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Prepare to fall in love with Target all over again!

If you haven’t visited the beauty aisle at Target lately, prepare for a jaw-dropping, OMG, how-the-heck-did-they-do-that experience. The cosmetics aisle has been majorly revamped, and honey — it is fabulous!

Complete with crisp, bright lighting (selfies, anyone?), backlit shelving and beauty signage that truly makes you feel at home, the newly renovated beauty department at Target is quite the destination for all things skin, hair, makeup, fragrance and more! The new set-up is truly innovative and ground breaking in its design…. everything feels so luxe & inviting — a girl just wants to camp out and test product all day long.

In addition to newly revamped aisles, the beauty department now features new BFF’s…or as Target prefers to call them, “Beauty Concierges”. These guys and gals are truly going to become your BFF’s (Beauty Friends Forever) because they know the aisles and products best. You can lean in real close and ask, “Girl, will this really tame my frizz?”…and your Beauty Concierge will lend insight and advice to help you make your purchase (and tame your frizz!). These highly trained Beauty Concierges are well-equipped to offer personalized, detailed and unbiased information about beauty and personal care products offered at Target.

I’m so impressed with the newly designed beauty aisles and the MAJOR elevation of super cool brands, that I was inspired to showcase a few summer trends and highlight the incredible products at Target to help achieve the look:

Stop fighting with your heat styling tools and embrace your hair’s natural texture. Or, at the very least, extend the life of your blowouts.


Pantene ProV Blowout Extend Dry Shampoo
• Instant, WATERLESS refreshment to help EXTEND your blowout.
• Also great for adding bed-head texture to hair.

COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss
• No topcoat needed! Color with built-in topcoat. All you need is polish and reinforcement tabs as a guide to create your half moon shape.
• Glossy color lasting as long as a week.
• Choose from 45 brilliant shades.

Who are we kidding? Flawless skin is always in!
Olay Fresh Effects Dewey Gel
• Sheer, breathable formula leaves skin feeling silky and smooth
• Formulated with a powder, the lightweight gel makes skin look less oily
• Claim: 24-hour hydration that just won’t quit.

The newly renovated Target beauty department has so much to offer and I’m beyond excited to be able to share with you! But you need to hightail it to Target and see for yourself 🙂 And here’s an extra incentive just for you — major savings on Olay, COVERGIRL AND Herbal Essences.




Last week, in NYC, we brought the Target beauty aisle to the Flatiron Plaza and hosted #SummerGlowSalon, a full day of manicures, makeovers, blowouts, braids, and ME! Check out my pictures!




Target 2

Olay Hydration Station


With CollegeFashion


 Disclosure: This post is sponsored by P&G Beauty and Style Coalition.







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I’m beyond excited to host the P&G Beauty  and Target Pop-up Summer Beauty Lounge.   The event will feature products from Covergirl, Pantene and Olay.  We’ll be taking the newly revamped Target beauty aisle to the streets of New York, where we’ll be sharing  great summer beauty trends and more. During the Pop-up Beauty Lounge attendees will be treated  to manicures, blowouts, braids, giveaways and ME!! 🙂

PG Pop up Shop


June 18th from 11AM-5PM


Flatiron Plaza (north side), 23rd-20th Street and Fifth Ave

Get Social

Follow me @thisthatbeauty on Twitter and Instagram.

P&G Beauty on Twitter and Instagram

While at the event use the event hashtag #summerglowsalon

See you there!


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Sonia Kashuk has a new look and you can find it at Target. This Spring Kashuk’s makeup packaging has been updated and is now housed in chic matte black palettes, compacts, tubes and jars that are adorned with bold graphic white logo.

New Core Products Available for Spring

  • Shine Luxe sheer lip color – available in 9 shades
  • Ultra luxe lip gloss- avaiableb in 9 shades
  • Moisture luxe tinted lip balm – available in 4 shades
  • Chic luminosity highlighter stick – available in 2 shades
  • Chic luminosity bronzes blush duo – available in 3 shades
  • Undetectable creme bronzes – available in two shades (Must have for a dewy glow)
  • Monochrome eye quad – available in 4 shades
  • Tinted brow gel
  • Twist up longer wear brow pencil – two shades
  • Perfecting brightening primer

Limited Edition Collection for Spring

Cosmetic Bag  and Luggage Collection

There are 16 designs in this collection with patterns ranging from floral to tribal to dots. My must have: Floral Print  Travel Duffel. See other options here.

