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I have a serious thing for figs.  While I’m not a huge candy fan, I go gaga for figs — nature’s candy — and no matter where I see them I simply must buy them.  The fig note in Elie Saab La Perfum Resort Collection is what drew me in.  The fragrance inspired by “the glamorous atmosphere of the French Riviera, is filled with elegance, refinement and glamour.”


Other notes in the fragrance include: jasmine, orange blossom, and frangipani. While I detected  fruity notes in the fragrance, it smelled a bit more floral than ocean blue bottle led me to believe. I was expecting a fresh, clean almost ocean like fragrance (maybe I’m too literal).  It is a light fragrance that wears well for about two to three hours. If you sweat a lot and you are running around all day, this is a great fragrance to try because it won’t leave you smelling like you’re covering up a funk by the end of the day. But I imagine the folks who shop a designer’s resort collection don’t do a lot of running around. (They are probably laid out on a large yacht in pristine waters having beautiful, scantily clad men and/or women pour them drinks and serve them fresh-from-the-ocean sushi or whatever. #Jealous! Anyway, I digress.)

Smell This- Elie Saab La Perfum Resort Collection

I give Elie Saab La Perfum Resort Collection ($98) a 3 out of 5 (not because I’m mad I’m not on a Yacht) but because, while I love the fig note in the fragrance, the overall fragrance composition is definitely forgettable. Next time you are at  Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Saks or Bloomingdales, stop by the counter for a whiff — you might disagree.


As soon as I read its ingredients and the description of Byredo’s Gypsy Water I was obsessed. Laced with notes of juniper berries, lemon, and pine needles, “Byredo Gypsy Water is described as a glamorization of the Romany lifestyle, based on a fascination of the myth. The scent of fresh soil, deep forest and campfires evokes the dream of a free, colorful lifestyle close to nature.”

Byredo Gypsy Water

As soon as I sprayed the scent into the hollows of my skin, I was hooked. The perfume smells exactly as described in its packaging. It’s a fresh scent that’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. As you wear it throughout the day, the smell blends further into the skin, creating what seems less like a perfume and more like a lifestyle. The ingredients are based on many natural ingredients, so, it makes sense that the scent would smell equally natural. In addition, the design of the bottle, as well as the typeface of its label, have an understated sophistication about them; something that is clean and unpretentious.

With its downtown coolness and uptown elegance, Byredo Gypsy Water is the perfect compliment to any outfit and any event. It wears gently and gradually fades overtime but definitely lasts until the end of the night. Byredo Gypsy Water comes in the form of Eau de Parfum spray, body cream, hair perfume and more. Products start at around $50 and the investment is well worth it if you’re looking for a unique scent to set you apart from the other girls in your squad.

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I love fragrance and I also have love for fashion and style.  Spring is often a time when I do a bit of closet cleaning to make way for new pieces. It is often around this time that I start looking for light, floral fragrances to replace the heavier, woody  and spicy fragrances of winter.  Smelling good and looking good can be expensive and I need to find Spring Ready Fragrance and Fashion on a Budget. So, when Designer Imposters sent me $100 gift card to put together spring fashion and fragrance essentials, I was up for the challenge. Designer Imposters makes replicas of popular designer fragrances and sells them for a fraction of the cost of the original.

deisgner imposters perfumes


I selected the Designer Imposters Wanna Play, which is a version of Clinique Happy.  It smells exactly the same as the original and cost only $3.99.  The perfume is in aerosol form so it doesn’t wear as long as the original.  However, to extend the wear I sprayed it on my body immediately after showering and drying myself and added another layer after moisturizing.

