TTB Travel: Talika Paris

ThisThatBeauty & Talika President

I am always intrigued by solutions-oriented beauty. I’m a smart girl and I have an appreciation for beauty that’s just as smart. Innovative and slightly techy beauty products and tools seem to capture my immediate attention. So this begins to explain my infatuation with TALIKA Paris, a niche French line of targeted solutions for eyes, [...]

TTB Travel: French Skin Care Line, Patyka


It’s no surprise that I’ve been paying much closer attention to labels these days. With Baby Benson on board, I can’t be too careful (I mean, she’s heir to my ThisThatBeauty empire!!). So while visiting Paris, I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to get to know Patyka. During my five-day Beauty Tour, I [...]

TTB Travel: Leonor Greyl Institute in Paris

Huile de Palme

Ever the thrill-seeker, when traveling abroad, I embark on a hunt for new discoveries….an obscure scent, an innovative beauty tool, a skin-perfecting cream. You know, something extraordinary that I can’t find in New York City. And I have to tell you — In this digital age of unlimited information and far reaching access, it has [...]

TTB Travel: A Beauty Tour of Paris

with Jean Patou Parfumer

By a show of hands, who’s enamored with French beauty? Everyone, right? I absolutely crave the rituals and beauty secrets of French women. There’s just something about the French beauty aesthetic that I cannot get enough of…the mood is chic & understated, yet undeniably present. For years I’ve dabbled in French beauty products ranging from [...]

TTB Travel: Bonjour Montreal! Lise Watier Cosmetics

ThisThatBeauty's GLAM Lise Watier Makeover and Photoshoot

  For a little less than 48-hours, I was able to take a much needed break from the effects of Hurricane Sandy and experience Canada’s top beauty brand, Lise Watier. I was invited to Montreal to learn about Lise Watier and celebrate the launch of their e-commerce site in the US. My trip included a [...]

TTB Travel: Warsaw, Poland with Polska Cosmetics

Me: Taking in the Streets of Warsaw

Do you know that Poland is the 6th largest cosmetics producer in Europe? Well, if your answer is “no”, this begins to explain the rationale behind my recent trip to Warsaw for Polska Cosmetics’ International Cosmetics Industry Promotion Programme and Conference. In an effort to increase awareness of Polish beauty and promote international opportunities, I [...]