Visit Target to see the complete Sonia Kashuk line.


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I bet most you you are a lot like me. You walk into Target, expecting to pick up paper towels, dish liquid, and the like — but somehow, miraculously, through the magic of Target, you exit with an armful of unintended items — you know: those floral print jeans you just had to have…or those glittery smoking shoes that look just like the one’s from brand X, but cost 80% less. Ahh, the magic of Target.

As a card carrying Beauty Girl, the haircare section at Target is a bit of a wonderland. I mean, it’s awesome all on its own, with rows and rows of the latest products and tools. But here’s where Target wins major cool points in my book — Multi-Ethnic Hair Care

Target now offers a vast selection of hair care products specifically geared to meet the needs of girls like me, with ethnic hair. The offerings (starting at $2.69) include both established and indie brands, so you can stock up on your favorites or discover something shiny & new. Go on, explore!!

Curls – a premium, ethnic hair care line – is specifically for biracial/multiracial women and girls with naturally curly hair. Curls products contain an exclusive blend of certified organic ingredients, natural oils and exotic extracts. Products in the collection are $17.99 each.

Camille Rose

Founded in 2010 by Janell Stephens, a mother of five and dedicated vegan, Camille Rose is committed to developing natural products that provide the ultimate path to health, wellness and beauty. The collection includes body and hair care products ranging from $14.99 – $22.00.

Shea Moisture

Founder Richelieu Dennis brought Shea Moisture from Sierra Leon to the streets of New York, selling raw shea butter products made by his family. Today, the collection includes a range of natural and organic personal care solutions including shampoos, conditioners, treatments and body products. Natural ingredients such as organic coconut, hibiscus, shea butter and yucca target hair needs, while lavender, lemongrass and sage soothe the body. Prices range from $9.09 – $11.99.


Created by one of the leading pharmaceutical company in Mexico, Grisi is dedicated to the development of natural health, beauty and hygiene products. The Manzanilla hair care collection contains natural chamomile flower extract which lightens the hair gradually and protects naturally. Prices range from $3.29 – $3.99.

Kinky Curly

Kinky Curly hair care products are specifically designed for curly hair. All products are formulated to add moisture, give hold without drying hair and offer protection from environmental elements. Prices range from $11.34 – $21.89.

Mixed Chicks

Mixed Chicks is a natural, cruelty-free and vegan hair care brand specially formulated for multi-textured hair, with products for women, men and children. Mixed Chicks Kids is specially formulated for a tear-free, natural product experience. The brand was created in 2004 by Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge and offers products that are effective for all ethnicities with multi-textured hair. Price ranges from $4.99 – $19.99.

Moco de Gorila

Moco de Gorila is a line of maximum-hold hair gels made in Mexico that leave no residue or flakes on the hair. It is available in three hold factors including “Punk” (yellow bottle), which has the strongest hold, “Rockero” (red bottle) which has a medium hold, and “Galan” (green bottle) which has the most flexible hold. Products range from $2.69 – $3.09.

The Jane Carter Solution

Natural-based products that work effectively for every hair type, The Jane Carter Solution product line was specifically designed for dry hair including curly, wavy, straight, relaxed, natural and color treated hair. The products feature ingredients derived from nature, such as natural butters and certified organic essential oils, and add vibrancy and shine to hair. Prices range from $9.99 – $19.99.

Tio Nacho

Tio Nacho is a complete line of products based on royal jelly, a natural ingredient that nourishes hair and helps keep it healthy and silky. Products in the collection are $7.39 each

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There are days when I have to really think about what to wear –today was not one of those days. This outfit was so effortless and easy…it’s like the pieces chose themselves. What do you think?

Blazer: Theory ‘Frema – L. Freehold’ Blazer Currently sold out but you can find a similar color in this Theory Kanya Rowdy Blazer or try this Classiques Entier ‘Brenna’ Leather Blazer. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Skirt: Mossimo at Target

Tank: H&M. If you don’t already have a basic white tank top, I’m not here for you ( ok, kidding, maybe :))

Booties: Urban Outfitters Ecote Alexandra Suede Ankle Boot. Available in 5 colors. (Honestly, I have worn these at least twice a week since I bought them. And now THEY ARE ON SALE! GO!)

