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If you followed Fashion Week for nail trends, you know you probably can’t execute those artfully complex shapes and patterns you saw on the model’s nails. Your neighborhood manicurist is happy to oblige, but when you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, a DYI mani in an eye-catching, spring-y hue will do just fine. Here are 8 nail polish shades you need to master your spring manicure.  


spring manicure - Maxus Inspired

Maxus Inspired

This heavily pigmented true red from the Maxus Empowered collection is a gorgeous classic. To get the full effect of this polish, I recommend applying a thin coat of the Maxus Strengthening Base Coat, 1-2 coats of Inspired and one thin layer of Maxus Top Coat. This trio takes a little longer to dry than regular polishes, but it has an impressively long wear. Well worth the wait! $18 each at MaxusNails.com


Dermelect COAT D’AMOUR - spring manicure

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals ‘Me’ Coat D’Amour

From Dermelect’s new Romantic Renaissance Collection, this high-energy hot pink is sure to wow.  This ‘5-Free’, full-coverage formula contains keratin and peptides to help maintain a healthy nail bed and strong nails. Price: $14 at Dermelect.com


Lippmann collection CAKE_BY_THE_OCEAN

Deborah Lippmann Cake By The Ocean Gel Lab Pro Nail Color

Cake by the Ocean is a beautiful baby pink; perfect for all those pastels you’re rocking right now. I was excited to try Deborah Lippmann’s Get Lab Pro formula, and I’m a fan! It’s a 3-step process; base coat, color and topcoat, but each layer dries very quickly and requires no light to cure. The formula is packed with fatty acids, biotin and keratin for healthy nails and long wear. Price: $20 for Cake By the Ocean and $24 for the Base Coat & Top Coat Travel Set at Nordstrom


Zoya - Abby Tina Milly - spring manicure

Zoya Abby, Tina & Milly from the Charming Collection

Zoya’s new spring collection has three beautiful, full-coverage purples for every mood that strikes you. Abby is an ultra-light pastel lilac, Tina is a full-bodied, creamy purple, and Millie is a deep and lively sparkling plum.  $10 each at Zoya.com


Sally Hansen Aqua Chakra

Sally Hansen Aqua Chakra

If you’re feeling a bit daring, go for the limited edition Aqua Chakra, a creamy turquoise. The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a long wearing home gel formula that requires no light to set. Apply two coats of color and one coat of the Miracle Gel Top Coat and you’re good to go!  Price: $9.99 each at drugstores nationwide

BLUEspring manicure- Lippmann Collection SEA_OF_LOVE

Deborah Lippmann Sea of Love Gel Lab Pro Nail Color

Another stunner from Deborah Lippmann, Sea of Love is a full coverage, creamy cornflower blue. Sandwiched between the base coat and topcoat, one coat of Sea of Love will do the trick!

Price: $20 at Nordstrom


Pixel Sexy Slime

Pixel High Shine Nail Lacquer in Sexy Slime

Pixel Yell Oh

and Yell Oh 

In the mood for bold? Go for it with these sassy statement shades from Pixel. Yell Oh is a sunny lemon yellow and Sexy Slime is a silky chartreuse. The tiny size and low price make these Pixel polishes perfect for the girl who is on the go or who changes her mind on a dime. Price: $3.25 each at PixelCosmetics.com

I haven’t worn a Halloween costume since I was a tween but I am not a complete Halloween Grinch. My 9-year old daughter is obsessed with the holiday, so my job is to joyfully do her bidding in our annual creative costume collab. The other way I celebrate (besides stealing her candy) is with a festive Halloween mani. Here are a few of my DIY faves.

Tattoos & Stickers

KISS Nail Tattoos - HNST02

Nail tattoos are an easy way to create the perfect nail design. I like to start with a long-wearing polish – this year’s Halloween favorite is the no-cure gel from Boots No. 7 in Orange Spice ($6.74 at Drugstore). Allow the color to dry and get to decorating!

Jamberry Halloween2

The Halloween Ghoulish Nail Tattoos ($2.99 at Bejour) from Kiss Nails work just like regular temporary tats and comes with all the dripping blood, spiders and spider webs that you’ll need for the creepiest nails ever. Top with the Boots No. 7 Gel Top Coat ($6.74 at Drugstore).

