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Now here’s a little known fact about me: I have pretty much given up on hair salons. *shock* *awe*

Oh, yes! I generally find salons to be a huge waste of time. . . and money. Why? Well — apparently, my hair is the most complex hair type in the world. It’s true! I sit in the chair and instantly, highly-skilled, trained professionals are rendered clueless. Now I have enjoyed a few good experiences here & there (Phyto Universe/NYC is awesome — Ask for Ron…De Ja Vous/NYC does amaze blowouts — ask for David, Eli, or Ricky), but for the most part, I shy away from salons and do my own hair at home.

I am regularly invited to partake in services offered  by celeb stylists, colorists, etc. . . I generally, respectfully decline — these things rarely end well for me. My hair proves to be too challenging for most. And frankly, I tire of sitting there having to walk “professional stylists” through the do’s and don’t’s of combing, brushing, blowing, curling, and styling my hair. It really is a bit much!

Enter Dana’s Loft, a quaint “look-away-and-you-might-miss-it” hair salon on Manhattan’s too-cool-for-school lower east side. Upon my arrival I was greeted by Dana. Yep, “the” Dana of “Dana’s Loft”. She was kind and welcoming. Before putting product to head, Dana asked lots of questions about my hair, styling products, hair care routine, hair goals, etc. Oh, hey now. . . that’s a rarity! Dana’s initial intake process immediately put me at ease. I really appreciate that she took the time to ask about the state of my hair and how I maintain it. It’s quite rare that stylists do this — Instead they tend to quizzically examine your hair, make you feel even more self conscious about your less than pristine ends, and then recommend a host of products to repair your ol’ tired-looking hair. It’s enough to make a girl cry. . . ask me how I know :/

Well there were no tears during my visit to Dana’s Loft — only cheers! And here’s another thing that I really enjoyed during my visit. . . Dana was the only person to handle my hair. Remember the good old days when your stylist handled your hair from start to finish? Well this still exists at Dana’s Loft. . . perhaps it was a slow day or perhaps it was my lucky day — not sure, but it made me feel really good to have my hair handled by just one person. I didn’t have to worry about two or three different people in the mix.

For my visit, I decided to live a little and try out extensions. I’m generally not that girl but every now and then you have to go for the gusto. Dana added a few layers of hair from Creme de la Creme Tami Roman collection (Caution: the website plays music. . . a small pet peeve of mine). I’m rather easy going when it comes to hair so I stressed wanting a very natural look. And Dana executed just that. I left feeling like my exact hair wishes were met. Dana was so sweet, so thoughtful, and above all – extremely knowledgeable. I left knowing that I’ll definitely return. If you’re in search of a super good hair salon experience, try Dana’s Loft.

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More than two years ago, I went through the worst acne bout of my entire adult life. While I am affectionately known to be a bit of a Drama Queen, I exaggerate not when I say my skin was totally out of control. This was an incredibly frustrating phase of my life. By the time I figured out how to get the acne under control, I was left with dark, frightful, pigment marring spots all over my face. While clever skin mimicking concealers and foundations helped keep my dirty little secret, my nightly face wash revealed the horror beneath the guise.

In an effort to help others, I wrote an epic post on the topic of Hyper pigmentation…and later started a blog series titled, what else: Hyper pigmentation Series. In the series, I highlight the many products on the market designed to treat hyper pigmentation.

If you go back and read my inaugural hyper pigmentation post, you will note that Murad Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel was an integral part of my hyper pigmentation recovery routine. That stuff WORKS. PERIOD! Within 3-4 weeks of continued use, my spots diminished…A few more weeks later and, what spots? That stuff WORKS. PERIOD!

GIRRRRRRLS..and boys (like my beloved twitter Beauty Boy @calebjf) —

Hold the phone! Dr Murad has improved on perfection.

“Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum” fast tracks results in as little as one week. The next generation of Murad’s award-winning Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel is more advanced because it targets, treats and prevents future pigmentation. I have always said that Murad is the gold standard when it comes to spot lightening. The enhanced formulation is appropriate for all ethnicites and appropriate for a wide range of spots including: age spots, sun spots, freckles, post acne spots, and other unwanted pigmentation.