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Fridays with Felicia: An intimate look behind the curtain as I share my favorite style/ beauty discoveries and ThisThatBeauty shenanigans from previous week.

(I visited HSN last week ======> full deets soon)

Let’s kick off “Fridays with Felicia” with you. Yes, YOU!

Hey girl! How you doin? How’s your skin? As you all know, I am absolutely positively obsessed with good skin care habits. I love pretty makeup as much as the next product hoarding Beauty Blogger but a solid skincare regiment is EVERYTHING. Six months ago, my passion and never ending holy grail quest for perfect skin prompted me to pen an epic post on my personal skincare philosophy.

While the article was a little long in the tooth (nearly 3000 words long to be exact) I think it did a lot of good. The post garnered 59 comments – a ThisThatBeauty record. In fact, your responses were so heartfelt and extensive that it lead to the creation of my current ongoing series on Hyperpigmentation which currently has nine articles.

So six months later, I am compelled to check in  with you. Yes YOU!  So many of you commented to say:

  • “Thank you”
  • “I’m going to take better care of my skin”
  • “I’ll try committing to a solid skincare regiment”
  • Etc.

It’s six months later and I am curious to hear where you are with yours! Have you stepped up your skin care game? Has you skin improved? Are you taking care of YOU?

Please do me a favor – If you commented when I originally posted the Hyperpigmentation/ skin care piece, please comment today and fill me in on how you’re doing. When I wrote that article six months ago, your comments really meant EVERYTHING to me. I want to know how you are progressing.  Also, your comments help me tailor content to meet your needs.

And because I practice what I preach….and pride myself on “don’t talk about it, be about it”…I will lead by example and provide an update since writing the post six months ago:

So to recap…here’s what my skin looked like about 8 months ago (no makeup):

Here’s what my skin looked like after about 2 months of following the regiment outlined in my ThisThatBeauty vs Hyperpigmentation post (no makeup):

And here’s what my skin looks like today…6 months after writing that epic post on skincare (no makeup…or maybe I’m pulling a Jessica Simpson — I think there’s a little stray smeared eye liner that I didn’t completely remove…but there is absolutely NO foundation in these pics).

Let me start by saying this….WOW! Those original pics are still so hard to look at. I cannot believe my skin was that bad. On top of that, I was astounded at how much my skin had improved in just 2 months on my regiment. Those products really kicked butt!!!

In looking at my skin today, its hard to believe I ever had any issues at all . As re-read  the regiment I posted back in March, while the principles remain the same, the actual products have changed since then. I currently use different cleansers, toners, serums, and masks. I still use the Evoclin foam to keep my acne at bay. I’ve rotated a few different hyperpigmentation treatment products in and out of my regiment over the last few months. Again, the products may have changed but my skin care principles remain the same…and that, in my opinion, is the most important take-away. Commit to a skin care regiment that is rooted in the fundamentals…and be consistent day to day. If your products work stick with them…naturally, as a beauty writer, I am constantly trying out new stuff. But I definitely recommend that you practice product loyalty…let ME be the guinea pig!

Please leave a comment and update me on how your skin is progressing!

PS: Look out for an equally EPIC hair story that’s in the works…


This week I was invited to tour the soon to be completed, state of the art, new and improved beauty level at Lord & Taylor – 39th Street.  The space is still a bit raw so I had to wear a brightly colored hard hat that’s certain to protect me from falling debris 🙂

The event consisted of a guided tour of the finished and unfinished space. Beauty brands like Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Nars, Mario Badescu, Bobbi Brown, Clarins, and more presented some of the amazing new beauty innovations that we can expect from L&T once the beauty level is completely renovated. I hope I have the opportunity to get more one-on-one time with the brands but here are a few highlights:

Mario Badescu will have a counter at L&T. I am as pleased as punch to see the brand expand their retail outlets and get more exposure. A simple search of this site using the key words “Mario Badescu” will yield countless product reviews. Be on the look out for an upcoming piece from ThisThatBeauty Contributor Christene Carr. She recently visited Mario Badescu for her first facial EVER. If you’re a facial virgin, you will want to hear all about Christene’s experience.

Clinique’s skincare computer marries technology and beauty

Estee Lauder promises to help you find your perfect foundation match in two minutes in six different lights. Wondering what that crimson lip will look like in daylight vs office light vs candlelight?…Estee Lauder can help!

