3 Products to Add Moisture to Dry Hair

Acure Moisturizing Root Repair Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Keeping moisture in my very porous naturally kinky curly hair is no small feat.  While I want my hair moisturized and manageable, I don’t want products that will weigh my hair down or irritate my scalp.   Hair that is properly moisturized is less prone to breakage and tangles.  During the most epic winter ever [...]

Destination Beauty: Dana’s Loft

Dana's Loft image

Now here’s a little known fact about me: I have pretty much given up on hair salons. *shock* *awe* Oh, yes! I generally find salons to be a huge waste of time. . . and money. Why? Well — apparently, my hair is the most complex hair type in the world. It’s true! I sit [...]

ThisThatBeauty Reviews: Rio de Keratin Cocolada Treatment


My friends have really got it good. By virtue of our friendship they often get to test out some of the hottest, coolest, newest beauty products known to wo-man. For example, over the years, my dear friend Chrissy has written nearly half a dozen reviews for TTB: Here she reviewed XEN TAN Here she reviewed [...]

ThisThatBeauty Discoveries: The Power of the Pre-Shampoo Treatment


Somewhere around 1989 I abandoned the pre-shampoo treatment concept. Bye-bye V05 Hot Oil Treatment. But like all things 80′s it’s baaaaack! And just like certain things from the 80′s that never really left (Egad, like your auntie who still wears heavily contoured blush)….if you google the term “pre-poo” (which is short for “pre-shampoo”), you will [...]