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Kiehl’s introduces a sensorial journey around the world through the launch of Aromatic Blends, a scented body collection. Each scent composition is representative of an exotic location where Kiehl’s sources its fair trade ingredients for various formulations. Vanilla and Cedarwood from Uganda, Fig Leaf and Sage from Provence, Orange Flower and Lychee from Morocco, Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit from Japan.  The Aromatic Blends scents are formulated with fewer ingredients than traditional scents so they’re cleaner and more representative of the underlying main ingredients.

 Keihl's Vanilla & Cedarwood Range

The Aromatic Blends line has three products: skin softening body lotion, skin softening body cleanser and fragrance.

The Keihl’s Skin Softening Body Lotion is formulated without silicones  but instead uses Squalene and Crprylic/Capric Triglyceride to provide and lock in moisture  without leaving a greasy residue. The body lotion delivered enough hydration that lasted through an entire summer day. My best results  came when I did an entire  body application immediately after bathing and towel drying, then a second application to my elbows, knees and feet after a few minutes. The fragrance in the lotion is subtle yet distinctive. Suggested Price $26

The Kiehl’s Skin Softening Body Cleanser provided light lather and did a good job of cleansing without over drying my skin. If you are used to fruity/sweet smells in the shower, mix it up a bit and try Fig Leaf and Sage — it’s great in the evening.  The Orange Flower and Lychee is awesome in the morning, a nice way to wake up. Suggested Price $24

The Fragrances are simple and clean – perfect for summer. I tried the Vanilla and Cedarwood which started out very sweet but  after an hour faded quite a bit and I was left with a hint of woody spiciness. For my next application of the Vanilla and Cedarwood fragrance, I layered with a citrusy fragrance after about an hour – amazing! Starting at $40 for 30ml.

All Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends products are made from naturally–derived ingredients and formulated without parabens, silicones and sulfates. This collection is a great way to experience a myriad of exotic scents. Try mixing and matching the various scents to create your own unique blend or try all the items from a particular scent to create a more intense experience.  Either way, you should definitely experience Kiehl’s sensorial world tour.

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When I hear Agent Provocateur, I can’t help but think sexy thoughts and with the launch of Eau Provocateur, the sexy thoughts have been kicked up a notch. Eau Provocateur is a trio of new fragrances based on Agent Provocateur’s three original perfumes;  L’Agent, Eau de Parfum and Maitresse. Eau Provocateur trio is comprised of Eau Provocateur, L’Agent Eau Provocateur and Maitresse Eau Provocateur. And each is beautifully formulated for daytime wear or for those nights when you’re feeling a bit whimsical and sexy (which should be every night.)

L’Agent  Eau Provacateur, as the name suggests, is based on the original L’Agent fragrance and has top notes of citrus, apple, melon and peach that give way to rose, jasmin tuberose, ylang, freesia and magnolia, all these wonderful elements are  anchored by musk, patchouli, sandalwood and amber crystals. The dry down is seductive and sensual, which is something I enjoy — even in my daytime fragrances. If you are an evening person and you like the smell of rain, this might be the fragrance for you.

Agent Provacateur Eau Provocateur is based on the  original Eau De Parfum and has notes of  citrus, red fruit and florals, with a base of myrrh, vanilla and tonka bean. If you like a light floral, slightly powdery dry down, this may the fragrance for you.

Agent Provocateur Maitresse Eau Provocateur is quite floral. It has notes of rose, jasmin sambac, iris, acacia, balanced with amber, sandalwood tonka, and gourmande elements (think: edible scents like vanilla). The gourmande elements help to strike a delicate balance between what could have easily been too much floral. If you like the smell of fresh cut roses with a little dew and the smell of fresh baked apple pie, this may be the fragrance for you.

Mark your calendars: Agent Provocateur Maitresse Eau Provocateur is available starting April 15th, 2012 and the 50ml will retail for $70.


This post was written by Christene Carr.

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Do you dare? Are y’all feeling nostalgic for this one?

Coming to Macy’s in April. Get ready. . .

