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It is Audrey Hepburn who said, “the beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.”  With such emphasis placed on one’s eyes it seems we must do everything possible to ensure our eyes (and the area around) them don’t age ahead of the rest of our face and body — and that when they do, they do so gracefully.  While you will need an ophthalmologist to ensure your eye is in tip-top shape, I’ve asked leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons, Dr. Michael H. Gold and Dr. Ulysses H. Scarpidis, to help me to share everything you need to know to treat dark circles, under eye bags and wrinkles like a boss!

Treating Dark Circles, Under Eye Bags and Wrinkles

Dark Circles

As far as eye issues go, this is the one that is quickest and easiest to hide.  A few quick pats of the right color corrector and concealer and you are bright eyed and ready to take on the world.  While covering dark circles is a great quick fix,  erasing or reducing them is the long term goal.

Are all dark circles are created equal?

Dr. S:  All dark circles are not created equal.  Genetics can play a major role in the appearance of dark circles in younger patients.  Some families have pigmentation abnormalities or sun sensitivity causing dark circles.  Fatigue is another reason for dark circles under the eyes.  Puffiness from fatigue induced swelling, or under-eye bags can worsen the appearance of dark circles by creating shadows. In addition, older patients typically have thinner more translucent skin that magnifies the tiny blood vessels found around the eye. These patients tend to also have leaky micro blood vessels that stain the skin with iron found in blood much like with a bruise.  This iron staining can last for weeks.

Dr. G: Some are genetically pre-determined, and others are from extrinsic aging such as weight gain or not hydrating the body enough. But most dark circles have a genetic cause, and the prominence of them is probably due to both intrinsic and extrinsic aging for most people.

When looking for products to topically treat dark circles, what key ingredients work best and why?

Dr. S: The key to a successful treatment is to correctly identify the cause of your dark circles.  All in all, a combination of rest to reduce blood pressure and minimize blood vessel engorgement, sleeping on your back to reduce overall facial and eyelid swelling, and products that help restore eyelid skin thickness and constrict blood vessels will significantly improve dark circles.

Neocutis Micro-Eyes Rejuvenating Cream
Neocutis Micro-Eyes Rejuvenating Cream

A consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will help you determine the cause of your dark circles and the appropriate treatment.  While one eye cream may work miracles on one patient’s dark circles, this doesn’t mean it’s the best treatment for yours.  When enlarged blood vessels are responsible for dark circles I recommend to my patients products with Caffeine and other constricting ingredients, such as the Neocutis Micro-Eyes Rejuvenating Cream.  This cream has peptides that help build collagen and elastin in the lower eyelid skin, further cushioning the discoloration caused by blood vessels.  Some products utilize a cold roller applicator that can also temporarily constrict under-eye blood vessels.  Topical hyaluronic acids plump and super-moisturize the skin further reducing dark circles.

Dr. G: There is no magic potion for fixing dark circles. You can use growth factors and antioxidants to help improve the skin texture and tone. Many people use hydroquinone or other bleaching agents, and sometimes these can be effective but not always. Eye creams moisturize and the use of moisturizers are helpful but not curative in many. Some people have darkening and bags under the eyes because of what is going on with the fat pads under the skin, and this is where our energy-based devices like the EndyMed iFine and, on occasion, surgery are needed.

If topical solutions fail, are there safe surgical options to explore? If yes, what are they?

Dr. G: Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening as with the iFine from EndyMed is a good non-invasive option. I would highly recommend patients try this before surgery which not everyone needs.

Dr. S: When creams are not enough, minimally invasive procedures can help improve dark circles.  Injectable hyaluronic acid acts as a cushion under the skin while stretching and compressing blood vessels to diminish their contribution to dark circles.  Belotero is an ultra smooth Hyaluronic Acid that works great to reduce dark circles and give a natural under eye result. 

What are the risks of these procedures?

