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We often hear that bold lips are for fall and winter and lighter, more colorful lips are reserved for Spring.  Lipstick Queen’s founder, Poppy King, is bucking the trend with one of her latest collections, Bete Noire.


The Lipstick Queen Bete Noire collection was inspired by the dark sensuality that resides within us all.  Of the collection, King says, “I wanted to design a singular shade in three contrasting moods.”  The trio of lipsticks are all nourishing with a warm blackberry tone but they vary in finish and intensity.

  • Possessed Metal is a shimmering berry that glides on the lips without a hitch.  It is for your “playful and naughty dark side.”
  • Possessed Intense is a deep and decadent blackberry shade that I think is simply a great color and finish to add to any lipstick collection
  • Possessed Sheer feels like a balm and has just the right amount of color with just one swipe. However, it can be built up a bit for a more opaque and semi gloss finish.

Lipstick Queen Bete Noire

According to Poppy, “This seductive collection will bring drama and intensity to your lips so get ready to embrace your dark side!”

The Lipstick Queen Bete Noire collection is available at Space NK and Ulta and retails for  $40 each.

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The holiday season is one of the best times to shop for makeup.  During that time you’re sure to find limited edition collections that feature best sellers, cult favorites and specially packaged items to make any beauty lover swoon. These limited edition beauty gifts will be great for your bestie (or yourself).

Guerlain ‘Meteorites’ Perles d’Etoile

Guerlain 'Meteorites' Perles d'Etoile

Features  a blend of six violet scented light and radiant tones to illuminate complexion. The golden container, with the famous bow inspired by Coque d’Or sculpted on the lid, makes this a welcome addition to any vanity. $60


MAC Keepsakes Viva Glamorous Lip Palette


Get in on the hottest and most iconic VIVA GLAM shades in the limited edition Viva Glamorous Lip Palette.  It includes shades from shimmery pink beige to pearlized plum. And remember, when you give this gift to yourself or a friend, all proceeds go toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. $40

ELF Disney Villains Good vs Evil Let the Drama Begin Beauty Book 

ELF Disney Villains Good vs Evil Let the Drama Beauty Book

The ELF Disney Good vs Evil Collections juxtaposes light and dark makeup in limited edition packaging. While the epic battle of good vs evil rages on with no clear winner in sight, you come out ahead by paying only $10 for this collection.

Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glacé

Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glacé

I love the formula of Laura Mercier Lip Glacé and this collection of minis gives you six in one. Use each alone or layer, mix and match to create a shimmery shine that’s unique to you. $50

Dior Nail Artistry Box

Dior Nail Artistry Box

I’m seriously into my nails and I would love for a friend to send me this box.  The Dior Nail Artistry box contains a limited edition collection of nail  decorations,  nail polishes, stencils, Swarovski crystals and and tools to help you create runway ready nails. $60

Lipstick Queen Lip Nouveau

Lipstick Queen Lip Nouveau

Each of the shades in this limited edition collection “pulls inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement” , bringing you modern, glamorous and intriguing hues in various textures for a whole new you. $48

Charlotte Tilbury The Bombshell

Charlotte Tilbury The Bombshell

Charlotte Tilbury was one of of the hottest US cosmetic launches  2014.  This collections of products allows you to re-create the bombshell look with relative ease. The collection features 7 products and includes a makeup bag. $200

Sephora Superstars

Sephora Superstars 2014

This is always a great value.  This year it features 12 best-selling full size items that have been widely coveted  by Sephora shoppers.  The Sephora Superstars collection features items from Nars, Smashbox, Stila, Urban Decay, Benefit and more.  A $225 that will set you back only $75.

Laura Geller So Scrumptious Vol 2

Laura Geller So Scrumptious Vol2

Get the perfect face for holiday and beyond with a few Laura Gellers best sellers. The kit  includes the Spackle Under Make-Up Primer (in Champagne), Color Drenched Lip Gloss (in Pink Macaroon), a double-sided makeup brush, and a variety of the cult-favorite baked makeup products. Available for fair and medium skin tones. $59

Tom Ford 4 piece Lip Color Gift Set Matte



If you or your BFF’s wig out over Tom Ford Beauty, this limited edition 4 piece matte lipstick collection is probably already on your list.  It features: Plum Lush, Pussycat, Flame and Velvet Cherry. $200

Buxom Winner Takes All 6 Piece  Mini Full-On Lip Polish and Lip Cream Collection

Buxom Winner Takes All

Your pout will be plump and perfect this holiday season with three sheer and shimmering lip polishes and a three sleek  shimmer free lip creams in universal shades. $32 