Truth or Dare by Madonna
Darkness and light, innocence and deceit. Truth or Dare by Madonna represents the dual forces that coexist in all of us. Daring to embrace the duality of our true nature. The bottle and carton, designed by Fabien Baron in collaboration with Madonna, feature a palette of rich gold and white, marrying elegance and sophistication with a touch of edginess.
TOP: Rich Gardenia, Creamy Tuberose, Dewy Neroli
MID: Carnal Jasmine, Benzoin Tears, White Lily Petals
BASE: Vanilla Absolute, Caramelized Amber, Sensual Musk Aura

2.5 oz/75ml EDP $68.00

In anticipation of this iconic launch, Macys will be offering a pre-sale period of the fragrance on their website.

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‘Tis the season for holiday collections and special limited offerings. Ah, I love this time year! There’s something about the whole “get-it-while-it-lasts” frenzy that lures me like a moth to a flame and feeds my desire to obtain my own little slice of exclusivity.

This winter, Thierry Mugler launches four popular scents, all reinvented to include elements of the thing I love more than beauty – food. Yes, food! Thierry Mugler Taste of Fragrance includes actual food based flavor enhancers to boost the key ingredients in four top selling scents: Angel, Alien, A*Men, and my personal favorite – Womanity.

Feast (pun intended) your eyes on the collection:



Enhanced with: Fig Chutney

Characteristics: Provocative scent, rich composition, luscious sweet and savory notes, harmonious bouquet


Enhanced with: Bitter Cocoa Powder

Characteristics: Powdery, sweet, sensual, warm


Enhanced with: Pimento Berry

Characteristics: Powerful, mildly spiced, fiery presence


Enhanced with: Salted Butter Caramel

Characteristics: Cloaked in mystery, luminous notes, velvety silage


The collection is in store for a limited time. Shop Thierry Mugler, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus.

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We’ve been on a “break” for years, but suddenly I am madly in love with candles again. Blame it on NEST. The premium candle maker dreams up the most lovely assortment of scented waxy goodness. I first fell hard for Peony Blanche, a limited edition seasonal scent. With the holiday season soon upon us, I have turned my attention to Sir Elton John’s Holiday, a wonderful charitable candle that benefits the Elton John AIDS Foundation. I explain further as well as dish scent deets on the Bergdorf Goodman blog. Go on, have a read:

NEST Sir Elton John’s Holiday


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Vino in hand, smile abound, in the wonderfully fragrant and relaxing Caudaliespa at the Plaza hotel, I was introduced to Caudalieʼs three new fragrances, Fleur de Vinge, Zeste de Vinge and The des Vignes. The fragrances will soon be available online at caudalie-usa and are currently available at Sephora, Bluemercury and select specialty retailers.

The three fragrance combination was developed for Caudalie to capture the essence of life on the Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte, a vineyard owned by the parents of Caudalieʼs co-founder, Mathilde Thomas.

The dawn fragrance, Fleur de Vinge, uses top notes of grapefruit and mandarin, wonderfully balanced by the sweet subtle spiciness of cedar. If you are a morning person, you will love this fragrance. Fleur de Vinge starts off fresh but ends with a delicate sweetness. If you are not a morning person, this fragrance will give you a nudge to start your day.

Zeste de Vinge, the noon fragrance, is perfumer Francis Kurkdjianʼs interpretation of a afternoon stroll through Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte orangery, laden with citrus trees. Zeste de Vinge combines sweet lemon, petit grain and bergamot for a refreshing start, balanced with tangerine and finished with the tiniest hint of earthiness.

The des Vignes, the dusk fragrance, is the handy work of master perfumer Jaques Cavalier. It combines a few of my favorite scents: jasmine, neroli ginger and white musk. I find this fragrance sensual, alluring and seductive with a bit of mystery. It lingered on my skin and simply became more amazing with each hour that passed. The finish was that of powdery, gingery, musk. The des Vignes is by far my favorite fragrance from
the trio.

Try the Caudalie fragrance that fits your favorite time of day. Mine was spot on!

All three 1.7 fluid ounce bottles have a MSRP of $38.

[Editor’s Note: This is Felicia…I all but wrested Christene to the ground for her sample of The des Vignes. It is a must-possess scent]

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This past Thursday, I was invited to a glittering french themed fete to toast Eva Mendes, the new (and incredibly gorgeous) face of Thierry Mugler’s Angel campaign. A full fragrance review is en route, however, the first order of business in Ms. Mendes’ makeup…it was pitch-perfect in every way. The complexion, the lips, the cheeks — all divine. Celebrity Makeup Artist Genevieve Herr spills the beans:

Eva’s skin was primed with Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and Multi-Active Day Cream.