Anyway, since my fragrance cost only $3.99, I had the lion’s share of my budget to shop for clothes. I’m generally a budget shopper so getting multiple items for just under a $100 was pretty easy. Here’s what I bought… [I apologize in advance for the dining room pictures :)]

Designer Imposters

High Waisted Skinnies Jeans , versatile, comfortable and flattering on curves…of which I have many. $16.80 (Similar here and here)

Neutral Peep Toe Booties perfect for this transitioning weather. Wear with jeans, dresses and shorts and since it is a neutral tone it can be worn with just about any color or print. $39.99 (Similar here)

Mixed Print Light-Weight Asymmetrical Kimono can be worn over jeans, dresses, shorts and even bathing suits. $19.99 (Similar here and here)

Imposter Fragrance 7

Basic Black Dress is a must no matter the season.  I selected a midi dress because I am still waiting for my summer knees to come in. $19.99 (Similar here)

If you are good at math you probably calculated that my fashion purchases totalled $96.77! This left me with enough to get a coffee at my local coffee shop. So, here’s the bottom line…if you are on a tight budget and want to look and smell great, consider one of the Designer Imposters fragrances, they smell exactly like the original and cost very little.  Click here to see all the Designer Imposters Fragrances.

Would you try Designer Imposters fragrances AND what do you think of my fashion choices?

Disclosure: Designer Imposters sent me $100 gift card and the Designer Imposters fragrance.  No other compensation was received for this post. All opinions are my own.

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I have developed a minor obsession with roses that started about a year ago when I received a floral arrangement that was so fragrant that it filled my apartment with an overwhelming aroma of awesomeness. Since that bouquet, I have received similar arrangements but they weren’t as fragrant…this led to my discovery that roses genetically modified to have big, beautiful blooms are often not very fragrant. I don’t think the trade off is worth it. Anyway, my quest to have all things rose scented led me to Marshalls in the Home Goods section where I sniffed out and bought several rose scented candles. My favorite of this purchase was Kenneth Turner, Rose.  My obsession has now turned to rose note perfumes — here are the ones I’m currently loving…

endless euphoria Calvin Klein

endless euphoria Calvin Klein

endless euphoria is a light fragrance that opens with citrus notes and cherry blossom. Violet, pastel rose and syringa make for a nice floral middle and the scent is anchored by bamboo, sandalwood and musk accord. endless euphoria wears brightly for about three hours and has a fresh, effortless almost sultry finish.


Roses de Chloé

Roses de Chloe

Roses de Chloé is not your grandmother’s rose inspired fragrance. It is a delicately fresh rose scent that is balanced with magnolia accord. It finishes with white musk and amber, the signature notes of the Chloé house. Roses de Chloé is sweet and playful and wears well for over four hours.


Balenciaga Rosabotanica

Balenciaga Rosabotanica

Rosabotanica is as intricate as its six syllable name. It manages to be spicy, sweet, sensual and seductive all at once. The fragrance is based on the contemporary vegetal rose accord that is a fresh and bright. Top notes of pepper and citrus come together and blend seamlessly with green lily and figs in the middle. Base notes of white wood and amber give Rosabotanica a seductively sweet dry down that last for over four hours.


While endless euphoria, Roses de Chloé and Rosabotanica all include rose notes, those notes are used in different ways to create unique olfactory experiences that range from fresh and effortless, sweet and playful, to sultry and seductive.

Do you have a favorite rose note perfume? Please share in the comments.

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If you are into Valentine’s Day chances are you don’t get up to the day’s activities without the perfect sexy scent. With that in mind, Maree, Felicia and I have selected two fragrances each, including budget friendly options, to share with you. Whatever your budget, there’s an option here for you because smelling sexy doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  6 Sexy Valentine’s Day Scents for Every Budget:

Maree’s Picks

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne

Known for some of the most unique fragrance combinations, Jo Malone is always my go to for special occasions like Valentine’s Day.  The warm and rich notes of the Pomegranate Noir scent make it perfect for the winter time, while the spicy and intense ingredients make it incredibly alluring to wear.  There is not a day that goes by when wearing this that someone doesn’t stop me intrigued by the mixture and how it wears.  With top notes of raspberry, plum and pink pepper, the scent opens very sweet, but the base notes of patchouli and frankincense make it complex and extremely mysterious.  A dark bold lip and little black dress is the perfect complement.  Available at Nordstrom $60 – $115.00.

YSL Parisienne

YSL Parisienne


While most of my makeup colors tend to be the same (neutrals), I love a varied array of fragrance options.  Some sultry, some sweet, some feminine, and some masculine.  Since the previous fragrance was so rich and intriguing, this option is much more feminine and delicate.  Much more floral in its composition, it has a sweet dry down that wears incredibly well.  With notes of rose and blackberry, YSL Parisienne is the perfect scent for the woman who is ultra feminine.  A gorgeous fit and flare dress with lots of elegant detail and a soft makeup look is the a great match for a sophisticated valentine’s day look.  Available at Sephora: $39 –  $65.00.