The Best of Sephora Beauty Box


Sephora is the place to be if you are a beauty lover shopping for the hottest brands and newest products from around the world. However, if you haven’t tried the Sephora brand products you are missing out on some serious value and some amazing products. This year, Sephora has a great offer of their favorite makeup, skincare, nail color and accessories in one beauty box. $49

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Over the last year my lipstick game has gone from ‘meh’ to ‘major!’ I’ve always bought lipsticks but I would put them on and almost immediately declare them ‘too much.’  Before you start thinking I’m crazy, allow me to explain;  I’m 5’11” tall  with lips that are well north of small. In my mind, my height and bold lipsticks always felt like I was doing the most…plus I’m also always wearing heels. Don’t get me wrong, I still think I’m doing the most when I wear bold lipsticks, the difference between then and now is that I don’t care. Now that we went through that bit of psychology,  let’s talk lipsticks. Fall is lipstick seasons, so, every shade and finish you want can be had if you know where to look.  Below are the Big Bold Lipsticks I’m absolutely loving right now.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss – Red Passion

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Red Passion-

Guerlain Kiss Kiss in Red Passion – a nice lightweight red that feels like a balm but wears like a lipstick.  The color is perfect if you’re new to wearing red lipsticks.  Guerlain Kiss Kiss in Red Passion provides semi full coverage on me because the pigment in my lips is so dark. It would look more even on someone with more even toned lips. $37

Iman Cosmetics – Black Brandy 

Iman Cosmetics - Black Brandy

Iman Cosmetics in Black Brandy – it has an old school smell that reminded me of the days when I used to try my mother’s lipsticks. Black Brandy provides full coverage with creamy semi gloss finish.  You can pat lips with translucent setting powder for a matte finish. $10

Jane Cosmetics Satin Split Stick – Rockin Red

Jane Cosmetics Satin Split Stick - Rockin Red

Jane Satin Split Stick in Rockin Red –  I love the formula and finish on this lipstick; It goes on creamy but dries down ever so slightly which gives it a longer wear.  I’m wearing the red side of the stick in the picture above. $8 (Not yet launched.)

Lipstick Queen – Made It

Lipstick Queen - Made It

Lipstick Queen Made It – I have worn this several times in the last month and so it had to make it’s way in this post. It’s another full coverage lipstick that goes on like a balm but wears like a lipstick.  See a more thorough review here. $50

Felicia tooks these pictures while we  were sitting in the rooftop restaurant at Petite Ermitage in LA, I literally sat at the table and changed lipsticks 4 times. I’m not sure why all the pictures are a little slanted but maybe Felicia does…I must remember to ask her.  The details on my make-up will be in another post and if you are interested in my infinity scarf turned headwrap, click here.

What do you think of my Big Bold Lipsticks for Fall?

 Do you have any must-haves you think I should try?

This post was written by Christene Carr. Find her on TwitterInstagramTumblrPinterest and her personal blog.


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“This intensely rich but wet formula, inspired by the slinky ladies of the silver screen, is a ground-breaking, industry-first. Silver Screen is a homage to Hollywood sassiness, if this lipstick could walk it would sashay. My most vixen lipstick to date!” – Poppy King, Lipstick Queen Founder

With an intro like that, who could resist the Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Collection? The collection features 7 lust worthy shades in a formulation that would make any beauty lover’s heart flutter.


Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Collection

The lipsticks have a wet-look finish and also pack a mighty pigment punch. Not only do these beauties look good and feel good, they are also loaded with skin loving ingredients such as pomegranate extract and high grade peppermint oil to nourish and protect lips.

Lipstick Queen - Made It

My shade of the moment is Made It. (I can’t help but say  “Mama, I made it!” ) I’m wearing it here and here. It is fall’s perfect lip and will definitely turn some heads. It wears well but will do a bit of migration so line lips with the Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner prior to application. Other shades include Come Up, Have Paris, Play It, See Me ,Stella! and You Kid.

The Lipstick Queen Silver Screen collection has a trio of awesome features: they look great, feel great and smell great.  Each lipstick retails for $50 and all are available at Space NK.

This post was written by Christene Carr. Find her on TwitterInstagramTumblrPinterest and her personal blog.

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Summer so far has been pretty mild but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t influence my favorites.  This month’s faves range from sunscreen to home fragrances and lots in between.  Check out the products that have been rocking my world for the last couple of months.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Why I Love It.  Since getting this palette a few months ago I have used it at least twice per week.  On a recent trip it was the only shadow palette to make the flight.  The neutral tones are exactly what I need this summer especially since I am experimenting with bolder lip colours.  It doesn’t hurt that I feel like I’m eating a chocolate bar every time I do my eye makeup.  I can also fill in my brows with the dark brown matte shadow that is included in the palette…this makes it a complete and total win.

