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I love a good feel-good branding story and Ella+Mila is nothing if not that.  The brand is named after and  inspired by the twin daughters,   Ella and Mila,  of one of the founders. Ella+Mila is a 5 free (Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor,)  vegan, Peta certified brand of nail polish, release several collections per year in an exciting array of colors and finishes.

While I love the branding story,  the ultimate test of Ella+Mila came when I gave myself a manicure using ‘Cup O Latte,’ a nude-ish color. The polish went on perfectly smooth and two light coats dried to the touch within about 5 minutes.  The finish, without topcoat, was shiny and it wore chip free for about 3 days.  (Whenever I try a new nail polish brand I always wear it at first without top coat to see how well it wears.) The next time I tried it I went all the way with base and top coat and got a full five days of chip free wear.  My nails are shorter now so I am more prone to chips (when my nails are longer, I can go a full 7 days with a flawless manicure.)

Ella Mila Nail Polish

I’m impressed by the nail polish color options and finishes from Ella+Mila. I have several  favorites from their current offerings including (L-R): Entice Me (matte), Naughty Not Nice (glossy) Cup o’ Latte (glossy), Bon voyage (textured), Mediterranean Mist (glossy).

If you are looking for a new brand of nail polish to try, Ella+Mila is definitely worth a try.  The 5 free polishes retail for $10.50 and all can be found here.

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What’s your favorite thing about nail polish? When you’ve tried as many brands, in as many formulations and as many shades as I have, you start to look for more than just a great long lasting finish and shine. You start to look for other elements to stand out. I found one such thing in NARS newly reformulated nail polish, the brush.

My nail beds are long and broad, so, it takes a quite a few strokes to cover the whole nail in polish. The newly designed brush in the NARS polishes makes application a breeze. The brush is thick with with an oval like tip and rounded edges, which allows me to easily get close to my cuticles without messing up. The bristles also feel a bit softer than the old ones which I think aids in polish application. The broad chunky cap that was a permanent part of the old brush design, is now removable and reveals a smaller cap handle that can easily fit between tiny fingers.

NARS Nail Polish Brush

In addition to the newly designed brush, the polishes have a unique combination of polymers and resins used to improve wear and strengthen nails. This new formula applies smoother than the old and the polishes have a high glossy shine reminiscent of a freshly waxed and buffed sports car…and that’s before applying topcoat.

NARS Nail Polish Stylized Group Shot


The NARS reformulated polishes include 43 shades, 19 new and 24 that are fan favorites, as well as base and top coat. The collection will launch on July 15th on www.narscosmetics.com.

This post was written by Christene Carr. Find her on TwitterInstagramTumblrPinterest and her personal blog

I have tried hundreds of nail polishes from dozens of brands and this is the first time I’ve come across a water based nail polish. Scotch Naturals Premium Nail Lacquers  are 100% free of all phthalates, parabens, solvents (ethyl acetate and butyl acetate), nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals. The water-based formula is said to condition nails and deliver a long-lasting, salon-quality color.

Scotch Naturals Love Potion Collection


My Application

My first application of the polish was a little tricky because the dry time is longer than that of a traditional solvent based polish. I can usually do the first coat on all 10 fingers then immediately start the second coat. Not so with Scotch Naturals. After washing my hands and applying the sticky base coat (two things I urge you not to skip,) I waited two minutes then applied the first coat of polish. I then waited 3 minutes before applying the second coat and another 3 minutes to apply the topcoat. It then took about 8-10 minutes to dry completely to the touch. 

Scotch Naturals Nail Lacquer

In the picture above I’m wearing Tartan Swizzle from the Red Hot Cocktail Trio, however, Scotch Naturals has nail lacquers in 43 other shades. All their products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free, fragrance free, toxin free, paraben free, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. I bet you can’t say that about your polish. Click here to see the ingredients in Scotch Naturals.

My Results

The polish wore for  two days, with tiny chips by the end of the second day.  The good news is that I could scrape off most of the polish using my fingernails and clean up what was left with my regular remover.  As I have mentioned in past nail posts, I don’t use gloves when I do the dishes and I do them at least once per day, this could have contributed to the early chips in the polish. I will definitely try these polishes again with varying dry times between coats to see if that extends the life of the polish. I’ll even consider using gloves to see how much longevity I can get from this polish.