Felicia’s Picks:

Oud Ispahan

Oud Ispahan


During  2013 I probably used this fragrance more than any other in my collection, it is that amazing.  Truth be told, I am down to only a spritz or two (gasp!). With notes of Labdanum, Indonesian Patchouli, Laotian Oud Essence, Turkish Rose and Sandalwood, Oud Ispahan is bold and intoxicating and never fails to  get complimented. It is a unisex oud that’s part of Christian Dior’s La Collection Privée. You can dress this up, down and sideways and still end the evening on a sexy note. Oud Ispahan $155,  Bergdorf Goodman 212 872 8980 

ESCADA Born in Paradise

Escada Born In Paradise

For me this has become an unlikely favorite…blame it on the Polar Vortex or the spicy notes in the base of the fragrance. I usually lean toward heavier, more masculine scents but something about this vibrant spring, almost summery scent captured me.  See my full review hereAvailable at Macys and Ulta: $59

Christene’s Picks:

The des Vignes

The des Vignes

Caudalie The des Vignes, the dusk fragrance, is the handy work of master perfumer Jaques Cavalier. It combines a few of my favorite scents: jasmine, neroli ginger and white musk. I find this fragrance sensual, alluring and seductive with a bit of mystery. It lingers on my skin and simply transforms into something more amazing with each hour that passes. The finish is that of powdery, gingery, musk. With this scent, you can head out to dinner in a t-shirt, tousled hair and a bright red lip and still be super sexy. Available at Nordstrom: $39.

Love 2 Love Jasmine + Sparkling Mimosa

Love 2 Love Collection

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so, a fragrance from the super budget friendly Love2Love collection is perfect! Love2Love ‘s Jasmine + Sparkling Mimosa is a part of a four part collection of fragrances where each scent consists of two dominant notes.  Jasmine + Sparkling Mimosa starts very fresh with notes of peony, raspberry and sparkling mimosa.  The middle of this fragrance has jasmine, sweet pea and honeysuckle. The sweet notes are anchored with musk and rosewood.  This Eau de Toilette wears for about 3 hours. I think Jasmine + Sparkling Mimosa is perfect for the young or young at heart. Pair this scent with a fun flirty dress, light makeup and a pretty pink pout. Available at select Walmart Stores: $9.98 

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What’s your source of inspiration? No, seriously…real question.

Sometimes we’re inspired by people — like that tell-it-like-it-is auntie who always delivers THE best snappy comebacks at Thanksgiving dinner…and you think, “ahh, to have that sort of confidence”. Sometimes we’re inspired by places — like a recent mood-elevating vacation that made you reevaluate life and promise to slow down your rat race pace. And sometimes we’re inspired my things — like a new red lipstick or a pair of sky high heels that make a girl feel invincible.

Escada Born In ParadiseWhen I step outside and polar vortex temperatures blanket my body from head-to-toe, I can’t help but seek inspiration (and frankly – motivation) to go on. I long to feel inspired and have my faith in warmer weather renewed. Will Summer ever reappear? Sparing the dramatics, truthfully, Summer will indeed return…but not for several months. So until then, there’s ESCADA Born In Paradise — otherwise known as, ‘hope in a bottle’ (no, not that kind of bottle…that’s a whole other blog post-slash-a whole other hashtag, #TTBwine on Instagram).

ESCADA Born In Paradise - 1

Inspired by the Pina Colado cocktail, ESCADA Born In Paradise, gives us hope. With a bright array of tropical fruit, warmed over with notes of sandalwood and cedarwood, ESCADA Born In Paradise delights without overwhelming. Typically, summer scents have a way of coming on way too strong in the fruit and flower department. . . but this limited edition scent (ESCADA’s 22nd launch) is an enchanting blend of pineapple, coconut, watermelon, green apple and guava, punctuated with musky undertones that give the juice an air of sophistication. It feels more refined and a bit more grown up than most traditional warm weather fragrances.

