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With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, you’ve no doubt already found your party dress, shoes and you may even have planned out your makeup.  But what about your nails?  You can’t forget those.  Today I have the most perfectly festive — not to mention easy and fast New Year’s Eve Nail Art Tutorial that will make your fingers a hit at any party.

photo 2

All you need is your favorite navy blue polish and a few nail foils. Foils look hard to do, but they are so easy. And you can order all different kinds right here on Amazon! Keep scrolling for the official supplies list and the 4-step tutorial that will blow your socks off!

Happy Holidays and 2015 to you and yours!





Step 1: after applying your base coat, paint 2 coats of your navy blue. Make sure the polish is 100% dry before moving to step 2 or else the foils won’t work properly!

Step 2: once your polish is dry (this is so important, it’s worth repeating), take your foil adhesive and paint on a thin layer by your cuticles. Only put the adhesive where you want the foil to go. It goes on white (like glue) and then turns clear when it’s ready for the foil!

Step 3: cut a few squares of your foil. Then, using a corner of the gold, COLOR/FOIL SIDE UP, dab it on the right bottom corner of your nail. Then take your turquoise, COLOR/FOIL SIDE UP and do the same right next to the gold. Keep alternating until you reach the left side of your nail.

Step 4: wait about 5 minutes before sealing the deal with your top coat! And now you (and your nails) are ready to ring in 2015 in style!

photo 1

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One of my favorite Fall nail shade’s is purple. To me, she does no wrong (yes, SHE). So for this mani of the week, I’m taking my top two purples out for a spin to show you an easy, fun twist on the French Manicure.

hero shot





Step 1: Cut your reinforcements in half and place one half in the middle of your nail, hole side down. Make sure the sides are really stuck down.

Step 2: Take your lighter purple (Revlon Gel Envy, Winning Streak) and paint it above the reinforcement arch – you don’t need a base coat with this polish! Then take your darker purple (Revlon Gel Envy, Up the Ante) and paint it in the little circle at the base near your cuticle.

Step 3: Carefully remove the reinforcement (I prefer to do this with tweezers).

Step 4: Wait a few minutes before sealing with the Revlon Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat!

To get my ombre-esque look, alternate the colors on the top and bottom of the nails on each finger. Then, voila! You’ve got yourself a suuuuuper cute French mani remix.

with bottle

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Last week Ari did a cool halloween manicure tutorial that I have on my list of things to try (let me just say the list of nail things to try is epic and ever growing.)  This week’s mani is all about those ladies who don’t have the dexterity or inclination to draw fangs and blood spatters on nails but still want halloween nails.  This is where Broadway Nails and Kiss Nail Tattoos and Stickers come in.

Broadway Halloween Nails

These expertly decorated press on nails are ideal for those wanting a quick mani change without the hassle of booking a manicure appointment. They also work for someone wanting halloween nails for one night only.  The nails are easy to apply and can last up to a week without chipping, fading or coming loose. Broadway press on nails come in several designs and retail for $5.00. Look for them at your local Kmart, CVS and Walgreens stores.

Halloween Nail Stickers


I love the nail tattoos because you can pop them on over any manicure and your nails are instantly ghoulish.  The pack contains 16 tattoos designs. The nail stickers or nail dress, is a complete manicure in a sticker.  All you need to do is clean and shape nails and place the sticker on the nail.  Stickers are available as full manicures or pre cuts for a french inspired halloween manicure. Stickers and tattoos are available at Kmart, CVS and Walgreens and retail for $2.99.

If you want halloween manicure, you should most definitely have it and the Broadway Press on Nails and Kiss Nail Tattoos and Stickers make it super easy and convenient at the price that won’t scare you.

Happy Halloween!

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My favorite thing about New York Fashion Week is the never-ending nail art inspiration! Unique patterns, gorgeous textures and mind-blowing color pairings are crack to a nail addict like me. I’m currently loving this Supima dress and felt it was only fitting (pun intended) to make it the DIY mani of the week! Follow my 3 steps below to get fashion at your fingertips!

Supima SS15



main hand





Step 1: after applying your base coat, paint 2 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, Pat on the Black. Wait a few minutes to dry.

