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It’s about a day and a half before Christmas and if you’re anything like me, you’re likely expecting friends and family to descend upon your home very soon. If you’re short on creative entertaining ideas, let Robert Verdi be your guide. Robert has a unique knack for turning the ordinary into something incredibly extraordinary…and functional!

Check out Robert’s video tips for creating fun placemates for the kiddies, homemade candle holders, and much more!

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Covering Fashion Week is a glamorous yet daunting task. The pace is non-stop and not for the inexperienced! In between shows I have come to rely on various press lounges and suites designed to give the weary editors a quick respite from the mayhem….a cozy location to charge your dying iPhone while jotting notes for that article that must go live before the sun sets. Egad!

Robert Verdi, television personality, celebrity stylist, taste-maker, and my favorite Jersey boy, recently hosted “RV/FW10” an exclusive fashion week retreat where editors, influencers and celebrities escape the frenzy of Fashion Week. I swear, every time I visit Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory, I am introduced to something amazing that’s destined to become one of my favorite things. Last season Robert introduced me to newly launched indie nail lacquer line, Ginger + Liz…and today the brand is practically a household name. Props to Robert Verdi and the Luxe Laboratory for making the introduction. And how can I forget about these rocker chic skull earrings from Tarina Tarantino...good ol’ Robert introduced me to the jewelry collection during a Fashion Week press retreat a couple of seasons ago.

For previous posts on great finds as a result of spending time at Luxe Laboratory, click HERE, HERE, and HERE.

So you see, whenever I have the opportunity to visit the Luxe Laboratory, I seize said opportunity because I am pretty much confident that I will learn of something new that is of interest to my readers.

So without further adieu, here are my faves from Robert Verdi’s Fashion Week Retreat 2010 – RV/FW2010:

I never gave much thought to the inefficiency of my antiquated iron until I learned of the Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless Iron. This powerhouse of an iron for style-setters does everything but the dishes. I tested the Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless Iron on a super wrinkly Pashmina and let me tell you, this bad boy delivers the smoothest ironing ever! It is small, fast, light & convenient. The secret to the efficacy of this little iron is the multi-directional sole plate and tiny little steam holes. Try the Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless Iron and it will change your life!

While at the Luxe Lab, the wonderfully talented Herve, of The Red Door Spas Elizabeth Arden, gave me the most delicious ringlets ever!

Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience at www.RedDoorSpas.com. And for the season’s trends, follow on Twitter at @RedDoorSpas.

While I didn’t get a chance to spend one-on-one time with the brand rep, I couldn’t help but eye from afar Linea Pelle, a stylish collection of leather bags, bracelets & accessories. I encourage you all to take a closer look at @lineapelle. Their use of matte gunmetal hardware, fringe, suede, and zippers is unlike anything I’ve ever seen!

I love new denim discoveries. Vintage Revolution Jeans (just debuting this fall! see how I bring you the exclusive scoop:)) offers a collection of denim silhouettes designed to fit a myriad of shapes. For example, my writer, Christene, who’s about six feet tall, found her perfect fit at the Vintage Revolution Denim Bar. Her waist is as tiny as can be but her hip to waist ratio and height often make denim shopping a chore…but not with Vintage Revolution. If you are a challenging fit, give VR a try. Follow @vrjeans for fall 2010 denim trends.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my rundown of the best of RV/FW2010! Can’t wait to visit Luxe Laboratory again and report on NEW soon-to-be faves!


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I swear, Robert Verdi keeps the best darn company! His intimate Luxe Laboratory soirees never disappoint. When invited to cover his events, I know I am pretty much guaranteed to walk away with unique discoveries, great content for my readers, and a splitting side from laughing so hard. Good times!

During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week I had the pleasure of attending Robert Verdi’s Future of Fashion Twitter Party and Press Lounge Retreat. True to form, Robert reinforced my love of his affairs. At the Future of Fashion Press Lounge I was introduced to GINGER+LIZ, two talented young entrepreneurs with an impressive line of nail lacquers. Here I am with the “LIZ” portion of the “GINGER+LIZ” equation…A friend had previously emailed me regarding the launch of a new nail lacquer line at Bendel’s (GINGER+LIZ) so I was somewhat familiar with the brand when Robert made the introduction….ah yes, the “introduction”. Again, this is why I enjoy Robert’s affairs so….the “introduction”. Even though I had peripherally heard of the dynamic duo GINER+LIZ, it was great to meet the ladies in person, get the deets on their spunky fashion inspired line of lacquers, and experience the polish (yep, I’m showing off my GINGER+LIZ mani in the picture above). And while its not offish yet (in fact its probably won’t happen at all. LOL), but there’s a slight possibility that I may have maybe possibly named a new GINGER+LIZ polish:

While at the Future of Fashion Twitter Party Robert/GINGER+LIZ mentioned that the greyish polish is in need of a name. I suggested “STEEL IT“. Lets see if it sticks and I get a lifetime supply. Sweet!