Dr. G: Virtually none when done by technicians skilled in the use of RF around the eyes. We find the procedures produce a warm sensation on the skin, and if done correctly, RF is a safe and effective treatment.

Dr. S: While many of the thicker hyaluronic acids can sometimes produce a bluish hue under the eyelid skin, called the Tindel Effect, I have never experienced this effect with Belotero.   Ultimately, some patients may need to undergo blepharoplasty surgery to remove the under-eye bags and tighten the eyelid skin, if less invasive treatments prove insufficient.

Under Eye Bags

As it turns out, bags are not just for quick weekend jaunts and vacations. They can also take up residence under your eyes. While you can check your bags before taking off for your next trip, banishing  your under eye baggage can be a bit trickier.

What are the main causes of under eye bags and how can they be treated topically?

Dr. G: Same causes as for dark circles: genetics and extrinsic aging. Bags can be caused by the fat pads protruding through the skin, so tightening this area with a good RF device such as the EndyMed iFine becomes a very important and effective treatment.

Dr. S: In general, there are two different factors that cause under eye bags.  Sometimes the bag has always been there, but the surrounding fat has melted away with age, making it more pronounced.  For others the bag itself has grown in size.  Most patients have a combination of both causes requiring a combination treatment to resolve their bags. 

TTB Note: If your bags appear after a long night of partying and over indulging, be sure to consume lots of water and get rest. You can also use a cold compress to help depuff bags.

Let’s say you’ve exhausted all the topical solutions, and the cold spoon no longer offers any relief — what surgical/ nonsurgical methods are most recommended to “deflate” under eye bags for good?

Dr. G:  You can’t deflate under-eye bags, but you can tighten the skin around them to make them less apparent. I would use the EndyMed iFine here.

Dr. S: While fat grafting or fillers can restore the youthful volume of the midface and undereyes, it may not be enough to fully treat under eyes bags.  A blepharoplasty is a same day surgery that can remove under eye bags.  A small incision is made in the inner aspect of the lower eyelid facilitating the removal of the fatty bulges leaving no visible scars.

What are the risks of these procedures?

Treating Dark Circles, Under Eye Bags and Wrinkles - ifine Handpiece
iFine by EndyMed Handpiece

Dr. G: A treatment with the iFine by EndyMed is relatively safe; a patient might feel some warmth to the area. With a skilled provider, this is a very safe, low-risk treatment. Surgery can be done at any time. The risks of surgery include bleeding, scarring, and poor results in inexperienced hands. And a patient needs to remember that even with surgery, sometimes the procedure needs to be performed again years later as the aging effects continue. A surgery won’t stop the hands on the clock, only push them back. This is why non-surgical procedures like the iFine have greatly increased in popularity over the years with providers and patients alike.

Dr. S: Bruising and swelling are minimally (after a blepharoplasty) and last only a few days.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Wrinkles are inevitable but that doesn’t mean you have to allow them to take over your face and eyes prematurely. There is wisdom in wrinkles, but we prefer to not look so, ahem, ‘wise’.

Though a natural part of aging, most people want to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay for as long as possible. Are there safe and effective ways to treat wrinkles? — What surgical options do you recommend for someone in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.   What are the risks of these procedures?

Dr. G: Fine lines and wrinkles can be treated with a variety of modalities, and I think with the EndyMed 3DEEP technology — the iFine — we can tighten the skin around the eyes and make these lines and wrinkles virtually disappear with a series of treatments. I’ve found that the EndyMed 3DEEP Intensif handpick using fractional RF microneedles, also works well around the eyes. The skill of the provider determines whether or not the procedure is safe. When done correctly, these are safe and effective treatments with little to no risk.

Dr. S: My philosophy is less about erasing all wrinkles and more about looking the best for your age and aging gracefully.  For this reason, I prefer non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures as preventive measures rather than corrective surgical transformations at a later age.  Regardless of age, but especially with my younger patients I focus on education about the importance of sunscreen and avoidance of sun exposure altogether, skin care and the proper skin regimen for their skin type, antioxidant protection from radicals, and repair peptides for skin rejuvenation.

