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This post is written by ThisThatBeauty Contributor, Christella Ritchwood. For previous reviews for Christella, click here, here, here, here, and here.

Although my curl has calmed down quite a bit since my high school years (hello 80’s hair!), it is still occasionally out of control! When I heard of Keratin Tropic, a 100% formaldehyde-free treatment, I was very excited to give it a whirl.

The oh-so-friendly-Oregon-native stylist, Mandeep, of Lasio Hair Studios (117 East 7th Street) safely relaxed my curls with Keratin Tropic. She first started with a cuticle opener on my roots to ensure the treatment would set to its max potential. Once the cuticle opener was set and rinsed out, Mandeep proceeded with the Keratin Tropic treatment. Mandeep then saturated my hair with the pleasantly scented keratin treatment. Since keratin is activated by the amount of heat applied, Mandeep first blew out my hair with a round brush. Once my blowout was complete, she used the flat iron, taking very small sections at a time. She finished with a light trim to freshen up my cut. The entire process took about 3 hours….and it was SO worth all 180 minutes of the time spent at Lasio Studios!
Immediately, my hair looked and felt healthier. The Keratin Tropic treatment has cut my at-home styling time by more than half. After my first wash at-home I was able to flat iron my hair straight in 20 minutes. It looks healthy, shines nicely and feels lighter in weight. I am totally sold! See for yourself…



My friends have really got it good. By virtue of our friendship they often get to test out some of the hottest, coolest, newest beauty products known to wo-man. For example, over the years, my dear friend Chrissy has written nearly half a dozen reviews for TTB:

Without further fanfare, here is Chrissy’s review of Rio de Keratin’s Cocolada Treatment, an at-home keratin treatment that claims to eliminate frizz, soften curl, and add shine and manageability for up to 30 days.

After one application of the “all-natural” (product claim) at-home treatment, here’s Chrissy’s verdict!


I have been wanting to try a keratin treatment for years! However I could not bring myself to commit the time nor funds required for a salon visit. Also, part of me wasn’t sure how my dry and frizzy strands would respond to the keratin process. So when Felicia approached me with Rio de Keratin, I thought – PERFECT!

After reading the directions for the at-home kit, I knew I wouldn’t be able to undertake these thick and out of control curls on my own. Help from a very good friend (Felicia!!!) is required. If you have bob length hair, you might be able to manage on your own.

My total processing time (wash, blow dry, apply treatment, second blow dry and finally flat iron) took about 3 hours. The results were immediate. My hair felt healthy and silky smooth instantly. I normally have the frizzies during the summer but the keratin treatment has been helping to keep the frizz at bay. No need for any serums or sprays to tame them anymore. A quick run through with the flat iron in the morning keeps the frizz away all day. I am very happy with the texture and shine the keratin treatment gave my otherwise dry, frizzy, hard to manage hair! See my results below:

BEFORE (Psst! This is Felicia…uhm, why is her “before pic” so darn cute?! LOL)


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