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More than two years ago, I went through the worst acne bout of my entire adult life. While I am affectionately known to be a bit of a Drama Queen, I exaggerate not when I say my skin was totally out of control. This was an incredibly frustrating phase of my life. By the time I figured out how to get the acne under control, I was left with dark, frightful, pigment marring spots all over my face. While clever skin mimicking concealers and foundations helped keep my dirty little secret, my nightly face wash revealed the horror beneath the guise.

In an effort to help others, I wrote an epic post on the topic of Hyper pigmentation…and later started a blog series titled, what else: Hyper pigmentation Series. In the series, I highlight the many products on the market designed to treat hyper pigmentation.

If you go back and read my inaugural hyper pigmentation post, you will note that Murad Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel was an integral part of my hyper pigmentation recovery routine. That stuff WORKS. PERIOD! Within 3-4 weeks of continued use, my spots diminished…A few more weeks later and, what spots? That stuff WORKS. PERIOD!

GIRRRRRRLS..and boys (like my beloved twitter Beauty Boy @calebjf) —

Hold the phone! Dr Murad has improved on perfection.

“Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum” fast tracks results in as little as one week. The next generation of Murad’s award-winning Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel is more advanced because it targets, treats and prevents future pigmentation. I have always said that Murad is the gold standard when it comes to spot lightening. The enhanced formulation is appropriate for all ethnicites and appropriate for a wide range of spots including: age spots, sun spots, freckles, post acne spots, and other unwanted pigmentation.

Key features (via Murad):

  • Clinically proven to restore clarity and even skin tone by reducing the appearance of sun spots and age spots 33% in 1 week
  • Hydroquinone fades dark spots, age spots and freckles, evening skin tone to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion
  • Hexapeptide-2, an advanced skin lightening peptide, complements the results of Hydroquinone, helping block future damage by prohibiting pigment formation
  • Glycolic Acid exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, helping the active ingredient penetrate quickly for faster results
  • 88% of study participants saw a more even skin tone in 2 weeks

If clear, vibrant skin is on your wish list for the new year, mark your calendar for next month’s launch at Sephora, Ulta…and leading spa/salon locations beginning 2012.

It is $60…and worth E-VE-RY penny!

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New Contributor Makeup Artist Brandalyn Fulton (@brandalynfulton) shares her thoughts on Cetaphil RestoraDERM™ Skin Restoring Body Wash…and a PRO ARTIST tip!


It is hard to gauge whether its fall or winter nowadays! When the seasons change, it’s a clear indication to modify our skincare routine. Changing your skincare doesn’t just mean switching from a lotion to a cream. It also means finding cleansers that help skin retain moisture. Cetaphil RestoraDERM™ Skin Restoring Body Wash is formulated for atopic skin, so it’s equipped to address severe issues like eczema as well as common symptoms associated with sensitive, itchy, inflamed skin. Cetaphil’s RestoraDERM™ technology treats the aforementioned symptoms by  rebuilding skin’s natural barrier.

While Cetaphil is known for its amazing Daily Facial Cleanser, the newly formulated Body Wash lives up to the Cetaphil brand and is destined for cult-like status. The wash is creamy, it lathers well and has the same gentle, fragrance free, non-irritating feeling of the brand’s classic Daily Facial Cleanser. Enriched with Shea butter and mild cleansing agents used in children’s cleansing products, the body wash is paraben free, soap free, and nut oil free.

My skin is very dry (all year round) and this product has become a staple in my routine this winter. After showering my skin feels clean, supple, nourished, and relieved. I can feel the effects of the cleanser working even as I apply my moisturizer.

You can find Cetaphil RestoraDERM products at CVS, Walgreens, and Duane Reade for $14.99.

Brandalyn’s Pro Makeup Artist Tip: No matter how good your face or body may feel after cleansing, always follow up with a moisturizer. No skincare routine is complete without it!


Need winter skin care advice for the face? Follow Felicia’s easy advice!

