Color by Cynde Watson: Volumizing & Lengthening Dual Ended Mascara


Earlier this year I had the opportunity to meet Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert Cynde Watson at an intimate beauty mixer sponsored by Honey magazine. As Cynde delightfully dished her top makeup/skincare tips, I felt an immediate kinship to her beauty philosophy and found myself nodding in agreement throughout her beauty-talk and live demonstration. Cynde’s [...]

The secret to sexy lashes

“What’s ThisThatBeauty’s current obsession for sexy lashes”, you ask? LASH PRIMER Ohhhh honey, I am huge fan of lash primer. Its a great way to create extra long lush lashes. Lash primer helps to prepare and condition lashes before mascara application. It creates a base and maximizes the result of the mascara. Lash primer is also awesome [...]

Smashbox LASH DNA Mascara

You weren’t born with long lashes. No worries! Smashbox’s new Lash DNA Mascara is packed with proteins and amino acids that bind to lashes to create “genetic defying” length while conditioning and repairing lash damage. Lash DNA has a unique double helix brush that grabs each lash to create a beautiful fanned out effect. Faithful ThisThatBeauty readers [...]

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper is so serious that it comes with a warning label! CAUTION: Causes Extreme Lash Plumping Oh really? Hmmm…THIS, I’ve got to try! So ThisThatBeauty babes, you be the judge. Here are my before and after pics. Am I looking particularly “plump” or “extreme” in the lash department? Is [...]

Smashbox Bionic Mascara

Smashbox’s best selling Bionic Mascara is now available in a fun new shade, INDIGO INK. Yay!  If you’re already a fan of Smashbox Bionic Mascara, consider trying a flirty new shade for Spring. Bionic Mascara promises fuller, stronger and more voluminous lashes. The formula is enriched with aloe, wheat protein, and silk to strengthen and condition lashes. [...]

Recession Friendly Beauty Buy…NOT!

Dear Jane (Cosmetics),  I recently strolled pass your shiny new mascara display at my local Walgreen’s and decided to give Max Lash Precise a try. Both the price tag ($3.49) and brush style (thin) immediately caught my attention. I couldn’t wait to get you home and wrap you around my lashes. Oh the excitement of [...]

The LA Makeup Show: LASH CONTROL

I love cool and innovative products! The Makeup Show is such an awesome event because you not only get up close and personal with established brands, you also get the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with up and coming brands.  LASH CONTROL is an innovative ultra-sanitary mascara system.  LASH CONTROL is unique [...]

I’m in LOVE and here’s why….

To say that “I love great mascara” totally oversimplifies my love for great mascara. I LOVE great mascara like I love…. DVF Sample Sales Chillin in my Slanket My boo’s homefries Soul Food Sundays at Aunt Tina’s (see you around 5:00 Aunt Tina…I’m bringing home some cornbread ) Mujadarra Christian Louboutin shoes. Hello red sole! [...]

New Mascara Alert..and a GIVE-A-WAY!!!

Maybelline’s newest mascara, LASH Stiletto, promises to do for lashes what Stilettos do for legs. So if I am following the analogy correctly, LASH Stiletto is basically making the bold claim that lashes will appear a mile long! Hmmm…Is that so? Seeing as I’m not one to back down from a mascara claim, naturally, I [...]

Happy 2009 and a New Year’s Giveaway

Hey folks! So here we are, less than 24 hours away from 2009.  WOW!  Can you believe it? Before we usher in the new, I’d like to take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on 2008…our first year together! I have thoroughly and immensely enjoyed the little forum we’ve created here on ThisThatBeauty. Communing [...]