The Best Conditioners for Curly, Wavy, Kinky, and Relaxed Hair


I started out 2011 convinced that I was going to slowly transition out of my relaxed hair into a more natural state. Boy, was I wrong. During the course of the year I cycled through conditioners as I tried to find the one conditioner that would work for the roughly four different hair textures occupying [...]

Healthy Hair Resolutions: Heat Protection


If you regularly apply heat to hair (via blow dryer, styling irons, hot rollers, curling irons, etc), “protection” is a big deal. It’s the difference between smooth, healthy strands/ends and crunchy, fried, anything-but-cute hair. So how do you protect your hair during heat styling? I try to limit heat styling to about once per week [...]

The World’s Quickest Hair How-to


Oh, hair! At times we experience much joy…other times, occasional pain. As a girl who literally takes her hair into her own hands (I mainly do it myself at home…go on, judge me!) I often experience the highs and lows of managing rather thick, coarse, non-chemically straightened hair. So when I stumble upon a product, [...]