Who it Might Work For and Why: If you are looking for a good neutral palette this one is perfect.  It has a combination of matte and shimmer shadows that are highly pigmented and can be used for anything from a subtle look to an intense smokey eye.

Bottom line: If you love chocolate, makeup and you are looking for a versatile neutral palette, Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is the one for you.

Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths

Why I love It: These lightly scented cloths provide a cooling sensation when they come in contact with skin.  They wipe away sweat and surface dirt leaving behind a powdery, fresh feeling.  They are great for hot summer days…especially after a hellish commute or an outdoor workout.

Who it Might Work For and Why:  Do you sweat? Toss them in your bag to stay just one wipe away from a fresh clean feeling.

Bottom line: Get them.  They are less than $3 and can be the difference between feeling sweaty and gross and feeling cool and powdery fresh.



Why I Love It:  Rosabotanica is the perfect summer scent.  It is crisp, clean and very lightly spicy. Notes include pink pepper, fig green leaf, grapefruit, petit grain, rose, cardamom, hyacinth green accord, white amber, cedarwood and patchouli. It wears very well for about 4 hours with a mellow, almost seductive dry down.

Who it Might Work For and Why: If you like lightly floral perfumes that are equally balanced by spiciness, you will love this fragrance.

Bottom Line:  A  well balance unforgettable scent.  The packaging also adds to its appeal and is sure to jazz up your vanity.

L’Oreal Invisible Protect Sheer Spray with SPF 30

Why I Love It:  This is the most sheer sunscreen I have ever used. The claim of  “Invisible Protect” is not an exaggeration. The can has continuous spray and product is dispensed even if the can is held upside down. The sunscreen goes on easily and dries on my skin leaving my skin feeling like great.  I spray in my hands and use it on my face when I work out.  It is not oily or sticky and when I sweat I don’t have cloudy little streams all over my face.  A definite win! The sunscreen is water resistant up to 80  minutes.

Who it Might Work For and Why: This will work for anyone

Bottom Line: If you have a problem with the “feel” of your current sunscreen, I very highly recommend you  try L’Oreal Invisible Protect Sheer Spray.

Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen


Why I Love It:  I actually had to be talked into trying Jungle Queen by Lipstick Queen…I had been wanting to try an orange lipstick but I wasn’t finding “the one.” Some were too sheer, some were too matte and some were too glossy,  Jungle Queen has semi sheer finish and it’s the perfect balance for me…it has just the right amount of color, pigment and glossiness. 

Who it Might Work For and Why:  If you want to try an orange lipstick that gradually eases you into a bolder lip color, start with Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen.

Bottom Line: It is the perfect starter orange lipstick and provides sheer, buildable coverage that leaves lips feeling moisturized.

Diptyque Figuier Interior Scent

Why I Love It: I’m always cooking and while the smell of food is great while I’m cooking and about to eat, it is not such a good  smell when I leave the house and come back in.  To remedy that situation I burn candles, open my doors and use Figuier. The fig tree inspired scent is a great home scent and it always smells inviting when I open my front door.  In addition to spraying it in the air, I spray it on curtains and cushions for a longer lasting effect.

Who it Might Work For and Why:  Are you a fig lover ?  Try this! It uses fig leaves, fig wood and sap to create a unique and long lasting home fragrance.

Bottom Line: A great long lasting room spray.

Shop TTBFaves:

This post was written by Christene Carr. Find her on TwitterInstagramTumblrPinterest and her personal blog.


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I feel I have to start this post by saying Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope lipstick retails $50. Yes, $50.  Are you still reading? Great, let’s get to it!

If I didn’t lose you at the price tag,  you might be like me, constantly looking for the perfect lipstick formula. I have only been wearing lipsticks for about 2 years, give or take a year. More like take, but let’s not get hung up on the minutia. I’m generally a lip gloss or lip balm person because very few lipsticks provide full coverage on my entire lip.

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope

Available in five shades, Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope is a perfect marriage of coverage, moisture and feather lightness.  It feels like absolutely nothing on the lips and the coverage is phenomenal. It delivers full coverage to the soft inner part of my lip to which almost nothing will stick. This a major plus.

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Shades

The Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Collection features a truly original formula that suspends the rich pigment in a silicone base, which explains the lightweight feel. Vitamin E and Apricot Oil give an antioxidant rich boost of moisture to lips and just a hint of mint adds a gentle cool feeling that you will love.

