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What would New Year’s Eve be without Sparkly Eye Makeup? Boring and uneventful I am sure.  Here is a quick and fun makeup tutorial for a great makeup look to wear to any New Year’s Eve event you plan on attending.   This Sparkly Eye Makeup is perfect for a black tie evening or even a fun night with friends – this look is easily worn and even intensified if you want a more dramatic look.  If there is one night of the year when glitter is a must – it is definitely New Year’s Eve.

Sparkly Eye Makeup Tutorial Perfect for New Year’s Eve!

Here is a picture of the finished look.


ThisThatBeauty Tutorial- Sparkly Eye Makeup Perfect for New Year's Eve

Here is a List of all the Products Used:


Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Clarins Instant Concealer

La Mer Loose Powder

Hourglass Brow Sculpting Tool in Soft Brunette


MAC Pressed Pigment in Day Gleam

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Clarins Eye Kohl in Soft Plum

Diorshow Mascara


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer “Four Seasons” in Nude


NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Biscayne Park

Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Nobody’s Baby


Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year and 2014!!!

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New York Fashion Week gave me the perfect excuse to explore Marc Jacobs juicy new line of polish. I had to restrain myself from buying the entire collection- I was drooling in a complete nail polish euphoria (trust me, it exists). I settled on a pungent pink and a sexy silver glitter. In the spirit of Fashion Week, allow me to put a twist on negative space nail art. To spice things up, I paired my new Marc Jacobs pink with a bold black from my gal Sally for the ‘Mani of the Week.’


Needless to say, if Marc Jacobs and Sally Hansen had a baby, she would have THE best manicure ever. It’s so easy and fast to do, however looks like you spent hours doing it! Think it can’t get any better? Wrong! I included a hint of leopard because, well, let’s be honest, leopard makes everything better. It’s time you let the world be your catwalk and following this tutorial is your first step!


3 2






Middle Finger Steps 1-3

  • Apply your base coat and let dry for 5 minutes. Place 3 pieces of your nail art tape (or thinly cut scotch tape) horizontally across your nail.
  • Paint 2 thin coats of your polish over the tape. Let dry for 1-2 minutes. The trick is to pull the tape off when the polish is still slightly wet.
  • Remove the 3 pieces of tape, all individually and very slowly. Wait about 5 minutes and seal with your top coat!

**repeat steps 1-3 on your pinky

Ring Finger Steps 4-5

  • Apply your base coat and let dry for 5 minutes. Using your dotter tool (or toothpick), paint 3 dots of polish on your nail.
  • After about 1 minute, dip your dotting tool in the black polish and carefully “tap” half circles and backwards c’s around the dots creating a spot-like design. Then using more black, fill in the rest of the nail with similar-like shapes/dots. This will help create the finished leopard look that will make everyone think it’s a sticker!

**repeat steps 4-5 on your thumb

Pointer Finger Steps 6-8

  • Apply your base coat and let dry for 5 minutes. Place 1 piece of tape horizontally across the top of your nail (as if you’re doing a French mani). Place another piece of tape diagonally across the nail, meeting the other piece at one end.
  • Paint 2 thin coats of your polish over the tape. Make sure you stay with the lines and don’t paint on your naked nail! Wait about 1-2 minutes for the polish to lightly set.
  • Remove the 2 pieces of tape, all individually and very slowly (you should be a pro at this by now!).  After about 5 minutes, seal with your top coat!



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I’m back at it with runway inspired Nail Art. The eye-catching trend shows no sign of letting up and I’m running with it. For my latest BG Tutorial, I took cues from Rag & Bone‘s bold colors & aviation touches. The cool burst of tangerine and ripe berry mix provides a striking contrast that just called out to be shown on nails. Visit the Bergdorf Goodman Blog to check out Nail Art Inspired by Rag & Bone.FW13DLR_NY, Rag and Bone,New York

#BGTutorial – Nail Art Inspired by Rag & Bone

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Let’s tackle some Fall makeup trends, shall we?  If you need a quick refresher on exactly what all those trends are, you can see that post here.  Did you read it? No?  Ok, I’ll wait…Done?  Perfect!  Now we can carry on with the lesson.