ESCADA Born In Paradise #EscadaBIP
My essentials

If you follow my fragrance escapades on Instagram (#TTBscentdujour), you know that I typically favor warm, woody, almost masculine scents. So falling hard for ESCADA Born In Paradise was a bit of a shocker for me.

My view from Paradise

But upon more mature reflection, the attraction is quite obvious — while ESCADA Born In Paradise clearly speaks to fun, sun, and summer frivolity, it also has a very woody and creamy character that introduces depth and complexity.

Paradise, found!

When it comes to fragrance, I’m a bit of an opposites girl. For example, I’m super girly, but I adore the hunky feel of manly scents. In Summer, I wear rich ouds…so naturally, with polar vortex temperatures outdoors, I’m inclined to favor a scent that inspires glistening beaches, tranquil waters and a teeny weeny turquoise bikini.

Ahh, take me back to Paradise!

Maybe it’s the idea of the new year and new beginnings, but ESCADA Born in Paradise appeals to my softer side and my desire to look to the simpler things in life for inspiration….like family, dear friends, a hearty meal, or a delectable new scent.

ESCADA Born In Paradise is working its way into my daily beauty routine

If you find yourself in search of inspiration. . . yearning for simple pleasures. . . longing for the laid back, carefree days of Summer — give ESCADA Born in Paradise a try. Next stop, a cozy tropical respite. No passport required!

Available at Macys and Ulta.

As Maree mentioned in ThisThatBeauty Gift Guide: Fragrance for Him, giving the gift of fragrance is a bit of a cliché. While the act of gifting perfume might be common place, it takes a certain amount of dedication and dare I say, skill, to find the right fragrance to suit someone’s taste and personality. I’m not an expert but having sniffed, worn and reviewed my fair share of fragrances, I’ll attempt to help you find the right Fragrance For Her.

Love, Chloé

Love, Chloe

Notes of orange blossom, musk  iris, pepper, lilac and more make this a sensual and seductive fragrance perfect for date night.  Do you have a friend who always has a good dating story? Love, Chloé might be the perfect gift.  $115

PRADA Infusion d’Iris

Prada infusion d'iris eau de parfum absolue

A  youthful fragrance with notes of  Iris Pallida, Muguet, Neroli, Violet, Cedar Wood, and Heliotrope.  PRADA Infusion d’Iris may be great for anyone who likes that just showered fresh feeling, who might spend 45 minutes on makeup — only to achieve a ‘natural, makeup free’ look. $66

CHANEL Coco Noir

chanel coco-noir

This Chanel scent is not as dark as either the name or the bottle suggests. It is a warm oriental scent with notes of citrus, vanilla, rose, jasmine sandalwood, and white musk. It’s actually quite easy to wear. CHANEL Coco Noir may be perfect for the woman who acts all ‘hard’ but who you know is a softy on the inside. $98

HONEY by Marc Jacobs 



Notes of pear, mandarin, peach nectar and apricots paired with honeysuckle, orange blossom, vanilla and smooth woods, make this an energetic, fresh and fruity scent.  This youthful fragrance is perfect for the young or young at heart. $72

Lady Gaga Fame


Don’t mistake this black liquid for something toxic and over the top. Notes of belladonna, orchid, saffron, incense, honey, and apricot make this a somewhat mellow, unisex fragrance. Though the juice appears black in the bottle, it actually turns invisible when it hits the skin. Lady Gaga Fame is for that girl/woman who is a bit of a contradiction and fully embraces it. $69



citadelle fragrance

Citadelle, part of the Raw Spirit collection from Nomad Two Worlds, is a woody yet refreshing fragrance that blends Haitian vetiver, marigold, pear, bergamot, lemon, cinnamon, nutmeg, amberwood, musk and cedarwood. Part of the proceeds from Citadelle will be used to support sustainable Haitian agricultural projects. This is the perfect fragrance for your philanthropic friends. $35

