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If you followed Fashion Week for nail trends, you know you probably can’t execute those artfully complex shapes and patterns you saw on the model’s nails. Your neighborhood manicurist is happy to oblige, but when you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, a DYI mani in an eye-catching, spring-y hue will do just fine. Here are 8 nail polish shades you need to master your spring manicure.  


spring manicure - Maxus Inspired

Maxus Inspired

This heavily pigmented true red from the Maxus Empowered collection is a gorgeous classic. To get the full effect of this polish, I recommend applying a thin coat of the Maxus Strengthening Base Coat, 1-2 coats of Inspired and one thin layer of Maxus Top Coat. This trio takes a little longer to dry than regular polishes, but it has an impressively long wear. Well worth the wait! $18 each at MaxusNails.com


Dermelect COAT D’AMOUR - spring manicure

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals ‘Me’ Coat D’Amour

From Dermelect’s new Romantic Renaissance Collection, this high-energy hot pink is sure to wow.  This ‘5-Free’, full-coverage formula contains keratin and peptides to help maintain a healthy nail bed and strong nails. Price: $14 at Dermelect.com


Lippmann collection CAKE_BY_THE_OCEAN

Deborah Lippmann Cake By The Ocean Gel Lab Pro Nail Color

Cake by the Ocean is a beautiful baby pink; perfect for all those pastels you’re rocking right now. I was excited to try Deborah Lippmann’s Get Lab Pro formula, and I’m a fan! It’s a 3-step process; base coat, color and topcoat, but each layer dries very quickly and requires no light to cure. The formula is packed with fatty acids, biotin and keratin for healthy nails and long wear. Price: $20 for Cake By the Ocean and $24 for the Base Coat & Top Coat Travel Set at Nordstrom


Zoya - Abby Tina Milly - spring manicure

Zoya Abby, Tina & Milly from the Charming Collection

Zoya’s new spring collection has three beautiful, full-coverage purples for every mood that strikes you. Abby is an ultra-light pastel lilac, Tina is a full-bodied, creamy purple, and Millie is a deep and lively sparkling plum.  $10 each at Zoya.com


Sally Hansen Aqua Chakra

Sally Hansen Aqua Chakra

If you’re feeling a bit daring, go for the limited edition Aqua Chakra, a creamy turquoise. The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a long wearing home gel formula that requires no light to set. Apply two coats of color and one coat of the Miracle Gel Top Coat and you’re good to go!  Price: $9.99 each at drugstores nationwide

BLUEspring manicure- Lippmann Collection SEA_OF_LOVE

Deborah Lippmann Sea of Love Gel Lab Pro Nail Color

Another stunner from Deborah Lippmann, Sea of Love is a full coverage, creamy cornflower blue. Sandwiched between the base coat and topcoat, one coat of Sea of Love will do the trick!

Price: $20 at Nordstrom


Pixel Sexy Slime

Pixel High Shine Nail Lacquer in Sexy Slime

Pixel Yell Oh

and Yell Oh 

In the mood for bold? Go for it with these sassy statement shades from Pixel. Yell Oh is a sunny lemon yellow and Sexy Slime is a silky chartreuse. The tiny size and low price make these Pixel polishes perfect for the girl who is on the go or who changes her mind on a dime. Price: $3.25 each at PixelCosmetics.com

I haven’t worn a Halloween costume since I was a tween but I am not a complete Halloween Grinch. My 9-year old daughter is obsessed with the holiday, so my job is to joyfully do her bidding in our annual creative costume collab. The other way I celebrate (besides stealing her candy) is with a festive Halloween mani. Here are a few of my DIY faves.

Tattoos & Stickers

KISS Nail Tattoos - HNST02

Nail tattoos are an easy way to create the perfect nail design. I like to start with a long-wearing polish – this year’s Halloween favorite is the no-cure gel from Boots No. 7 in Orange Spice ($6.74 at Drugstore). Allow the color to dry and get to decorating!

Jamberry Halloween2

The Halloween Ghoulish Nail Tattoos ($2.99 at Bejour) from Kiss Nails work just like regular temporary tats and comes with all the dripping blood, spiders and spider webs that you’ll need for the creepiest nails ever. Top with the Boots No. 7 Gel Top Coat ($6.74 at Drugstore).