One of the most daunting trend for women always seems to be the smoky eye, make that a brown smoky eye since we are talking 2012 Fall trends.  It strikes fear in the hearts of many makeup lovers, but it is actually one of the easiest looks to create.  I will take you step by step through the process, easing you through all the scary parts and showing you how simple this look can really be.  And the beauty of this particular Fall trend is the emphasis on one color – brown.   A color that is universally flattering on everyone, a shade almost every makeup lover owns and a palette appropriate to any social situation, work or play.  Class is now in session, let’s begin!

  1.  All smoky eye roads begin with a base to help your shadow last longer, go on more smoothly and blend easily.  I begin with Laura Mercier Eye Canvas and apply all over my entire lid stopping at the crease.   I prefer a flesh toned base so that it can also help even out the skin tone on my lid and reduce redness.
  2. Apply your preferred brown shade – cream or powder, shimmer or matte – all over the lid stopping at the crease.   I am using Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Cocoa , which has quickly become one of my favorite products for sheer ease of use and the ridiculously long staying power of the product.  Editor’s side note: blend right away because it sets quickly and does not budge.  The trick to wearing a smoky eye for any occasion is all in the shade of brown that you choose.  The deeper or more frosted the shade, the better suited for evening.  A pale, subtle brown, often with grey undertones is a great day choice for a simple wash of color all over the lid.
  3. Take your blending brush, such as this MAC 217 brush, and begin buffing the color all over the lid.  Attempting a smoky eye or any eye look for that matter is a moot point without the proper tools, namely brushes.  Once you have your arsenal of brushes, the best way to hone your skills is with good ol’ practice.  When blending out the lid color for a smoky eye, such as above, use quick 360 degree circular motions, applying enough pressure to blend the product.
  4. An extra tip to ensure the edges are smooth and blended is to take a larger blending brush like this MAC 224 brush, dip it in a matte skin-tone shade (mine is MAC Blanc) and apply over the edges both above and below to help the color seamlessly disappear into the skin.  This shade can also act as a highlight under the brow to create a more lifted appearance.  With such a dramatic smoky effect, I prefer a matte shade on the brow bone to balance the look.
  5. Once the edges have been buffed out and there is a smooth gradient-like effect to the shadow, finish smoking out the look by taking the color underneath the lashes and smudging it gently.  I prefer to apply the color with a smudge brush rather than directly from the caviar stick, as a brush allows me more control over the amount of color that is deposited.  Additionally, I run the brush slightly on the water line to intensify the effect.
  6. Full, lush lashes are the best way to finish off a smoky eye.  Whether for day or evening, I prefer to use a thick, volumizing black mascara such as Diorshow and simply adjust the amount of coats I wear for the specified occasion.  Work – 1 coat.   Happy Hour – 2 coats.  Night out on the town – 12,432 coats.

The best compliment to a smoky eye is always a soft cheek and neutral lip.  Focus on only one feature and let the rest of the makeup support that look.  I am finishing this look with Blush #10 by Armani, a soft rose and Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bellini, a reflective coral.

Here is the finished look.  Seems simple enough, right?  I would love to see how you wear your smoky eye.

Tweet or Instagram your smoky eye using #TTBSmkyEye so we can see your skills at work.

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You know that glossy lid, almost wet eye lid look that you see in editorials, but can’t quite figure how to pull it off? Look no further! Head over to Bergdorf blog and Felicia will walk you through process.  It is quicker and easier than you think and it is good look for  almost any occasion.

