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During NYFW as I ran from venue to venue I was noticing a trend; almost all the makeup artists I encountered were doing very minimal coverage on the face.  Most were spot concealing and giving models a fresh faced look.

Backstage for United Bamboo, Dick Page, of Shiseido summed it up well “Spring is all about great skin.” He also mentioned that for United Bamboo the models were going to be very close to the audience so he wanted to keep the makeup simple and make it about the clothes.

For the eye, Dick applied Shiseido Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment to the lids then added a thin line of navy blue shadow from the Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in Snow Shadow, over it.  This is meant to give eyes a somewhat molten shine that sparkles a bit in flashes of light. On the lips he used Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Lipsticks in Alabaster beige, to diffuse the natural lip tone and add just a hint of shimmer.

The lipgloss on lid topped with shadow is definitely not for long wear; to create a similar look at home try lining the eye with a navy eye pencil. Next, smudge the liner on top and bottom and then add a bit of iridescent shimmer powder over the top lid.

The hair for United Bamboo was also simple. Models wore a masculine style of hair with a messy texture. Shiseido Lotion Number two was used on the roots of rough dried hair and smoothed down about 4 inches on the length of the hair. (Lotion number two was designed specifically for use during NYFW and is not yet available for retail sale.)  Hair was then parted on the left side and Shiseido Designtex Gel number 3 was added in the front and sides as hair was slicked back and pinned. A bit of Dry shampoo was then used to give hair a slightly matte texture.


This post is written by ThisThatBeauty Contributor, Christene Carr. For more from Christene you may stalk her (not really) on Twitter at @ChristeneCarr and visit her blog www.christenecarr.com.

Union Jack Black and Yummy Mummy were the Butter London colors of choice for Vena Cava’s Spring 2011 nail look.  Neither of the colors are new but based on the Vena Cava’s line of seventies inspired pieces that included cropped pants and knee length and longer hemlines, the choice of dual toned nails was spot on. The nails added edge to the somewhat conservative clothing. Press on nails were made specifically for Vena Cava and are not sold by Butter London.

For Spring 2011 Butter London has three colors that are not yet named (Shown above).  According to Founder and Creative Director, Nonie Creme, inspiration for the existing Spring colors came from impressionist lace and print fabric.  The green shown above was “muddied up with a bit of black” to give it some edge and get away from the pastels.  More colors will likely be added to Butter London’s line after New York Fashion Week.

Nonie Creme sees nail art making a comeback for spring 2011.  However, It will be refined and tasteful with simple graphics.

To recreate the look at home…

The best way to get this look at home is to use press on nails. Apply two to three coats of Yummy Mummy to the nail and allow it to dry.  The best way I find to get the half moon is to use the ring and index fingers to hold the nail (upside down) on the middle finger. (The top of the nail to be painted with the half moon, should be held away from you.)  In one fluid motion, apply one coat of Union Jack Black. Allow nails to dry completely and you are good to press on.

Butter London polishes are ‘3 free,’ that is free of formaldehyde, DBP, and Toluene.  They also have treatments for cuticle and nail care.


This post is written by ThisThatBeauty Contributor, Christene Carr. For more: @ChristeneCarr and her blog  www.christenecarr.com.

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When I first walked into the Rebecca Moses presentation at The Box at Lincoln Center, I felt I had walked into story time.  The long black jersey dress with plunging cowl back and leopard print skirt worn with the embellished camisole and leopard jacket, beckoned to me  from “The Library” section. The green flower atop the head of the leopard print clad model was unexpected and I loved everything about it. On my way to the “The Library” I passed  the “Pyramids of Giza” and Paris inspired backdrop, designed by Rebecca herself. I saw a polka-dot dress at the “Museum” where the models hair was done up in an oversized French roll.

I spotted a lightweight polka dot coat over what looked like an abstract print dress but back at the pyramids I had left the most amazing necklace I’d seen all week. The presentation was done in ten sections where each section told a story through fashion, styling and set design.  Rebecca Moses told an easy to follow story that was entertaining. The line has pieces for the ultra conservative to the moderately risque woman.  I know I would easily wear anything from the line and with a retail price point of $120 or below, Rebecca Moses has my “Heart Soul Style.” #MBFW NYFW


This post is written by ThisThatBeauty Contributor, Christene Carr. For more: @ChristeneCarr on Twitter and  www.christenecarr.com.

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Fridays with Felicia: An intimate look behind the curtain as I share my favorite style/ beauty discoveries and ThisThatBeauty shenanigans from previous week.