Using Thierry Mugler Beauty, Genevieve created a sultry, summer look to complement Eva’s mint green MUGLER dress.

First, Genevieve used ‘Cooling Effect Compact Foundation’ in Color #50.

To contour Eva’s features, then brushed on the ‘Blush & Light Powder’ in Brown & White.

To prep the lips, Genevieve applied  ‘Flash Lips Foundation’ in Nude and blended with ‘Rouge Unique Lipstick’ in Heaven.

To create the dramatic eye, Genevieve lined the whole eye from inner to outer corner on both the upper and lower lash lines in black “Eye Liner Cream”.

To highlight the lids, Genevieve swept on “Eye Shadow & Lights Quartet” in Sublime Nature to contour the eyes with beige and golden hues.

Finally,  “Flash on Lashes Mascara’ in Black was applied to the lashes, but the secret weapon was a final coat of ‘Vinyl Gloss’ on the lashes to leave them looking wet and glossy.

All products are all available via clarins.com and www.mugler.com

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I was recently invited to HSN headquarters in Tampa, Florida to interview Mary J Blige in connection with the promotion of her My Life fragrance collection. During my visit I was treated like beauty royalty and for this I am incredibly thankful to the nice folks in Tampa (Hi Mindy! Hey Brad!).

As a Beauty Editor/ Blogger and all around beauty industry fixture, I occasionally interact with and interview celebrities about their collections, collaborations, product launches, etc. Regarding Ms. Mary J Blige – and THIS must be said– Mary J Blige is THEE most gracious celebrity I have had the pleasure of interviewing. And while I am certainly a MJB fan (“What’s the 411” was my 90’s e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g), I assure you, this is no crazed fan girl rant (I am a journalist, people). Mary was kind, patient, warm, genuine, giving, and offered valuable insight into beauty, brand building, and the importance of legacy.

Without further ado — from Mary, to me, to you:

Felicia Walker Benson for ThisThatBeauty:

Mary, I’ve followed your career since “What’s the 411”, which was almost 20 years ago. Can you talk to the importance of building your brand and creating longevity as an entertainer and specifically as a female entertainer.

Mary J Blige:

It’s been a while. The early part of my career, I was in a cloud….trying to get to this place where I am right now and enjoying it all . So no, it doesn’t seem like its been 20 years. But I am enjoying where I am right now. I’m like “Gosh, this is wonderful. This is great. Has it really been 20 years. I hope I have 20 years left because I want more of this”!

FWB for TTB:

What’s your favorite…”What’s the 411″ or “What’s the 411 – Remix”?

Both. I love the remix. Oh my God, it was crazy. And the original–it was great too. It was amazing. Music was just so good at that point in time…for everyone!

FWB for TTB:

Talk to the importance of building a brand and sustaining over a 20 year period.


Branding is incredibly important because it is here when you are gone. It sustains your legacy. You have to be careful with your brand and make sure you are sending the right message. It’s one of the most important parts of why I do this. My brand is about loving, nurturing, and giving people what they need to heal and get through life. I want to give people what they need to make it through life and heal. Your brand is your legacy…it’s the thing that exists when you’re asleep in bed and when you’re long gone.

FWB for TTB:

In looking at the evolution of Mary J Blige the entertainer, it’s obvious that you enjoy fashion and are respected for your fashion choices.  Can we chat a bit about your decision to go into beauty?


Beauty is something that I saw in my mom when I was a young girl. The women I grew up around were so beautiful, like you…your skin is fricking incredible and even your hair. You look like a healthy, beautiful, black woman (ME: *gushing and thankful the whole time*). I grew up around women who wore red lipstick like you and really took pride in their appearance. They had great skin, wore red lips, wore fragrance, and wore beautiful fragrances. My surroundings made me want to be glamorous even though I was a tomboy. My friends and family inspired me to get into beauty. There’s just something special about a woman who smells great, who feels beautiful. It’s a beautiful thing. Beauty is a big part of helping you to feel better…if you smell good, you feel good.


Mary, it’s clear that you are a symbol of transformation and positive self-reinvention for many women, which is one of the underlying themes of beauty. Can you please share how your emotional  journey has dovetailed with your philosophy on beauty?


