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If I wear enough beautiful spring-like makeup,  it will come, right?  Just looking at the Lise Watier Spring 2014 Collection makes me long for pastels from head to toe.  However, I don’t want to jump the gun, so, I’ve been easing into brighter more season appropriate makeup shades a bit at a time – and this collection has been perfect for that transition.

Eyeshadow Quartet and Blush

Lise Watier Imagine spring 2014 blushLise Watier spring eyeshadow quad

In my opinion, the two stars of the collection are the limited edition eyeshadow quartet and Imagine blush that offer a lot more color but are still easy enough to wear every day.  The four pearlized shades in the quartet wear beautifully together, and I have been using the blue to line my eyes and give them a pop of color near the lash line.  And to brighten up my entire face, I dust the Imagine blush on the apples of my cheeks and it gives me a gorgeous rosy flush.  Available on lisewatier.us for between $32 – $36.

High Shine Lip Gloss

Lise Watier high shine lip glossPerfect for wearing alone or over top of one of the lip colors from the Spring collection, this Haute Lumiere High Shine Gloss feels like a moisturizing balm but wears like an intense gloss.  I also love that it is perfectly clear which is hard to find nowadays since everything has a slight tint.  This on top of my natural lip color makes for the most perfect “my lip color but better” effect.  Available on lisewatier.us for $23.00.

Duo Glam Rouge Infini Lipstick Duo

Lise watier lipstick duoA water based liquid lip stain on one end and a opaque lipstick on the other – it’s like the best of both worlds.  I have come to love liquid lip stain for the way they feel on the lips, and when layered with the richly textured lipstick it wears for a solid 8 hours.  I actually touched up occasionally with the high shine gloss to give my lips some moisture, but the finish of the Lipstick duo stayed comfortably on my lips for the majority of the day.  Available at lisewatier.us for $27.00.

Magic Lip Color Enhancer

Lise Watier magic lip colour enhancerThis unique balm creates a individual lip color for every person depending on their skin’s pH.  A great option when you just want to throw something in your purse and run out the door and not need a mirror to apply – this is foolproof!  Available on lisewatier.us for $22.00.

Waterproof Eye liner in Smokey Grey

Lise Watier spring eye linerNot quite black, this smokey grey waterproof eye liner is the essential addition to any season’s eye look.  I prefer grey eye liner over any other shade because it is truly an all purpose color that can be mixed with any eye shadow combination to help add definition.  And without that intensity that black liner often can have, a smokey grey can be more wearable for every day.  Available on lisewatier.us for $20.00.

Rouge Plumpissimo Lipstick in Rose Papaye

Lise Watier spring lipstick 2I always feel that it is not officially spring without that burst of bright lip color that only spring collections can offer.  With a mixture of plumping agents and a hydrating formula, this lipstick will give your lips a boost.  A creamy formula that glides on with ease, it will not only look good but feel good on the lips as well.  Isn’t that the perfect combination.  Available on lisewater.us for $22.00.

Purchase the entire Lise Watier Spring 2014 Imagine collection from her website.

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Every month, the ThisThatBeauty Girls share their favorite beauty picks from the previous month. Today I share the products that kept me pretty for the month of January. . .

felicia's faves

Victoria’s Secret VS Makeup Nail Collection

VS Makeup Nail Collection

  • Why I love it:  I must say, I am having a major nail moment. Like I have always been into nails, but now I am REALLY into nails. Victoria’s Secret Beauty recently launched VS Makeup Nail Collection and the shades are absolutely gorgeous. “No Strings” a racy, deep, metallic blue, holds a special place in my heart. But the unsung here of the collection, and my personal favorite is — the 2-in-1 Base & Top Coat.
  • Who it might work for and why:  Girls, this stuff makes your nail polish bullet proof. And by bulletproof, I mean – your mani will go the distance and last longer than a few measly days.
  • Bottom line:  Try it and thank me later.

COVERGIRL Queen Collection Gloss Balm

Janelle Monae

  • Why I love it: Available is 16 tempting shades, COVERGIRL Queen Collection Gloss Balm applies like a nourishing lio treatment but delivers the color impact of a long wear lipstick. I’m currently hooked on Jammin Gem. . .also known as Janelle Monea’s signature shade. Yep, can’t tell me nothin’!
  • Who it might work for and why: Any girl who wants to channel her inner Janelle Monea!
  • Bottom line: I mean, who doesn’t wanna look as gorgeous as Janelle Monae?!

 Lise Watier Prebiotic Micellar Water

Lise Watier cleansing water

  • Why I love it: Dry winter skin is anything but balanced. One minute it’s dry all over, and the next it’s dry around the eyes and nose, but oily every place else. Ugh! So when I learned of Lise Watier Prebiotic Micellar Water and it’s skin balancing properties (BioEcolia to preserve skin’s natural ecosystem & Teflose to prevent bacteria and reduce inflammation) I couldn’t wait to give it a try.
  • Who it might work for and why: Anyone with imbalanced skin.
  • Bottom line: Ladies, Lise Watier Prebiotic Micellar Water does for skin, what yogurt does for our lady parts. Get it? Good!