Step 2: take Sally Hansen Triple Shine, Lemon Shark and use the brush in the bottle to paint a curved/diagonal line from the cuticle to the tip of your nail– in 1 stroke. Fill in the rest of the shape with more yellow nail polish if it didn’t cover the nail in 1 stroke. Wait a few minutes before moving to step 3.

Step 3: using your skinny nail art brush dipped in Sally Hansen Triple Shine, Dive In, outline the left side of your yellow- again in 1 stroke. It’s easier to make a straight line if you paint in 1 full stroke. You can go over the line as many times as you need to make the color pop.

Lastly, seal the deal with your top coat! I have a a super-severe love affair with Seche Vite. It’s a thick, glossy, quick-dry top coat that magically transforms your regular polish to look like gel!


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Ombrè nails are deceivingly easy to pull off.  When you’re done with these 3 simple steps, I pinky swear you’re going to have to use your perfectly manicured tips to pick your jaw up off the ground! For this mani of the week, I’m using one of my current obsessions from Sephora’s new Formula X collection, Thrilling. It’s such a smooth, clean, light grey, I couldn’t resist. I then paired it with a darker slate grey from LVX to help create an old school spray paint effect.

polishes-spray paint ombre sponges



Base Coat, OPI Nail Envy

Formula X, Thrilling

LVX, Dark Matter

Top Coat, Seche Vite

Makeup Sponge/Wedge

Tin Foil

tutorial- ombreStep 1: After applying your base coat, paint 2 coats of Formula X Thrilling. Let set for 2 minutes before applying a quick dry top coat (Seche Vite is a lifesaver). This will create a clean, smooth surface for the ombrè.

Step 2: Once your nails are dry, cut a piece of your makeup sponge/wedge to create a smaller, horizontal sponge. Dab some polish on a piece of tin foil, fold your little sponge in half and dip delicately in the polish (tap excess polish on the tin foil. The first layer should be very soft, not highly saturated with color).

folded sponge

With your folded sponge, dab your nail from the tip to the middle. Let dry for about 1 minute and then repeat. Adding layers (with differing amounts of polish) creates the ombrè effect. The tip of your nail should be the darkest.

Don’t worry about getting nail polish on your skin. There’s really no way around it for this mani. When you have the desired effect, take an old makeup brush or Q-tip and dip it in acetone/nail polish remover. Delicately wipe the polish off your skin and you’re ready to go…almost!

Step 3: This last step is my fave! Seal your design with your top coat. It’s better to apply the top coat sooner rather than later when doing ombrè as it helps blend the light and dark polishes together.

full hand spray paint ombre

Voila! You now have THE perfect spray paint ombrè mani!

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I’m really excited to have Ari of theGLITTERY guest contribute and share her too-cool-for-school Nail Art with us. As you know, ThisThatBeauty loooves nails – I mean, we do “Mani Of The Week” every single week. So we’re especially delighted to have Ari drop Nail Art gems. Without further ado, take it away, Ari. . .


For this mani, I opted for two extremes; the beigest of beige, Butter London Tea With the Queen, and the queen of neons, Sinful Colors 24/7. The result? A full blown Opposites Fiesta. And the best part? It’s super easy and uses one of my favorite things…. A SHARPIE! That’s right ladies, Sharpies are about to be your latest nail art obsession. Not only do they come in a variety of colors (neons, classics, metallics..oh my!), they also give you more control than a nail art brush, require Z E R O dry time and don’t bleed when applying your top coat (and we all know what a buzz kill that is!) Alright, enough of the chit chat. Take a deep, deep breath, because girl, your mind is about to be blown.

SUPPLIES: Butter London Tea with the Queen – Sinful Colors 24/7 – Seche Vite Fast Dry – Black Sharpie



Step 1: Apply base coat (I use OPI Nail Envy), then two coats of Polish 1 on one side of your nail (I chose the right side on my left hand and my left side on my right hand).  TIP: Start at the bottom of your nail and go to the top in one slow swipe of your brush. That will help you get the cleanest line.

Step 2: After Polish 1 is relatively dry (about 2-3min later), apply two coats of Polish 2 on the other side of your nail. Wait about 5 minutes and seal with your top coat. This will lock in your stripes creating a smooth/shiny surface. Seche Vite Dry Fast will be your BEST friend – I pinky swear. It’s ahh-maze-ing.

