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If you followed Fashion Week for nail trends, you know you probably can’t execute those artfully complex shapes and patterns you saw on the model’s nails. Your neighborhood manicurist is happy to oblige, but when you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, a DYI mani in an eye-catching, spring-y hue will do just fine. Here are 8 nail polish shades you need to master your spring manicure.  


spring manicure - Maxus Inspired

Maxus Inspired

This heavily pigmented true red from the Maxus Empowered collection is a gorgeous classic. To get the full effect of this polish, I recommend applying a thin coat of the Maxus Strengthening Base Coat, 1-2 coats of Inspired and one thin layer of Maxus Top Coat. This trio takes a little longer to dry than regular polishes, but it has an impressively long wear. Well worth the wait! $18 each at MaxusNails.com


Dermelect COAT D’AMOUR - spring manicure

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals ‘Me’ Coat D’Amour

From Dermelect’s new Romantic Renaissance Collection, this high-energy hot pink is sure to wow.  This ‘5-Free’, full-coverage formula contains keratin and peptides to help maintain a healthy nail bed and strong nails. Price: $14 at Dermelect.com


Lippmann collection CAKE_BY_THE_OCEAN

Deborah Lippmann Cake By The Ocean Gel Lab Pro Nail Color

Cake by the Ocean is a beautiful baby pink; perfect for all those pastels you’re rocking right now. I was excited to try Deborah Lippmann’s Get Lab Pro formula, and I’m a fan! It’s a 3-step process; base coat, color and topcoat, but each layer dries very quickly and requires no light to cure. The formula is packed with fatty acids, biotin and keratin for healthy nails and long wear. Price: $20 for Cake By the Ocean and $24 for the Base Coat & Top Coat Travel Set at Nordstrom


Zoya - Abby Tina Milly - spring manicure

Zoya Abby, Tina & Milly from the Charming Collection

Zoya’s new spring collection has three beautiful, full-coverage purples for every mood that strikes you. Abby is an ultra-light pastel lilac, Tina is a full-bodied, creamy purple, and Millie is a deep and lively sparkling plum.  $10 each at Zoya.com


Sally Hansen Aqua Chakra

Sally Hansen Aqua Chakra

If you’re feeling a bit daring, go for the limited edition Aqua Chakra, a creamy turquoise. The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a long wearing home gel formula that requires no light to set. Apply two coats of color and one coat of the Miracle Gel Top Coat and you’re good to go!  Price: $9.99 each at drugstores nationwide

BLUEspring manicure- Lippmann Collection SEA_OF_LOVE

Deborah Lippmann Sea of Love Gel Lab Pro Nail Color

Another stunner from Deborah Lippmann, Sea of Love is a full coverage, creamy cornflower blue. Sandwiched between the base coat and topcoat, one coat of Sea of Love will do the trick!

Price: $20 at Nordstrom


Pixel Sexy Slime

Pixel High Shine Nail Lacquer in Sexy Slime

Pixel Yell Oh

and Yell Oh 

In the mood for bold? Go for it with these sassy statement shades from Pixel. Yell Oh is a sunny lemon yellow and Sexy Slime is a silky chartreuse. The tiny size and low price make these Pixel polishes perfect for the girl who is on the go or who changes her mind on a dime. Price: $3.25 each at PixelCosmetics.com

I’m a sucker for a long white dress. There’s just something oh so chic about it. So when it came to the Golden Globes red carpet Sunday night, I couldn’t help but fall in serious love with Emily Blunt’s perfectly fit Michael Kors gown. I just had to recreate the look for myself! Obvi, my nails were the fastest, not to mention the cheapest, way to do so. Lucky for you, this design is suuuuper easy and makes for my first tutorial for 2015!

main photo


CND Stickey, base coat

OPI, Alpine Snow 

Nail Tape

Seche Vite, top coat 




Step 1: Apply your base coat and wait until it’s 100% dry. Cut 2 pieces of your nail tape and place them diagonally across your nail.

Step 2: Using your white polish, paint 2 thin coats over the entire nail.

Step 3: Immediately, yet delicately, peel off the tape.

Step 4: Seal the deal with your Seche Vite and you’ve got yourself a Michael Kors-inspired masterpiece in no time!

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Happy New Year! As far as I’m concerned, 2015 is the year of the nail. I’m so excited to explore new designs and techniques. But before I get to painting, let’s take a stroll down mani-memory-lane. Here are my Top 10 Manicures of 2014!

Disclaimer: it was SUPER hard to choose only 10 designs. These are in no particular order- again, it’s too hard to decide!