As we age, fine wrinkles become more pronounced.  Ironically, very expressive patients develop facial wrinkles at a younger age but forgo treatment with neuromodulators, such as Botox and Xeomin, because they fear losing their facial expressions.  When, years later, they present complaining of deep, permanently visible wrinkles a much higher dose of neuromodulators is required to help soften, but seldom adequately correct their wrinkles leaving them with a “frozen” look.  I urge these patients to visit a trained plastic surgeon with a keen eye on producing a natural look at a younger age.  In my practice, I treat young actors, singers, and models who require a significant degree of facial expression but want to maintain a youthful look with natural soft wrinkles.  Using purified neurotoxins such as Xeomin I can focus my treatment on softening, albeit maintaining, full facial expressions, thus prolonging a natural youthful look for years to come.  Further down the road, or for my patients who have not had the benefit of early education and intervention, I often times use a combination of lasers that even out skin tone and texture and tighten crepe paper skin.  When these lasers are combined with the right peptide rich products, we can begin to reverse the signs of aging.

When reading labels, tell us the key ingredients  to look for and why?

Dr. G: Products with growth factors and antioxidants work well around the eyes and can work wonders when combined with RF treatments.

So, we’ve found the ingredients of choice, should we seek out a particular consistency (i.e. cream vs serum vs balm)?

MD Complete’s Eye Wrinkle Corrector

Dr. G: Serums have become popular because they may absorb better in the periorbital area, but either a serum or cream can work well here.

Dr. S: I feel that choosing the right vitamin depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  While Vitamin A and its derivatives can help your cells replenish your skin’s layers, Vitamin C and E are strong antioxidants and can help block free radicals and produce collagen. MD Complete’s Eye Wrinkle Corrector, which can be purchased at Target, contains Vitamin A, C, & E – and has been shown to be comparable to products sold in doctors’ offices.

General Info for All

No matter what issue affects tyour eyes, a proper routine that includes the basics is a must.

How important is SPF in eye products?

Treating Dark Circles, Under Eye Bags and Wrinkles - CLINIQUE Superdefense SPF 20 Age Defense Eye Cream
CLINIQUE Superdefense SPF 20 Age Defense Eye Cream

Dr. S: Sun protection is paramount in any skin care regimen.  I prefer to apply a dedicated sunscreen to the face and eyes rather than to use products that combine a sunscreen with active anti-aging ingredients.  In general, patients should be reapplying their sunscreen every couple of hours while in the sun.  Having a separate sunscreen comes in handy.  For the time conscious patient who is unwilling to apply multiple products in the morning, an eye cream that combines a sunscreen may prove invaluable. 

Dr. G: As a dermatologist, I insist on the use of sunscreens, so if it is incorporated into a product, that is a good start. But everyone should use a minimum SPF of 30 at all times, even on cloudy days. The skin around the eyes is sensitive so the more you can do to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun, the better.

At what age should one starting using an eye cream/serum/balm?

Dr. G: This depends on the individual, but most women should start protecting their skin earlier rather than later. By the mid-20s a patient would want to consider using these products. The earlier you begin, the more you will use products as a preventative measure rather than undoing damage that has occurred from over the years. But if you do wait until your 30s or 40s, it’s not too late! A dermatologist can design a treatment plan that can work well for you.

Dr. S: It’s never too early for a man or a woman to use products to protect their skin from the sun, replenish moisture, block free radical formation and slow down the signs of aging.

Your eyes are important, so take all the steps necessary to ensure the “doorway to where love lives” — your eyes, stay healthy, beautiful and inviting.

Still have questions?  Please leave them below!

