have already started their new diet. Others are looking for non-surgical ways to improve, not only their body, but their face as well. If you fall into that latter group, I’ve got some news for you!

A couple of months ago I was introduced to LAVIV,  “the first and only FDA-approved personalized cell therapy to improve the look of smile lines.” LAVIV is highly personal because it is made from your very own skin cells and it is made just for use on you!

The science behind LAVIV. . . 

As some of you may know, the skin is made up of the dermis, epidermis and the hypodermis.  The dermis is roughly 10 to 40 times thicker than the epidermis and fibroblasts are the main cells found in the dermis.  Fibroblast cells are responsible for the production of collagen, and as you may already know, collagen is what gives the skin its firmness and structure. However, as we age, collagen production slows, creating “an imbalance that causes the dermis to become less stretchable, less resilient, more lax, and prone to wrinkling.”

LAVIV is clinically proven to be safe and effective in improving the appearance of smile lines.

Here are the steps:

  • A doctor takes a skin sample from an area of your body that is not exposed to sunlight, and is not prone to wrinkles (generally behind the ear.)
  • The skin sample is sent to Fibrocell Science’s FDA-inspected manufacturing facility where it is inspected
  • After inspection, the fibroblast are multiplied over a period of 90 days using standard cell growth techniques into hundreds of millions of cells, (yes, millions!)
  • Once the cells have been created, the fibroblasts are inspected to ensure they are living, pure and actively producing collagen
  • Cells are then cryopreserved (frozen)
  • One day prior to your first treatment, fibroblast cells are thawed and prepared into a LAVIV treatment injection.
  • Treatment is shipped overnight to your physician
  • It is recommended that the course of LAVIV is a series of three treatments that are 3-6 weeks apart.

The proof is in the pictures!

– Each before and after 6 months of treatment –

So you see, it is all connected and on a very high level it makes perfect sense to me! If we harvest fibroblast cells and multiply them, then inject them back into areas of the skin that have lost collagen, then fibroblast cells will spark collagen production and essential reverse and/or slow down some of the problems, such as laugh lines, that become evident because of collagen loss.

Click here to find a LAVIV Certified Physician and here to read important safety information. To learn more about LAVIV, please visit the company’s website.


This post was written by @ChristeneCarr 

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Over the last year or so I have become a little bit obsessed with eye creams. While Iʼm not yet at the stage where I need serious help around the peepers (praises to all that is holy with a wish that the day never comes), every once in a while I have one of those extra long nights that inevitably leads to puffy, tired eyes requiring added TLC. It was after one such run that I started using Le Soin Regard, since then, Iʼve been singing praises.

Le Soin Regard promises immediate and long term benefits against aging, improvement in elasticity, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, renewed radiance and reduction in dark circles and puffiness. While Le Soin Regard promised to deliver all that, all I asked was a reduction or prevention of puffiness and addition of radiance — and that was definitely delivered.

When a product does what it promises to do, I have to take a closer look at the ingredients (I do that even when they donʼt work). While all of the ingredients work in unison for maximum product efficacy, here are the ones that stood out to tackle my particular problem; caffeine and green tea extract for the puffiness, Chlorella Vulgaris, a river microalgae to firm eye contour and mica, which illuminates skin and helps to reflect light. Other noteworthy ingredients include Blue Lotus Stem Cells, which restructures, smoothes and tightens and Helychrisum flower water and Tourmaline which improves microcirculation.

Le Soin Regard is made by Absolution, a unisex, organic line from France that was made available at SpaceNK in spring of 2011. Le Soin Regard is over 99% natural, retails for $43. The 10 ml product size will easily last a month with once daily use. Try it and let me know what you think.


This review was written by @ChristeneCarr

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I have not been this excited for a skin care breakthrough in quite some time. Quite honestly, many [quote] “breakthroughs” are merely well publicized product launches. But this, PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser is truly a major major breakthrough for the anti aging skin care community. The small hand held device is the first FDA-cleared, at-home laser clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes – how about that for a BREAKTHROUGH?!

During a recent press meeting with the brand, my eyes nearly leaped from my head after closely inspecting what appears to be unretouched before and after pictures. After just eight weeks of daily use, participants in trials experienced results like these:

PaloVia Before & After Time Lapse Video

If the claim is true, PaloVia Skin Renewing Device is good news for men and women in search of an at home alternative to expensive in-office laser treatments! The device retails for $499, which is but a fraction of the cost of an in-office laser wrinkle treatment procedure.

QVC is currently running an introductory offer that saves you almost $100.  If crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are causing you to look, ahem, wiser than your years, I strongly suggest looking into this device. Personally, I’m waiting for a version of the PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser to help me target my early stage “smile lines” :)

To learn more about this skin care breakthrough, visit QVC.com for expert tips, demos, Q&A, and more.

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