1. Ocean blue ombre topped off with Swarovski crystals!

blue ombre

2. Evil Eye Power!


3. Matte/Shiny Black Half Moons

(this is a kiiiiiller combo!)

black matte

4. Purple and teal studded color block!

Remember this tutorial?

photo 2

5. Rainbow stitch using the dry brush technique and funky charms.

photo 3

6. Leopard tips – you can NEVER go wrong with leopard!

leopard tips

7. Neon Camo Party

camo rainbow _ 1 hand

8. Shades of purple reverse french

Catch the tutorial here!

half moons

9. A Foil’s Paradise

Look familiar? This was my NYE tutorial just a few weeks ago. See it here!


10. Paradise Ombre

Ughhh, I wish I was at the beach with these right now!

photo 1

Oooh what a year it was! Which one was your favorite?? I’d love to hear! And make sure you follow my 2015 nail journey on theGLITTERY.com and on Instagram, @theGLITTERYblog.

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, you’ve no doubt already found your party dress, shoes and you may even have planned out your makeup.  But what about your nails?  You can’t forget those.  Today I have the most perfectly festive — not to mention easy and fast New Year’s Eve Nail Art Tutorial that will make your fingers a hit at any party.

photo 2

All you need is your favorite navy blue polish and a few nail foils. Foils look hard to do, but they are so easy. And you can order all different kinds right here on Amazon! Keep scrolling for the official supplies list and the 4-step tutorial that will blow your socks off!

Happy Holidays and 2015 to you and yours!





Step 1: after applying your base coat, paint 2 coats of your navy blue. Make sure the polish is 100% dry before moving to step 2 or else the foils won’t work properly!

Step 2: once your polish is dry (this is so important, it’s worth repeating), take your foil adhesive and paint on a thin layer by your cuticles. Only put the adhesive where you want the foil to go. It goes on white (like glue) and then turns clear when it’s ready for the foil!

Step 3: cut a few squares of your foil. Then, using a corner of the gold, COLOR/FOIL SIDE UP, dab it on the right bottom corner of your nail. Then take your turquoise, COLOR/FOIL SIDE UP and do the same right next to the gold. Keep alternating until you reach the left side of your nail.

Step 4: wait about 5 minutes before sealing the deal with your top coat! And now you (and your nails) are ready to ring in 2015 in style!

photo 1

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One of my favorite Fall nail shade’s is purple. To me, she does no wrong (yes, SHE). So for this mani of the week, I’m taking my top two purples out for a spin to show you an easy, fun twist on the French Manicure.

hero shot





Step 1: Cut your reinforcements in half and place one half in the middle of your nail, hole side down. Make sure the sides are really stuck down.

Step 2: Take your lighter purple (Revlon Gel Envy, Winning Streak) and paint it above the reinforcement arch – you don’t need a base coat with this polish! Then take your darker purple (Revlon Gel Envy, Up the Ante) and paint it in the little circle at the base near your cuticle.

Step 3: Carefully remove the reinforcement (I prefer to do this with tweezers).

Step 4: Wait a few minutes before sealing with the Revlon Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat!

To get my ombre-esque look, alternate the colors on the top and bottom of the nails on each finger. Then, voila! You’ve got yourself a suuuuuper cute French mani remix.

with bottle

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Sally Hansen recently launched its new Miracle Gel line, answering every girls’ nail polish prayers- a gel manicure with no light needed! Before I share this week’s nail art tutorial, let me break down this genius product for you…


1. Again, there’s no light needed! This part is so exciting, it’s worth repeating. It’s just like painting your nails regularly except you get the added/free bonus of it being a gel manicure! Aka you get long-lasting color AND shine for up to 14 days!

2. It’s only 2 steps–all you have to do is paint 2 coats of the color (it has a built-in base coat) then seal the deal with the gel top coat. THAT’S IT!

3. It removes easily with regular nail polish remover. You don’t have to worry about scraping/damaging your nails!

4. It has that awesome “Sally Hansen” brush that contours to your cuticle for even, streak-free application.

5. Miracle Gel comes in 47 bomb.com shades, divided into 7 color families- LovePink, Flawlessly Nude, Street Pastels, Runway Shock, Daily Delights, Mad Mod & Fired Up Metallics.

Ok, I’ve kept you waiting long enough! This week’s tutorial of course uses Miracle Gel and is inspired by the Ruffian Manicure. And guess what, no tools are needed! The tool is your Sally Hansen brush!

with bottle




Step 1: Paint 2 coats of Marc Jacobs, Glinda.  You don’t need to go to the top of your nail because it will end up being covered by your Miracle Gel. Just make sure the “sparkliest” part is near your cuticle since that’s what will be shown.