Lancome boasts that their new state of the art “Diagnos” machine will survey your skin’s texture, pore size, hydration level, and firmness and recommend the perfect products for your skin. I would love to give this a try and report back!

Lancome is also pleased to offer 10-day supplies of their foundation, which comes in 117 shades and 6 formulas. I’m no numbers cruncher but I like those figures!

Lastly for Lancome, the beauty counter at Lord & Taylor features a mascara bar that lets you try out various mascara wands. This is incredibly innovative…no more one size fits all disposable wands. Is the mascara performance not all about the BRUSH? Kudos Lancome!

Want more info on L&T’s new beauty department? Check the Twitter timeline for  #LTFACELIFT and see what your fav beauty bloggers are saying.


In Fashion’s Night Out News, check out this Three Custom Color Specialists and Talbots collaboration…


Beauty360.com is the online shopping destination for CVS/pharmacy’s prestige beauty retailer and carries coveted cosmetic brands including Vincent Longo, Paula Dorf, Laura Geller, Cargo and many more.  Through August 23rd Beauty 360 is promoting an exclusive online makeup sale.  Save 20% on your favorite prestige makeup brands by entering the special code SIZZLE at checkout!  Click the following link for additional details and to start shopping: http://tinyurl.com/29n9rum


“Find Your Fall Style” with Style Coach, Kim Johnson Gross of Chic Simple.

Sign up to receive daily style tips on how to revamp your wardrobes for fall. When signing up, members are entered to win $100 gift cards to Target to start fall shopping. Check out the campaign http://challenges.ivillage.com/fall-style


If you love beauty apps as much as I do, iPhone users listen up! Give yourself a virtual makeover with Pur Minerals IPur Beauty iPhone application!

Pür Minerals now offers a commitment-free way to experiment with new looks..and who doesn’t love a good “try before you buy?”

Trying out a new look on the Pür Minerals app is simple and fun:

  • TAKE: upload or use a model photo to start your makeover.
  • APPLY: Click a product, select a shade and experience a Pür transformation. The customized algorithm will identify the facial co-ordinates for precise application. Don’t like your new look? You have the option of adjusting the facial co-ordinates, undo or start again.
  • SHARE: Once the makeover is complete, the finished look can be shared through Facebook for a polished profile picture or send to a friend via email.
  • BUY: Love your new look? iPür Beauty offers a direct link to Ulta.com to order products online or to find a location near you for an in-store purchase.


Up and coming designer Eliza Starbuck of Bright Young Things pays tribute to Coco Chanel by offering a week long sale on her versatile take of the little black dress. You will recall that I participated in the Bright Young Things Style Challenge and modeled the dress of a thousand looks.

In honor of Gabrielle “CoCo” Chanel’s Birthday, The Bright Young Things LBD will be on sale for $150 (reg $185) through Wednesday, August 25  online at www.youbrightyoungthings.com.

Of the iconic CoCo Chanel, Eliza Starbuck says this:

“Coco Chanel was the most innovative designer of the 20th Century. She dared to wear and design clothes that challenged the social standards and gender roles of the times. She broke every rule and always looked amazing doing it. She was living proof that it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it that defines style. Fabulous, determined, and outspoken, Coco Chanel made an enormous impact on society and the way people dress. Happy Birthday, Mademoiselle Chanel”

Eliza Starbuck recently experienced an opportunity that most only dream of…and by “most” I mean “me”.

Find your sacred quiet place and savor this — Eliza Starbuck’s exclusive interview with CoCo Chanel. Here is the intro:

To celebrate, I thought I’d give her a ring. She doesn’t get out much these days, and most people seem to think she’s dead, but like Tupac and Elvis, she’s virtually immortal.

Read the complete interview here: http://www.youbrightyoungthings.com/2010/08/18/eliza-starbuck-celebrates-128-years-of-style-with-coco-chanel/

I love you all for reading my lil ol blog week after week!



PS: Happy Birthday two of my bestest friends. We partied hard. Friendship is golden and I thank God for these gals!

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Fridays with Felicia: An intimate look behind the curtain as I share my favorite style/ beauty discoveries and ThisThatBeauty shenanigans from previous week.

The highlight of my fashion and beauty filled week was the opportunity to attend the sneak peek event for the Target Harlem Grand Opening. The star studded press event occurred on July 20 and on July 25, Tarjay Harlem will officially open its doors. Yay Team Harlem! So spread the word New York – For style, design, and great value: take the 6 train to 116th street.