Fashion Week was a blast! It’s weird but I love to see the week coming and I love to see it GO! I live for the anticipation of the tents, yet I jump for joy once it’s all said and done.

Having said all that, I wouldn’t change my experiences for the world. Season after season, it’s always the faces (most are familiar, some are new) that I love the most. Check out my “Faces and Places” rundown for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week S/S11.

First and foremost, say hello to @ChristeneCarr, Contributing Writer for ThisThatBeauty. This season, with the help of Christene, TTB was able to cover over 30 shows and events. Look out for additional NYFW coverage of unique product discoveries and style/ beauty stories to post in the weeks to come. For Christene’s rundown of her first NYFW experience, visit this post on her personal blog.

Here is the lovely Christene with Andre Leon Talley, Vogue Editor at Large

Here I am with the kids of @occmakeup – Katie Pellegrino and Jasen Hunt

Partying (at @candcparty) with my Beauty Blogging God Momma Extraordinaire @LianneFarbes. Is that a bottle of Mo’ in Lianne’s hand?…Yep, that’s how we roll! LOL

Bloggers who blog about the pretty because obviously they know where of they speak

@TempleofGlam @WhatsHaute ME @realcurbappeal @Roselyn

Caring is sharing. I shared my Anna Sui blot papers with Jenna Muller of Phyto. OMG, try their PhytoSpecific relaxer!

Yea, I get pretty greasy. Don’t judge me…instead, pitch me your company’s best mattifyer:)

With @chic_thrills at Aveda’s pre-NYFW event. I inspired her to go red, read all about it here

Hey @afrobella! Its always wonderful to see this blogging legend in the NYC! We attended an Aveda event together.

Yea boy, I’m official…PRESS CREDENTIALS!

With designer @loissamuels after her show (Again, dont judge my greasiness…pitch me on an anti-shine product why don’t cha:))

With the legendary Beverly Johnson…the first woman of color to appear on the cover of American Vogue in 1974.

With director Nefertite Nguvu (@loissamuels show). She directed the Cover Girl web series that I am currently appearing in.

My Bowtie Boo @jdavidrobbins (in the tents at the AOL Lounge)

As @realcurbappeal calls us a “new hit R&B group: Rouge Lips”

@realcurbappeal @liannefarbes @victoriastiles ME – in the tents

More love from Katie Pellegrino of @occmakeup at Michael Angelo’s Wonderland during Fashion’s Night Out

Cutting up with makeup mentors @kjbennettbeauty @DeShawnHatcher

Again with Director Nefertite Nguvu…and Master Makeup Artist @danessamyricks. This was in the meatpacking district during #FNO.

With celebrity manicurist @LuxeByTracyLee

It took me forever to find a pic that I could show of the two of us together where she doesn’t look too much better than me. Actress @cassiefree is too damn hot for words.

With the homie @beautylogicblog. Love this woman!

Bloggers @roselyn, ME, Actress @cassiefree, Blogger @beautylogicblog

This time we added the cutie pie @MissWhoeverUR. And is that Miss @StyleIt I spy in the background? Heeey Sarah!

@jdavidrobbins is by far one of my fave blogger sightings when on the scene

My outfit for @candcparty Social Media Event

Top: French Connection from @bloomingdales

Belt: JCrew (at least ten years old)

Skirt: Love this little power skirt. Major major steal from @bloomingdales. Brand = Aqua

Shoes: Christian Louboutin (what else!) These little booties are amaze…especially after I had about an inch of the heel cut off!

With @stilaPROartist Sarah Lucero backstage at Lela Rose. I have a slight crush…(just keeping it real)

With @TedGibson backstage at Lela Rose

There goes my Bowtie boo again @jdavidrobbins. Boyfriend and I are like the Energizer Bunny. Here we are at Robert Verdi Luxe Laboratory.

Me at DVF wearing DVF awaiting the arrival of DVF

Me with DVF at DVF wearing DVF in DVF heaven.

Oh did I mention, I’m wearing DVF with DVF at DVF???:)

Interviewing @jvincentmakeup backstage at @BriteYoungthing

With @BriteYoungThing creator Eliza Starbuck. We are both wearing, what else….@BriteYoungThing

Oh @jdavidrobbins……@ideeli NYFW Wrap Party

With @MissWhoeverUR…we’re wearing the same red (NARS Dragon Girl). Apparently I influenced her purchase!