NEST  Fragrances Dahlia and Vines

Dahlia and Vines

This light fragrance combines peony, garden rose, and daffodils with essence of garden vines, white amber and warm vanilla. It’s quite delicate and wears ever so faintly. I think NEST Fragrances Dahlia and Vines would be ideal for someone who wants something subtle and unique — give this to the friend you might describe as ‘wallflower’. $25




marni fragrance

The combination of bergamot, ginger, and pink pepper gives Marni a very light opening. However, the rest of the fragrance is headier, containing cardamom, rose, cinnamon bark, patchouli, cedarwood and incense. I think Marni is best suited for someone who is mature or mature beyond their years, someone on whose sage advice you might rely. $105

Gucci Guilty

gucci guilty

You can never go wrong with a Gucci fragrance and Gucci Guilty is no different. It contains notes of mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber and patchouli.   Someone on your list into the bling? The gold intertwined Gs over glass adds a bit of luxury to the packaging and will definitely go over well with them. $75

La Vie Est Belle

La Vie est belle

This bright fragrance uses notes of pear, black currant, praline, tonka bean, vanilla, and patchouli to create an olfactory experience that is beautiful from start to finish. La Vie Est Belle translates to “Life is beautiful,” and would make a great gift for that friend who  finds joy in every situation and seems to have good grasp on what it means to be happy. $58

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Admittedly, the gift of fragrance during the holiday isn’t particularly profound. In fact, it’s downright cliche. A classic, fresh floral for mom and a warm, spicy musk for dear old dad. However, the Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Level boasts truly special scents, rare blends and one of a kind discoveries that are certain to excite and delight the recipient. Check them out here!



Cool Gifts: Exquisite Scents

Being a woman is beautiful and wonderful but it can be challenging at times. Today’s woman needs to be smart, savvy, thoughtful, strong, mysterious, ambitious, caring, beautiful, resourceful and sexy all before she has had her morning coffee.  The art of being a woman is made even more impressive when you think about pieces of her life that remain largely a secret…pieces of her life that remain Untold.  Untold by Elizabeth Arden aims to express in fragrance the many layers, hidden and obvious, of today’s woman.

Untold is a luxuriously layered fragrance that is made to capture and highlight the essence of today’s modern women.  It uses a myriad or fruity, citrus, floral and woody notes to create a multifaceted and balanced fragrance, perfectly suited for the multi-layered life of every woman.

UNTOLD  -Elizabeth Arden

Untold  makes for a great daytime go-to because of how it wears. It opens with a crisp sparkle, almost like a burst of happiness, that is attributed to pink pepper and bergamot. Pear, gardenia, black currant LMR,  and Egyptian jasmine LMR make the middle of the fragrance fruity and a little sweet. As the day wears on it becomes more mellow and by evening the patchouli heart LMR and musk in the base leave behind a sensual finish…a perfect way to end the day.

Untold has universal appeal and can be worn by a woman at any stage of her life…from the young girl taking her first timid step into adulthood and learning about herself…to a more mature, self-assured woman who can take bold confident strides because she has fully experienced what it means to be a woman.

The Untold Collection:

UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray $79.00 (3.3 fl. oz./100 ml)

UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray $59.00 (1.7 fl. oz./50 ml)

UNTOLD Eau De Parfum Spray $49.00 (1.0 fl. oz./30 ml)

UNTOLD Body Cream $45.00 (6.8 oz./200 ml)

UNTOLD Shower Gel $38.00 (6.8 fl. oz./200 ml)

Where to Buy Untold:

Elizabeth Arden counters at department stores nationwide and ElizabethArden.com. 

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When it comes to fragrance, like most girls — I just want to smell really nice. Of course, my definition of ‘really nice‘ varies based on season, mood, time of day. . . and even random details like color scheme or style of my outfit du jour. But generally, I equate ‘really nice‘ with a scent that displays a delicate, smoldering element of warmth. Enter Jimmy Choo FLASH.

Jimmy Choo FLASH

The sensual white floral bouquet is a seductive romp of notes, all beautifully executed in a way that is modern, robust, and above all — memorable! I’ve been wearing Jimmy Choo FLASH for a about a week and I have to tell you, I can’t stop sniffing myself. . .and no, I’m pretty sure I don’t look weird (in public) pressing nose to wrist. Nope, not at all!

Top notes of pink pepper and strawberry introduce a bit of sparkle, while heart notes of tuberose, jasmine, and white lily add a layer of sophistication. But, for me, it’s the base of heliotrope and white woods that makes Jimmy Choo FLASH a standout, must-own scent. It’s a wonderful balance of floral and warmth…and pitch perfect for Spring.