Dr. Michael H. Gold is the founder and medical director of Gold Skin Care Center, Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa, The Laser & Rejuvenation Center, and Tennessee Clinical Research Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dr. Ulysses D. Scarpidis is a leading board-certified plastic surgeon who sits at the helm of Scarpidis Aesthetics in New York City. He specializes in cosmetic procedures that enhance all areas of the face and body.

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On June 7th I’ll be visiting Dr. Susan Resnick to get an eye exam and get fitted for new Acuvue contact lenses (happy dance.) While I love getting SPEXY, I often wear contacts to take a break from my sexy librarian situation.

How Spexy am I? 🙂

I am nothing without you, my dear readers, so, I thought I’d take you along for the ride. Do you have questions about UV protection for the eyes, eye allergies, contact lenses or any other questions related to eye health? Tweet, Facebook or leave your questions in the comments section of this post and I will be happy to get them answered for you. Don’t be shy, the “eyes are the window to the soul,” so, you definitely want to keep them as healthy as possible.

Remember, my appointment is this Thursday, June 7th, so if you have questions please get them to me before then.


Does your pretty little face require specific skincare at different times of day? It’s a question worth pondering, particularly given the financial investment we make in our arsenal of topicals, lotions, potions, serums, and creams. Let’s face it (pun intended), keeping 30+ skin disguised as 25+ comes at a price. Isn’t it worth it to go the extra step and make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of your products?

While anti-aging, reparative ingredients (like retinol and glycolic) are highly effective at improving tone, texture, and easing the appearance of creasing, they’re best applied at bedtime, as skin goes through its regenerative process. But what about day?…what’s the best possible way to treat skin during the day?

For daylight hours, skin requires an antioxidant rich regimen designed to fight free radicals, pollution, and the photo-aging affects of the sun. SkinCeuticals AOX EYE GEL‘s triple antioxidant treatment (Phloretin: increases eastin, Vitamin C: promotes collagen production, Ferulic Acid: neutralizes free radicles) is perfectly suited for daytime use and is effective at combatting the plagueing signs of fatique. For the last month, I have been generously applying the gel-like serum under my eyes and around my brow area. The immediate benefits are increased hydration, luminous texture, and vibrant appearance. The formula penetrates easily without a sticky residue. I generally apply my CARGO under eye brightener directly over SkinCeuticals AOX EYE GEL and the product does not run, fade, or crease…a major feat! Over time, I have noticed that my eye area appears more supple and fresh. The added caffeine in the formula gives my tired, puffy eyes a much needed boost in the a.m. and also helps to improve circulation.

Keeping in mind that this particular product is antioxidant packed and suitable for daytime use, for evening I recommend an eye cream that is formulated for overnight repair. I like ROC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream.

Do you adjust your routine from day to night? You should!

I’d love to hear about your skin rituals. Leave a comment & share.

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Kohl-rimmed eyes are kind of my thing. . . I get a little obsessed. Not sure what captures my heart most — the rich, inky quality of the kohl or the sultry, mysterious framing that kohl gives to eyes. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but a good kohl situation makes me very happy. So you will imagine I nearly hit the ceiling upon learning of Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio. What the whaaat?! Ohmygosh! Girls!

Highly pigmented inner rim eyeliner trio delivers rich color and instant drama. Versatile eyeliner for eye enhancing definition and inner eye rim intensity. Super- smooth gliding texture makes defining eyes effortless. 100% Waterproof wear.

PF offers trios of kohl to compliment brown, green, blue, and hazel eyes. I think this is really smart for women who have a hard time making sense of the beauty aisle. I’m not mad at PF’s paint-by-number shade selection system…it’s a great ‘guide’ but feel free to go off the grid and select your trio based on the shades you personally find most appealing.

