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I have a few friends (three to be exact,) who claim they are too busy for “traditional makeup” [gasp]. After asking what tradition makeup is and getting pretty much the same answer across the board, I realized it’s not that they don’t like traditional makeup, they just seem to be intimidated by the steps they think it takes to get a flawless look. For them makeup should  be quick, easy and fool proof and they shouldn’t have to have steady hands or blend, buff and repeat and in order to achieve makeup perfection.

When I was introduced to Per-fekt Beauty cosmetics I immediately recommended it to these three (lazy) friends. Creator of Perfekt, Richard Anderson says  “Today’s woman doesn’t have the time to apply a concealer, then color corrector, then primer, then foundation and then powder. I created my products with her  mind.”

Per-fekt products are free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, wax, talc, mineral oils and parabens. The products are highly concentrated so you get a higher product payoff. The base of Perfekt Face and Perfekt Body products are formulated with silicones so they have a smooth finish that sits on top of the skin, evens out texture and tone. The face and body perfecting gels add immediate radiance and warmth to the skin and application is as simple as pat, smooth and go!

If you need a bit more coverage, apply the face perfecting gel then you can spot conceal. It comes in translucent and  four  other shades; luminous, radiant, rich and decadent (see swatch below). I use decadent but rich could also work for me.

Perfekt Beauty Face Perfecting Gels

My favorite product from the line is the cheek perfecting gel.  This is truly fool proof, lazy encouraging stuff.  You simply put on a smile, pat on cheeks, smooth with finger and go.  You can start with a light application and build coverage for a more dramatic look. Here I am in a completely Per-Fekt look: Skin Perfecting Gel in Decadent all over face and one layer of Cheek Perfecting Gel in Blushed.

If you are too busy to go through the multi-step makeup application process, or just need a quicker way to pretty, try this line of Per-fekt(ion) beauty products. Visit the company’s website for more product details.


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