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I am never too proud to take beauty advice. . especially when it pertains to my brows – and especially when it proves to be 100% right. During my recent visit to the Angelo David Salon, I met with their new celebrity eyebrow specialist and makeup artist, Julie Tussey. Feeling proud of my brows and confident that I would get high praise, I gladly accepted a meeting with her to hear about their perfection.  (My brows don’t suffer from low self-esteem – #obvs).  What ensued can only be described as a brow-awakening and forever gratitude for sage advice.  Julie describes herself as an eyebrow “lost and found” department – if your brows are lost, she will find them and in my opinion brings them back to life — transforms your face, makes you feel awesome and make you rethink all your beauty routines.  She spoke to me about the ideal shape – which may slightly differ based on the 6 basic face shapes – but ultimately should resemble an angle.  Not an arch.  And yes, there is a difference.  An angled brow should have a long body and comprise about ¾ of the brow length, leading up slightly but not rising to a peak.

“Do you like fuller or thinner br..?” and before I could even finish my thought, she confidently said “fuller, definitely”.  A “fuller brow with a longer angle looks more youthful” and should sit directly on the brow bone, not above or below.  “A nice brow is the key to the aging process – the right shape can allow a woman to ease into her older years.”  Julie’s product of choice varies from pencil, to powder, to gel depending on the person’s needs, but should be used sparingly only to fill in any gaps rather to completely define or color in the brow. “Good brows are a sign of professionalism” says Julie, so finding someone that will help you properly maintain them is essential and worth spending a little extra.  Let’s take a look at my before brows …..

My brows before my "awakening"

Julie suggested that my brows are a tad too far apart and a little too thin, with the high point of the brow coming to an arch rather than a desired angle.  With a few short strokes of a brow pencil and an almost unnoticeable reshaping – I was absolutely floored by the difference.   She had transformed what I thought were pretty great brows – into sheer perfection – framing my face in the most delicate way and making my features appear much softer.  I do have some work to do in growing out the recommended areas, but I am fully committed after such remarkable results.

How amazing do my brows look? Angle not arch.

Following my brow revolution, I was treated to a blow out from one of their senior stylists.  Being a salon that specializes in customized hair extensions and hair treatments, this simple service was certainly not lost in the mix.  My hair came out smooth and shiny and I felt like I had a new bounce in my step after such pampering.  As I finished up my visit and walked out, I was amazed at all the private rooms available to allow customers to get all their extensive services done in comfort.  They truly value privacy and discretion, which explains why they have such a long list of celebrity and VIP clients.  Here is my final look –


Feeling fabulously coiffed and catered to, my visit to the Angelo David salon was a real treat. Prices for a brow shaping begin at $22.  To make an apt with Julie Tussey or a stylist at the Angelo David Salon, call 212-883-6620 or visit their website to see a complete list of services.

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My confidence is quite high when  it comes to makeup – applying it, blending it, color matching, contouring and more. I trust that I can achieve almost any look that I choose for any occasion.  The same cannot be said for my skills with my hair.  I have long hair so one would think that I am adept at many different looks, sadly, my abilities begin and end with a basic blow-out.   This recently changed after I was introduced to the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron.  I have traveled down this curling iron road before and it always finishes with a dead end scenario of me struggling with holding the iron, positioning my fingers  in an effort to not get burnt, and trying desperately to avoid the dreaded perfect curl with kinked (fried) ends.  As soon as I pulled the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron and accompanying heat proof glove out of the box, I knew that I would be rewriting my hair curling experience.

The curling iron and heat protection glove.

The brilliance of this iron is that is has no clip – thus no kinked ends!  I  can wrap the hair around the wand and hold the ends to the iron with the glove and not burn my fingers.  Truth be told, that is what I had been doing all along with various irons, foregoing the clip and holding the ends  to avoid a crimp, but ALWAYS burning my fingers in the process.  (Admit it, you have done that too.)

Below is the before picture of my straight, everyday hair style.  Yawn.

Me with my boring straight hair

And here is the after picture of my fabulous curls.

Here is right after curling with tighter curls.


After the curls are brushed out - big, fabulous hair!

I was able to achieve this look in less than 8 minutes – which thoroughly impressed me.  There are 3 different heat settings, low, medium and high – I achieved this look using the medium setting.  I held each curl for about 15-20 seconds.  Another tip I picked up from a hair stylist years ago was to let the curl fall into a cupped hand after curling to let it set.  With a product this simple, adding the Sedu Clipless Curling Iron into my morning routine without having to rewind my alarm clock to some ridiculously early hour is definitely possible.  I think my makeup game just got some serious competition.

The Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron is available on the Sedu website and retails for $150.00

downloadThis ones for my curly girls….

It’s a Family Affair at Hair Rules NYC Salon

For parents and children who have battled with a difficult and time consuming hair styling regimen (or worse, one that could lead to a lifetime of negative good hair/ bad hair experiences), celebrity stylist and curly hair expert, Dickey wants to teach parents an easy approach to their children’s hair.

The goal of this unique event is to help children have a more positive experience and to love their curly or kinky hair. Dickey and team will assist parents with hands-on styling and help parents find new ways to style their child’s hair.


  • Saturday November 7th
  • 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • $50 per child (redeemable in $25 Worth of Product!)
  • Light refreshments will be served
  • You must RSVP by November 3rd

Hair Rules NY  *  828 Ninth Avenue  *  2nd Floor  *  between 54th & 55th *   212.315.2929


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