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New York Fashion Week is over and we’re left to make sense of it all. What’s here to stay and what’s a has-been? Are we doing matte lips again? Is the winged cat eye so over? Well Beauty Expert Trae Bodge, co founder of Three Custom Color Specialists, returns to ThisThatBeauty to offer our bi-annual New York Fashion Week Beauty Trend Report. Why painstakingly cull through show after show when we can break it down for you plain and simple. Take it away, Trae!


Spring/Summer 2012 Trends from the Runway

Hello again – I’m SO thrilled to be back with another beauty trend report for ThisThatBeauty!  I’m sitting here on a crisp, Fall day trying to fast forward in my mind to the light and flirty days of Spring and Summer 2012.  All it takes is another tour of the runways (thank you, www.style.com!) and I’m in a Springy, Summery state of mind.

What struck me first about this season were the colorful lips. I always feel a bit sad when there is a strong return to nude or neutral lips, so I was excited to see a real commitment to bold, defined lips this go ‘round.

The two lip trends that were the most memorable for me were the Peach Lip and the Red Lip.

Peach Lip

Several of the peach lips were paired with soft, demure eyes, like at Nicholas K, Candela and Porter Grey.  This is a very fresh, wearable “every day” look.  Most of us can make this look work because peach is extremely wearable.  Because it is the perfect balance between warm (red) and cool (pink), peach suits most skin tones.

The peach lip look that I really like was at Jill Stuart (pictured).  The peach lip was pronounced and matte and the eyes were rimmed with dramatic black.  It was the perfect play against her powerful, color blocked styles.  Because of the dramatic eye, this is a tougher look for the every day woman to pull off, but hey – isn’t runway supposed to be larger than life any way?

Red Lip

Red lips often make an appearance on the runway, but this season’s reds were notably bright and commanding.  These lips were most often paired with peach cheeks, soft eyes and a defined brow.  My favorite examples of this were at Jason Wu, Jen Kao and Joy Cioci (pictured).

Now, in terms of being wearable, a red lip is not for the faint of heart.  Of course, Felicia of TTB ROCKS a fabulous red lip, but she’s got the personality to match!  If you’re feeling bold, go for it, but if you’re more on the shy side, try a red gloss (or red lipstick mixed with lip balm), for a softer look.

The WOW Factor

Now, I don’t know if the super dramatic black-rimmed eyes I saw at Marc Jacobs, Monique L’Hullier and L.A.M.B. (pictured) will end up being a trend, but I thought the look was so fabulous that I felt compelled to write about it.  I question the trendiness of this look, simply because it would take so much work to make it happen!  Eyes were literally scrawled with black, and often winged out in a dramatic, almost Japanese-inspired style.  Lashes were heavy and fake and brows were very defined as well, particularly at L.A.M.B.   Fabulous!

Ahhh, the pleasant aromatic fragrance of end of season sales. I regard these seasonal occurrences as the universe’s way of leveling the fashion playing field and giving regular folk like myself the opportunity to jump on a haute little end of season find at a ridiculously stupid deep discount. The rules of engagement for end of season shopping are quite simple:

1) The fashion acquisition must be a classic piece that will undoubtedly be fresh to death when the appropriate season rolls back around. This means, no matter how much I adore these Theory Harem pants on sale at Needless Markup (Translation: Neiman Marcus), my hard earned $100 is probably better spent on something to the effect of this L.A.M.B Oversized blazer which promises to be en vogue come fall 2010.

2) My second rule of end of season shopping has to do with “timing”. Generally, late Jan/early Feb is my cut off point for buying fall/winter clothes on sale. This gives me just enough time to enjoy the fruits of my fashion find before packing it away for Spring.

During a recent much needed mental health day/retail therapy session, I skillfully applied rules one and two to snag this little diddy from Bloomies. My final price was more than 60% off the original price tag of $695.


Loeffler Randall Knit Combo Coat – This bad boy is white hot! The combination of wool cashmere short sleeves and built-in black merino knit ribbed sleeves give classic fever with a modern twist. (Apparently Taylor Momsen [Gossip Girl] is a fan) The slim, straight silhouette, with high funnel collar gives a long lean architectural feel that is uber modern and incredibly flattering. I see the coat pairing beautifully with dresses and slim pants.

Tell me all about your end of season fashion finds. Are you an end of season coat girl, boot bella, or sweater seeker? Leave a comment!

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