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I’m still trying to decide what I’ll get into for New Year’s Eve. But while I’m thinking about “festivities,” I’m also giving serious thought to what I’ll do with my hair. I have about three inches of very tightly coiled natural hair that is more often than not — in Afro Helmet status. A couple of weeks ago I gave myself a blowout (the first since my big chop several months ago) and I have been riding that bad boy into the ground!

For New Year’s Eve I want something a bit more pulled together and more sleek — like a Side Sweep Pompadour. Check out my video below for a step-by-step tutorial on this super easy, yet super chic ‘do. . .

This is my very first video and it was done in one take, so, please be kind. And Happy New Year !!

How are you styling your hair for New Year’s Eve?

Yesterday, Felicia hosted a Twitter party with Joico and Joico hair stylist, Cherry Petenbrink. For an hour the Twittershpere was abuzz with professional tips for winter haircare and styling tips to help hair look fabulous this holiday season. Click here to see the information shared at last night’s #JoicoParty.

No party is complete without a goody bag, so, we are giving YOU the opportunity to win Joico’s new Power Spray along with hair care products specific to YOUR hair type.

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This contest is open to US residents 18 and older. If you have won a prize from ThisThatBeauty in the last six months you are not eligible to win. This prize cannot be redeemed for cash. The makers and manufacturers of the items being given away are in no way affiliated with this contest. While we do take every precaution to ensure packages are delivered to contest winners, we do not take any responsibility for items lost or stolen during the shipping process once we have confirmed shipment from our end.

The world is becoming overrun with beauty subscriptions.  They are everywhere –  sending you tons of makeup, skincare and hair samples monthly, in hopes that you may fall in love with at least one if not all of the items and become a loyal purchaser.  Though the playing field is well saturated, there is still one subscription service that seems to be edging out slightly from the rest, if you ask me, and it’s Glossybox.  Beauty lovers are quickly falling in love with this monthly subscription that features some of the best niche and luxury brands from all over the world, including Ole Henriksen, Illamasqua, Burberry, Wella and Koh Gen Do.

To begin the process, all members must fill out a beauty profile that helps Glossybox customize each month’s box to your specific likes/dislikes and concerns.  Once they have your preferences, all that is left to do is sit and wait for your delivery of all the sample, travel and occasionally full size goodies your beauty loving heart could desire.  Recently I had the chance to try out a few of the glossyboxes and instantly fell in love with their selection of products.  Here are a few of my standout favorite items from some recent Glossyboxes:

  1. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum – As one that was already a fan of this line, I was delighted to see this cult classic serum included. Packed with 5 kinds of Vitamin C and collagen, this is a vitamin cocktail for your face.  Delish.
  2. Ofra Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow pencil – New to this brand, I never can turn down a brow product.  And the fact that it works for any skin tone was a bonus.  It matched perfectly to  my hair color and lasted from morning till night.  Happy brows = Happy me.
  3. Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment – My hair often has bouts of schizophrenia, where it wants to be oily one day and dry the next.  So when I come across treatment product that is designed for all hair types, I am intrigued.  And the intrigue turned to joy when my hair was left bouncy and sans frizz.
  4. Kryolan Made for Glossybox Lipstick in Glossybox Pink – I need another lipstick like I need a hole in my head, but surprisingly I adored this color.  A perfect nude pink lip wearable with just about any makeup combination I put with it.
  5. Biolage Hair Oil – Normally just a wash and rinse kinda gal, I was excited to give my hair a little more TLC – and this oil was just the answer.  Results were super soft and shiny!
  6. Missha BB Cream – As one of the original inventors of BB creams, this was a great addition to my already growing collection.  The coverage was super light and gave my skin a flawless finish without any other foundation.

To join in on the fun, visit glossybox.com to choose from a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription.

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Ahh...inside the tents!

Fashion Week is upon. No. Seriously. It’s like this week. First it’s FNO (see our FNO rundown here) and then…BOOM, full on #NYFW. But before nonstop shows, breakneck speed note-taking on my iPad, impossible deadlines, and everything in between, I make time to properly prep and get my booty, I mean, beauty in shape for the rigorous week ahead.

Read on as I share my Fashion Week Beauty prep for skin & hair. . .