I train and work out. I honestly believe that beauty starts from within. You have to get your head right. If your thoughts are not right, you’re not going to look right. I drink a lot of water. I don’t diet hard but I try to keep balanced. Beauty starts inside, you can really blow someone away with your spirit, like you Felicia, you’re giving me all spirit and you are blowing me away with your inner beauty. I can tell you are a good person (ME: *near tears…she’s so kind to me*). And you look nice, but it starts from within. Inside out beauty is what I believe in. And I also believe in forgiveness.


Words to live by. Thank you Mary J Blige and HSN!





I’m a fragrance lover but I sometimes forget to  wear them. However, with the abundance of snow that has showered  NJ in the last couple of months and the gloomy mood that followed, I was eager to take my escape in DKNY’s two new “Juiced” fragrances Be Delicious Juiced and Fresh Blossom Juiced.

Be Delicious Juiced is bursting with “succulent nectar of New York apples” and with one whiff I was transported to a fabulous spring day, just what I needed. I also experienced a strong craving for an apple martini but I quickly suppressed that urge, after all, 8 am is no time for that sort of thing.  Be Delicious Juiced is centered on a mixed of juicy new york apples, violet petals, mugueat and white peony with a creamy wood and amber base. This fragrance starts out fruity and floral but by the end of the day it is subtle and a bit woodsy.

Fresh Blossom Juiced is without a doubt one of the “girliest” fragrances I’ve encountered in a while. Base notes palisander wood, vetiver mist and white musks are brought beautifully to life by apple, lily of the valley, pink rose petals and sweet pea. This fragrance is topped off with pink grapefruit, bright freesias, fruity cassis and passion flower.  The end result is a fresh and wonderfully playful fragrance perfect for spontaneous and somewhat free spirited woman who is young or young at heart.

If you are like me and can’t wait for spring, these fragrances will get you there just a little quicker.  Of the two fragrances, my favorite is the Fresh Blossom Juiced. DKNY Be Delicious Juiced and Fresh Blossom Juiced are available at fine department stores and www.dkny.com. A bright, beautiful and wonderfully fragrant spring day can be yours starting at only $36.


This post is written by ThisThatBeauty Contributor, Christene Carr (@ChristeneCarr).

In September Avon is set to launch Hervé Léger Femme and Hervé Léger Homme.

The version for women is a woody, floral fragrance that features top notes of Chinese magnolia flower and Sicilian pink grapefruit, with heart notes of Moroccan orange flower and honeywood, and a dry-down of warm benzoin tears, cypress wood and vanilla. Drawing inspiration from Hervé Léger’s famous bandage dress, the glass bottle is etched with criss-cross lines across the front and back. If the form flattering dress with cult-like following is financially out of reach, perhaps Hervé Léger Femme will fill the void.

Hervé Léger Homme, the spicy men’s fragrance, features top notes of Indian ginger and Japanese yuzu, woody middle notes, and ends with a woody, amber aroma.

Of the fragrance launch, Hervé Léger designer and CEO Max Azria, says this: “These fragrances capture the iconic style of Hervé Léger, which evokes the very essence of sensuality.”

Are you adding this his/ hers collection to your list?

Celebrate mom with flowers that won’t wilt at the end of the week. Give philosophy field of flowers ultra-rich body lotion and spray fragrance gift set….perfect for layering the fresh, floral, scent of peony. Mom will love the luxurious hydration of field of flowers body lotion and the delicate, classic scent. Savvy Frugalistas, perk up….this exclusive Mother’s Day offering from philosophy is only $35!


Use code: motherslove and save 15% off all orders over $65

Kimora Lee Simmons has recently launched a Frugalista Friendly ($12.99-$28.00) fragrance and ThisThatBeauty’s got the full run down!

DARE ME is a floriental inspired scent with a coconut top note that blends into a core of velvety blackberry crème and vanilla orchid with a sophisticated warm drydown of crème de musk and sandalwood.

Of the fragrance Kimora says this:

“I wanted to create a fragrance that makes women feel like they can conquer anything their hearts desire. To me, DARE ME, is the absolute essence of girl power. I went from being a shy teenager to the woman I am today by daring to be bold, fearless and comfortable in my own skin. My new fragrance embodies all of these aspects of how I want women to feel and I can’t wait to share it with my fans.”

Do you dare to try DARE ME? It’s a great summer scent that’s easy on the pocket-book. Go for it!

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