Step 2: Wait a couple of minutes for the glitter to dry. Take your Miracle Gel in Sugar Fix and press the brush (fanning it out) to the center of your nail. Then continue to slowly fan it out while pushing/painting back up to the top of your nail. When the brush fans out, it creates the cylinder effect we’re going for. Go back over the sides of the cylinder with your brush so the paint goes to the edge of your nail. Putting this step into words makes it seem a lot more complicated than it is. The brush is so great, it does all the work for you- trust me! 

Step 3: Wait a couple of minutes for Sugar Fix to dry. Then take Tidal Wave and repeat step 2, except start halfway in the middle of Sugar Fix. The idea is to create these “Ruffian” layers so that you still see a little bit of the silver glitter and pastel blue underneath this final layer of royal blue.

Step 4: Wait another few minutes before sealing the deal with your Miracle Gel Top Coat! This locks everything in, putting the final gel hardening “stuff” on your design.

final image

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America’s birthday is one of my favorite days of the year! It stands for a smorgasbord of soooo many wonderful things — summer, BBQ’s, family, friends, fireworks and best of all….4th of July Fireworks Nail Art! To get the party started, I have a super easy tutorial that brings the sparkling fireworks straight to your fingertips!





Step 1: after applying your base coat, paint two coats of your white polish (I used OPI, Alpine Snow). Wait for it to dry.

Step 2: take your blue striper and draw semi-wavy lines from the tip of your nail to half way down, leaving space in between each one.

Step  3: using your red striper, repeat step 2, again leaving a little space.

Step 4: take your silver glitter striper and fill in the blanks in between your blue and red lines. The silver lines can be a little longer to emphasize the fireworks effect! Wait a few minutes for the polish to dry and then seal the deal with your top coat!

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It’s finally JUNE! Which means Summer is no longer a figment of your imagination- YAY! I absolutely love pairing unexpected colors together to make one hot Summer look. Enter my good friends Mr. Teal and Mrs. Purple. GUYS! This Urban Outfitters teal (appropriately named, flip flop) is one of my favorite colors of the season. And when paired with a vivacious purple like Color Club’s Disco Dress, magical nail polish babies are born!

main image

What You’ll Need  for Summer-Ready Color Blocked Nails:



Summer-Ready Color Blocked Nail Tutorial:

Step 1: after applying your base coat, paint 2 coats of your teal. Wait a good 15-20 minutes for this baby to dry. If you move on to step 2 before your polish is completely dry, you’ll have to start all over again (due to the sticky mess on your hands). To speed up the process, you can also apply one thin coat of your quick dry Seche Vite top coat.

Step 2: apply one piece of striping tape vertically across your nail, a little below the center.

Step 3: using your vibrant purple, paint from the tape to the top of your nail. Then carefully peel the tape off using a pair of tweezers or your finger. Wait a good 10 minutes for your polish to dry before moving to the final step (you don’t want your purple to smudge!)

Step 4: apply one coat of a top coat that IS NOT a quick dry (I used Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine top coat). The purpose of this is to act as the glue to your gold studs. You can in fact use nail glue if you have it laying around. You would just dab a little dot in the middle of your nail. Using your nail tweezers or finger, pick up a gold stud and place it in the center of your nail where the teal and purple meet. After a couple of minutes, take your Seche Vite quick dry top coat and seal the deal one last time! This locks the entire design into one ultra-shiny masterpiece!

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They say April showers bring May flowers. Well, whoever “they” are, don’t give the month of April enough credit. April has way more to offer than the need to plan our outfits around your Hunter boots—it brings COACHELLA. Not only is Coachella one of the most famous music festivals in the country, it has to be one of the biggest gatherings of neon, flower crowns and crop tops in the universe. Seriously. Girls go nuts hunting the racks of Forever21, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel looking for the perfect outfits to spend three (sometimes un-showered) days in. And while a pair of “wear them with anything” cut-off jean shorts at 60% off could totally make your trip, nothing says you’re Coachella ready like a great mani (at least in my world). To finalize your Coachella look, all you have to do is follow my quick and easy nail art tutorial below.

main hand

Supplies for Coachella Nail Art Tutorial:




Step 1: after applying your base coat, paint 2 thin coats of OPI Alpine Snow. This will make your neons really pop! Wait 3 minutes to dry.

Step 2: put a few drops of your Orly Peach Pastel Neon on your artist palette. I use a paper plate or piece of tinfoil- I know- fancy, fancy. Using your Makeup Forever brush (or any thin clean eyeliner brush you have laying around), dip it in the polish and pat on the top and bottom of your nail. This does not- in fact should not- be perfect. The wavier/fluid the better.

