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Before getting pregnant with Phoebe, I never gave much thought to natural beauty products. Sure, I’ve reviewed a ton over the course of the years, but I’ve never fully committed to a natural routine. But while pregnant, I had to give a lot more consideration to the things I used on my skin….So the topic of “natural” came up quite a bit.

With Earth Day upon us, it seems like an appropriate time to re-start the conversation of natural/green beauty and share a few tips from ThisThatBeauty Girls, some of my beauty blogging friends and Neutrogena Naturals.

I will admit I’m sort of hitching my wagon to the whole Earth Day theme in an effort to provide some insightful content to my readers, but with Neutrogena Naturals — every single day of the year is Earth Day…so I’m really happy to highlight their products along with some really practical Green Beauty Tips.

Maree Sye  - Earth Day Beauty Tip
Maree Sye

Think going green with your beauty has to be a big pain? Maree Sye (@alittlebitetc) has news for you:

Incorporating more green practices into your beauty routine can be easier than you think. Washing my hair every other day is not only great for keeping my hair healthy, but it helps reduce my water and electricity usage on those days.

Kristin Bell - Neutrogena Naturals
Kristin Bell

Looking for a simple DIY Green Beauty Tip? Neutrogena Naturals Ambassador, Kristen Bell, shares this:

My favorite go-to DIY beauty remedy is a homemade body scrub, which I put in a mason jar. The most common ingredients that I use are coconut oil, brown sugar, sometimes a little bit of sea salt and sometimes a little bit of honey – harvested from our friendly bees, cause we’ve got to care about the bees. Did you hear the statistic that if the bees go down, we can’t feed 90% of the world? That is a real statistic!

Lara Eurdolian
Lara Eurdolian


Want to help save the earth and get the most out of your beauty product samples? Lara Eurdolian (@prettyconnected) has a suggestion:

When you receive a sachet sample, instead of taring it open (usually there’s an indented area to make it easy on you), poke a pin size hole in it. Not only will this let you control how much product dispenses so there’s less waste, it also allows you to use the product longer.

Christene Carr - Earth Day Beauty Tip
Christene Carr

If you’ve been following ThisThatBeauty for a while, you know that Christene Carr (@christenecarr) is my right hand and amazing Editor. You might also know, from following her Instagram, Christene is the DIY Queen of Everything. And she has this green beauty tip to share:

Reuse your coffee grounds as a body exfoliant. Add a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of coconut oil and two tablespoons of coffee grounds. Massage slowly over your body, rinse and you’re done. A simpler option is to add a couple of tablespoons of coffee grounds to your favorite body wash, massage over body and rinse.

Moi 🙂

Lastly, I’ll share:

I always try to do as much as possible while in the shower and not use extra water…I bathe, wash my face and brush my teeth. I also re-use things like crazy. When I’m sent beauty products or gifts in lovely boxes, I repurpose them for makeup brush holders or pen holders.

Neutrogena Naturals Collection
Neutrogena Naturals Collection

If natural skincare matters to you, consider Neutrogena Naturals, a collection of products that have helped pioneer a new take on natural.

“Neutrogena studied nature’s bounty and specifically selected natural ingredients containing Bionutrients that work with the skin’s natural function and provide skin benefits. From these discoveries, scientists then created a new infrastructure: a scaffolding of natural ingredients with artfully selected synthetics to support the integrity of the formula – allowing the heart of Neutrogena® Naturals to be naturally derived ingredients and Bionutrients.”

The entire collection, of products for face and body, is free of sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, dyes and phthalates.

If you want to ease your way into ‘natural’, the cleansers and lip balm make for a nice starting point. I think you’ll be pleased with both the efficacy and the fresh, delightful sensory experience.

Giveaway Alert!

I’d love to hear your Green Beauty Tips. For a chance to win a Neutrogena® Naturals gift pack, leave a comment below sharing your best green beauty too. Contest ends May 1.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Neutrogena. The opinions expressed are my own.

Makeup Forever Eye Shadow

The task of picking an eyeshadow can be absolutely daunting.  With the myriad of brands, colors, textures, and finishes to choose from, I get overwhelmed just thinking about it.  I myself have tested so many that to find one that actually makes me stop mid-makeup application and gawk at the party going
on south of my forehead, is quite rare. But that party was in full swing after I recently tried Make Up For Ever’s Eye Shadows.  If you have seen one shimmer shade, you have seen them all and a matte powder just seems so ho-hum, but these shadows are truly holy-grail worthy.

Makeup Forever Shadow

Upon first look, the packaging is quite minimal as consistent with the brand aesthetic, but what is inside does not need any further pomp and circumstance.  There are three textures available – matte, iridescent and satin, 125 shades and a color payoff that is absolutely amazing.  And a bonus – they double as a blush depending on the color!  Need I go on??!  No, but I will…

 These are the 3 shades (No. 40 Antracite, No. 54 Copper,  No. 98 Brown) that I played with and the accompanying swatches.   They are richly pigmented but blend with incredible ease, achieving any level of intensity that you desire – from a sheer wash to a vibrant jolt.  The length of wear that you get out of these shadows can make you feel confident that what you apply groggily in the morning (if applied pre-coffee) will last you until you decide to take it off.  These three shadows will enhance  blue eyes and will also work well on brown eyes. The only choice now is  – what colors will you buy?  How many can you fit in your makeup bag?  Do you need a bigger closet just to fit them all?!

All shadows are available at Make Up For Ever stores and Sephora, and retail for $20.

ThisThatBeauty: MakeUp ForEver Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

Brow maintenance.  While often an afterthought of one’s daily makeup routine, sparse or wimpy brows can just ruin that makeup masterpiece you are trying to create each morning.  See exhibit A below – my unfilled-in brows.  Pitiful.  Sad.  And frightening if you ask me since I am not wearing any makeup at all!   But stay with me, your brows will thank you, and maybe me.

ThisThatBeauty:  Maree Sye Makeup forever eyebrow corrector

Now that we are all comfortable with each other, bare-faced and all, let’s get down to the star of the post.  Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector.  Being the product junkie that I am, I have been around the block with trying brow products.  Many are often just a one hit wonder, however this product made me proud to commit.  “Long-lasting, smudge-proof and creamy” aptly describes the wear-ability of this corrector, while the ease of application makes it almost fool proof.  Squeeze out a smidgen (that is somewhere between a tidbit and a pinch) onto the back of your hand, and with a slanted angle brush, make short quick strokes through your brow.  Much like I am doing below – again with no makeup. Gah!

ThisThatBeauty:  Makeup forever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

Let the brush do the work, but do use a light hand when applying because the color will darken once it hits the skin (I used Shade #2).  Let’s see how it looks!

ThisThatBeauty: Makeup Forever Waterproof eyebrow corrector

Voila!  Makes quite the difference when compared to a bare brow.  Now jump in the shower, run a marathon, hit the beach or go to work, because this stuff is not moving!  You are guaranteed a worry-free brow day.  And isn’t that the kind of day we all really want to have?  We also want a boss who gives us a raise, no red lights, projects done on time and dinner on the table at 6,  kind of day – but baby steps for now.

Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector is available at Sephora and retails for $20.


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