Nail Wraps

Jamberry Halloween1

If you prefer fewer steps and a perfectly placed design, wrap your nails! Jamberry ($15 at Jamberry) has a fabulous selection of creepy scenes. Applying nail wraps take a little getting used to but once you figure it out, they are a great one-step option.

3 Express Yourself

Feeling creative? I sat with Styleseat stylist, Mimi Wilson, for a Halloween how-to. She called her first design, “Grown Up Candy Corn”.

Here’s her step-by-step:

Step 1
Step 1: Apply white polish
Step 2
Step 2: Using a makeup sponge, dab on bits of orange, black and yellow (one color at a time)
Step 3
Step 3: Complete the look with a matte topcoat

Step 4


Products used: Essie colors and Essie Matte About You ($8.49 at Target)

Mimi also demo’d her spider web design, using black polish and So Easy Stripe Rite ($3.99 at Sally Beauty). Because this takes a really steady hand, I would paint all the nails black and do one spider web per hand. Per Mimi, the new accent finger is the index – the ring finger is out.

FYI, if you are not familiar, Styleseat is a beauty and wellness service concierge. You can order up anything from manicures to acupuncture and arrange a home or salon visit in 15,000 cities. 

Though pre-fall is not a real season, it is in fashion and beauty — and if i’m to be 100% honest, that is all that matters. On a recent shopping to C.O. Bigelow with Felicia and Danielle, I was very close to picking up a Smith and Cult polish that was very summery.  Almost in unison, they both chimed in that I should get something more “pre-fall.” I immediate saw the light — that’s how I ended up with Smith and Cult Tenderoni and Feed the Rich (because I couldn’t get just one).

smith and cult feed the rich and tenderoni

My love of nail polish borders on ridiculous — sometimes the hardest thing for me to do is pick a shade.  This time, I left it up to Instagram to decide.  It was close, but the winner was Tenderoni – a creamy taupe that reached its full amazing potential after two light coats.

smith and cult tenderoni swatch

With most of the polishes I use (regardless of cost), I can get a full 7 days of chip-free wear.

Here’s the key:

  • Start with clean, dry nails
  • Apply base coat and dry completely
  • Apply one light coat of polish and allow to dry completely
  • Apply a second light coat and allow to dry completely
  • Apply top coat

smith and cult tenderoni swatch 1 (1)

This application method worked well with Smith and Cult Tenderoni and I got a full 7 days of chip-free wear.

Smith and Cult polishes are 5-Free — meaning they are formulated without Dibutyl, Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. Polishes retail for $18 and can be found on the company’s website, C.O. Bigelow and other fine retailers.

What are Your Pre-Fall Nail Polish Faves?

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Happy New Year! As far as I’m concerned, 2015 is the year of the nail. I’m so excited to explore new designs and techniques. But before I get to painting, let’s take a stroll down mani-memory-lane. Here are my Top 10 Manicures of 2014!

Disclaimer: it was SUPER hard to choose only 10 designs. These are in no particular order- again, it’s too hard to decide!

1. Ocean blue ombre topped off with Swarovski crystals!

blue ombre

2. Evil Eye Power!


3. Matte/Shiny Black Half Moons

(this is a kiiiiiller combo!)

black matte

4. Purple and teal studded color block!

Remember this tutorial?

photo 2

5. Rainbow stitch using the dry brush technique and funky charms.

photo 3

6. Leopard tips – you can NEVER go wrong with leopard!

leopard tips

7. Neon Camo Party

camo rainbow _ 1 hand

8. Shades of purple reverse french

Catch the tutorial here!

half moons

9. A Foil’s Paradise

Look familiar? This was my NYE tutorial just a few weeks ago. See it here!


10. Paradise Ombre

Ughhh, I wish I was at the beach with these right now!

photo 1

Oooh what a year it was! Which one was your favorite?? I’d love to hear! And make sure you follow my 2015 nail journey on theGLITTERY.com and on Instagram, @theGLITTERYblog.