With the glam’d up @fashionpulse. She’s always such a sweetie pie!

@realcurbappeal moving in on my thang with @jdavidrobbins. This was at @ideeli’s NYFW Wrap Party!

Sisters for life. With @realcurbappeal

What a way to end the night…and the week! Bumped into some fun loving drag-queens!

The very next day I said bye-bye (bye-girl, girl-bye) to all things fashionable and curled up in a hoodie, cut offs, and Nike sneakers!

Until next season…



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Twas the night before Fashion Week and oh what a pity, my hair was in dire need of TLC – quick, fast, and in a jiffy!

It’s a good thing I was lucky enough to receive an invite to an exclusive pre-NYFW event at Aveda Advanced Academy.

Aveda’s Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders, and her team provided personal, one-on-one styling sessions and makeup applications.

Now I’m not sure if it was pure dumb luck, or if my hair was clearly crying out for “expert” hands – but I was fortunate enough to have Ms Beenders herself style my hair….which leads me to the title of this post: “Best Beachy Waves Ever, Thank Aveda”.

Please allow me to narrate through pictures:

Upon arriving at Aveda I thought to myself: “Ahhh, just what I need…a little pre-NYFW pampering.” As I was greeted with a yummy organic cocktail I thought to myself: “YES! THIS!”

After a very frank hair chat with Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders, I felt very confident in her ability to style my hair. It is extremely rare (practically unheard of) that I allow my hair to be styled at press events. History has shown that these things do not end well (for women with hair like mine). But Antoinette and I had a brief, yet thorough and honest conversation which led me to trust her without question (an honor not easily earned)…see how comfortable and trusting I look below:)

Here’s my hair all wet…it’s time for Antoinette to go IN. And still, I am relaxed and confident that she will achieve the results I desire. Side note: The lovely assistant in the pic below was just marvelous…gave me one of my best shampoos ever!

Here are my beachy waves in progress

Here’s a tip from Antoinette to me to you. To impart shine without weighing hair down, try applying your shine product of choice with a Kabuki brush…yes, a Kabuki brush!

And here’s the final result….I am in LOVE  LOVE LOVE. Like I wanna make love to myself IN LOVE (please excuse the yellow picture quality)

Thank you Antoinette! xoxo

Thank you ladies for inviting me to such a lovely event!

Later that evening I cried my eyes out uncertain of how I would maintain the look overnight

I decided to sleep on my chin (I’m a slave to beauty, what can I say) and woke up with this look…not bad! I’d say I maintained 70% of my beachy waves

Later that morning as I prepared for Day One of NYFW, I added a few extra curls (using my Sultra Slim Luxe Iron) and achieved this look.

Thank you again to Aveda, Antoinette Beenders (and her team), the entire staff at Aveda, and the lovely PR ladies who extended the invitation!

Be on the look out for product reviews of some of the press samples I received from Aveda during my recent visit!

I love you all,

Felicia – xoxo

Laurent Philippon hair design for Naeem Khan was inspired by the very sophisticated power women of the 1960s.  Khan’s line consists of intricately designed embroidered pieces with lace and an abundance of jewelry. Laurent wanted hair that was strong but also had some movement in the back and didn’t take away from the design of the clothes.

To achieve the look, he used Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode to back comb the hair.  He chose this spray because it gives great hold without being too stiff.  Hair extensions were added in the back and the top of the hair was flat ironed and smoothed back.  The look was finished off with Bumble and Bumble Does It All.

I absolutely loved the hair and the only reason it is not on my top five list of hairstyles to try is simply because I already look too tall and this hairdo will no doubt make any wearer look 3 inches taller.


This post is written by ThisThatBeauty Contributor, Christene Carr. For more: @ChristeneCarr on Twitter and  www.christenecarr.com,

Nelson Vercher’s hair design (for Phyto) at Costello Taglipietra‘s Spring/Summer 2011 is a modern twist on the chignon. The style revisits a time when women frequently wore hats.  The chignon is usually worn at the back of the head, so, wearing one on the side of the head in the form of a little hat, brings this look into Spring Summer 2011.

Are you interested in recreating the look at home? Watch our behind the scenes video and follow the step by step guide below.

Step by Step

1.  Start with clean dry hair. Back comb the entire head in sections using Phytovolume Actif volumizing spray to the root and a bit on the ends.  This adds volume to the ends and texture to the roots.

2.  Comb through hair and put it to the side into a ponytail. Ponytail should be placed a little above the left ear. The texture of the roots should be visible.  Ensure hair is not too severely pulled back.