Creator of Lipstick Queen, Poppy King states, “I was inspired by the golden years of Hollywood when glamour was in every detail. This is the lipstick of the red carpet, the people, the places and the personalities that glide past the Velvet Rope and into the night.”

There is something very glamorous about Velvet Rope, a quick swipe and the gentle snap of the heavy magnetized gold case can signify a transformation from ordinary to simply fabulous. If that is the feeling you seek, a $50 price tag is a bargain.

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This Holiday Gift Guide is for the well read bella on your gift list. You know her, right? She’s always got her nose in a book. She loves nothing more than spending her Sunday afternoon curled up with a paperback. Well here’s the ThisThatBeauty Approved Holiday Gift Guide: For the Book Worm on your gift list!

IMG_3259Follow The Model – Miss J’s Guide To Unleashing Presence, Poise, and Power by J. Alexander ($15.63 via Amazon)

How does a six-foot-four, Bronx born gay man become Queen of the Catwalk? In one word: ATTITUDE! J. Alexander, affectionately known as Miss J, recounts a remarkable life/ career and reveals his secrets to succeeding at what you love most (MESSAGE!). Miss J shares lots of life lessons in a rich and colorful anecdotal way that only she can!

Lessons of a Lipstick Queen – Finding and Developing The Great Idea That Can Change Your Life by Poppy King ($11.20 IMG_3042 via Amazon)

If eighteen-year-old Poppy King’s search for the perfect matte lipstick can turn into a multimillion-dollar company, anything is possible. When Poppy King finished high school, all she had to show for herself were lackluster grades and a hundred and one ways to get out of phys ed. Within three years, however, she became the president of her highly successful lipstick brand, Poppy Industries.

In Lessons of a Lipstick Queen, Poppy reveals how she managed to launch a multimillion-dollar business, extracting valuable lessons from the experience as she goes along. Through Poppy’s’ example, you can learn how to become a real entrepreneur – from recognizing a good idea and finding financing, to marketing yourself and your brand, to approaching the media, and avoiding common pitfalls. In a world where everyone is looking to get ahead it’s essential to think like an entrepreneur. Much more than just a guide to success, Lessons of a Lipstick Queen is a candid adventure story designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery.


Stepping Out of Line – Lessons for Women Who Want It Their Way…In Life, In Love, And At Work by Nell Merlino ($11.90 via Amazon)

Nell Merlino created Take Our Daughters to Work Day in 1993. She is currently CEO of Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence. Stepping Out of Line is Merlino’s bold manifesto for women to stop waiting and get what they want in love, life, and work. She shows women how to imagine bigger lives, find support, and stay on course.

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Fridays with Felicia: An intimate look behind the curtain as I share my favorite style/ beauty discoveries and ThisThatBeauty shenanigans from previous week.

The highlight of my fashion and beauty filled week was the opportunity to attend the sneak peek event for the Target Harlem Grand Opening. The star studded press event occurred on July 20 and on July 25, Tarjay Harlem will officially open its doors. Yay Team Harlem! So spread the word New York – For style, design, and great value: take the 6 train to 116th street.

Naturally I represented and wore a strong red lip (Lipstick Queen Red Sinner) for the grand opening. I mean c’mon, it’s Target…their logo is red!

Since I haven’t done a good old fashioned Face of the Day post in forever, let me go on and break this down for you 🙂

Selita Ebanks walked the red carpet at the Target store opening. She added a bit of glamour to her nude Sir Alistair Rai dress with a gold braided necklace from the Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry collection.The piece is available at QVC.com and retails for $39.00.

Selita was indeed a vision on the red carpet. I appreciate that she went high/low and combined her designer frock with a frugalista friendly accessory piece.

I too went the high/low route with simple black Christian Louboutin pumps, Fiona Paxton necklace,Mossimo v-neck pocket tee (From Target) and this Aqua brand gold/black metallic skirt from Bloomingdales. I snagged it on sale for about $18!

And you couldn’t tell me a thing as I hit my hottest contortionist model pose on the red carpet! Hilar!

Ok, next time I’ll leave the “posing” to the real models 🙂

While perusing the aisles (makeup aisles, of course) at the grand opening, I spotted one of my beauty faves. She was carefully inspecting her product line on the shelves — crossing t’s and dotting i’s! See if you recognize this iconic makeup artist and entrepreneur…

It’s Sonia Kashuk. Yep, THE Sonia Kashuk — the woman behind the popular exclusive target cosmetic line. We chatted for a spell and did a quick interview regarding her new eco-friendly beauty tools. More deets on the interview soon…

Here’s Sonia Kashuk’s new line of bamboo and cork brushes….