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My mani this week reflects my mood — dark and intense.  I think the Tom Ford Black Cherry nail lacquer  is as close as you can come to wearing a black nail polish without actually wearing black. The benefit of not going all the way to a black polish is that it looks less harsh against the skin.  Depending on the lighting, Black Cherry can look like a seriously over ripe cherry while at other times it looks like a bruised plum.  No matter what the light, though, Black Cherry is a beautiful richly intense color worthy of being added to your nail polish collection.

Tom Ford Black Cherry Nail Polish

This manicure was my first time using a Tom Ford polish and while the formula is great, the brush could use a little work.  I think the bristles are a little too wiry and sparse which makes it more difficult to apply the polish.

Tom Ford Black Cherry

In the picture above I’m wearing two coats of the Tom Ford Black Cherry Nail Lacquer with the Guerlain La Base basecoat and CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat.  The CND top coat gives the nails mega shine and a gel like finish. I’m wearing the polish as I type this and it has been just under a week and I have zero chips. I win!

Tom Ford Nail Lacquers retail for $32 and are available here.

What’s On Your Nails This Week?

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The red soles of Christian Louboutin footwear have been a fashion, style and pop culture phenomenon for years.  Now you can have the iconic color for under your nails. Loubi Under Red uses a small precise sponge at the tip of the weapon like brush to make painting under the nails a snap.

Loubi Under Red - Applicator


While nail art for the top of the nails has reached epic proportions, with everything from chains, balls and even little metal kittens and puppies being affixed to the nail,  not many people are doing much with the underside of the nail…until now.  Loubi Under Red can make any plain ol’ manicure special and can take any outrageous nail design even that much further.


Loubi Under Red 2


Your perfect pair of Red Bottoms may set you back a pretty penny but Loubi Under Red is only a cool $45.  Find it at christianlouboutin.com.

Will You Try Loubi Under Red?

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Have you ever wanted to match your manicure to your walls or vice versa? I’m not talking about various shades of white, I’m talking about vibrant eye catching colors. If you’ve dreamt of manicure and wall color oneness, the OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington is the exact thing that you need. The collection features 18 nail polishes and each color is also available in Clark+Kensington paint+primer. The Collection is broken into three palettes,  The Romantic,  The Wild Heart and The Artist. All are represented below with home decor inspiration based on the palette.

The Romantic
The Romantic


The Wild Heart
The Artist

So, enough about walls, let’s talk manicure. This week I used  two polishes from a limited edition mini-nail lacquer pack featuring three standout shades from the OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington: I Eat Mainely Lobster (from the The Artist palette), Can’t Find My Czechbook (from the The Wild Heart palette) and My Vampire is Buff (from The Romantic palette).

OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington Tutorial

  • Apply base coat
  • Apply two thin coats of  I Eat Mainely Lobster and wait a couple of minutes
  • Apply one coat of  Can’t Find My Czechbook as shown in image and wait a minute or two
  • Brush a perforated sponge with Can’t Find My Czechbook as shown in image
  • Gently pat the nail with sponge to create messy pattern.
  • Wait another minute then seal with topcoat.

The nail lacquer sample pack is available for $9.99 and the paint is available starting at $26.99 a gallon. Both can be found at more than 3,200 Ace Hardware stores nationwide.

This post was written by Christene Carr. Find her on TwitterInstagramTumblrPinterest and her personal blog.

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I’m not a putz at doing my nails but sometimes I just don’t want to and I don’t have the time to go to the salon.  What to do?! Do I walk around with rough cuticles and chipped nails? I’m a card carry beauty girl so never that. City Mani aims to take the hassle out of your weekly manicure by coming to you wherever you are.  “Whether you’re a workaholic, socialite or busy mom, finding the time to go to the salon and treat yourself is something that often falls to the bottom of your to-do list,” said Co-Founder of City Mani, Cari DeCoons. “With the click of a button, City Mani will bring a quality manicure directly to your fingertips.”

City Mani recently launched and I got this super cute manicure at the event.


(In case you’re wondering, the palette i’m holding is Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick in Bronze.)  On my nails is Pretty Please number 23, a light blue. FYI, Pretty Please allows you to name your own polish, so, it’s best to go by the number.