3.   Tease ponytail and start forming the bun, flattening and pressing as you turn and pin.

4.  Complete Hat Bun formation.

5.  Use the palm of your hands to create wispy flyaways at the front of the head.

6.  Spray Phytolaque Soie light hold hairspray to finish.

7. Be amazed at your ability. Enjoy!


This post is written by ThisThatBeauty Contributor, Christene Carr. For more: @christenecarr on twitter and  www.christenecarr.com.

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For the second consecutive year, Mehron keyed the makeup for Toni Francesc.  Francesc’s S/S11 line is entitled Urban Forest.

Key makeup artist, Jackie Mdligo, placed heavy emphasis on the eyes using colors found in nature and the forest.  Paradise AQ in yellow, a color found in Mehron’s body paint line, was used to highlight the inner eye and brow, while Jet Black Eye cream, Metallic Shadow and Mehorn E.Y.E were used to complete the eye look.  The yellow color is water activated and becomes more vibrant when it is applied wet.  The Celebre HD foundation (click here for my previous review of this beautiful product) was used to give models a fresh faced look.

Jackie custom blended foundation and Bubble Gum Lip Cream to create a nude look on the lips of the 18 models.  Mehron products provide great build-able coverage that stands up extremely well under harsh runway lights but they are also great for the everyday user.

Used on models for the runway:

  • Celebre HD Foundation
  • Velvet Finish
  • Paradise AQ in Yellow
  • Jet Black Eye Cream
  • Shell Pink and Pink Coral Cheek Cream
  • Bubble Gum Lip Cream

I thought the collection was absolutely breathtaking. Francesc used what appeared to be tulle, cotton, satin and silks to create fantastic pieces that featured creative draping as well as clean lines. The wood used in the collection was often the focal point of the piece and the wooden accessories made me fall in love with trees even more.

Shoes and accessories were provided by Chololat d’ Or and hair design was done by Salerm.

Backstage I spoke briefly with Designer Toni Francesc and through his interpreter he had this to say:

The line is inspired by nature and the main focus is to translate the forest into the city and ourselves.  Through the line I want to bring a consciousness to recycling and nature.  My favorite piece in the line is the last look, simple because it embodies the whole of nature.  The last look represents a tree and life.

And here’s your backstage look at the makeup look as it was created:



This post is written by ThisThatBeauty Contributor, Christene Carr. @ChristeneCarr on Twitter and on her blog,  www.christenecarr.com

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I have always had a thing for messy hair, so when I saw Ted Gibson construct a side swept messy braided ponytail for Lela Rose, I was instantly in love.

Lela Rose S/S11 is inspired by City of Lima, Peru. In my exclusive backstage interview Ted Gibson he elaborated on how he tied Lela Rose’s inspiration into the look for the hair. According to Ted, when he thinks of Peruvian women he pictures them riding horseback.  And naturally when a woman (who has long hair) rides horseback, she tends to sweep her hair to the side and will more than likely braid it.  To hear Ted Gibson talk about the inspiration for the hair design you sense that he and designer Lela Rose worked side by side to design everything about this look.

To create the sexy windblown braided texture the graced the runway, Ted used Fix It Styling Gel and Tame It Shine Lotion from his professional line, to rough dry the hair and add oomph. He then swept the hair to the side and did a loose braid that was scrunched and partially separated.

Don’t be mistaken by this braid…it’s not for school girls. Ted Gibson’s side swept strategically disheveled braid for Lela Rose is sophisticated and the perfect compliment to the collection’s use of traditional Peruvian textile, tweed with hints of metallic shimmer, silk, cotton and tulle.


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The Vessel by Lois Samuels Spring Summer 2011 line was inspired by The Migration Series by America Artist Jacob Lawrence. Lois is known for creating structured, simple pieces. This season was no exception as Lois incorporated the bold colors used by artist Jacob Lawrence, to create a collection that can be mixed with other pieces or worn separately.

Makeup was keyed by Make Up For Ever’s AJ Crimson. The focal point of the makeup was the eyes.

AJ Crimson used blues and greens from Make Up For Ever’s Aquarelle line to create peepers that I describe as futuristic, fantasy, bat winged eyes. AJ described the look as “very bold, very strong, very powerful, yet soft elegant and pretty.”