Culture and lifestyle maven, Bevy Smith was in attendance and I was lucky enough to snag a quick flick (and rub the hem of her DVF garment). If you’re not following @bevysmith on Twitter you’re missing out on a daily dose of invaluable “Bevy-isms”.

Speaking of Twitter, I finally met one of my Twitter faves in-person. Please meet @theelegantthrifter aka Stan Williams. His book, The Find: The Housing Works Book of Decorating With Thrift Shop Treasures, Flea Market Objects, and Vintage Details (Clarkson Potter) shows you “not just what to look for, but also how to look at an object to identify a great piece.”

Also follow Stan’s blog at www.theelegantthrifter.com

Here I am with world-renowed chef Marcus Samuelsson. Check out his kitchen collection at Target! Five-percent of each product’s purchase price will go to The Fund for Public Schools in support of the library at PS 180: Hugo Newman. www.schools.nyc.gov/site/M180

While I certainly enjoyed the many wonderful humans I met in Harlem that evening, it was a four-legged friend that sent my heart sailing….

Most folks at the event took “one” picture with Bullseye the Target mascot. Yours truly could not resist requesting a second picture with Bullseye…this one with a kiss! MmmmmmmmmmMWAH Bullseye!

Definitely check out the Harlem Tarjay! What a wonderful win for the community. #TeamHarlem!


Beauty360.com, the online shopping destination for CVS/pharmacy’s prestige beauty retailer Beauty 360, carries coveted skincare brands including Ahava, Bioelements, Borba, Canyon Ranch Skincare, Mario Badescu and many more.

Today thru July 25 shop Beauty360.com for 20% off all your suncare and skincare purchases! By entering coupon code GLOW at checkout you will also receive free shipping when you spend $49 or more. Click on this link for additional details and products: http://tinyurl.com/337cyau

You may follow Beauty360 at www.twitter.com/beauty360 for beauty tips and news, event details and upcoming promotions.


Here’s one for my brides — NYC Smile Design announces a cosmetic dental makeover contest for one lucky bride –to-be to win a FREE dental makeover worth up to $30,000. NYC Smile Design’s “Extreme Bridal Makeover” is a contest based in the metropolitan area. Women who are getting married are encouraged to share their stories for a chance to win a makeover worth $30,000.

In order to enter, the contestant must submit a story about why she is unhappy with her smile along with a picture. Dr. Ramin Tabib and Dr. Mello of NYC Smile Design will choose the person with the most compelling story to win the makeover and they will then work their magic to create the perfect smile for the big day.

In order to enter for a chance to win, you must first become a fan of NYC Smile Design’s Facebook page. Visit NYC Smile Design’s Facebook page for details to enter and for daily updates about the contest follow NYC Smile Design on Twitter.


Visit Youngblood at the Plaza Hotel to get your ultimate mineral makeover. Through July 24, join the artists behind Youngblood to learn about flawless foundation application. For purchases over $150 you will receive an organza bag filled with a full size lip gloss, deluxe Primer sample, deluxe Hi-Def powder sample and a Kabuki brush.

Youngblood offers a comprehensive collection of natural-looking makeup. Visit the Plaza Hotel’s beauty level and learn more!

WHO: The Plaza Beauty

WHAT: Youngblood Cosmetics

WHEN: Now through Saturday, July 24th, 2010

WHERE: The Plaza Beauty One West 58th Street, Concourse Level NY, NY 10019 212.223.4694


On July 26 one of my favorite makeup brands will debut on ShopNBC. (See previous BECCA posts here, here, here, and here)

BECCA Cosmetics will premiere on the network this Monday, July 26th at 11am and 7pm ET. The line is a fave of mine because its complexion range satisfies from Nicole Kidman to Alek Wek. The line features natural looking cosmetics that focus on a flawless and fresh finish, while benefiting the skin with anti-oxidant vitamins and high levels of broad spectrum sunscreen.

Of the launch on ShopNBC, BECCA founder, Rebecca Morrice Williams, has this to say: “We’re thrilled to be launching BECCA on ShopNBC. Offering women the opportunity to create flawless, natural looking skin is what the BECCA line pivots around. We’ve chosen many special, best-selling products for the face, eyes, lips and cheeks, and are very excited to introduce them to the ShopNBC audience”.

Tune in and learn more about BECCA!


Last, but certainly not least, here’s a deal from Stila that I just had to share…..

  • Do you need makeup? (of course you do. LOL)
  • Do you have $10?
  • Ok, buy this!

Stila just launched limited edition Stila Girl Travel Palettes! The first of the series is Road to Radiance Across the USA inspired by Kylie’s road trip across the US!