Naturally I represented and wore a strong red lip (Lipstick Queen Red Sinner) for the grand opening. I mean c’mon, it’s Target…their logo is red!

Since I haven’t done a good old fashioned Face of the Day post in forever, let me go on and break this down for you 🙂

Selita Ebanks walked the red carpet at the Target store opening. She added a bit of glamour to her nude Sir Alistair Rai dress with a gold braided necklace from the Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry collection.The piece is available at QVC.com and retails for $39.00.

Selita was indeed a vision on the red carpet. I appreciate that she went high/low and combined her designer frock with a frugalista friendly accessory piece.

I too went the high/low route with simple black Christian Louboutin pumps, Fiona Paxton necklace,Mossimo v-neck pocket tee (From Target) and this Aqua brand gold/black metallic skirt from Bloomingdales. I snagged it on sale for about $18!

And you couldn’t tell me a thing as I hit my hottest contortionist model pose on the red carpet! Hilar!

Ok, next time I’ll leave the “posing” to the real models 🙂

While perusing the aisles (makeup aisles, of course) at the grand opening, I spotted one of my beauty faves. She was carefully inspecting her product line on the shelves — crossing t’s and dotting i’s! See if you recognize this iconic makeup artist and entrepreneur…

It’s Sonia Kashuk. Yep, THE Sonia Kashuk — the woman behind the popular exclusive target cosmetic line. We chatted for a spell and did a quick interview regarding her new eco-friendly beauty tools. More deets on the interview soon…

Here’s Sonia Kashuk’s new line of bamboo and cork brushes….

Culture and lifestyle maven, Bevy Smith was in attendance and I was lucky enough to snag a quick flick (and rub the hem of her DVF garment). If you’re not following @bevysmith on Twitter you’re missing out on a daily dose of invaluable “Bevy-isms”.

Speaking of Twitter, I finally met one of my Twitter faves in-person. Please meet @theelegantthrifter aka Stan Williams. His book, The Find: The Housing Works Book of Decorating With Thrift Shop Treasures, Flea Market Objects, and Vintage Details (Clarkson Potter) shows you “not just what to look for, but also how to look at an object to identify a great piece.”

Also follow Stan’s blog at www.theelegantthrifter.com

Here I am with world-renowed chef Marcus Samuelsson. Check out his kitchen collection at Target! Five-percent of each product’s purchase price will go to The Fund for Public Schools in support of the library at PS 180: Hugo Newman. www.schools.nyc.gov/site/M180

While I certainly enjoyed the many wonderful humans I met in Harlem that evening, it was a four-legged friend that sent my heart sailing….

Most folks at the event took “one” picture with Bullseye the Target mascot. Yours truly could not resist requesting a second picture with Bullseye…this one with a kiss! MmmmmmmmmmMWAH Bullseye!

Definitely check out the Harlem Tarjay! What a wonderful win for the community. #TeamHarlem!


Beauty360.com, the online shopping destination for CVS/pharmacy’s prestige beauty retailer Beauty 360, carries coveted skincare brands including Ahava, Bioelements, Borba, Canyon Ranch Skincare, Mario Badescu and many more.

Today thru July 25 shop Beauty360.com for 20% off all your suncare and skincare purchases! By entering coupon code GLOW at checkout you will also receive free shipping when you spend $49 or more. Click on this link for additional details and products: http://tinyurl.com/337cyau

You may follow Beauty360 at www.twitter.com/beauty360 for beauty tips and news, event details and upcoming promotions.


Here’s one for my brides — NYC Smile Design announces a cosmetic dental makeover contest for one lucky bride –to-be to win a FREE dental makeover worth up to $30,000. NYC Smile Design’s “Extreme Bridal Makeover” is a contest based in the metropolitan area. Women who are getting married are encouraged to share their stories for a chance to win a makeover worth $30,000.

In order to enter, the contestant must submit a story about why she is unhappy with her smile along with a picture. Dr. Ramin Tabib and Dr. Mello of NYC Smile Design will choose the person with the most compelling story to win the makeover and they will then work their magic to create the perfect smile for the big day.

In order to enter for a chance to win, you must first become a fan of NYC Smile Design’s Facebook page. Visit NYC Smile Design’s Facebook page for details to enter and for daily updates about the contest follow NYC Smile Design on Twitter.