While I do agree that the eyes were indeed “pretty” (rich jewel-tone blue on the lids is a personal fave of this beauty writer), I did not feel the connection between the designer’s inspiration (The Migration Series by Jacob Lawrence) and the futuristic choice of eye makeup.

However, while the eyes fell short of home plate, the cheeks knocked the ball out of the park. The blush used was an orange from the Aqua Cream Line. The blush was positively amazing and complimented the clothes and models beautifully. I need those cheeks in my life!

Three different styles were created by hair designer Eugene Davis of Freelance (the Work Space) out of London. All three styles included sleek and textured hair. Here are two looks that we loved!

Look 1: Bouffant and free textured ponytail with a bit of romance.

Look 2: A take on 70’s (part in the middle or side, sleek top and textured ends)

My favorite piece from the show was the Hepburn Dress. The pastel yellow is beautiful and is the very essence of Spring. The style is so simple that it’s almost a shame. I die thinking of all the ways I could accessorize.

The miniature bowler hats featured in the line are made by Suzette Art Couture (SAC). The hats are hand woven and made of Panama straw. SAC’s miniature bowler hats feature a fringed edge that gives them a Southern vintage look that ties in beautifully to theme of the migration of Jacob Lawrence and the Vessel by Lois Samuels’ line of neatly tailored pieces.

This season the Vessel debuted several items for him. We cannot wait to see what Lois Samuels unveils for F/W11.


This post is written by ThisThatBeauty Contributor, Christene Carr. For more from Christene you may stalk her (not really) on Twitter at @christenecarr and visit her blog www.christenecarr.com.


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For Mercedes Benz Fashion Week S/S11 I shared the beauty reporting love. In addition to covering the tents for ThisThatBeauty, I was honored to partner with ideeli.com and provide their exclusive Beauty Beat coverage of Fashion Week. I went backstage and front of house to get the inside scoop on beauty trends in the making.

Check out my intro video for ideeli’s blog:

For my complete intro post on ideeli’s blog, CLICK HERE 🙂

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For the last few seasons of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (NY) my dear friend and Social Media Maven/Beauty Blogging Force Extraordinaire Lianne Farbes, has hosted THE soiree of the season — Cocktails & Couture. This IT event brings together national fashion reporters, editors, bloggers and social media gurus to discuss all things fashion, glamour and beauty.

The MUST attend semi annual fete gathers the Who’s Who of fashion, beauty, and blogging…so naturally I was front and center…and here’s the scoop:

@LuxebyTracyLee @Erikasaprincess ME @silverlips @fashionstbeauty

Bravo’s D.C. Housewives cast members Mary Amons and Jason Backe attended Cocktails & Couture, which was hosted at the Ted Gibson Salon and Spa. The event’s title sponsor was Mwari Magazine (the first and only holistic lifestyle publication created especially for women of the African Diaspora aged 18 – 24.)

Guests enjoyed passed hors d’oeuvres from Honey Bun Catering, grooved to classic hip hop courtesy of DJ Belle De Jour (India-Jewel Jackson of Glam.com), sipped Moet and Chandon champagne and satisfied their sweet tooth with passed Starbucks ice cream and frappuccinos.

The Mwari Magazine gift bags included products from sponsors L’Oreal, HTC, Stila, Lierac, Visine, Caress, Venus, Olay, Sigma, Zoya, Covergirl, Proactiv, Degree, Fournier, Suave and more.

Below you will find a few of my favorite pics (Photo credit: Ana Schechter) from the evening:

Here I am with host @LianneFarbes

With @behindthebrand and Jenna Muller (of Phyto) endorsing Anna Sui blot papers...LOL

With my Bowtie Boo @jdavidrobbins

With the homies @cassiefree @beautylogicblog

@karenrobinovitz @whatshaute @templeofglam

For all photos from Cocktails & Couture, go here:


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MAKE UP FOR EVER ALLIANCE artist, Lottie (www.makeupforever-alliance.com), created two beautiful make up looks for models at the Aqua Di Lara and Qiss Qiss swim show on Saturday, July 17th.  The first look designed for Aqua Di Lara featured champagne and earth tones on the eyes with shimmery, metallic highlights.  As a contrast, the models for Qiss Qiss had a defined eye with a rose pink contour and glossy pink lips.  Both looks were glamorous and beautiful.


Complexion & Cheeks: The skin was bronzed with highlights.

