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There are so many manicure options around that sometimes I’m crippled by them all. I look at my bins of polishes and just don’t know where to turn.  Talk about #FirstWorldProblems. This week I selected something simple and easy because I felt a bit overwhelmed and I wasn’t feeling very creative. With my choice of Julep’s Alaina and Hard Candy’s Pop Rocker, simple doesn’t mean boring.

Mani of the Week - Julep and hard Candy

In the picture below I’m wearing two coats of Alaina and on all ten nails and on coat of Pop Rocker on my accent nail.

Mani of the Week - Julep and hard Candy 2

This is truly a Mani of the Week — I polished last  Sunday and today is Friday and they still look perfect! For all Julep polishes, click here.  For more on Hard Candy, click here.

What is Your Mani of the Week?

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Writer @plushpinkallure tries out a new mascara…


Hard Candy’s Big Curls Don’t Cry Mascara could be just what you need for these unpredictable winter months.  A little snow one day, rain the next — just enough to ruin a girl’s flawlessly done lashes on her way to work (and let’s admit, that totally brings me down).   

The waterproof formula keeps lashes looking fresh throughout the day without smudging or fading.  The fabulously full brush adds volume and a little curl to each lash while maintaining a soft texture.  After applying two coats I notice that my lashes still feel soft, not hard and rigid.  I would not say it gives dramatic “look at me lashes” but it is ideal for those with already long lashes that are looking to add some volume and curl.

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