The frugalista friendly palette includes:

Four Eye Shadows:
– Snow Bunny (shimmery champagne)
– Southern Belle (mauve)
– Valley Girl (pink)
– City Chick (alloy)

Convertible Color:
– Hibiscus (I lurrrrve Stila Convertible color cheek colors. “Fuchsia” is one of my faves)

Each palette is ONLY $10, a $65 VALUE! Collect all Five (check back next month for the new palette!)


Have a great weekend everyone…I hope to do some crabbing down the shore! Nom nom!



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Looky here! Urban Outfitters is in the beauty game…and in a big way. You won’t find your standard run of the mill beauty brands here. No ma’am. Urban Outfitters goes off the grid with below the radar niche brands like Lipstick Queen, Malin+Goetz, Paul & Joe, uber pigmented bargain cosmetic powerhouse NYX.…and many more!

Get familiar!

Want to win a $500 Urban Outfitters gift card,$500 worth of Stila cosmetics and s trip to NYC –


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It is widely known that Lipstick Queen is my most favorite lipstick brand EVAH!….so when I came across this spectacular offer to try the best of LQ for a ridic low low price, I HAD to share. If you’re dying to know why I go gaga for LQ, try the Discovery Kit (PS: For previous LQ reviews on ThisThatBeauty, simply search my site using the term “Lipstick Queen” and prepare to be amazed!!!)

Get Back to Wearing Lipstick After Years of Gloss!

Just in time for spring…discover your inner lipstick queen.  Perhaps you have been wearing your nude lip gloss for too long and are ready to experiment with a little more color?  Don’t know where to start?  Lipstick Queen is making it easy for you with the introduction of the new DISCOVERY KIT.

Poppy King has selected 3 of her best selling lipsticks and packaged them into a stunning little box to get you gorgeous for spring.  It’s a lipstick wardrobe, hand picked by the Lipstick Queen herself!

With each one more delightful than the last, inside you’ll find:

  • Medieval – A sheer red that is super light on the lips to give you just a sexy hint of red.  This stain is packed with Vitamin E to help condition and soften lips.
  • Saint Nude – From Poppy’s original Saint collection this is that perfect 60’s nude that looks super chic on the lips.  Infused with Shea Butter for extra hydration.
  • Butterfly Ball in Fly – A fun and flirty sheer fuchsia with a fabulous hint of iridescence.  Features a hint of blue shimmer to make teeth look brighter and whiter.

What better way to come out of your winter cocoon and spring ahead then with smooth, moisturized lips and brighter smile!

DISCOVERY KIT (SRP: $48.00) will be available in March 2010 at Space NK, Barneys New York, Henri Bendel and online at www.lipstickqueen.com.  For other boutiques and apothecaries that carry Lipstick Queen products, check out the site.

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Today’s gift guide is is for the gal pal on your holiday list who absolutely positively lives for makeup (meaning: she’s a lot like moi). Gloss, bronzer, blush…you name it – she’s obsessed. Not sure what to buy your makeup loving BFF? Fret not, I’ve got you covered. Behold…

ThisThatBeauty Approved Holiday Gift Guide: For the Makeup Obsessed

MAKE UP FOR EVER Flash Color Palette – $95P219411_hero

Want to see your Makeup Obsessed BFF completely lose it? If you answered, “yes”, may I suggest MAKE UP FOR EVER Flash Color Palette! It is a creamy, highly pigmented color palette with soft texture that blends easily with other shades. Flash Colors are ideally suited for creating personalized hues of blush, eye shadows and lip color. I swear by the peach and pink shades as a blush base for brides. Flash Colors are easily set with loose powder or eye shadow. This palette is a makeup fiend’s dream. Trust me on this one!

04055710Clarins Gold Attraction Face Palette – $57

Embrace all that sparkles this holiday season! Clarins Gold Attraction Face Palette is the perfect choice for a subtle hint of sexy golden shimmer on the face or decolletage. This luxuriously packaged face palette is a great gift for the makeup lover in your life. The soft beige powder with both glossy and matte colour combine beautifully to create a face palette that is extremely flattering and will compliment a variety of complexions. Inspired by the radiance of Venice, Gold Attraction Face Palette can be used to light up your eyes, decolletage and high points of the face. This gift is sure to make a statement!

Smashbox Eyelights in Smokebox – $346a00d8341cb58653ef012875ed94cc970c-250wi

In my experience as a makeup artist, do you know what the number one requested look is? Yep, you guessed it…SMOKY EYES! Eyelights in Smokebox is a smoky, sultry trio of shadows designed to work flawlessly to create the ultimate smoky eye. You don’t have to be a makeup artist to achieve this highly sought after look. Smashbox makes it simple with this perfect palette of intense metallic shadows. Eyelights in Smokebox includes warm beige, soft brown, and intense black. FIERCE!