As for color pay-off, pigment, and wear — The collection is fun and offers so many incredible shades. Just the idea that there’s kohl variety beyond standard black, well that’s Awesome Town! So PF gets the thumbs-up for that. The pigmentation isn’t as inky as my beloved Guerlain kohl – and that’s perfectly ok…because if you’re new to kohl, you might not want to jump in full throttle. I think PF offers a nice starter kohl selection at an affordable price point, which makes experimenting relatively easy on the wallet.

How I rank the shade offerings —

Fair Skin: Will enjoy the entire range of shades

Medium to Tan Skin: Will like the jewel tones

Olive to Dark Skin: Will also like the jewel tones and of course, black


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If you follow my 140 character beauty outbursts via Twitter (@ThisThatBeauty), you are well aware of the fact that I am having a hot and heavy, rich and inky, love affair with Guerlain Terracotta Khôl Kajal. Why just this Friday, I tweeted this pic…

….while looking over my shoulder and keeping a watchful eye out for the Khôl Police – I mean, is having this much fun with Khôl during the daytime even legal? Can’t be!

Well before I’m carted away by the Khôl Coppers, I thought I’d share the deets on the dramatic daytime look I’m currently coveting.

Guerlain Terracotta Khôl Kajal in shade Black Frida has earned permanent residency in my purse. It’s another one of those products (like my classic red lip) that gets the look “done” in an instant. The richly pigmented (yet non tear-inducing) Khôl is perfect for us beauty girls about town who go from the office, to events, to cocktails…with little time to spare in between.

A quick rimming of Guerlain Terracotta Khôl Kajal is all it takes to amp up your eyes….in a flash!

While I generally pair Guerlain Terracotta Khôl Kajal with a nude lip, last week (at Thierry Mugler Angel launch party for Eva Mendes) I went hog-wild and partnered Guerlain Terracotta Khôl Kajal with red lips…surprisingly, it works!

Are you crazy for Khôl? Share your thoughts on my new found love!

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Oh how I tire of hearing women complain, “makeup is too much work”. True, the application of makeup requires effort, but we need not turn it into a monumental task.

Start by deciding on your “focus feature”. This is the one area that makes you feel polished. Despite the fact that I’ve gained lots of attention for my bold crimson lips, “lips” are the last thing that I tend to focus on in my makeup routine. Actually, I can take or leave “lips”. ..I’m fairly comfortable with the natural tone and look of my lips so it’s not an area of focus when doing my makeup. Instead, I focus on eyes.

In my opinion, I have slightly hooded lids that have the tendency to bring down the shape of my face. So this is the one area that I pay attention to before leaving the house…and, as you’ll see in the pictures below, it makes a world of difference!

Here’s how I do my eyes in jiffy…a brief picture narration:

Start with what I call a “benign” shade. A neutral tone on the lid that cancels out any darkness and gives your liner something to adhere to. I like the above palette from Guerlain.

Quickly apply to lid.

My go-to liner: Guerlain Terracotta Khol Kajal

Apply top.

Apply bottom.

Coat with mascara.



What’s your “focus feature?…perhaps brows?…perhaps under eye concealer? What’s the minimum that you can do to pull it together for a polished appearance? Makeup is fun…and really need not be a burden 🙂


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ThisThatBeauty Contributor Jennifer L. sheds her good girl image and takes a walk on the wild side. Read on for Jen’s review of Urban Decay “The Dangerous Palette” …and follow her beauty babble via @plushpinkallure.


Warning! Put up the caution tape. Urban Decay’s “The Dangerous Palette” is just that – dangerous!

It contains the necessary components to evoke one’s inner bad girl. The sleek, black and gold compact includes Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in “Rockstar”, eye shadow primer potion, and six alluring colors that will melt your “girl next door” image. The cult following primer potion helps shadow to glide over lids effortlessly, while filling in creases and fine lines. Most importantly, the primer holds shadow in place, keeping the color strong and vibrant all day long.