Eyes: Lottie first applied MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream #14 to the outer corners of the lids and blended inward.  Next she applied MAKE UP FOR EVER Eye Shadow #17 to the crease and then dusted the outer corners and crease with MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Powder #930 to add a golden brown shimmer.  The inner corner of the eyes were then dusted with MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Powder #946 to add a lighter dimension of shimmer. The eyes were lined with MAKE UP FOR EVER Waterproof Liner #1 in black and the lashes were coated with MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Smoky Lash.

Lips:  For a shimmery nude lip, Lottie applied MAKE UP FOR EVER Fascinating Lip Gloss #16 as the finishing touch.


Complexion & Cheeks: The cheeks were highlighted with MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Blush #6 to add a soft pink glow.

Eyes: Lottie applied MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream #16 to eye lid blending it into the crease and up to the brow bone. Next MAKE UP FOR EVER Eye Shadow #132 is swept onto the entire lid, crease and extended to the brow bone.  MAKE UP FOR EVER Waterproof Liner #1 in black is applied to the top and bottom of each lash line.  To finish, the lashes were coated with MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Smoky Lash.

Lips:  Lottie created a glossy, rosy lip by applying MAKE UP FOR EVER Lipstick #423 and topping it with Fascinating Lip Gloss #9.

Faithful ThisThatBeauty readers know that the Arise African Collective show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is one of my personal favorites. For the last two season, I have had the pleasure of covering both backstage and the runway.

For the Fall/Winter 2010 season of the African Collective, unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts, I was not able to attend…and boo it up with Tyson…

(Season One)

(Season Two)

I also missed out on the likes of Alek Wek, Liya Kebede, Stacey McKenzie. Boo hoo! *real tears*

Season one of the African Collective was ushered in with a sonic boom. I confess I nearly wet myself with excitement when the iconic, often imitated, but never duplicated, Grace Jones hit the runway. The normally reserved press and celebs in attendance went absolutely bananas. You could hear folks yelling – Strange’! (Those who remember “Boomerang will get my Strange’ reference)

Even though I was not  able to attend the African Collective this season, I was able to get the rundown on the makeup. Iman Cosmetics was the makeup sponsor. I simply adore Iman and the inspiration behind her brand. I respect that the line speaks to an under represented demographic AND is frugalista friendly. March on over  to your local Wal-Mart, Duane Reade, or Tar-jay of choice, and you will find Iman Cosmetics. For a while, in my humble opinion, the brand had fallen off and did a less than satisfactory job of keeping drugstore shelves stocked with product. Over the last year I’ve been sneaking up on Iman Cosmetics in random drugstores, and it makes me very happy to observe that the company is much improved in the areas of plentiful stock, swatching samples, and new products. For these reasons, I am giving Iman Cosmetics a well deserved “atta boy”…or girl, i guess. *smile*

While I love presenting the backstage makeup run down for shows that I cover, I particularly enjoy offering my readers the run down on makeup looks that are affordable. May this montage of runway looks from The African Collective inspire and encourage you to visit your local drugstore, purchase the products, and recreate the looks! Go on…channel your inner model!


Fashion Inspiration was organic, un-constructed, and earthy in natural tones of sand, stone, and putty popped with muted turquoise and apricot

  • Makeup Concept: Soft, ethereal, sun-blushed and feminine
  • Eyes: Mixed Metals Eye Shadow Duo, Wicked Eye Defining Powder, Platinum Luxury Liquid Eye Liner
  • Cheeks: Afterglow Sheer Bronzing Powder
  • Lips: Rapture Luxury Lip Stain
Fashion Inspiration was a precise, no-nonsense, geometric, mixed-media feel in military tones of black, pewter, grey and navy.

  • Makeup Concept: Emphasis on bold dramatic brows with sheer neutral contoured face, eyes, and lips
  • Eyes: Blackest Brown Perfect Eyebrow Pencil, Bewitched Luxury eye Defining Powder, Perfect Mascara
  • Cheeks: Sable Luxury Blushing Powder,
  • Lips: Tan Perfect lip Pencil, Crystal Luxury Lip Shimmer
Fashion Inspiration was a fusion of soft and architectural textures in putty, charcoal and black popped with touches of lapis blue

  • Makeup Concept: The emphasis is on bronzed skin and soft earth toned eyes and lips
  • Eyes: Bronze Goddess Eye Shadow Duo, Jet Black Perfect Eye Pencil, Perfect Mascara
  • Cheeks: Clay Sheer Bronzing Powder & Sunkissed Luxury Blushing Powder
  • Lips: Exposé Luxury Lip Shine

Which look is you fav?

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