If you are concerned about the ingredients in regular nail polish then the Scotch Naturals formula is definitely worth trying. Polishes retail for $15 and can be found here.

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Spring cannot come fast enough for me, but not for the reasons you might think. I like the cold but I hate wearing gloves and covering up my manicure, especially when polishes like those from Mischo Beauty Luxury Nail Lacquer Collections are waiting to be shown off.

Mischo Beauty Luxury Nail Lacquers are formulated without formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor, in short, they’re 5 FREE.  If you are truly into nail polishes, chances are you’ve heard about 3 FREE polishes. Founder of Mischo Beauty, Kitiya Mischo King, took it a bit further with her line of luxury nail lacquers. This February,  Kitiya Launched her second set of polishes, The Icons Collection.

Mischo Beauty Icons Collection


The Icons Collection includes (Left to Right) Coco, Jackie, Billie, Diana and Marilyn and “honor the tenacious and vibrant lifestyles of each style icon for which they were named.” All are available here.

Launched last fall, Mischo’s debut collection is The Fashion Week Collection:

Mischo-Beauty-Fashion-Week-Collection(Left to Right: The Tents, Backstage Beauty, Front Row , vibrant, Invite Only, Lincoln Center, Empire State of Mind, NYFW)

The polishes wear very well and my mind rests a bit easier knowing that toxins aren’t entering my body by way of my perfectly manicured nails. Mischo got the idea for a 5 FREE polish after she got pregnant with her son and couldn’t find a toxin free polish to use.

Below is a manicure I did using Backstage Beauty from the Fashion Week Collection as a base. I then added a bit of white polish and used a pin to swirl it around to create a marble effect.

Mischo Beauty Backstage Beauty


If you are looking for a fantastic, new and on-trend nail polish line to try, I say Mischo Beauty.  If you are looking for a fantastic, new, on-trend, luxury, non-toxic nail polish line that’s safe for everyone, including expectant moms, the answer is still Mischo Beauty.

All Mischo Beauty Luxury Nail Lacquers, including top and base coats, retail for $18 and are available here.

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For this week’s manicure, my nails plunged right into fall with this deep ruby red shade.  JINsoon Jasper is a part of the collaboration with Tibi, this color is almost like jewelry for your nails.

Jin soon Jasper

Strong shimmer abounds in this color but it is still chic enough to wear during the day, as the sparkle dulls a tad when not directly in the sun.  A even application of 2 coats is necessary to get a full opaque finish, and as is customary with all JINsoon polishes – it wears, and wears and wears for almost a week.

 Jin Soon Jasper bottle

JINsoon Jasper is available at netaporter.com for $18.00.

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For this week’s manicure I selected one of my favorite nail polish shades in my entire collection; it’s an oxymoron to say ‘pastel neon,’ but this is exactly how I would describe Illamasqua’s Jo’mina.

Illamasqua Jo Mina

The formula is superb and goes on smooth and opaque with just two coats. The color almost glows on your nails – and is so striking. I can see a fabulous nail art look being made with this color – it is so versatile.

Illamasqua-Jomina-bottleAvailable for $17.00 at sephora.

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After seeing this color all over Instagram and on the tips of countless beauty bloggers, I finally had to pick up a bottle; Essie’s Butler Please lived up to all the hype.

Essie Butler PleaseThe formula is classic Essie – opaque and creamy.  Two coats gives the finish shown in the picture.  What I love most about the color is how vibrant it is – and the picture doesn’t even do it justice.  Essie’s Butler Please is a must-have for all nail polish collections.  Yes, all.


Essie’s Butler Please retails for $8.00 and is available here.

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When looking at my nail polish collection, I definitely have an affinity for certain shades.  And it is clear that my teal/green/mint affinity is growing rapidly.  I was not wowed by Sally Hansen Made in Jade when I saw it in the drugstore, but thank goodness I took a chance – it is simply stunning.

Mani of the week - Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen is THE brand for nails, so, it should come as no surprise that the formula was amazing.  Sally Hansen Made in Jade dries super fast, goes on opaquely with two coats, but could easily be applied with just one coat.

Available for $2.99 here or at your local drugstore.