Below are the City Mani Options:

  • Individual Manicure, $34 (Standing appointments available)
  • Multiple Manicures, (2-5 people) $23 per person
  • Signature Polish Party, (6-11 people) $21 per person (20% administrative fee applies)
  • Mommy & Me Manicure, $35 includes mom & child (20% administrative fee applies)
    Like mommy, like daughter has never been so cute! Let cityMANI give your mini their first mani and have your colors match each other’s! cityMANI uses an adorable selection of 5-Free polishes so your child’s nails can be as safe as they are cute!
  • Mani’s for Mini’s Party Package, $350 for up to 10 girls, $25 per additional guest (20% administrative fee applies) This party package brings the polish, glitter, fun nail art and plenty of jewels to select from to create the perfect mini-mani for your child and their friends. Parties include a salon themed gift for all of the girls and are appropriate for ages 4-12.
  • ManiBAR Party Package, Custom Pricing Available (20% administrative fee applies) This party package is truly a unique addition to your next corporate event, private party, trade show or even bar/bat-mitzvah or sweet sixteen! This personalized manicure station can be customized and tailored to a specific theme. Have the focus of your celebration or colors of your event or even logo be the inspiration behind a “signature manicure”.
  • ManisForCure Fundraisers, Custom Pricing Available (20% administrative fee applies, client must provide 501c3 upon booking.) This party package allows you to add a cityMANI station to your next fundraiser, charity event or run/walk event and raise money with every manicure. CityMANI will help you create a suggested donation price for the mini manicures provided and then donate it to the charity organization of your choice.

With City Mani at your fingertips, there is no excuse for walking around with less than stellar nails. Click here to learn more about City Mani.


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Suppose you have the standard manicure you’ve worn to your office job all week and you want to jazz it up for a fun night out with your Boo or Besties?   What do you do? Here’s one suggestion…grab a polish from the MAC Nail Transformations collection, apply a single coat and you are good to go in a matter of minutes.

MAC Nail Transformations

MAC Nail Transformations polishes were created by former forensic scientist, Marian Newman, to give nails a stylish twist. They are available in MAC’s permanent collection and retail for $12 each.

MAC Nail Transformations Collection

MAC Nail Transformations Collection

  • Texturize clear leather-effect top coat
  • Highlight sheer blue pearl transformer
  • Liquid Pigment – Pink Pearl Sheer pink pearl transformer
  • Liquid Pigment – Green Pearl Sheer green pearl transformer
  • Liquid Pigment – Gold Pearl Sheer gold pearl transformer
  • Shadow  – sheer blackening top coat
  • Skin – light peach beige (cream)
  • Quiet Time -beige nude (cream)
  • Rebel – mid-tone cream plum (cream)

This post was written by Christene Carr. Find her on TwitterInstagramTumblrPinterest and her personal blog.

You might see this manicure and think “Easter egg “and you would be right.  Celebrity manicurist, Jin Soon Choi, created this adorable nail art design as the perfect easter manicure but I’m so in love with it I thought I’d share it as this week’s Mani of the Week.

Pastel Egg Nail Art 1



1.       File and shape your nails in a natural square or roundish shape.

2.       Apply a base coat like JINsoon Power Coat.

3.       Apply JINsoon Dolly Pink on the entire nail bed.

4.       Apply JINsoon Poppy Blue about 2/3rd’s of the way from the top of the nail closer to the cuticle area, creating a few curved lines and filling in to the tip of the nail.


Pastel Egg Nail Art 2

5.       For a three-toned look, apply Formula X for Sephora Seismic over Poppy Blue in the same manner as you applied Poppy Blue.

6.       Finish with a high-shine top coat like JINsoon Top Gloss.


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JustFab is a customized subscription service that offers denim, shoes, jewelry and handbags.  The Kimora Lee led company is now making a foray into beauty with the introduction of PaintFab nail polishes. Like everything else on Justfab site, you will need to have a subscription to make purchases.  The Paintfab nail polish collection was launched with 9 shades, including a double duty  base/top coat.

