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Bangstyle is unlike any other hair care company  I have encountered in the past. The main focus is on trend and styles of the hair community. The Bangstyle website is edgy, rocker chic and trendy. It features commentary and images from artist, stylists, musicians and fans of the Bangstyle products.  The editorial  content includes stories on haircare/hairstyling, beauty, art, technology and more. There is also a mobile app that  allows you to browse hairstyles, save favorites, and create a personalized portfolio.

The main thing that caught my attention about Bangstyle shampoos and conditioners is that they are sulfate free, paraben free and they contain sunscreen. I’m a natural curly head, colored blonde and I try to stay away from all the unnecessary  and harmful ingredients that will dull, dry and damage my hair. The addition of sunscreen is also great to keep me at my perfect shade of blonde and protect my hair.

I tried the Bangstyle volumizing shampoo and conditioner, my naturally curly hair got a minor boost in volume but  my hair felt a lot softer and was  easier to manage. The packaging is edgy and unique (the kind of shampoo I picture Pink using.)  Some sulfate free shampoos I have tried tend not lather very well, but with Bangstyle volumizing shampoo I had no issue with lathering and working into my scalp and hair. The scent is pleasing and not overpowering. Bangstyle products are sold exclusively at hair salons. There is a variety of products to suit your needs and they can all be found here.

Since transitioning (going from relaxed to natural hair) I have not looked at one single hair product not formulated for kinky, curly hair. It’s like I have natural hair tunnel vision! My hair is thick and coarse and now it’s all natural.  Recently I got to thinking about the person on the other end of my hair spectrum, the person with fine, limp hair. While I’m looking for products to tame and smooth my unruly tresses, they are looking for products to boost volume and add life. I  wondered, what products are these ladies using? Then I got a pitch  for Denise Richards Volume Extend  by Cristophe, and I was like, yup, they may be using this line of products or something similar.

Denise Richards Volume Extend  by Cristophe “delivers luxury, quality and style that women expect from a hair care brand, including premium ingredients and cutting-edge formulas.”

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Cristophe (Cristophe Salon) and Denise Richards

Below are all the details on the 5 piece Denise Richards Volume Extend Line:

  • Volumizing Shampoo: Contains Aquaflex, a new polymer that provides root boosting volume without damaging the hair during the cleansing process
  • Volumizing Conditioner: Contains Voluminis, a new technology for hair volume and body. Provides immediate results by penetrating the hair cortex to increase the thickness of the hair without making hair frizzy
  • Volumizing Crème: Provides texture and volume
  • Finishing Spray: Provides hold and volume without weighing hair down
  • Volumizing Spray: Maximizes thickness, fullness, and shine to create a professional full body result

Here’s how you can win the entire line and give your hair a voluminous boost!

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Want to put an end to limp, lifeless hair right now? Shop the line of Denise Richards Volume Extend  by Cristophe products here. 

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