We are still smack dab in the midst of spring (though it feels like we are moving at fast forward towards summer, but I digress), so I am still loving a pale neutral, reminiscent of typical spring pastels.  Pale enough for the warmer months, but also the perfect seasonal transition shade that will carry you into fall and winter.

Sally hansen greige gardens

While the formula is more of a creme, using 2-3 coats is a must. However, once the nails are polished, this color will not move and is extremely chip resistant.

Sally Hansen Greige Gardens BottleSally Hansen Greige Gardens retails for $5.99 and is available here.

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The neutral nail was seen over and over again on fashion runways for Spring 2013.  It is a look not devoid of color but rather one that showed  a nail color as close to skin tone as possible.  This Deborah Lippmann color is  the perfect nude shade for my skin tone – strong enough to stand out but subtle enough to give a polished effect.

Deborah Lippman Modern Love

The texture is creamy and opaque with just 2 coats.  I love this look because it is appropriate for any occasion either day or night.  And with such a neutral and classic shade, this color can take me straight through to fall and winter.

Deborah Lippmann Modern Love Bottle

Deborah Lippmann Modern Love retails for $17 and is available here.

What’s on your nail this week?


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It seems that just about every other week there is a new MAC Collection but the fact that Baking Beauties combines makeup and food has me drooling.  Baking Beauties  is based on  the artistry of cake decoration and products are packaged and named for mouth watering desserts. Face Powder in exclusively designed cupcake patterns, lipstick in tones like Devil’s Food and Raspberry Swirl and Nail Lacquer with names like in Bleu Velvet and Pistachio Crème make this collection scrumptious.

MAC BAking Beauties Collection Lipsticks

MAC Baking Beauties Lipstick ($15.00 Limited Edition)

  • Pure Decoration Light white peach (Cremesheen)
  • Raspberry Swirl Light white blue pink (Cremesheen)
  • Lavender Whip Light cool lavender (Cremesheen)
  • Devil’s Food Glossy deep plum (Frost)

MAC BAking Beauties Collection Lip Balms

MAC Baking Beauties Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm ($19.50 Limited Edition)

  • Baking Beauty Creamy light peach
  • Cheery Cherry Creamy mid-tone blue pink
  • Sweet Tooth Creamy lilac
  • Glace Creamy pale baby blue

MAC BAking Beauties Collection Mascara and Brushes

MAC Baking Beauties Brush (Limited Edition)

MAC BAking Beauties Collection Face Powders

MAC Baking Beauties Pearlmatte Face Powder ($29.00 Limited Edition)

  1. In for a Treat Champagne base with matte coral flower and mint leaves
  2. Pink Buttercream Light silvery pink base with dark pink flowers and periwinkle leaves

MAC Baking Beauties Collection Pro Longwear Paint Pot

MAC Baking Beauties Pro Longwear Paint Pot ($18.50 Limited Edition)

  • Fancy Frosting Frosted white
  • Let’s Skate Pale pink with pearl (Permanent)
  • Mooncake Warm beige
  • Eclair Light chocolate with gold pearl
  • Dangerous Cuvee Frosted cool grey (Permanent)

MAC Baking Beauties Collection Glitter

MAC Baking Beauties Glitter ($21.00 Permanent Collection)

  • Reflects Transparent Teal Sparkling white turquoise
  • Pink Bright pink

Lustre Drops ($21.00 Permanent Collection)

  • Pink Rebel Blue pink with gold pearl

MAC Baking Beauties Collection Nail Lacquer

Nail Lacquer ($16.00 Limited Edition)

  • Confectionary Light blue pink (Cream)
  • Pistachio Creme Light teal mint (Cream)
  • Blue Velvet Light periwinkle blue (Cream)

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Though I was hesitant when I saw this lime-green hue, once I decked out my digits in this vibrant shade I was simply hooked. Opaque and gorgeously creamy, Estee Lauder Absinthe is perfect for the upcoming warmer weather.

Two coats are all you need to create this intense look and after using this amazing formula and watching it wear for a full week with little to no chipping, I will promptly be picking up every shade of Estee Lauder polishes that I can.


Estee Lauder Absinthe retails for $20 and is available here.

What’s on your nails right now?




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