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Lately I’ve been embracing & boldly rocking my natural curls. . . my hair hasn’t seen a styling iron for weeks. So to review Sarah Potempa BEACHWAVER Rotating Curling Iron, I enlisted the longest locks I know, my dear friend and daytime office-mate, Cannon. Read on as Cannon shares her quest for surfer girl hair . . . (ps – I’ll be giving BEACHWAVER a whirl in about a week or so…and will share pics)

Ever dreamed of those softer-than-soft, casually tossed curls worn by surfer girls seen on the beach? As hot summer days quickly approach us, perfecting the I-just-just-came-from-the-beach-thanks-very-much coif is one to occupy our cool rainy afternoons. So today I put Sarah Potempa BEACHWAVER Rotating Curling Iron to the test to see if it really delivers that which it boasts: beach waves.

First let me begin by explaining that I have unnaturally long, crazy-straight hair; and, like so many straight-hair girls, I want nothing more than crazy big, twisting curly locks.

After applying a sticky substance from Oribe called Rough Luxury Molding Wax (don’t even ask me how I applied it because TTB/ Felicia would shake her head with ashamed disapproval), I put began a close inspection of the BEACHWAVER. In all reality, it’s like your common curling iron except that it does the thinking & twisting for you – all you have to do is push a button, wait a few moments and release the clamp.

The true secret to natural looking curls is switching up the ringlet direction at random; So, when using the BEACHWAVER, you have the luxury of clicking Left or Right, settling your ends into the clamp and waiting while the BEACHWAVER coils your locks around the barrel.  The only thing to remember is placing your tips in the proper direction of barrel’s movement.  It’s that easy.

Curling is a bit faster and coils have a tendency to be a smidge tighter – ensuring longer-lasting curls.  Like most curling irons, I recommend curling entire head before regrouping and switching up the direction of some pieces (as well as mixing up the thickness of the pieces that you curl); and, to ensure that they keep all day, I recommend sprinting your hair with a light holding spray.  If you want a truly natural look, top off smaller pieces near the crown with a smaller-barreled iron moving in the left direction – this will give volume and a natural curl look.  Oribe’s molding wax will work to give piecey tangles one typically gets when enjoying a windy beach day.So that’s it!  The BEACHWAVER is a great starter iron for the girl who still can’t quite master a typical curling iron… or a grand quickie tool for the experienced curler (it took me approx the length of two songs on Grimes’ latest album to complete my entire head).  So give it a try and let us know what you think!

 Key Features:
360 Degree Swivel Cord
9 foot Heavy-Duty Cord
LED Digital Temperature Screen
Heats up to 310-450 F in 30 seconds
Cool Safety Stopper
Rubberized Cool Safety Stand
Fast Recovery Time
Ergonomic Handle
6.5″ Ceramic Rod
Automatically Rotates with “GO” button
1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
30 Min Automatic Shut-Off

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