Available at Nordstrom


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Based on Pleats Please, Issey Miyake’s ready-to-wear creations launched in 1993. Pleats Please Eau de Toilette embraces the freedom, color and movement that have made the Pleats Please line so beloved by women around the world. Perfumer Aurélien Guichard  captured the joyous, light-hearted character of Pleats Please by  composing a bright and cheerful bouquet.

Pleats Please opens with an aroma of nashi, a hybrid fruit that oscillates between pear and apple. The middle notes of fresh peony and sweet pea adds a graceful sensuality. Indole, a somewhat heavy, sweet and multi-dimensional compound, adds a fleshly, voluptuous touch and “gives substance to the note […] an invitation to fluidity,”  explains Aurélien Guichard.  The fragrance is anchored by notes of cedar, patchouli, white vanilla and musks. The finish is a beautifully balanced sweet floral.  This Eau de Toilette composition is longer lasting than others I have tried in the past. I think Pleats Please works for the sophisticated college graduate transitioning to Working Girl,  as well as the flirty gal about town who likes a little playfulness.

Here is a quick tip I use: To get a longer lasting wear from any fragrance I layer the perfume with the body lotion. For all day wear, I apply the perfume on freshly showered and towel dried skin before any other body product. Then apply I second layer of fragrance after I have applied all other body care products.

The product range includes:

Pleats Please 1.6 oz (SRP $66.00 USD)

Pleats Please 3.3oz (SRP $92.00 USD)

Pleats Please Moisturizing Body Lotion in a 5.2 oz tube (SRP $40.00 USD)

Here at ThisThatBeauty, we pride ourselves on helping our readers navigate the vast world of beauty. We selflessly lather creams on our faces, wear every shade of eye shadow imaginable and smell every fragrance we come in contact with, all for the betterment of beauty lovers everywhere. Today is no exception – we’ve rounded up the latest in celebrity and designer fragrances for the holiday season. Generosity abounds here, so, let’s begin:

Lady Gaga Fame – Highly anticipated for all her “Little Monsters”, this fragrance is as alluring as the singer herself. The juice color is actually black, but turns colorless when airborne – making it quite novel in the marketplace. Infused with notes of black cherry, apricot nectar and tiger orchid, the fragrance will ranges in price from $42 to $79.

Beyonce Midnight Heat – With an ever growing empire, Beyonce adds a new fragrance to her current scent portfolio (there are 6 to be exact!). New for the holidays, the fragrance is sweet and sultry with notes of Armenian plum, purple peony and warm amber, and retails for $59.00.

Closer by Halle Berry – I think all women can agree that not only do we perhaps want to smell like Halle Berry, we would not mind looking like her, either. New for the holiday season, Closer is a scent that triggers “emotion and desire” with elements of wild raspberry, cedarwood and vanilla bean. Price begin at $29.00.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted – After the wild success of her initial fragrance Wonderstruck, comes the long awaited follow up, Wonderstruck Enchanted. It’s an “addictive balance of creamy flowers and sensual woods” and is slowly inching its way up the Sephora favorites list. Captivating and charming with notes of wild berry, pink poppy and white musk, this is sure to be a favorite of the holiday season. The 1.7oz EDP retails for $49.50.

Now that the ladies will have a great holiday season, we surely do not want to leave out the men. Here is a look at some great fragrance options (celebrity and non) for the men in your life.

Soul 2 Soul Tim McGraw – Inspired by the relationship with his country superstar wife, Faith Hill, this fragrance is a fresh and modern scent with a base of masculine woodsy notes. Beginning with bergamot zest and white pepper, followed by cilantro and oak tree, and finished with vetiver and musk, this scent has new limited edition sets perfect for the holidays and at a great price point starting at $21.99.

Nautica Aqua Rush – This scent fits the active, adventurous man in your life and is created with notes of coriander, water mint and amberwood. EDT pricing begins at $49.00.

Guess Homme Blue – A fragrance and fashion brand about as iconic as can be – this fragrance is a seductive scent that mixes peppery top notes with an earthy base. Notes of citrus caviar, black pepper and cardamom come together to create this magnetic fragrance. Starting at $49.00.