Key features (via Murad):

  • Clinically proven to restore clarity and even skin tone by reducing the appearance of sun spots and age spots 33% in 1 week
  • Hydroquinone fades dark spots, age spots and freckles, evening skin tone to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion
  • Hexapeptide-2, an advanced skin lightening peptide, complements the results of Hydroquinone, helping block future damage by prohibiting pigment formation
  • Glycolic Acid exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, helping the active ingredient penetrate quickly for faster results
  • 88% of study participants saw a more even skin tone in 2 weeks

If clear, vibrant skin is on your wish list for the new year, mark your calendar for next month’s launch at Sephora, Ulta…and leading spa/salon locations beginning 2012.

It is $60…and worth E-VE-RY penny!

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It is truly truly a sin that I have not formally reviewed La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Sugar Soufflé Scrub sooner. I’ve been using it for well over 6 months. And in my years of evaluating body scrubs I can confidently say that it is one of the best, if not THE best body scrub I have ever used, and here’s why:

Unlike most scrubs I’ve tried, La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Soufflé’s scrub particles are super fine. I despise huge chunky bits in my body scrub. The particles in La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Soufflé Scrub are in fact sugar, and naturally, sugar dissolves when wet.

The moisture factor sets La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Soufflé Scrub apart from most other scrubs I’ve used. After rinsing the scrub from skin, there is absolutely no need to moisturize. Simply blot skin dry and moist silky skin remains. Major!

Earlier in this blog post I stated that La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Soufflé Scrub is one of the best, if not the best body scrub I’ve ever used. The one characteristic that keeps me from flat out proclaiming La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Soufflé Scrub as be THE absolute best I’ve ever used is the scent. While I adore the brown sugar scent (it is positively yummy) it might be a bit much for everyday. If there were just a hint of citrus to break up the sweet, I’d be slathering on the creamy concoction with every shower. So until I can get my hands on a citrus/ brown sugar variation (La Liscious offers Lily Mango, Passionfruit Lime, Island Guava), I’ll continue with my Saturday night La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Soufflé Scrub ritual. It’s my once a week sweet treat!


Details from the manufacturer:

This natural body scrub is made with coconut oil which absorbs quickly and easily into your skin, leaving it moisturized and protected without feeling greasy. Pure cane sugar crystals exfoliate dead skin cells while sweet almond and vitamin-e oils condition, moisturize, and smooth you to perfection!

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Just the other day, I was chatting with fellow beauty girls and discussing my budding fragrance nose. While I’ve always enjoyed scenting my pulse points, suddenly fragrance has become an integral part of my daily life…greatly extending beyond what I spritz on my body. From the lavender calming spray that I mist on my bed linens nightly, to the peony scented candle that I burn in my office (hello, NEST Peony Blanche),I have become acutely aware of scent and the effect it has on my overall well-being.

Suddenly my water bill is experiencing a spike and I have Caress to blame (blame in a good way:))….and actually, I am reminded to send a note of thanks to Afrobella as well. You see it all started with a tweet. Yes, a tweet. Patrice, of Afrobella, doled out 140 characters of amore for the new alluring range of Caress Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Washes…I HAD to try!

Unlike most drugstore shower gels in the <$6 range, the irresistibly fragrant scent of Caress Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Wash lasts long after you've showered. The secret to the pleasant sillage is the multi-layered fragrance composition and pure oil concentrations like Juniper oil and Patchouli oil. If you're currently hooked on a high priced specialty-store body wash, give Caress a try. It's a great splurge vs steal option!

I recently started going back to the gym and when I’m in the gym 4 to 5 times per week, I have to shampoo my hair at least twice per week.  I have chemically straightened, dry hair and scalp so twice a week shampoos are a real pain.  A few weeks ago I started using three Anthony Morrison products: the HYDRAclense sulfate free shampoo, HYDRAnourish daily conditioner, and HYDRAtame blow dry créme. The HYDRAcleanse sulfate-free shampoo has a great botanical aroma. The shampoo is pearlized and moisturizing and I only need one lather to get my hair clean. HYDRAnourish daily conditioner didn’t do much to soften or detangle my hair. However, this conditioner may work for someone with fine hair. The HYDRAtame blow dry créme was the hero of this trio. Besides smelling great, the blow dry créme has detangling power and once I apply it and blow out my hair, I immediately feel the difference. My hair is light and a bit straighter than usual after a blow dry with HYDRAtame blow dry créme.

Anthony Morrison’s line of products  are formulated to “recharge your hair with the unique combination of Hibiscus Protein and natural Floral Hydrasols of Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Ylang Ylang.” This explains why I recently found myself looking forward to my twice weekly shampoos and my once a week blow out. For a full list of Anthony Morrison products, please visit the product website. The collection is also available via ShopNBC


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