Step 3: Take your Sharpie and create a zig-zag in the middle of your pointer finger nail. It should touch both colors.

Step 4: Using the same Sharpie, dab on four dots.

Step 5: In the middle of each dot, draw a short horizontal line.

Step 6: Next, bring your middle finger and pinky to the party. Using the Sharpie, create two upside down triangles, one below the other.

 Step 7: Wait 2-3 min and seal your sassy-Sharpiefied nails with your top coat. Lastly, FREAK OUT at how fab your nails look!

Feel free to play around with your Sharpie, creating as many designs as you want. You’ll see I opted to do a few different designs on my other hand. I wasn’t kidding when I said I liked to mix and match!


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There may still be snow on the ground, and a freezing chill in the air, but the beauty world is charging ahead to Spring – nail trends included!  Over the years, nails have become as much an accessory to one’s outfit as the perfect statement necklace or pointy toe pump.  Here is a look at some of the emerging 2013 nail trends that will be essential to completing your Spring 2013 wardrobe.


Neutral Manicures

Never too far from a neutral, whether in makeup or clothing, this one is probably one of my favorite trends – nude or flesh-toned nails.  There is something so ladylike and chic about nails that have just a hint of color, and can often help to elongate the look of one’s fingers and nails.  Butter London has three new nudes in their spring 2013 Stalker collection; Crumpet (a warm creme,) Tea & Toast (an opaque rich tan creme) and Shandy (an opaque apricot creme).  A few nude shades to try:  Julep Pippa, Dior Grege and Butter London Cuppa.


Metallic Manicures

Metallic trends are going to be popping everywhere this Spring – in handbags, shoes and especially on nails.  Fueling the ever growing nail art trend, this is a fun way to add some excitement to a basic manicure.   Use your favorite metallic nail polish such as Essie Good as Gold or Deborah Lippman Believe, to add some creative flair to your spring manicure.


Two Toned Manicures

Two toned nails are the beauty equivalent of color blocking for your hands. The idea is to use contrasting or similar colors together on one nail and create a striking graphic and bold effect as seen above.  You can also try a negative space manicure where you only apply polish to a part of the nail. Use your creativity to create a look with a contrasting color half moon at the base of the nail or keep it basic and paint the colors side by side down the nail for a quick and simple take on the trend.

Speckled Nails


Slightly Easter inspired with a nod to the speckled egg is the new crop of nail polishes that have been popping up recently.  Illamasqua Spring I’mperfection collection features  five perfectly imperfect shades (shown above.) Deborah Lippman’s I’m not Edible Glitter Polish  also features a similar effect


Textured Manicures

Glossy, smooth nails were sooooooo 2012.  Now we are moving into the year of texture nail – a concept that has always been a staple in the fashion world but is only now making its way into the main stream. It began with the Ciate Caviar and velvet manicures, but this new crop of products involves only one step with the texture actually in the polish itself.  Nails Inc Feather effect nail polish, available later this month on nailsinc.com, and OPI liquid sand polish set available on amazon.com.

What is your favorite emerging nail trend?

All images  except Illamasqua via luckymag.com and harpersbazaar.com.


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I’ll leave it to the political blogs to dissect last’s night’s speech. As for the beauty, ahem — that’s my lane! Shall we discuss the nails? Stunning! And here’s my best guess on possible dupes:

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Dangerous
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Commander in Chic (I mean, how perf is the name?…)
MAC Hello Kitty Collection in On The Prowl
Dr Remedy Enriched Nail Polish in Heather Grey

So am I close?…leave a comment and share!

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Within a split second of eyeing Ciaté Caviar Manicure I was immediately intrigued. I mean…straight up open like a 7-eleven. I had to try it for myself. The texture, the finish, the three-dimensional effect — I die!

The Ciaté Caviar Manicure kit includes:

– 0.45 oz Paint Pot Nail Polish
– 0.47 oz Caviar Pearls
– Funnel
– Tray

Naturally I went off the grid and scrapped the “Paint Pot Nail Polish” in the kit and decided to do a mash up of my own — I used Dior “Incognito” and Ruby Kisses “Mediterranean Nightsky”.