CLICK link below to view the TUTORIAL

ThisThatBeauty’s Winter Skin Care Solutions

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*Now that crisp fall air is upon us, I thought I would re-publish my “Winter Skin Care Solutions” blog post with originally ran in December 2010. Enjoy!*

Dry winter skin happens to the best of us…even a top notch Grade A (my words, not yours:)) Beauty Editor like myself. I generally have fairly oily skin, so you can imagine my shock and dismay over my recent bout with parched, winter, sandpaper skin. After returning from Paris (where is was 20 degrees), my skin decided to betray me and behave as if it’s one hundred and eighty five years old. My cheeks were dry and wrinkly, my forehead was extremely dehydrated…with every facial expression, deep dry lines road-mapped my entire face. So very un-pretty!

If you’ve noticed, I am speaking in the past tense and using words like “was” and “were” because thanks to a few incredibly effective skincare products from my beauty closet, I am healed!!! In a matter of two weeks, my skin’s balance has been restored and supple hydrated skin is mine. Not one to keep a good thing to myself, I created a quick video to demonstrate my step by step regime for combating dry winter skin. This regime worked for me and I hope it works for you! Here are the products used:

jeune d’âge organics Premiere Cleanser

jeune d’âge organics Marin Toner with Mister

Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate

Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum

And here is my video tutorial. I would love to hear your thoughts on my regime.

Now that we’ve got your dry skin in check above the neck, let’s journey south. Annet King, Director of Global Education at The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica shares her top tips for winterizing skin. To add to my tips above, here are Annet’s top to do’s for a beautifully hydrated body!

Lower humidity levels, extreme cold, and varying indoor and outdoor environments can all damage the skin’s protective outer layer, causing irritation, sensitivity, dryness and even stinging. We all know the look: Dull, flaky, dry skin around the eyes, red cheeks. Winter can wreak havoc on all skin types.

Here are some simple tips to protect your body from the elements, while keeping your skin hydrated.

For the body and hands:

  • Avoid hot water as it removes moisture from the skin. Instead, use lukewarm water and pat skin dry, don’t rub. While the skin is still damp, apply your body moisturizer immediately. Try Dermalogica’s UltraRich Body Cream for supreme nourishment and protection from the elements.
  • Nylon and wool can worsen any sensitivity or eczema, so try to wear 100 percent cotton and natural fabrics.
  • With shower and bath products, avoid soap, artificial fragrance and high-foam products, as they dehydrate the skin. Alternatively, add a few pumps of aromatherapy oil to your bath. Try Dermalogica’s Stress Relief Treatment Oil and Conditioning Body Wash.
  • Slough off dead cells effortlessly by adding Hydro-Active Mineral Salts to the bath for a relaxing and exfoliating soak. If your prefer to shower, try Dermalogica’s Exfoliating Body Scrub and use in gentle, circular movements paying special attention to knees, elbows and hands. For super all-over-smoothness, use with the Ultimate Buffing Cloth.
  • Opt for the paraffin dip the next time you get a manicure – it’s good for locking in moisture.
  • Wear 100 percent cotton gloves to bed over a healing cream like Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment; this practice speeds up absorption and you’ll wake up with super-soft hands.

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It is truly truly a sin that I have not formally reviewed La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Sugar Soufflé Scrub sooner. I’ve been using it for well over 6 months. And in my years of evaluating body scrubs I can confidently say that it is one of the best, if not THE best body scrub I have ever used, and here’s why:

Unlike most scrubs I’ve tried, La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Soufflé’s scrub particles are super fine. I despise huge chunky bits in my body scrub. The particles in La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Soufflé Scrub are in fact sugar, and naturally, sugar dissolves when wet.

The moisture factor sets La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Soufflé Scrub apart from most other scrubs I’ve used. After rinsing the scrub from skin, there is absolutely no need to moisturize. Simply blot skin dry and moist silky skin remains. Major!