My_Sculpted_Face_48fb94d2a5197My Sculpted Face – $38

This is the perfect gift for the makeup obsessed bella in your life who has EVERYTHING! Help your makeup loving BFF take her application to the next level. My Sculpted Face provides step by step instruction on bringing out cheekbones, contouring a double chin, slenderizing the forehead, and slimming or straightening the nose. All powders in My Sculpted Face are designed in custom shades that closely match the natural shadows created by facial feature dimension. Furthermore, My Sculpted Face is plain old cool and will knock your makeup crazed BFF’s socks off. I use My Sculpted all the time and LOVE the results!

Lord & Berry Black Wardrobe – $3841GSRP2MFZL._SS500_

This four piece eye pencil set offers you all the shades of black you need: matte, shiny, sparkling black, and violet-black. Lord & Berry Black Wardrobe is truly a wardrobe in black. Smooth Black is perfect for everyday office wear. The slight hint of violet in Cool Black dresses up you eyes with just of hint of smokey purple. Mirror black is slick and glossy for an uber wet effect. Sparkly Black is best for a night out on the town…all eyes will be on you! Black Wardrobe is packaged in a portable Lord & Berry soft pouch. The set also includes a sharpener.

SHOWGIRL_PALETTE_250x250BECCA Showgirl Holiday Palette – $65

My Holiday Gift Guide would be incomplete without the inclusion of BECCA, one of ThisThatBeauty’s fav brands! Many of you followed my recent breakdown on Twitter when I lost my beloved Compact Concealer. Thankfully New London Pharmacy NYC had my shade (Truffle) in stock. Crisis averted!

As a huge fan of multitasking palettes, I simply had to add Showgirl Holiday Palette to my holiday gift guide for the Makeup Obsessed. Showgirl is a glamorous collaboration of shades for eye, lips, and cheeks. This conveniently packaged all-in-one palette is perfect for the glamour gal on the go who needs to get gorg fast! The shades include:

  • Lip & Cheek Creme – Holly hock (berry)
  • Nude Lip Gloss – Parisette (soft pink)
  • Eye Color Wash – Tulle (misty lilac)
  • Eye Colour Wash – Charmeuse (mushroom beige)
  • Compact Eyeliner – Emmanuelle (dark brown)
  • Dual Ended Brush – Eyeliner/ Eye Shadow Brush combination

The Body Shop Eye and Cheek Palette – $13pd-Eye-and-Cheek-Palette-Lilac-Caramel

Here’s another palette stunner. These party-ready products for eyes, lips and cheeks feature highly effective moisturizing and skin conditioning community Trade Marula Oil from Nambia’s Eudafang Women’s Co Operative.


Laura Gellar Baked Cake Eyeliner Duo – $27

This revolutionary liner offers creamy and intense buildable color that glides on with a fluidity that creates the perfect flawless line or a sultry smudgy look! When Baked Cake Eyeliner Duo is applied wet, the liner become water resistant and lasts for hours. ThisThatBeauty’s fav shade is Blueberry/ Dutch Chocolate. Yumma yumma!

Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Shimmer Treatment Lipstick – $20productshot

Inspired by Mohammed Ali’s famous quote from Rumble in the Jungle “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”, Lipstick Queen’s latest launch, Butterfly Ball Shimmer Treatment Lipstick, comes in five beautifully subtle shades that are as sheer as the wings of a butterfly. Each shimmer tint contains a hint of turquoise which creates a very flattering blue flash to make your teeth appear whiter. How cool is that? The luscious formula contains nourishing Vitamin E, C, B and Aloe which makes Butterfly Ball Shimmer Treatment incredibly wet, soft, and moisturizing. All five shades are incredibly flattering and sheer enough to be universally flattering.

  • Float – Pale shimmering nude
  • Fly – Hot shimmering pink
  • Trance – Subtle shimmering Raspberry (my fav!)
  • Moment – Sexy shimmering Red
  • Goodbye – Deep shimmering wine

My new found love for red lipstick cannot be contained. When it comes to celebrity glamour, a fiercely fiery red lip is nothing new. But for the everyday gal about town, a red lip is a big deal. And I’m not talking about a toned down see-through sheer red tint (while that’s nice at times). I’m talking true, bright, festive red! The kind of red that commands the attention of the entire room (in a good way…not in an, “OMG, who’s that whore for hire” – type of way.