Facial: About a week or so before Fashion Week, I always make time for a really thorough facial. The week promises to be incredibly stressful so getting my oily, acne-prone skin into shape in advance is a wise move. I visited Mikki at Mario Badescu and let me tell you — Mikki gave me the business! She worked me over and it was awesome. I walked in looking a super congested, hormonally broken out wreck . . . and my skin now looks great. I love that Mikki was extremely thorough and committed to getting me all cleaned up. And let me tell you, she’s strong for a petite gal! Immediately post-facial my skin looked like I was wearing foundation — and clearly I was not. Yep, I’ll be seeing Mikki again in six weeks….a girl can get used to this!

Proper Skin Maintenance: While the aforementioned facial laid a solid foundation, proper skin care is key. I’m currently managing my adult acne prone skin with…

1) TRIA Skin Perfecting Blue Light. I use this blue light treatment device (the same technology used by dermatologists) to zap the bacteria deep within the skin…the acne causing bacteria that leads to painful breakouts [and naturally, at the most inopportune moments – like Fashion Week]. I treat with TRIA once per day for five minutes. And yes it really works. . . this is my second device, after losing the first one. I highly recommend this as preventative tool for acne-prone skin!

2) Mario Badescu Drying Mask. Like most Mario Badescu products, Drying Mask is one of those skin care saviors that I am never without in my beauty closet. I rely on it to help dry existing pimples and clarify problematic areas before pimples have the opportunity to emerge. While it’s safe to use all over, I generally apply to cheeks and chin (a little area I like to call the “muzzle”)…my most congested areas. And for nights when I do not use the Drying Mask, I balance things out by incorporating  Mario Badescu Healing Soothing Mask. It’s a yin & yang sort of thing.

3) The Body ShopTea Tree Pore Minimiser. You know how we always want what we don’t have?. . . curly girls want stick straight hair & straight girls want coily curls. Well-endowed bellas want a less ample bosom & chesty girls want to frolic in sundresses sans brassiere. . . the list goes on & on. I have notoriously oily skin (though, I’m often told it’s “glowy”) and all I ever want is perfectly matte skin. Luckily, The Body Shop understands my struggle. Incorporating the acne-fighting, natural antiseptic power of tea tree oil, The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser immediately softens the appearance of enlarged pores by absorbing and mattifying excess sebum. Unlike most primers that simply prime the skin for makeup application, The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser also helps to treat and improve congested skin.


Set Things Straight: For Fashion Week, I am all about straight hair. Given the zillion other things that I have to worry about, I really cannot be bothered with my temperamental, unpredictable, naturally curly hair — So I turn to Sultra The Diva Pressing Iron and Pressing Creme. I first came to know (and quickly love) Sultra back in 2009 when I was a contributor for The Makeup Girl. . . so when I heard that the brand had launched a pressing iron, especially designed to suit the needs of hair like mine. . .  well I wept a unicorn. With so many flat irons and stylers on the market, it’s tough to find one that is suitable for coily hair…one that gets hair straight and smooth, but also does not damage or compromise hair’s natural curl pattern. The Diva’s ThermaGuide™ Plate System, which allows hair to slide across plates without tugging or pulling, and advanced ceramic heater can beautifully style the kinkiest of coils. The grooved side of the plate sort of acts like a comb and helps to smooth the entire length of hair as the plates straighten. Pure genius! For relaxed hair, there is a “relaxed” heat setting and for natural hair, there is a “natural” heat setting. Personally, I like to use the “relaxed” setting for my natural hair. “Relaxed” is a lower temperature and I like to limit my hair’s heat exposure. The Pressing Créme is great because it aids the straightening process and gives my hair shine without feeling heavy.

For a little added sass (and you know how much I love to get sassy), I’ll add a few strips of pastel colored extensions for Fashion Week. I love non-committal ombre.  And lucky you — they’re currently on sale at Sephora for only $9.

(Ahem, it's a curling iron. . . remove your mind from the gutter!)

For a bit more texture (think: soft wayward waves) I like adding The Bombshell Cone Rod Curling Iron to the mix. While we’ve all seen clip-less curling irons, I can guarantee you’ve never seen a clip-less like this. The point of difference is the nubby tapered-barrel. . . it provides mega hold & creates loose, slightly tighter waves at the root and flowy, sexy, messy ringlets at the bottom. Between The Diva and The Bombshell, my hair is NYFW ready!