PaintFab by JustFab

In addition to the nine core polishes that recently launched, JustFab will launch a PaintFab duo each month to help you stay on trend. Below I’m wearing two coats of Modern Mauvels (4th from right) with a topcoat.


Paintfab Modern Mauvels

All PaintFab polishes are 3 Free.  Learn more about PaintFab here.

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The Jinsoon Spring 2014 Collection is tightly edited and beautiful but that is to be expected from famed nail artist, Jinsoon Choi. According to Jinsoon, “The Color Field Collection is an adaptation of the positive, youthful, and artistic energy of the 1950’s represented in nail polish shades.” This collection has something for everyone; from Dolly Pink with a Kookie White tip for the dainty and demure to Cool Blue topped with Polka Black for the edgy rocker to Cherry Berry with Pop Orange dots for that girl who’s always the bright and bubbly to a simple Polka White top coat for the super busy chick who wants to do the least — like a boss!

Here I’m wearing Kookie White with swirls of Polka Black and Polka White with an accent nail of Cool Blue

JINsoon Color Field Collection 2

In this shot I’m ringing in spring with Pop Orange

Jinsoon Pop Orange

I know I’ll be coming back to the the Jinsoon Color Field Collection repeatedly this spring but who can blame me?  You can keep up with my polish changes on instagram with #CNCMani and check back each week for our TTB Mani of the Week. Also check out Jinsoon on Instagram to get manicure inspiration using this and her other collections.

Shop the Jinsoon Color Field Collection

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Spring isn’t quite in the air but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend. While I don’t look forward to the insane allergy attacks that come with spring days, I always look forward to the wonderful blooms and the even more amazing pastel manicures. Turn dreary days into something fantastic and fun with any of the subtle pastel or statement making neon polishes from the China Glaze City Flourish Collection.

China Glaze City Flourish CollectionChina Glaze City Flourish Collection Includes:

  • Thistle Do Nicely – Electric pink neon crème
  • Peonies & Park Ave – Neon bright pink crème
  • Petal to the Metal – Warm pink coral crème
  • Spring In My Step – Baby pink crème
  • Strike A Rose – Watermelon shimmer
  • Don’t Honk Your Thorn – Nude shimmer
  • In a Lily Bit – Soft light violet crème
  • Lotus Begin – Neon purple crème
  • What A Pansy – Cool periwinkle/indigo blue crème
  • At Vase Value – Bright baby blue crème
  • Grass Is Lime Greener – Neon lime crème
  • Metro Pollen-tin – Neon peach crème

The complete China Glaze City Flourish  is available now at fine salons and beauty supply stores.  All China Glaze polishes are free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.

Which Shade is Your Favorite?

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At ThisThatBeauty we are nothing if not nail art fanatics,  just check out our Mani of the Week features.  And as our monthly nail art contributor, Ari put it in her latest nail art tutorial, Valentine’s Day is our “favorite nail art holiday.” So, when Jin Soon Choi, manicurist to the stars, whose work frequently appears in top glossy mags, shared her Valentine’s Day nail art with us  naturally we had to share with you.

2014 Valentine's Day Nail Art


1.       File and shape your nails in a natural square or roundish shape.

2.       Apply a base coat like JINsoon Power Coat.

Sweetheart Nail Art Step 3

3.       Apply a pink shade on the entire nail bed (here, Jin Soon gives you a sneak peek of Dolly Pink from her SS14 collection). Alternatively, you may try Teddy Girl from Butter London or Sephora Formula X in Potent.

Sweetheart Nail Art Step 4

4.       Apply JINsoon Coral Peony on one side of the nail, covering about 3/4’s of the nail bed and ending in a subtle curve to create half of the heart shape.  Then repeat on the other side, taking special care to intersect the two sides at the center of the nail.

Sweetheart Nail Art Step 5

5.       Apply JINsoon Coquette on one side of the nail covering about half of the nail bed and ending in the same subtle curve as you did when applying the Coral Peony.  Repeat on the other side, again taking special care to intersect the two sides at the center of the nail.

6.       Finish with a high-shine top coat like JINsoon Top Gloss.

How beautiful and easy does this look?   Show your nails some love this Valentine’s Day!

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