Prior to my encounter with the breathtakingly beautiful Poppy King (creator of Lipstick Queen) I never fancied myself to be the red lipstick type. I gave up on wearing red a long time ago. The wrong red has a strange way of aging you. Also, as a woman with rather full lips (au natural, baby!) I’ve always felt the need to shy away from too much color/attention the lips.

So back to Poppy King…earlier this year I had the privilege of working with Poppy King on the launch her latest collection, Chinatown. While spending time with Poppy, I decided to try HER signature color. Oh what the heck…”when in Rome”, I thought to myself. I have to admit, I was a little self conscious at first. How dare I think I can wear red??? After applying the lipstick I went up to Poppy and asked her thoughts. And in her lovely Australian accent she responded, “Ohhh, its gorgeous on your darling”. SO there! My red lip is Poppy King approved!

Ever since that day I have been absolutely smitten with red.  Not one to leave well enough alone, I set forth a quest to uncover more great reds! I think you will be very pleased with the gorgeous range of reds out there. So without further ado, here’s your ThisThatBeauty approved list of great reds!

I hope you fall in love with one or two:)

Lipstick Queen Red Sinner This is the red that started it all.

And when I tell you I wore this puppy everywhere…I WORE IT EVERYWHERE…

Going on a coffee run, where’s my Red Sinner…

Running errands, where’s my Red Sinner…

I need a new facebook profile pic, where’s my Red Sinner…

At a Kiss New York Makeup event, where’s my Red Sinner?

Hanging out with Academy Award nominee Taraji Henson (not really…just a photo op), where’s my Red Sinner.
Pal-ing aroung with RuPaul, where’s my Red Sinner…


More Reds to love….Here’s ThisThatBeauty’s run down of amazing reds that have captured my heart and lips. Here’s to hoping you find your perfect red!

Smashbox Skybox

This three color palette offers the coverage of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. The color to the far right, “deep red”, creates a beautifully bold and fiery pout.

Three Custom Color Specialists Lipstick in Rosie The Riveter

Rosie The Riveter is from Three Custom Color Specialists “A Century in Red” lip palette. The collection showcases some of the most stunning Reds of our time. Rosie The Riveter is a 1940’s inspired rich blue-red (available in the palette or in a tube)

The Photo Finish Lipstick collection offers lipsticks in three formulas – cream, shimmer, sheer. The three reds to catch my eyes are all cream formula and very hydrating. Try these three gorgeous reds….


2) Lavish

3) Legendary

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in NSFW

OCC Lips Tar in NSFW is ThisThatBeauty’s Recessionista Red! A pin drop is all you need for beautiful red lips. One tube will last a lifetime with product left over to be included in your will…and at $12.50, NSFW screams RECESSIONISTA ALERT!!!

Youngblood Lip Colour in Vixen

A great mineral based red. Mineral makeup fans rejoice. Youngblood offers  a luxurious, moisturizing lipstick with great staying power. The formula is lanolin-free.

Prescriptives Colorscope Lip color offers two perfect reds!

The formula is extremely and moisturizing. It glides on like a dream!

1)Prescriptives Classic Red

Prescriptives Race Car Red

Smashbox Doubletake Lip Color in Cranberry

This wonderfully warm berry shades comes from the fall collection, Reign. Doubletake Lip Color is a liner and creamy lipstick all in one. The long wear portable stick is chock full of vitamins which help to nourish the lips!

So what do you guys think? Are you gaga for red? Do you see something in this post that appeals to you? Leave a comment. I love hearing from you:)


For today’s installment of ThisThatBeauty Pops Lip: Lip Colour du Jour, I am partnering with one of my favorite designers, Diane Von Furstenburg.

I give you DVF “Foreign Affair”. 

Foreign Affair is a bold red 1940’s inspired lipstick. It is described as “matte crimson”. Ever since my brush with Lipstick Queen Red Sinner, I’ve been walking on the wild side and playing around with red.

How about y’all? Who wants to walk on the wild side with me and try DVF Foreign Affair? Well today’s your lucky day because I am offering two lucky ThisThatBeauty readers the opportunity to win a tube of Foreign Affair.

Check me out below showing off Foreign Affair. If this shade is for you, follow the instructions and enter my contest. Its that simple:)

I took these pics really quickly and on a whim. I am wearing absolutely NO makeup and I had just washed and airdried my hair. You’ve been warned….

So do we like? Do we wanna win this?

OK, two lucky ThisThatBeauty readers will win Diane Von Furstenberg “Foreign Affair“.
  • Leave a comment with your email address
  • One reader will be chosen at random
  • You have until July 5 to enter contest
  • US residents only
Good luck,

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