Here’s my final Ciaté Caviar Manicure:

So here’s the thing: Ciaté Caviar Manicure lasts about 2…3 days, tops! It’s the kind of thing you pull out when you have an event or special occasion and you want to totally wow every single person within a half-mile radius of your nails. To extend the wear, perhaps consider doing an accent nail or two…then, maybe you’ll get a few more days of wear. The kit lasts forever. I used it and shared with friends and still had plenty of caviar beads to left to do a dozen mani’s.

Net Net: For special occasions – Absolutely! Like duh, why wouldn’t you?!

Available at Sephora

Is there ever a better season for nail polishes than Summer?  Open-toed sandals, sleeveless tops – it’s a full on invitation to parade fingers and toes decorated in your current crush du jour.  Being the beauty chameleon that I am, my nail wardrobe runs the gamut and I often find myself making decisions based on a simple game of eeny-meeny-miney-mo.  One of my favorite brands that has become a regular on my nail polish roster is Julep.  What began as a small boutique nail salon in Seattle, Julep has now become a national brand thanks to their recent debut in Sephora stores across the nation.  Alternatively to their in-store presence, Julep also offers a subscription program called Julep Maven, where for 19.99/month, you receive a goody box chock full of their newest shades and other “cutting-edge beauty products”.  With their adorable rectangular packaging and abundant color range, this line not only gives great face (or nail) but dries faster and wears better than most other brands I use.  Here are a few of my favorite brights….

Julep Nail Polish - Brights

(Shades from Left to Right: Lauren, Claire, Alicia)

And classics….

(Shades from Left to Right: Molly, Meryl, Alyson, Kate)

And here is my complete Julep collection.  So pretty – like a polish rainbow.

With so many great color options and such easy availability, your nails have no excuse but to be fabulous, polished and summer ready.

Julep polishes are available at Julep or Sephora and retail for 14.00.

@ChristeneCarr explores Color Club Disco Nap

I have tried several gold nail polishes over the years and few every get me the desired result in one coat.  Enter Color Club’s “Disco Nap.”  I received this gem at The Makeup Show Blogger preview in a BirchBox. Once I opened the box and saw color, I was in L.O.V.E.! I got the result I wanted with one coat over a base coat.

Here is the breakdown from BirchBox:


Disco Nap is a metallic gold with a silvery finish. All of Color Club’s nail polishes are free of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde and parabens.


Apply a base coat, and wait for it to dry. Next, carefully apply two layers of polish, and finish with a clear topcoat.

To take this ALL the way over the top, I paired it with “Only Gold For Me” top coat from Sephora by OPI.

Color Club Polishes retail for $8 and you can find them here

How will you take your Disco Nap? 🙂



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This month (exclusively at Ulta) look for the launch of butter LONDON™LIPPY — a wardrobe of extended-wear, high sheen glosses with corresponding nail lacquers. Inspired by the brand’s backstage observation of the S/S 2012 “matchy-matchy” mani/pedi/lip trend, the concept for LIPPY was born.

Primrose Hill Picnic


Teddy Girl

Trout Pout
Yummy Mummy

Personally, I’ve got my eyes on “Trout Pout” and “Yummy Mummy”. . . and will keep you posted as I try the line.  For now, here’s more of what you need to know:

LIPPY products do not contain parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sulphates or bismuth.  butter LONDON™ is available at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport flagship store, www.butterlondon.com, and in fashion boutiques, specialty retailers, and beauty apothecaries around the globe.

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Writer @plushpinkallure is in search of nail growth…

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Serum promises to perform actual nail care miracles, and while my nails were already in decent shape, I was still eager to try it.  Its concentrated Peptide formula, enriched with biotin, vitamins A, B and E is meant to produce rapid nail growth, resist to breakage, and improve the appearance of cuticles. 

I applied one drop to each bare nail, everyday for 12 days (you can apply over polished nails, but I wanted to actually see the progress). I saw rather subtle results.  My cuticles seemed slightly softer, but my nails did not seem to grow any differently prior to using the serum.  Once paired, however, with a nail strengthener polish, I noticed slightly better results.  After using the 2 products together, my nails did seem to grow stronger with less breakage. While the results were subtle, the serum performed better when used with a nail strengthener.  If your nails are currently in poor shape, I think you’ll get a better effect. 

Final thoughts: I recommend using a strengthener along with this product.

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