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My confidence is quite high when  it comes to makeup – applying it, blending it, color matching, contouring and more. I trust that I can achieve almost any look that I choose for any occasion.  The same cannot be said for my skills with my hair.  I have long hair so one would think that I am adept at many different looks, sadly, my abilities begin and end with a basic blow-out.   This recently changed after I was introduced to the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron.  I have traveled down this curling iron road before and it always finishes with a dead end scenario of me struggling with holding the iron, positioning my fingers  in an effort to not get burnt, and trying desperately to avoid the dreaded perfect curl with kinked (fried) ends.  As soon as I pulled the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron and accompanying heat proof glove out of the box, I knew that I would be rewriting my hair curling experience.

The curling iron and heat protection glove.

The brilliance of this iron is that is has no clip – thus no kinked ends!  I  can wrap the hair around the wand and hold the ends to the iron with the glove and not burn my fingers.  Truth be told, that is what I had been doing all along with various irons, foregoing the clip and holding the ends  to avoid a crimp, but ALWAYS burning my fingers in the process.  (Admit it, you have done that too.)

Below is the before picture of my straight, everyday hair style.  Yawn.

Me with my boring straight hair

And here is the after picture of my fabulous curls.

Here is right after curling with tighter curls.


After the curls are brushed out - big, fabulous hair!

I was able to achieve this look in less than 8 minutes – which thoroughly impressed me.  There are 3 different heat settings, low, medium and high – I achieved this look using the medium setting.  I held each curl for about 15-20 seconds.  Another tip I picked up from a hair stylist years ago was to let the curl fall into a cupped hand after curling to let it set.  With a product this simple, adding the Sedu Clipless Curling Iron into my morning routine without having to rewind my alarm clock to some ridiculously early hour is definitely possible.  I think my makeup game just got some serious competition.

The Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron is available on the Sedu website and retails for $150.00

The heat is upon us all and for some, makeup application has come to a halt. Horrifying, I know. It is just too hot to worry about layering eye shadows, highlighting the cheekbone, or contouring the face.  For me – all summer makeup roads lead to the bright lip.  Polished, professional, versatile and all around awesome.  Fear not my fair skinned beauties, I am proof positive that  this look is not only reserved for those who bronze in the summer (and let’s not give them the stink-eye)– a punch of color on the lips is for everyone.  The ease of this look is why I keep it as a summer staple – knowing that only the lips need to be the star and the rest of the face can take a breather – literally – it’s scorching out!

My go to the past few weeks has been Youngblood’s Tangelo – a bright but sheer tangerine perfect for work and weekends.  And when wearing such a bright lip – keep the rest of the face simple – a light base or tinted moisturizer with SPF, defined brows, full lashes (a must for this look), a nude eyeshadow (optional) and a subtle hint of color on the cheeks (either cream or powder).  Here is a swatch of  the Youngblood lipstick I have been fancying and the final look:

Youngblood Tangelo Lipstick
Swatch of Youngblood Tangelo
Bright lip - natural face - Simple!

Purchase Youngblood lipsticks at ybskin.com. Suggested retail price $19.00

And here is how to create a simple face to compliment a bold lip

 1. Boscia BB Cream

2. NARS EyeShadow in Biarritz

3. Stila Convertible Color in Petunia

4. Laura Mercier Loose Powder

5. MUFE Eye Brow Corrector

6. Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Are you brave enough to rock a bright lip?

What are your favorite bold lip colors that you wear in the summer?

The weather wasted no time going from cool to sweltering! How has your makeup been holding up?…did your beauty routine survive the first heat wave of the season? No?. . . well, our Pro Artist Contributor, Brandalyn Fulton shares a few makeup artist tips for great skin and eyes in the blazing heat! Feel free to leave questions and comments below.

This video features:

Stila Stay All Day Beauty Balm, $38.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation, $10.49.

IMAN Luxury Translucent Powder, $20.99.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream, $22.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner, $ 20.

FACE atelier Facade, $ 26.

Rosebud Salve, $6.

Feel free to leave your comments, questions, and concerns about summertime makeup below!

BRANDALYN’S PRO ARTIST MAKEUP TIP: Keep makeup light for the summer and use water resistant/waterproof products! Always wear SPF  to protect your skin.

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