Earlier in this blog post I stated that La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Soufflé Scrub is one of the best, if not the best body scrub I’ve ever used. The one characteristic that keeps me from flat out proclaiming La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Soufflé Scrub as be THE absolute best I’ve ever used is the scent. While I adore the brown sugar scent (it is positively yummy) it might be a bit much for everyday. If there were just a hint of citrus to break up the sweet, I’d be slathering on the creamy concoction with every shower. So until I can get my hands on a citrus/ brown sugar variation (La Liscious offers Lily Mango, Passionfruit Lime, Island Guava), I’ll continue with my Saturday night La Liscious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Soufflé Scrub ritual. It’s my once a week sweet treat!


Details from the manufacturer:

This natural body scrub is made with coconut oil which absorbs quickly and easily into your skin, leaving it moisturized and protected without feeling greasy. Pure cane sugar crystals exfoliate dead skin cells while sweet almond and vitamin-e oils condition, moisturize, and smooth you to perfection!

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Nobody likes ashy hands but the frequency with which I wash my hands, it is often inevitable.  I recently started using eos (evolution of smooth) hand lotion and I have been keeping the ash at bay. Not because this hand lotion is the best hand lotion ever and stays on the skin after repeated washes, but because it is in a unique slim packaging that allows me to have it with me at all times, literally! I can even put it in my pocket! (Don’t worry, that packaging is such that even after I sat on it, it didn’t pop and get on the inside of my pant pocket.)


The ingredients in the eos hand lotion are nothing to sneeze at, though.  It has 97% natural ingredients, is free of parabens, animal byproducts and is not tested on fury little pals.  The main ingredients include shea butter to soothe and nourish, oat extract to protect, and aloe to soothe and heal.

If you are like me and want a great hand cream that is packaged to go anywhere, try eos hand lotion. For $3.99 you can have a great hand lotion that goes every and anywhere. Your ash won’t like it, but your precious hands will.


This product was reviewed by @ChristeneCarr

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And my “for serious” beauty writer side generally tries to avoid such overused language like “amazing”, but tis what it tis. In a matter of 24 hours, Clean & Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Drying Paste completely wiped out a major complexion-marring zit.

It went a little something like this:

Day one – Zit arrives. I immediately inspect my beauty arsenal to assess my options. I generally rely on Mario Badescu Drying Lotion but decided to go with something new.

Day two – Drats! Totally forgot to apply drying paste and now I have to hop on a plane for a press trip to Atlanta. What self respecting Beauty Editor arrives to a press outing with a zit…Igad! At this point, the zit is now inflamed, dark, and an imposing eyesore. I am near tears! (#firstworldproblems)

Night two – I apply a dap of Clean & Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Drying Paste to the dastardly intruder. By morning, after washing with Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash (complements of the W Atlanta), the dark surface of the pimple dried up, flaked off, healed the skin underneath, and now it’s like the zit was never ever there. It’s a miracle…I am healed {said in Jimmy Swaggart voice}.

Note of Caution: The treated area is now dry as heck…but it’s the kind of dryness that will subside after a few days of intensified moisture to the surface. Nooo worries….I’ll take a few days of residual dryness over a residual acne mark ANYDAY!


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Fridays with Felicia: An intimate look behind the curtain as I share my favorite style/ beauty discoveries and ThisThatBeauty shenanigans from previous week


Happy Friday everyone! For those of us on the east coast, we’re dealing with another dusting of snow. I hope Bloomberg gets in gear this go ’round….my New York peeps were not pleased. At all!

For today’s installment of “Fridays with Felicia” I would like to share a few of my most popular skin care posts with you. Some of you are new followers of the blog…some of you follow on Twitter and ask lots of questions about skincare, my routine, and favorite products.

In this post below I share my skincare philosophy on achieving beautiful, blemish-free, even toned, luminous, and hydrated skin. I show you step-by-step how I took my troubled acneic skin from this:

To This!