The Fabulous Report crowned Robert Verdi’s Future of Fashion Press Lounge the “Best Suite” of NYFW. And I have to tell you, after refueling my dehydrated self in several press lounges around the tents — I must agree. Robert’s sponsors are a well curated group of brands that freely offer face time with press, impeccable services, and useful content.

Another successful fashion week, Robert Verdi! “Til we meet again.#NYFW

Hey folks — I’m back from Robert Verdi’s too cool for school Valentine’s Day Gift Idea Twitter party. If you’re anything like me and completely void of crazy, sexy, cool, freakum V-Day ideas, fret not. My Jersey broham, Robert Verdi has you covered [and when I say “Jersey” I do not mean it in the “Jersey Shore” kind of way…Oy, I think I just contracted rabies!].

If times are rough and tough like leather, and you have about 50 bones in your pocket, Robert suggests:

If you’re rolling with Ben Franklin and have $100 to spend, Robert suggests:

If you’re “In the Ferrari or jaguar, switchin’ four lanes Wit’ the top down screaming out Money ain’t a thang“…and have $500 to make rain, Robert suggests:

Other great ideas from Robert Verdi include:

Make Valentine’s Day special with a fun Fragoli Passion Cocktail. During Robert’s event we enjoyed delectable Fragoli and Prosecco libations. YUM!


Don’t forget to bring the creativity. Give a coupon book filled with fun redeemable surprises!


Try a unique way of giving flowers with Rebecca Cole Grows candy dish filled with amazing blooms. It’s a modern take on the traditional gift of flowers.


Instead of a humongous box of chocolates, try:


Or give chocolates with a purpose: Godiva and the Elton John AIDS Foundation have partnered to create a new Limited Edition True Love Gold Heart Assortment. Show how much you care by giving this thoughtful heart shaped box filled with a heavenly assorted caramels, pralines, dark, while, and milk chocolate.


Don’t have enough vacation days for a long romantic getaway? Plan a short jaunt and whisk her away! This hip Eenamaria travel tote holds everything for an overnight stay and wont cost you an arm and a leg.


Here’s a great way to re-invent dinner at home:date

For the bella who favors baubles: Swarovski Crystalized Charm Bracelet


R.J. Graziano clear marble-style large lucite beads makes a great statement necklace gift. Show her you’re in the know with this stylish piece!


And she’s going to need a place to keep her baubles….Now her jewelry can travel in style with this patent leather jewelry case from Cole Haan.


The simplest of gifts still say I “LOVE YOU”:


Forget a bicycle made for two, try this: Combine “dress” and “sport” with this modern His/Hers offering from AK Anne Klein.


Throw shade, but in a good way! Now here’s a shameless plug for a gift that would make Ms ThisThatBeauty’s heart melt. The DIANE von Furstenberg eyewear collection has my name written all over it! Mimicking the same geometric patterns and eye catching prints found on DVF frocks, the DIANE von Furstenberg eyewear collection includes shades of colors of Black Merlot, Brown Teal, Teal Gold, and Hot Pink. The vintage cat eye frame is the cat’s meow!


Show your man what time it is! This Kenneth Cole watch is a timeless choice that’s sure to remind him of his boo every time he checks his wrist!


I hope this Robert Verdi approved Valentine’s Day Gift Guide helps to spark inspiration, kindle the home fires, and ignite an evening of fireworks!



Don’t you just love how the holidays immediately roll from one to the next? As soon as you’ve paid down your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus debt, its time to turn your attention to the holiday d’amore, Valentine’s Day. If you’re anything like moi, year to year you struggle to flex your  creative side and conjure up a gift/experience to blow your boo’s mind.