Stay tuned for my NYFW makeup musts — I’ll rundown the products that help me fake a good night’s sleep, the lipstick that makes my teeth look whither, the highlighter that gives my skin a candlelit glow, and more. Stay tuned! Xx

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As the summer temps continues to climb, my hair continues to misbehave in favor of frizzing out and flying away any which way it chooses.  So, you can imagine my relief when I was invited to visit celebrity stylist Louise O’Connor at the OC61 salon for a blow out and to try the Black 15 in 1 miracle hair treatment. Knowing this fabulous salon is quietly tucked away just one half block from Barneys, I couldn’t race their fast enough.  The entire Black 15 in 1 line is comprised of a shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment, which appeals to my minimalist hair routine [leaving more time in the morning for my sometimes “un-minimalist” makeup routine.]

Upon meeting Louise, who is the face of the Black 15 in 1 brand, she was extremely passionate about the hair treatment’s multipurpose and ease of use.  They often say passion is infectious, so my excitement only continued and I was ready to see and try the product for myself.  The treatment is gluten, paraben and sulfate free and formulated with amazing ingredients such as silk proteins, kertain, vitamin B5 and aloe vera.  As I settled into the styling chair, she let me feel the product first before applying to the hair – which had a water-like texture with virtually none of the dreaded hair product stickiness. Able to be used wet or dry, and suitable for all hair types, the Black 15 in 1 miracle hair treatment truly works like a miracle by adding shine, softening, smoothing, detangling, protecting hair color, and preventing frizz, just to name a few.

Here is my finished blow-out – smooth, sleek and soooo shiny.  I felt no evidence of the product in my hair – and my hair felt, for lack of a better term, bouncier.  Yes, bouncier.  It has a swing to it that is not normally present on my own blow outs, and truth be told, lasted longer than most professional blow outs I have had.  But then I would expect nothing less from a product with miracle claims.  Nothing pleases me more than a product that delivers what it promises – that’s the true miracle for me.

To try this treatment, make an appointment with Louise or her team , call 212-935-6261. The Black 15 in 1 products are also available on their website and range in price from $7.50 -$44.

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My confidence is quite high when  it comes to makeup – applying it, blending it, color matching, contouring and more. I trust that I can achieve almost any look that I choose for any occasion.  The same cannot be said for my skills with my hair.  I have long hair so one would think that I am adept at many different looks, sadly, my abilities begin and end with a basic blow-out.   This recently changed after I was introduced to the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron.  I have traveled down this curling iron road before and it always finishes with a dead end scenario of me struggling with holding the iron, positioning my fingers  in an effort to not get burnt, and trying desperately to avoid the dreaded perfect curl with kinked (fried) ends.  As soon as I pulled the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron and accompanying heat proof glove out of the box, I knew that I would be rewriting my hair curling experience.

The curling iron and heat protection glove.

The brilliance of this iron is that is has no clip – thus no kinked ends!  I  can wrap the hair around the wand and hold the ends to the iron with the glove and not burn my fingers.  Truth be told, that is what I had been doing all along with various irons, foregoing the clip and holding the ends  to avoid a crimp, but ALWAYS burning my fingers in the process.  (Admit it, you have done that too.)

Below is the before picture of my straight, everyday hair style.  Yawn.

Me with my boring straight hair

And here is the after picture of my fabulous curls.

Here is right after curling with tighter curls.


After the curls are brushed out - big, fabulous hair!

I was able to achieve this look in less than 8 minutes – which thoroughly impressed me.  There are 3 different heat settings, low, medium and high – I achieved this look using the medium setting.  I held each curl for about 15-20 seconds.  Another tip I picked up from a hair stylist years ago was to let the curl fall into a cupped hand after curling to let it set.  With a product this simple, adding the Sedu Clipless Curling Iron into my morning routine without having to rewind my alarm clock to some ridiculously early hour is definitely possible.  I think my makeup game just got some serious competition.

The Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron is available on the Sedu website and retails for $150.00

It’s that time of year, girls. Cue the loose, carefree, summertime staple: beachy waves. We all want them but struggle with the “how”. Well put your struggle on pause as ThisThatBeauty shares the top 3 stylers for achieving gorgeous beachy waves . . .

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers

These aren’t your nana’s hot rollers! Designed to give hair maximum body, wave, and volume, Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers is the modern way to create enviable hair. Curl your hair in less time, effort, and with less direct heat than traditional curling irons. Each roller is baked in shine-enhancing Ion minerals, which help to promote glossy, healthy hair. The set-it-and-forget-it nature of this system is really the kicker for me. . . heat them up, roll hair, go about the rest of your morning (do you makeup, fix the kids breakfast…go for it) — and when you’re ready, just pop out the rollers and hey there, Jessica Rabbit !

Sarah Potempa BEACHWAVER Rotating Curling Iron

Ever dream of those softer-than-soft, casually tossed curls worn by surfer girls seen on the beach? As hot summer days quickly approach, it’d time to perfect the I-just-just-came-from-the-beach-thanks-very-much coif. Sarah Potempa BEACHWAVER Rotating Curling Iron delivers that which it boasts: beach waves

The true secret to natural looking curls is switching up the ringlet direction at random; So, when using the BEACHWAVER, you have the luxury of clicking Left or Right, settling your ends into the clamp and waiting while the BEACHWAVER coils your locks around the barrel.  The only thing to remember is placing your tips in the proper direction of barrel’s movement.  It’s that easy.

Goody HEAT Wave Creator

If you like the feel of a traditional curling iron, Goody HEAT Wave Creator is the perfect choice. The frugalista-friendly ringlet wrangler heats up in about 30 seconds and has 10 heat settings to choose from. The swivel cord keeps everything tangle-free.The unique barrel shape hugs every strand and locks in beautifully spiraled waves.


Are you #TeamBeachWaves this summer? Sound off!

Do blondes really have more fun? Are brunettes truly the brainiest? Are red heads fiery?  L’Oreal wants to answer these questions once and for all.  L’Oréal is asking women of all hair hues to take the 2012 Hair Color Census…it’s presented by L’Oreal’s Healthy Look Crème Gloss Hair Color, which is designed to take natural hair color up a notch.

Healthy Look Crème Gloss’ digital and interactive “Turn It Up” Facebook campaign invites readers to express their hair color identity. Here’s how:

1. Taking the Hair Color Census – Stand up for your shade by answering a short series of questions. In the coming months, L’Oréal Paris will reveal the findings and set the record straight! Find out which hair color group is deemed to be the wildest, the most trust-worthy and what else (besides at-home hair color!) everyone wishes could be achieved in 10 minutes …

2. Enhancing Your Facebook Page – Just like natural hair color can always use a little boost, so can our Facebook photos! Add some glamour to your “social” life thanks to tools for creating customized cover photos, wallpaper and poster images, including editing options for adding a touch of sparkle and cool quotes/artwork to celebrate your hair shade (i.e. Life is Better Blonde).

3. Experiencing Shade Inspiration AND Entering to Win – Upload “Before & After” images of your Healthy Look Crème Gloss Color experience for a chance to win a year’s worth of FREE hair color. Plus, check out the “Who’s Turned It Up?” image gallery for hair color inspiration and find the Healthy Look Crème Gloss shade that’s right for you. Bonus: A downloadable $2-off coupon is the perfect excuse to get coloring.

I love my naturally curly hair. Really I do. And as I always say — wearing your hair as close to its natural state is a girl’s best bet for easy, manageable hair. I actually committed to abandoning my flat iron for the Spring. But you know how the old saying goes. . . it’s a woman’s prerogative to dot dot dot. So, in exercising my prerogative to change my mind, I recently decided to ditch my coily curls and go straight. Whenever I straighten my hair I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS reach for products that protect my hair during heat styling (blow drying, flat ironing, curling, etc.)

John Frieda Full Repair Style Revival Heat-Activated Styling Spray is helping me keep my hair protected from root to tip. The lightweight styling spray is infused with Inca Inchi Oil for manageability and shine. Whether hair is color-treated and chemically-treated, John Frieda Full Repair Style Revival Heat-Activated Styling Spray helps to protect hair from the vicious effects of styling tools.