Learn how I did it here: http://www.thisthatbeauty.com/2010/03/thisthatbeauty-vs-hyperpigmentation/

Once you have your basic daily skincare regime down to a science, it’s important to incorporate special exfoliant treatments like at-home peels. Here’s my rundown on my current  favorite at-home peels: http://www.thisthatbeauty.com/2010/11/peel-thy-skin-heal-thy-sk’in-thisthatbeautys-favorite-at-home-peels/

If dry irritated winter skin is getting the best of you, try my tips in this step-by-step video. http://www.thisthatbeauty.com/2010/12/thisthatbeautys-winter-skin-care-solutions/

About a year ago I had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite skin care gurus, Renee Rouleau. In that interview Renee shared great insight and tips on maintaining healthy skin. I think my new followers will find this interview very helpful: http://www.thisthatbeauty.com/2009/12/thisthatbeauty-asks-an-expert-renee-rouleau/

I hope this blog post helps you to navigate your skin care challenges and settle into a routine that best benefits your skin. Have a great weekend and stay warm.


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Can you realistically expect your foundation to clear up your acne? I’ve never been one to promote skin care through cosmetics. For example, I like my sunscreen solo….not in my foundation. If my tinted moisturizer happens to offer an SP15, well that’s just gravy baby. But my “core” SPF protection is a stand alone product. And based on my recent gold star for great skin from Derm TV’s Dr. Neal Schultz, you can trust that I know what the heck I’m talking about.

But I digress. How much can a cosmetic product contribute to the management of your acne? Well the good folks in white lab coats at Clinique are banking on the success of a product set to launch in April. Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup claims to actively conceal and treat blemished complexions as well as prevent future breakouts. The innovative product incorporates a proprietary blend of balancing ingredients that work to minimize sebum and maintain skin’s moisture balance.

When it comes to over the counter ance fighting products, brands generally call upon the pimple popping powers of either salicylic acid or good ol’ benzoyl peroxide (STRIDEX and Degrassi Jr. High memories be gone!). Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup includes four key ingredients:

1) salicylic acid – an exfoliant

2) laminaria sacharrine extract – sea algae that helps to regulate sebum production and balance moisture levels

3) hydroxydecanoic acid – helps to control the spread of blemishes

4) caffeine – to soothe, calm and reduce redness

With eight shades ranging from fair to deep, the formula promises to not only conceal blemishes, but also neutralize visible skin redness and reduce the appearance of large pores.

The fragrance free and oil-free blemish clearing liquid makeup makes rather lofty claims. If it lives up to the hype, it could truly be a God send for acne sufferers everywhere.

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With ol’ man winter just ’round the corner, don’t forget to step up your lip protection game. No matter what the current lip color trend might be (here at ThisThatBeauty we favor strong semi matte color), dehydrated smackers are never en vogue!

Pur-lisse_Pur-lip ComfortPur~lisse Pur~lip Daily Lip Nourisher comforts dry, cracked and chapped lips with fruit butters and vegetable oils while providing healing benefits for soft, supple and youthful-looking lips.

Key Benefits:

  • Free of Petroleum, Parabens, Petrochemicals, Color and Fragrance.
  • Contains Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E
  • Nutrient-rich formula protects and hydrates.

In addition to having dry skin on my body I also have extremely dry lips. Probably because I have the tendency to lick them alot and cooler weather combined with indoor heat doesn’t help any.  I’m constantly applying lip balm or some type of lip moisturizer during the day.  Pur~lip Daily Lip Nourisher feels wonderful on the lips and is probably best suited for individuals with slightly dry or mildly chapped lips. Individuals of severe lip dryness might want to double up and try Pur~lip Daily Lip Nourisher in the evenings as well as during the day…kind of like a more intense nighttime moisture treatment for lips.

