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When it comes to brow enhancing products, your options now greatly extend beyond the choice of pencil or powder. There’s a wide array of product offerings from which to choose….from powder wax duos, to felt tip markers and everything in between. Learn about the latest in brow enhancement innovations as ThisThatBeauty helps you navigate the best of brow enhancing products currently available!

Laura Geller Brow Marker is a long lasting brow color product that is ideal for women who desire a durable formula that will cling to both skin and hair. For women with sparse brows or completely hairless sections, this product is helpful. The thin, precise soft-tipped brow marker dries instantly and wears all day without fading.

Smashbox Brow Tech Trio is an innovative 3-in-1 product that creates beautifully groomed, natural looking brows. The convenient everything-you-need palette includes a lighter shade of powder to fill in brows, a darker shade of powder to define brows, and a grooming wax to set your brows and keep them in place all day. Smashbox Brow Tech Trio is available in blonde, taupe/soft brown, auburn, brunette, and dark brown.

A universal brow product IS possible! It Cosmetics proves this with BROW POWER, a universal brow pencil with active brow enhancing technology that claims to aid the regrowth of brows. The shade of the pencil adjusts based on the amount of pressure that is applied. As a makeup artist, this product is a god-send when working on set on multiple clients. There’s no need to switch between brow pencils for light and dark haired clients, I simply adjust the amount of pressure when applying. Genius!

One of my favorite skincare brands, Chella, recently launched a new brow product that I think you will love! The Brow Color Kit contains the essential tools needed to give your brows shape, depth, and highlight sparkle. Available in four shades (beautiful blonde, awesome auburn, luscious light brown, dazzling dark brown), the brow kit includes a sleek European designed brow pencil, glistening lace highlighter, defining gel, and sharpener for the brow pencil and highlighter. This kit is perfect for individuals who prefer pencil products. If you have sparse areas that require a fill-in here and there (like me!), The Brow Color Kit is perfect!

Smart on-the-go products make this busy Beauty Girl extremely happy! Smashbox Brow Tech To Go is a dual ended brow tool that provides both a pencil and setting gel in one streamlined tool! How bright are the folks over at Smashbox?! Both portable and travel friendly, this gem of a brow tool offers precise application and perfect grooming. Sometimes I skip the pencil end and go straight for the grooming gel. It’s amazing what a little grooming gel can do to frame the face!

Christi Harris Lift-N-Lite is like an eye lift in a tube! If you have weak, sagging brows or heavy upper lids (like me!) this product can help you achieve a more lifted and youthful appearance. Watch this video demo…I can show you better than I can tell you:)

I hope that you find brow success with some of the products mentioned above. If you are ready to venture into the world of brow regrowth treatments, check back in a few weeks for ThisThatBeauty Contributor Christene Carr (@ChristeneCarr) as she shares her thoughts on a brow regrowth product that she’s currently testing. Full review in 4-6 weeks!


When conversing with my friends, family members and beauty girls about cosmetics, lately it seems the current makeup holy grail quest du jour is the perfect “concealer”. Everyone I talk to is in search of that perfect concealer to camouflage unsightly dark circles and banish ugly blemishes. So when I recently came across a concealer called the “Real Deal” — momma had to investigate!

Laura Gellar Real Deal Concealer is pretty much just that! With just a smidge of product, The Real Deal offers full coverage in a creamy luxe formula. Lets face it ladies, we all need a beauty weapon in our arsenal for those days when we’re not feeling the imperfections reflected at us in the mirror. For me, those days usually come after a bad hormonal break out and dark blemishes are left behind as menacing reminders. Argh!

If your goal is to mask complexion flaws, dark circles, or fill in fine lines, Real Deal Concealer can help you achieve a flawless finish. With natural antioxidant ingredients like White Tea Extract and Gotu Kola, Laura Geller Read Deal Concealer also helps to firm the skin. Available in four shades (light, medium, med/deep, deep), a tiny bit of this oil free highly pigmented concealer goes a long way.

I’m going to take the liberty of categorizing Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer under “Frugalista Friendly”. The product retails for $20 at Sephora. That’s a pretty good deal for Sephora, no? Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer is also available at qvc.com for $18.24.

PS: Laura Geller is being discontinued from Sephora (limited quantities) but remains widely available at QVC.com, BEAUTY.com, and LauraGeller.com

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P161206_hero Laura Geller Spackle Under Makeup Primer is a revolutionary primer that creates a perfect canvas for your makeup. Formulated with nourishing and soothing botanicals such as Aloe Vera, Gingko Biloba, Calendula and other floral extracts, it perfects the skin’s texture and prepares it for foundation. Spackle’s formula locks in moisture so skin feels soft and smooth but is 100 percent oil-free. Laura Geller’s Spackle Primer is packaged in a convenient, air-free pump so you can get every drop.

The sample of Spackle I tried had a watery, gel-like consistency and went onto the skin like a moisturizer. It was different than most primers I’ve tried which usually have a slippery silicone feel. My skin is combination with oily t-zone and normal or dry cheeks depending on the time of year. Laura Geller’s Spackle didn’t help contain my shine, I still got oily in my t-zone, but it did help maintain my makeup. My foundation and blush didn’t fade during the day and I skipped the late-day touch up. I wouldn’t recommend this product for those with oily skin but for normal or dry skin it’s a great moisturizing primer to keep your makeup looking fresh

By Karen E. Duncan – Guest Writer

Karen is a certified makeup “addict” and beauty lover, who escaped corporate America to pursue a career in makeup. She now works as a professional freelance Makeup Artist/Hairstylist working in a variety of areas such as fashion, runway, television, video, etc. Karen also shares her love of all things beauty via her Beauty Blog KarensWorldofBeauty.blogspot.com.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While at Sephora – Short Hills Mall, NJ I over heard the store manager mention that Sephora is discontinuing Laura Gellar. Now hold up and wait a minute, you’ll still be able to get your Laura Gellar fix via laurageller.com, qvc.com, beauty.com etc. However you should keep ye ol eyes peeled for deep discounts popping up at in Sephora stores and at Sephora.com 🙂

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