NARS 413 BLKR The Multiple


  • Why I love it: Good God this one’s a keeper, girls! And don’t let the rich tone intimidate you. I apply in a slow build, starting at the outer cheeks…almost serving 90’s contour action, but much much softer. As to not overwhelm the face, I keep the color at the outer cheeks and avoid the apples.
  • Who it might work for and why: Probably best for tan, olive, and deeper tones. Instead of popping the color on my apples, I apply NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder to the apples and slightly over 413 BLKR, and HONEY!! — it’s like a softly illuminated party on my cheeks.
  • Bottom line:  Try this! You simply must.

L’OREAL Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm

L'OREAL Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm

  • Why I love it: It’s no surprise that I love my hair naturally curly one moment, and pin-straight the next. Hey, a girl likes a little variety. But the aforementioned variety comes at a cost – damage. And I’m sure “heat damage” is the first thing that comes to mind for most. But even when I wear my hair in its natural state, damage from pulling curly hair product through from root to tip, causes damage to the ends…the constant pulling sometimes wears my ends out. Luckily, I was introduced to L’OREAL Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm, an intense rinse out hair treatment that helps reconstruct and restore damaged hair. I’ve been deep conditioning with L’OREAL Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm for a month now and my hair is oh so very happy!
  • Who it might work for and why: Anyone looking to turn back time on unsightly damage.
  • Bottom line: Oh, and it’s $6.99. There’s not too much to think about. Just buy it!

Leave a comment: What are your favorite beauty products of the moment?



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Ahh, contouring. Too much and you’ll likely to be mistaken for a contestant on RuPaul’s drag race….But, too little, and: “girl, have you put on a couple of lbs.?” But just the right amount of contour — Oh, it’s a thing of sculpted, lifted, highlighted beauty. I did a simple little video to show you how!

Products Used:

Lise Watier 3-in-1 Miracle Primer in Abricot
Lise Watier Portfolio
Cover FX Cream Foundation N90
Guerlain Terracotta bronzing powder #3
Hourglass Opaque Rouge Rose
Tom Ford Brow Styler
MAC Blush in Passionately Tempted
Tom Ford Cream Shadow Gilted and Spice
Guerlain Kajal Khol
Kevyn Aucoin mascara

Brush Used:

Laura Mercier Contour Angle Brush


Felicia recently took a quick trip to Montreal to learn all about Canada’s top makeup brand, Lise Watier, and also to celebrate the launch of the brand’s e-commerce site in the US.

The trip included: makeup education, partying, photo shoots and more. Check out the video below for a behind the scenes look at what went down and let us know what you think.

Have you tried any Lise Watier products?

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For a little less than 48-hours, I was able to take a much needed break from the effects of Hurricane Sandy and experience Canada’s top beauty brand, Lise Watier.

Lise Watier Winter 2012 Glamour Rose Collection
Lise Watier Winter 2012 Glamour Rose Collection

I was invited to Montreal to learn about Lise Watier and celebrate the launch of their e-commerce site in the US. My trip included a fun crash course of Lise Watier Beauty School, a rocking star-studded launch party, a limo-guided tour of Montreal, breakfast at The Ritz-Carlton with the Lise Watier, a glam makeover and a photo shoot with one of Montreal’s top photographers.

Lise Watier Beauty School
Lise Watier Beauty School: ThisThatBeauty is ready to learn!
At Lise Watier Party
At Lise Watier E-Commerce Launch Party…showing off my nails in “Backstage”
Breakfast at The Ritz_Carlton with Lise Watier
Breakfast at The Ritz-Carlton with Lise Watier
ThisThatBeauty's GLAM Lise Watier Makeover and Photoshoot
ThisThatBeauty‘s uber glam Lise Watier Makeover and Photo Shoot

Along the way, I of course, got to test lots of Lise Watier product. . . like this complexion-perfecting palette, “Portfolio“.

Lise Watier Portfolio
Lise Watier “Portfolio” in my shade, dark.

It’s one of Lise Watier’s top sellers…and with good reason. The do-it-all skin-enhancing palette corrects, conceals, brightens and contours – More on “Portfolio” and my other Lise Watier loves soon. . .I’ve order several products from the newly launch site — so as soon as they arrive, reviews galore!

In the meantime, follow #BonjourMTL on Twitter and on my Instagram feed (@ThisThatBeauty) for lots of tweets and pictures from my time in Montreal. Also, I have loaded several Lise Watier videos to my viddy account…they’re cute!

Take a moment to follow @LiseWatier on both Twitter and Instagram to learn more about this lovely Canadian beauty brand.

For now. . . I just wanted to update you on my recent trip to Montreal and whet your appetite for plenty of amazing Lise Watier goodness en route. . . Stay tuned, beauties!


I’m such a little tease — Can we please allow a moment to take in the full throttle glam-nificence of Lise Watier GlamourRose Winter 2012 Collection. I mean . . . stunning!


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