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ThisThatBeauty Contributor Jennifer L. investigates Dalton Colour Crème Lip Gloss. Read on for Jen’s two cents …and follow her beauty babble via @plushpinkallure


Secretly pining for a luscious Angelina Jolie pout? Well pine no more!

Dalton Colour Crème Lip Gloss (in four dreamy shades) gives us thin-lipped gals hope. These glosses are designed to plump and rejuvenate. A combination of vitamins E and A, collagen tri peptides, and hyaluronic spheres form a delicate treatment that moisturizes and aids the production of collagen. My favorite part? This isn’t just another moisturizing lip gloss — it plumps your kisser to the MAX! The creamy texture coats lips to fill in contours gives lips a full pout without the uncomfortable tingling sensation commonly associated with traditional plumpers. Soft, kissable lips reinforce our femininity and keep the boys drooling.

“Lisa Lou” is a soft pink and is ideal for that innocent “kiss me” moment with your special someone. Pucker up girls… and enjoy those Angelina lips!

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In exactly one week and one day, prepare to experience MAKE UP FOR EVER‘s newest lip product – Lab Shine, a dangerously seductive collection of high wattage glosses that have been blended with MUFE’s three hero powders (Star, Diamond, and Metal) for unstoppable sheer, medium and full coverage.  The spectrum of 35 glosses leave no lip un-lacquered…from pretty shades of red, pink and nude, to artistic colors like black, orange and purple, MUFE Lab Shine has you covered, literally!

Diamond Finish –

The Diamond Collection includes 12 new shades and is formulated with MAKE UP FOR EVER Diamond Powder to provide transparent, natural looking color with shimmering, glittery shine.

  • #D0 Diamond
  • #D2 Amethyst
  • #D4 Grenadine
  • #D6 Magenta
  • #D8 Baby Pink
  • #D10 Fresh Pink
  • #D12 Quartz Pink
  • #D14 Indian Pink
  • #D16 Beige (a ThisThatBeauty fave!)
  • #D18 Copper
  • #D20 Tangerine
  • #D22 Papaya

Star Finish –

The Star Collection, which boasts 14 shades and is blended with MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Powder, adds glamorous shine to the lips with an iridescent mother-of-pearl finish.

  • #S0 Nude
  • #S2 Light Beige
  • #S4 Pink Beige
  • #S6 Peach
  • #S8 Ruby Red
  • #S10 Caramel
  • #S12 Praline
  • #S14 Black Currant (a ThisThatBeauty fave!)
  • #S16 Raspberry
  • #S18 Rosewood
  • #S20 Violet
  • #S22 Candy Pink
  • #S24 Coral
  • #S26 Electric Pink

Metal Finish –

The Metal Collection features 9 shades and contains MAKE UP FOR EVER Metal Powder for an intense chrome, mirror finish.

  • #M0 Onyx
  • #M2 Grey Pearl
  • #M4 Tobacco
  • #M6 Hazel Brown
  • #M8 Brown
  • #M10 Morello Cherry
  • #M12 Sienna
  • #M14 Candy
  • #M8 Frozen Pink

All three Lab Shine finishes boast pearl pigments that reflect and refract light for exceptional shine and contain hyaluronic acid and Camelina oil to impart moisture and improve elasticity.

If you race on over to Sephora.com you’ll find the glosses available for purchase. If you prefer an in-store experience, Lab Shine launches on Feb 1.

My fave shade is D16, a soft subtle beige with just the enough diamond powder to make the beige anything but boring. Discover your perfect shade and shine pretty — you superstar!

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