I spray John Frieda Full Repair Style Revival Heat-Activated Styling Spray onto my hair section by section, work it through, comb to detangle, and then blow dry. The end result is smooth and touchable. There’s no sticky icky residue to speak of. Just soft, touchable, sleek hair.

Do you heat style? How do you protect your hair? Share!

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I started out 2011 convinced that I was going to slowly transition out of my relaxed hair into a more natural state. Boy, was I wrong. During the course of the year I cycled through conditioners as I tried to find the one conditioner that would work for the roughly four different hair textures occupying my head. Let me break down the textures:

Texture 1 – Chemically relaxed with Organics Root Stimulator Relaxer
Texture 2 – Chemically relaxed with PhytoSpecific PhytoRelaxer Index 1
Texture 3 – Chemically relaxed with PhytoSpecific PhytoRelaxer Index 2
Texture 4 – My natural hair, which is kinky and dry (mostly 4c and 4b in the back)

L’Oreal Mega Strength Fortifying Deep Treatment – I’ve never been disappointed with a L’Oreal product and this is no exception. I do have a love hate relationship with this particular conditioner. When my hair was mostly natural, it did an amazing job of detangling, when it was mostly relaxed the tangles went on for days. I’d recommend for thick naturally wavy or curly hair. Loreal Mega Strength Fortifying Deep Treatment is available at Sally Beauty and retails for under $11.

Proclaim Argan Oil Intense Hydrating Masque – I’m mad at this one because the labeling made it seem like Argan oil is a major ingredient in the formulation. Dimethicone is listed before argan oil, that suggests to me that the argan oil is less than 2% of this formulation. I’m guessing this because Dimethicone is generally 2% or less in conditioners. The Proclaim Intense Hydrating Masque did a great job of moisturized my hair but only a fair job of detangling. I’d recommend for a once or twice monthly use on relaxed or natural hair. Proclaim Intense Hydrating Masques is also available at Sally Beauty, it retails for about $7.50.

Ion Moisture Solutions Intense Moisture for Dry and Chemically Treated Hair – At first, this product confused me. It didn’t do a lot to detangle my hair, but once I managed to detangle it, dried and styled it, my hair had a really great shine and was very light and full of movement. I think this would be great for someone with lighter hair that doesn’t want the hair weighed down too much. Ion Moisture Solutions Intense Moisture for Dry and Chemically Treated Hair retails for under $9 and is available at Sally Beauty.


Pantene Relaxed and Natural – This conditioner is simple and straight to the point. No matter the state of my hair I can always go to Pantene for a quick three minute condition and detangle. Though I like this conditioner, I have to break up the routine and do a deep conditioner about once or twice per month. Pantene products are available at your drugstore, Walmart, Target and many other locations. Pantene Relaxed and Natural Conditioner retails for under $5.

Surya Brasil Intensive Restorative Mask – This conditioner is formulated to work on color treated hair, which means it is loaded with amazing conditioning ingredients like Babusu Butter, Cupuaçu butter and so many more! I used this product after I had already given up the natural hair quest and was dealing with textures 1 to 3. It did a great job of conditioning my hair but I had to use another product to detangle. This product is formulated for color treated hair but I think it would also works for tightly coiled, kinky, curly, natural hair. Surya Brasil Intensive
Restorative Mask retails for $9 and is available online

Sidenote: From my own observation, products formulated for color treated hair will always provide more conditioners and smoothing agents than other conditioners. If you have hair that is chemically straightened (or curled, gasp!) and it also has been permanently colored, the hair is weaker and more prone to breakage and dullness, therefore it needs more help to look its best.

Joico K-Pak Conditioner

Joico K-Pak Conditioner – Formulated with Keratin Silicone Complex, the Joico K-Pak has become one of my go to conditioners. When I first tried it, it reminded me a little of Pantene but it after repeated use, I realize it packs just a bit more conditioning punch than Pantene, especially on my natural hair. This is a good weekly conditioner. For those folks that work out, Joico K-Pak Conditioner is also good for the mid week no poo conditioning rinse. Joico K-Pak Conditioner retails for about $14.

Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner – I had to save the best for last. This conditioner is amazing! It is formulated for the driest, kinkiest and most unruly tresses, which I clearly have. This conditioner does a fantastic job of not only conditioning and detangling the chemically process portions of my hair but also my natural hair. Made with certified organic ingredients, Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner retails for $16 and is a must try if you have natural kinky, curly hair and/or if you are transitioning to natural hair.


I know the average person doesn’t have to contend with four different textures of hair on their head, but with this roundup I’m hoping to give you some options.

This post was written by  Christene Carr. Find her on TwitterInstagramTumblrPinterest and  Blog

Lately I’ve been embracing & boldly rocking my natural curls. . . my hair hasn’t seen a styling iron for weeks. So to review Sarah Potempa BEACHWAVER Rotating Curling Iron, I enlisted the longest locks I know, my dear friend and daytime office-mate, Cannon. Read on as Cannon shares her quest for surfer girl hair . . . (ps – I’ll be giving BEACHWAVER a whirl in about a week or so…and will share pics)

Ever dreamed of those softer-than-soft, casually tossed curls worn by surfer girls seen on the beach? As hot summer days quickly approach us, perfecting the I-just-just-came-from-the-beach-thanks-very-much coif is one to occupy our cool rainy afternoons. So today I put Sarah Potempa BEACHWAVER Rotating Curling Iron to the test to see if it really delivers that which it boasts: beach waves.

First let me begin by explaining that I have unnaturally long, crazy-straight hair; and, like so many straight-hair girls, I want nothing more than crazy big, twisting curly locks.

After applying a sticky substance from Oribe called Rough Luxury Molding Wax (don’t even ask me how I applied it because TTB/ Felicia would shake her head with ashamed disapproval), I put began a close inspection of the BEACHWAVER. In all reality, it’s like your common curling iron except that it does the thinking & twisting for you – all you have to do is push a button, wait a few moments and release the clamp.

The true secret to natural looking curls is switching up the ringlet direction at random; So, when using the BEACHWAVER, you have the luxury of clicking Left or Right, settling your ends into the clamp and waiting while the BEACHWAVER coils your locks around the barrel.  The only thing to remember is placing your tips in the proper direction of barrel’s movement.  It’s that easy.

Curling is a bit faster and coils have a tendency to be a smidge tighter – ensuring longer-lasting curls.  Like most curling irons, I recommend curling entire head before regrouping and switching up the direction of some pieces (as well as mixing up the thickness of the pieces that you curl); and, to ensure that they keep all day, I recommend sprinting your hair with a light holding spray.  If you want a truly natural look, top off smaller pieces near the crown with a smaller-barreled iron moving in the left direction – this will give volume and a natural curl look.  Oribe’s molding wax will work to give piecey tangles one typically gets when enjoying a windy beach day.So that’s it!  The BEACHWAVER is a great starter iron for the girl who still can’t quite master a typical curling iron… or a grand quickie tool for the experienced curler (it took me approx the length of two songs on Grimes’ latest album to complete my entire head).  So give it a try and let us know what you think!

 Key Features:
360 Degree Swivel Cord
9 foot Heavy-Duty Cord
LED Digital Temperature Screen
Heats up to 310-450 F in 30 seconds
Cool Safety Stopper
Rubberized Cool Safety Stand
Fast Recovery Time
Ergonomic Handle
6.5″ Ceramic Rod
Automatically Rotates with “GO” button
1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
30 Min Automatic Shut-Off

Writer @plushpinkallure tells all. . .

With that pesky humidity sneaking up on us as winter months come to an end, frizzy prone divas need to be on alert! To make life easier, Suave Professionals has developed a brand new Keratin Infusion System, using their innovative keralock technology. This 30 day smoothing kit  let’s you skip that pricey salon treatment, and do it yourself at home.  Important to note: while this treatment does NOT contain formaldehyde, it is not for hair that has been chemically treated including straightened, colored, relaxed, processed or is very dry and brittle. 

In addition to the smoothing kit, Suave has an entire Keratin Infusion line to help control frizz (Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner, and Smooth and Shine Serum to name a few.  I’m particularly fond of Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo — it absorbs oil and revitalizes hair.

If you want to give your wallet a break this coming season, Suave Professionals  Keratin Infusion System might be for you. Retail $2.87- $12.50. 

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