TTB Holiday Gift Guide: For Home and Entertaining

TAT  nora bene pure soy candle

I spend most of my time at home either lounging, cooking or entertaining. I also leap at the chance to do all three at once. Honestly. Having said that, if you, or anyone on your gift list is anything like me, here are a few items that make the cooking, lounging, entertaining, experience fun, easy [...]

Traveling Scents: NEST, fresh, bliss, Lavanila


Lately I’ve found myself on the road just a bit. A beauty press trip here, a family wedding there…let’s just say I’m racking up my fair share of frequent flyer mileage. And while I’m a girl who’s naturally attracted to scent, when traveling I heavily rely on scent to elevate my mood and calm my [...]

Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Files: NEST Sir Elton John’s Holiday


We’ve been on a “break” for years, but suddenly I am madly in love with candles again. Blame it on NEST. The premium candle maker dreams up the most lovely assortment of scented waxy goodness. I first fell hard for Peony Blanche, a limited edition seasonal scent. With the holiday season soon upon us, I [...]