Nail Wraps

Jamberry Halloween1

If you prefer fewer steps and a perfectly placed design, wrap your nails! Jamberry ($15 at Jamberry) has a fabulous selection of creepy scenes. Applying nail wraps take a little getting used to but once you figure it out, they are a great one-step option.

3 Express Yourself

Feeling creative? I sat with Styleseat stylist, Mimi Wilson, for a Halloween how-to. She called her first design, “Grown Up Candy Corn”.

Here’s her step-by-step:

Step 1
Step 1: Apply white polish
Step 2
Step 2: Using a makeup sponge, dab on bits of orange, black and yellow (one color at a time)
Step 3
Step 3: Complete the look with a matte topcoat

Step 4


Products used: Essie colors and Essie Matte About You ($8.49 at Target)

Mimi also demo’d her spider web design, using black polish and So Easy Stripe Rite ($3.99 at Sally Beauty). Because this takes a really steady hand, I would paint all the nails black and do one spider web per hand. Per Mimi, the new accent finger is the index – the ring finger is out.

FYI, if you are not familiar, Styleseat is a beauty and wellness service concierge. You can order up anything from manicures to acupuncture and arrange a home or salon visit in 15,000 cities. 

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Within a split second of eyeing Ciaté Caviar Manicure I was immediately intrigued. I mean…straight up open like a 7-eleven. I had to try it for myself. The texture, the finish, the three-dimensional effect — I die!

The Ciaté Caviar Manicure kit includes:

– 0.45 oz Paint Pot Nail Polish
– 0.47 oz Caviar Pearls
– Funnel
– Tray

Naturally I went off the grid and scrapped the “Paint Pot Nail Polish” in the kit and decided to do a mash up of my own — I used Dior “Incognito” and Ruby Kisses “Mediterranean Nightsky”.

Here’s my final Ciaté Caviar Manicure:

So here’s the thing: Ciaté Caviar Manicure lasts about 2…3 days, tops! It’s the kind of thing you pull out when you have an event or special occasion and you want to totally wow every single person within a half-mile radius of your nails. To extend the wear, perhaps consider doing an accent nail or two…then, maybe you’ll get a few more days of wear. The kit lasts forever. I used it and shared with friends and still had plenty of caviar beads to left to do a dozen mani’s.

Net Net: For special occasions – Absolutely! Like duh, why wouldn’t you?!

Available at Sephora

-1While recently in Miami I got my first taste of MINX. It is my current nail obsession du jour. Now that I’m back in NYC I’ve been on the prowl trying to find a manicurist skilled in the fairly new nail art of MINX. You see, MINX is but a few years old. It’s a trend that started on the west coast and is quickly making its way east.

What exactly is MINX?

MINX is a professional use nail art product. Its made of metallic foil that is heated up and adhered to the nails. The metallic foils range from colors like gold and silver, to patterns like plaid and zebra.

I was recently MINX’d at Damone Roberts New York by Master Nail Stylist TracyLee Percival. She’s the first manicurist to offer MINX in a salon in NYC. During my MINX mani I inquisitively asked TracyLee lots of questions about her background and experience in doing MINX. While TracyLee is a new face to Damone Roberts New York, she’s been a licensed manicurist for many years. She specializes in natural, acrylic, gel, and MINX application. TracyLee also provides manicure and pedicure services for house calls, parties, and special events. In addition to Damone Roberts New York, TracyLee provides in salon service at Suite 303 – Chelsea Hotel.frame-MinxToesSilver

As MINX picks up popularity on the east coast, TracyLee predicts that we’ll see a lot more custom designs in the future…the mix of different patterns to make unique looks for the trendy gal who wants to stand out.

Men are also getting in on the MINX action. Can you believe it? According to TracyLee, the two most popular colors for men are black and clear.

For my MINX mani session, TracyLee hooked me up with a design known as Red Lightning. Its basically a very shiny metallic red! It looks like liquid fire truck on my nails! TracyLee also added a fun gold and black fishnet design to my pinky fingers…tres sex-ay! See for yourself:


If you’re dying to get in on the craze, look no further than TracyLee. She’s experienced, very knowledgeable, up on what’s HOT, and she upholds the highest sanitary standards (so very important!).

Want to get MINX’d? Here’s TracyLee’s information:

TracyLee Percival – Nail Stylist



Twitter @LuxeByTracyLee

For Salon Appointments:

Chelsea Hotel – Suite 303. 222 West 23rd Street, NYC

Damone Roberts New York – 574 Fifth Avenue, NYC

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