By Karen E. Duncan – Guest Writer

Karen is a certified makeup “addict” and beauty lover, who escaped corporate America to pursue a career in makeup. She now works as a professional freelance Makeup Artist/Hairstylist working in a variety of areas such as fashion, runway, television, video, etc. Karen also shares her love of all things beauty via her Beauty Blog KarensWorldofBeauty.blogspot.com.

yhst-82171457055258_2073_267058Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Hand and Foot Butter is part of a five piece Spa Bath Collection. It is a luxurious creamy butter formulated to help soften and renew the skin on hands and feet. Spa Bath Hand and Foot Butter is enriched with Shea Butter, a natural moisturizer known to soften and protect skin. This dreamy treat for hands and feet also contains Squalene and Grape Seed Oil — two powerful ingredients used to hydrate, reduce appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, and protect skin from premature aging.yhst-82171457055258_2073_1332363

Housed in airless packing, each pump of the jar provides the perfect amount of product for each use and is guaranteed to be “lab fresh”.

All products from Lisa Hoffman’s Spa Bath Collection use exclusive ingredients and fragrances that are gathered in a sustainable manner from rainforests around the globe. A portion of worldwide sales are donated to The Rainforest Foundation to lend support to the people living in these regions.

Spa Bath Hand and Foot Butter made my super dry hands feel soft and smooth but the butter wasn’t greasy or heavy at all…just moisturizing and silky!

Karen E. Duncan – Guest Writer for ThisThatBeauty

Karen is a certified makeup “addict” and beauty lover, who escaped corporate America to pursue a career in makeup. She now works as a professional freelance Makeup Artist/Hairstylist working in a variety of areas such as fashion, runway, television, video, etc. Karen also shares her love of all things beauty via her Beauty Blog KarensWorldofBeauty.blogspot.com.

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At one point in my skincare regime, I was a HUGE fan of Retin-A. It sent my adult acne bye-bye and I viewed the anti-aging benefits as icing on the cake. I was so hooked on the miracle topical treatment that I brought back a boat load from vacation in China (It’s super cheap in China!)

Over the last  year I’ve been on the fence with Retin-A. After a long streak of success, my skin slowly started to relapse and occasional zits began popping up. My Retin-A has been on the back burner for quite some time now. In my head, I secretly go back and forth thinking of ways to reintroduce Retin-A into my regime. I’m sorry but I want those anti-aging benefits, damn it! 

Everyone knows that Retinol is the ish. Retinol is proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve overall texture, and promote the renewal of skin cells. Retinol products tend to have fewer side effects than Retin-A (i.e. adverse reactions and extreme dryness). 

When I learned of Vitivia Pro Vitamin A15, I jumped at the opportunity to give it a try. Pro Vitamin A15 contains pure Vitamin A (Retinol) at .15%. The Vitivia representative who introduced me to the product said that her sister’s acne was so severe she was on Accutane. She switched from Accutane to Vitivia Pro Vitamin A15 and has had great success ever since. Seeing as my skin has recently decided to betray me and act a fool, I decided to give Vitivia a try.

Its been three weeks (night time usage) and Vitivia Pro Vitamin A15 gets two thumbs up from Ms ThisThatBeauty. Since starting Pro Vitamin A15 I have not experienced any new breakouts. When I started Pro Vitamin A15, I had one huge cyst like zit smack dab in the middle of two older cystic zits. The two older zits healed extremely dark and left behind gross unsightly blemishes (Thank God for Cinema Secrets 202-20). The newer cystic zit that was already formed and was treated with Pro Vitamin A15 healed much better than the two older zits. The newer zit is now completely healed and did not leave behind a dark blemish. 

WOW! This kind of result is a big deal for me. I have dark skin so my pimples tend to leave behind dark (almost black) spots that take FOREVER to fade. But with the help of  Vitivia Pro Vitamin A15, my pimple healed without leaving behind a dark little reminder. I’m hooked!

In just three weeks everything looks great. The one cystic pimple I had has healed beautifully without leaving a blemish. My skin did not purge when I started Pro Vitamin A15. I love the idea of a gentle Retinol product that tames my nasty adult acne while delivering powerful anti aging benefits. Its like Christmas in July…a girl can’t ask for much more! 