A palette of smoky gray, dark as night black, electric teal, velvety green, rich cream, and sultry purple unleash a power house of seduction and mystery. Complete the look with the ultra easy glide-on eye pencil, which not only has lasting ability, but also contains a moisturizing bonus –  Jojoba seed oil. Give your “good girl” persona the night off… and let your alter ego emerge.

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Over the last year or so I have become a little bit obsessed with eye creams. While Iʼm not yet at the stage where I need serious help around the peepers (praises to all that is holy with a wish that the day never comes), every once in a while I have one of those extra long nights that inevitably leads to puffy, tired eyes requiring added TLC. It was after one such run that I started using Le Soin Regard, since then, Iʼve been singing praises.

Le Soin Regard promises immediate and long term benefits against aging, improvement in elasticity, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, renewed radiance and reduction in dark circles and puffiness. While Le Soin Regard promised to deliver all that, all I asked was a reduction or prevention of puffiness and addition of radiance — and that was definitely delivered.

When a product does what it promises to do, I have to take a closer look at the ingredients (I do that even when they donʼt work). While all of the ingredients work in unison for maximum product efficacy, here are the ones that stood out to tackle my particular problem; caffeine and green tea extract for the puffiness, Chlorella Vulgaris, a river microalgae to firm eye contour and mica, which illuminates skin and helps to reflect light. Other noteworthy ingredients include Blue Lotus Stem Cells, which restructures, smoothes and tightens and Helychrisum flower water and Tourmaline which improves microcirculation.

Le Soin Regard is made by Absolution, a unisex, organic line from France that was made available at SpaceNK in spring of 2011. Le Soin Regard is over 99% natural, retails for $43. The 10 ml product size will easily last a month with once daily use. Try it and let me know what you think.


This review was written by @ChristeneCarr

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I can’t decide. Is Hourglass Flim Noir Lash Lacquer revolutionary or evolutionary?


Revolutionary: because it represents a development within the lash category that does not currently exist.

Evolutionary: because it’s radically new and showcases a dramatic change outside of what’s presently offered.

The groundbreaking lash product is unlike anything I have ever seen in the beauty space. The inky, glossy, pitch-black top coat for lashes exaggerates the lash line to mimic the look of faux lashes without the hassle of weighty lashes or irritating adhesive.

A product launch this (R)Evolutionary deserves your full attention. Today, July 15, Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer ($28) launches exclusively at Sephora and Sephora.com. With that said, I’ll stand aside — *stampede*

Want to to learn more about Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer? Follow the brand on Twitter at @HourglassCsmtcs and #lashacquer



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As you know (from previous posts) I am a ginormous fan of SPEX CLUB, a too-cool-for-school website that offers hipster eye-wear for cheap.  And based on the comments and rave reviews that you guys leave have left on my SPEX CLUB blog posts and vlog post –I feel it’s safe to say that you’re pretty darn sweet on SPEX CLUB as well. Having said that, have I got an opportunity to share with YOU!

In response to the overwhelming positive response from customers, SPEX CLUB figured it is high time they reward you for your viral loyalty with a Refer a Friend initiative. Refer friends to SPEX CLUB, and when two or more friends make a purchase of regular priced items, you will be rewarded with a $58 store voucher. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a profile, or log in if you already have a profile. Click on the ‘Referred Friends’ tab to the left of the dashboard under ‘My Account.’
  2. Copy and send your special invite URL to your #spexy friends. Post a link on Facebook or Twitter, and maybe at least two of your connections will buy and earn you a free pair of SPEX!
  3. Once your friends click on that special link (under the ‘referred friends’ tab), AND when two of them make their first purchase, your $58 voucher will hit your account.
  4. You will receive an email to notify you when you are eligible for a discount. When you are in fact eligible, the discount will be automatically applied to the shopping cart once you log in to your account.
  5. To view your ongoing stats just re- click on the original ‘referred friends’ link in the sidebar, and your invitees (along with any credits) with appear.

It’s that simple…now go get your friends involved. And let’s all be #SPEXY together 😉

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