Visit Youngblood at the Plaza Hotel to get your ultimate mineral makeover. Through July 24, join the artists behind Youngblood to learn about flawless foundation application. For purchases over $150 you will receive an organza bag filled with a full size lip gloss, deluxe Primer sample, deluxe Hi-Def powder sample and a Kabuki brush.

Youngblood offers a comprehensive collection of natural-looking makeup. Visit the Plaza Hotel’s beauty level and learn more!

WHO: The Plaza Beauty

WHAT: Youngblood Cosmetics

WHEN: Now through Saturday, July 24th, 2010

WHERE: The Plaza Beauty One West 58th Street, Concourse Level NY, NY 10019 212.223.4694


On July 26 one of my favorite makeup brands will debut on ShopNBC. (See previous BECCA posts here, here, here, and here)

BECCA Cosmetics will premiere on the network this Monday, July 26th at 11am and 7pm ET. The line is a fave of mine because its complexion range satisfies from Nicole Kidman to Alek Wek. The line features natural looking cosmetics that focus on a flawless and fresh finish, while benefiting the skin with anti-oxidant vitamins and high levels of broad spectrum sunscreen.

Of the launch on ShopNBC, BECCA founder, Rebecca Morrice Williams, has this to say: “We’re thrilled to be launching BECCA on ShopNBC. Offering women the opportunity to create flawless, natural looking skin is what the BECCA line pivots around. We’ve chosen many special, best-selling products for the face, eyes, lips and cheeks, and are very excited to introduce them to the ShopNBC audience”.

Tune in and learn more about BECCA!


Last, but certainly not least, here’s a deal from Stila that I just had to share…..

  • Do you need makeup? (of course you do. LOL)
  • Do you have $10?
  • Ok, buy this!

Stila just launched limited edition Stila Girl Travel Palettes! The first of the series is Road to Radiance Across the USA inspired by Kylie’s road trip across the US!

The frugalista friendly palette includes:

Four Eye Shadows:
– Snow Bunny (shimmery champagne)
– Southern Belle (mauve)
– Valley Girl (pink)
– City Chick (alloy)

Convertible Color:
– Hibiscus (I lurrrrve Stila Convertible color cheek colors. “Fuchsia” is one of my faves)

Each palette is ONLY $10, a $65 VALUE! Collect all Five (check back next month for the new palette!)


Have a great weekend everyone…I hope to do some crabbing down the shore! Nom nom!



“Why Spend All That Money” is a new series that I am toying around with. Its a splurge vs. steal concept. Hey, I’m as fa-fa-chi-chi as they come but let’s get real. The economy is what it is and I like saving a few smakeroos when I can. So to kick off my new series…

“Why Spend All That Money” on Free People Rosey Lace Slip – $68


When you can head on over to Tarjay and get a like facsimile for only 9.99.516GKF5VnxL._AA260_

I know. I know. You’re whining…“But Felicia, the Free People item is a “slip” while the Target item is a “cami”.

Ohhh brother! If you’re gonna save damn near $50 on this particular item of clothing you need to exercise a little creativity. I have been eye balling the Free People Rosey Lace Slip for quite some time. Its a great layering piece and this season I am all about my layers. However, the $68 price tag made me a little gun shy and kept me admiring this cutesy little piece from a far. When I spied the Target cami for $9.99, my creative juices began to flow. Ms ThisThatBeauty is generally a size XS or S when it comes to tanks and camis. But because I wanted this particular item to have a slip-like look and serve as a layering piece, I sized up to XXL and voila…Le bad boy fits like a slip and is awesome for layering. I’m so pleased with my discovery that I copped the Target cami in both purple and white lace! So for those ThisThatBeauty readers keeping score – that’s two camis for the price of less than one Free People Rosey Lace Slip.

Yep…”Why Spend All That Money”.

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Starting today, Tarjay is helping you take hassle out of holiday shopping with Target To-Go, a limited-time-only walk-up holiday shopping event in New York City! Urbanites rejoice! Target has found its way to you!

Shoppers can dash in the pop up store and dash off with the hottest mix of 50 holiday gifts at everyday low prices, wrapped and ready To-Go. How cool is that?

Target To-Go will be open to the public for only three days…from today December 11 through Sunday, December 13, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., at Gansevoort and Washington Streets, at the High Line entrance.


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