Vitivia’s Pro:Vitamin line combines pure concentrations of natural ingredients with the best of modern science. This formulation is then placed in individual biodegradable unit dose packaging insuring each application of Pro:Vitamin has never been exposed to light or air. As a result, the concentration of the first application is as pure and
stable as the last.

Vitivia’s topical Pro Vitamins offer pharmaceutical grade, pure concentrations, entirely free of chemical preservatives and fragrances in 100% biodegradeable capsules designed to maintain the purity and integrity of the vitamin concentration within.

I hear the Pro Vitamin C10 is amazing for hyper pigmentation…uh huh, yup…I’m all over it and will be reporting back soon! But in the mean time and in between time, Pro Vitamin A15 is ThisThatBeauty approved!


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With sandal season right around the corner, now’s as good a time as any to get crusty heels in tip top shape. NeoStrata Problem Dry Skin Treatment Cream can help eliminate the crustiness of super dry, cracked heels. Formulated with 20% Alpha Hydroxy Acid, NeoStrata Problem Dry Skin Treatment Cream works hard to smooth and moisturize severely dry, rough, and thickened skin.

This miracle cream is like a pedicure in a jar. Do yourself a favor and invest in a tub. Your sling-backs will thank you!

NeoStrata products are available through physicians and select online retailers. For more info visit neostrata.com or call 800-865-8667

NeoStrata Problem Dry Skin Treatment Cream retails for $30 for 3.4 ounce jar

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    With sandal season right around the corner, now’s as good a time as any to get crusty heels in tip top shape. NeoStrata Problem Dry Skin Treatment Cream can help eliminate the crustiness of super dry, cracked heels. Formulated with 20% Alpha Hydroxy Acid, NeoStrata Problem Dry Skin Treatment Cream works hard to smooth and moisturize severely dry, rough, and thickened skin.

    This miracle cream is like a pedicure in a jar. Do yourself a favor and invest in a tub. Your sling-backs will thank you!

    NeoStrata products are available through physicians and select online retailers. For more info visit neostrata.com or call 800-865-8667

    NeoStrata Problem Dry Skin Treatment Cream retails for $30 for 3.4 ounce jar

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    Still Searching for your perfect day cream plus SPF?

    ThisThatBeauty says, TRY THIS!

    RevaleSKIN Day Cream with SPF 15

    Normally I’m an SPF 30 kind of girl. Despite my rich chocolateyness, when it comes to SPF I do not play. Women of all ethnic backgrounds and complexions need to wear at least SPF 15 EVERYDAY. Click HERE and HERE for previous posts on the topic of sunscreen…but if you’ve got a meeting in a few minutes and have time for just one ThisThatBeauty post today, let me give you the abridged explanation:


    If you’re not skin obsessed [like me] and you’re not putting in the required daily work…do yourself one small favor.  At the very least:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear a daily sunscreen!!!

    So, as I was saying at the start of this post…If you’re still looking for your perfect day cream with SPF, ThisThatBeauty encourages you to try what I’ve been using for the last few weeks, RevaleSKIN Day Cream with SPF 15. It’s an awesome moisturizer. As you all know, I have major winter dryness issues. So if I’m saying a product is a good moisturizer – listen up!

    2)   RevaleSKIN Day Cream contains the powerful antioxidant, CoffeeBerry extract. Lazy girls stand up! Here’s your opportunity to do moisturizer, SPF, and antioxidant in one shot [while the antioxidant add-on is a nice benefit, I still do a separate antioxidant before hand…see, I really am a fanatic].

    All in all RevaleSKIN Day Cream with SPF 15 is a solid product that addresses a multitude of skincare necessities in one simple step. Having said that, I hereby deem RevaleSKIN Day Cream with SPF 15 – ThisThatBeauty approved [insert stamp of approval].

    © Copyright 2017 ThisThatBeauty