There you have it, a fragrance round up sure to delight all the people on your holiday shopping list. Just make sure to save one for yourself!

Gucci Première exudes sophistication.  It is the kind of fragrance I wear if I am having doubts about my outfit. It offers comfort, imparts confidence and allows me to feel the right amount of  effortless sexiness.  The fragrance takes inspiration from Gucci Première couture collection that debuted at 2010 Cannes Film festival, where luxurious gowns were created for Hollywood stars  Selma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Naomi Watts, Kate Beckinsale, Camilla Belle, Hilary Swank, bernice Beljo and Li Binn Bing.

Salma Hayek Pinault – Cannes Film Festival May 2012

Gucci Première opens with a quick hint of citrus that quickly flashes away leaving  a sensual flowery musk that is anchored by base of leather and wood. The finish is complex and seductive and the fragrance lasts up to 7 hours.

“Gucci Première celebrates the star in every woman. Whether she is holding court at a film opening or business meeting, all her moments are golden.”  According to Frida Giannini, Creative Director at Gucci, “Gucci Première is womanly, intriguing and as seductive as the perfect couture gown.”


Gucci Première’s packaging is as sophisticated as the perfume itself.  At first glance the bottle looks to be a solid block of gold, adorned with a medal and Gucci’s iconic horsebit, however, in the light of day or a flash of a camera the bottle shows its trasnperancy revealing its “resplendent, pale gold juice.”  Blake Lively, is the face of Gucci Priemiere.  Here is what Feida Giannini had to say about her choice of Blake Lively for this role “Both on and off screen, Blake Lively has that unique allure of the iconic leading ladies of Hollywood’s golden era. She reveals an instinctive taste in her performances, as in her style. Every project she involves herself in benefits from her charisma, style and intelligence. She is the perfect muse for Gucci Première.”

I find Blake Lively’s potryal of the Gucci woman very convincing. She is confident without be flashy — something that is not easily achieved. The campaign for Gucci Première “is a celebration of the iconic women of the golden age of Hollywood – strong, accomplished, glamorous and always ahead of their time.”  The print and TV campaign were both shot in the historic Sheats Goldstein Residence and directed by Nicholas Winding Refn.

Immerse yourself  in the Director’s cut of the Gucci  Première TV ad below then head over to your favorite department to sample it and complete the experience. I promise you will not be disappointed.


Gucci Première Eau de Parfum is available now in department stores nationwide: 

Eau de Parfum 30ml $63.00

Eau de Parfum 50ml $87.00

Eau de Parfum 75ml $105.00

Body Lotion 200ml $52.00


La Petite Robe Noire

Paris is my kingdom… I stroll through it at will.

My light step leaves no eyes still.

My heels echo loud, my winks conquer crowds and my smiles are vows.

Hearts are broken behind me. It’s plain to see!

I have more than one trick. Breathe in my scent quick.

Trailing close, it takes hold in a bold game of hide-and-seek.

It’s a chic boy magnet: a lasting mark, a signature visible in the dark.


“The bottle is a replica of the famous L’Heure Bleue and Mitsouko fragrances. With its feminine upside-down heart shaped stopper, the curves of the bottle mimic that of the curve of women’s shoulders. An ever-so chic little black dress designed by Serge Manseau adorns the bottle, with its gracefully plunging neckline and delicate balloon sleeves.”

The Little Black Dress or LBD can be dressed up or down and there is seldom an occasion where the LBD is inappropriate. This is exactly how I feel about Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire. With top notes of bergamot and black Cherry, the fragrance starts with a hint of sweet citrus but is soon balanced with black rose and almond that is rounded out with smoked tea, the spicy, woodiness of Pachouli, Tonka Bean and Licorice. It wears exceptionally well, day or night.

Just as a little black dress fits seamlessly into any woman’s closet, so will La Petite Robe Noire fit on any woman’s vanity.

La Petite Robe Noire is available exclusively at Sephora and Sephora.com.

Retail Price:

$115 (100ml EDP)

$80 (50ml EDP)

$64 (30ml EDP)

$58 (200ml Body Milk) – $57 (200ml Shower Gel)



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