Well this year I give up, give in, and I’m leaving the Valentine’s Day creativity to my good pal (Jersey stand up!) Taste Maker Extraordinaire, Robert Verdi. Join me tonight as I tweet live (@ThisThatBeauty) from Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory. From 6:30 – 8:30 Robert will dish on this year’s hottest Valentines Day gifts.

Follow all of the excitement, great tips, AND giveaways!

Robert Verdi @RobertVerdi

ThisThatBeauty @ThisThatBeauty

Use event hashtag – #rvtips

If you’re not getting enough of my fashion and beauty shenanigans here at ThisThatBeauty, you can always head over to TheMakeupGirl and catch up on my regular beauty ramblings. As Contributing Editor and NY Correspondent for TheMakeupGirl my writing mainly focuses on fashion and beauty events in the NYC region. Like for example…the recent Robert Verdi “Tweet This” event at Luxe Laboratory. Have you checked out my coverage of Robert Verdi’s “Tweet This”? No? Well what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE!

IMG_25751-500x375Join me (@ThisThatBeauty) tomorrow as I Twitterbug my pretty little heart away with Celebrity Stylist and Taste-maker Extraordinaire, Mr. Robert Verdi.(@RobertVerdi)

We’ll be Tweeting live from Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory. This uber posh deluxe apartment in the sky often plays host to the fashion elite and celebrities galore…so ya never know who might pop in in-person or via Twitter. The event hashtag is #rvtips

Tomorrow promises to be an intimate evening of style tips, entertaining advise, beauty trends, and all things gossip. YUM!

So join us on Twitter as @RoberVerdi shares everything he knows. Expect lots of photos, pics, videos, and fun contests:)

See you there…Tweet Tweet!



During Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week I had the pleasure of attending many lovely events where I was introduced to wonderful new collections, fashions, brands, etc.

While at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory I was introduced to a designer whose earrings have made me the belle of the ball everywhere I go! Naturally I am inclined to share with my ThisThatBeauty Babes so that you too can turn heads at your next soiree:)

Tarina Tarantino Skull Lucite Earrings


Seriously, you need these! My cutesy little skull earrings get the conversation started everywhere I go. They’re the perfect little dose of rocker chic . These adorable darling skulls with crystal eyes come in 12 pretty shades. I own them in black and nude. I should also add that Tarina Tarantino’s skull earrings are Recessionista friendly, priced at only 20 smackeroos. And from now through Nov 2, Tarina Tarantino is offering 25% off.

Well what are you waiting for?…

Ohhh, you wanna see me rockin the skulls, don’t you?! OK, get your skull eye candy fix below:)

*Slapping my hand*

I’ve been a naughty little beauty blogger. I was recently perusing my iPhoto folder and realized that I’m holding out on lots of Fashion Week photos. My life’s been crazy hectic since pre-Fashion Week and is just showing signs of normalcy. I promise, I’ll get caught up on my Fashion Week recaps. So let’s hop back into the saddle and kick things off with Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory!IMG_2575

I was as pleased as fizzy pomegranate punch to meet Mr. Robert Verdi at Luxe Laboratory. Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory hosted SURVIVAL OF THE CHICEST, an exclusive fashion week retreat for editors, influencers and celebrities to escape the frenzy of fashion week in favor of exclusive services, on-site treatments, and stylish solutions for the new recessionista chic lifestyle. The chic NYFW retreat was located mere blocks from the tents at Bryant Park.

SURVIVAL OF THE CHICEST included the CVS/pharmacy Beauty Lounge featuring Hair Styling by Cristophe, Manicures by Sally Hansen, Make-up by CoverGirl and so much more.

Enjoy some of the great photos from my adventures at Robert Verdi’s fan-ta-bulous Luxe Laboratory!

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While covering shows for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, I made regular beauty pit stops at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory. This deluxe apartment in the sky was my daily fashion week retreat! Each day the Luxe Laboratory featured fun events, stylish products, and fab food. More to come on some of the cool daily events at the Luxe Laboratory…

For my first trip to Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory, I visited the CVS Reinventing Beauty Lounge for a manicure. The color du jour was Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud.

While at the CVS Reinventing Beauty Lounge, I saw bella after bella get Opulent Cloud manicures…and the color looked great on everyone. This universally flattering shade is a recessionista’s dream. Hit up your local CVS and buy a bottle!

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