Step 3: repeat step 2 but with Orly Glowstick. Pat it right underneath/slightly overlapping your orange on both the top and bottom of your nail. Make sure you still leave some white space in the middle.

Step 4: fill in that white space with Orly True Neon Pink, again patting the polish on your nail. Feel free to do a second coat on any of the colors you feel need more punch before moving to step 5.

Step 5: after waiting 2-3 minutes for your neons to dry, take your Orly Black Striper and paint random wavy lines all over your nail.

Step 6: take your Color Club Glitter Striper and glitterize your nails. Do as much or as little as you want. I like to outline some black lines and fill in other parts of my nail that I feel need a little somethin’ somethin’.

Step 7: wait a good 5-7 minutes before sealing with your Seche Vite Top Coat. If you apply too soon, your black may bleed.

Now, you’re almost ready for Coachella. All that’s left to do is pack your cuticle oil to keep those babies moisturized through all that dancing.

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This Winter wonder never-ending land has GOT to go! While Mother Nature may not be ready for the change, I know your hands are itching to get out of those dreadful gloves. Good news for you (and your hands), I have a super fun, super bright, super easy spring-ready flower manicure tutorial that will remind you that warmer days right around the corner (well, let’s hope…).

1 handSupplies:





Step 1: after applying your base coat, paint 2 coats of Zoya, Shelby. Let dry.

Step 2: using your dotting tool, tap 4 dots of Color Club, Disco Dress, to create the 4 corners (petals) of your flower. They don’t have to be perfect! Do this anywhere you want all over your nail. You can even do 2 dots/petals on the tips of your nails to make it look like they are floating off the edges.

Step 3: using your (clean) dotting tool, add a dot of Sally Hansen, Golden Rule, in the center of all your petals.

Step 4: when your nails are completely dry, seal the deal with your quick dry top coat, Seche Vite.

Bravo! Cheers to your new flower nails and having a Spring/Summer that will last just as long as this Winter!

1 hand_alt

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Happy new year, girls! What better way to start a brand new chapter in your life than with a little glitter? I know I can’t think of any… Now, I understand nail art can be a little intimidating, but this Glitter Gradient Tutorial is perfect for beginners and will take your mani from dull to dazzling!

photo 1

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how to do a glitter gradient. It has the 3 best things you could ask for. It’s easy (but doesn’t look easy), it’s show-stopping AND it’s fast! l’m talking less than an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, fast!

What you’ll need:


tutorialSTEP 1: apply 1 coat of your base coat. Then apply 2 coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Black Out and let dry (tip: use a quick dry top coat, like Seche Vite, to help the polish dry faster. This will also create a nice, smooth surface to put your glitter on).

STEP 2: paint a small blob/line of glitter (Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, Golden Rule) on the tip of your nail. Use the tip shape as guidance. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it won’t be staying there!

STEP 3: using either the nail polish brush or an old eye liner brush, “pull” the glitter half way down your nail (you’re essentially thinning out the glitter). Continue to do this until you have the desired effect- add more polish/remove some, etc. The point is to have more glitter at the tip of your nail than in the center (hence creating the cascading/gradient effect. As always, wait a few minutes before sealing with your masterpiece with your top coat!

I recommend doing 1 nail at a time. If you don’t, the “blob/line” on step 2 may dry by the time you get back to that nail and you won’t get the same effect. Also, if you want to get real fancy and do a reverse glitter gradient, do the same thing- just have the most glitter by your cuticle versus the tip of your nail!

I hope 2014 is your best (nail) year yet! Be sure to check out theGLITTERY.com and follow @theGLITTERYblog on Instagram for all nails all the time! And don’t forget to tag me so I can see your glittery creations!

photo 2

@ChristeneCarr explores Color Club Disco Nap

I have tried several gold nail polishes over the years and few every get me the desired result in one coat.  Enter Color Club’s “Disco Nap.”  I received this gem at The Makeup Show Blogger preview in a BirchBox. Once I opened the box and saw color, I was in L.O.V.E.! I got the result I wanted with one coat over a base coat.

Here is the breakdown from BirchBox:


Disco Nap is a metallic gold with a silvery finish. All of Color Club’s nail polishes are free of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde and parabens.


Apply a base coat, and wait for it to dry. Next, carefully apply two layers of polish, and finish with a clear topcoat.

To take this ALL the way over the top, I paired it with “Only Gold For Me” top coat from Sephora by OPI.

Color Club Polishes retail for $8 and you can find them here

How will you take your Disco Nap? 🙂



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Left to my own devices I would change my nail color every other day. This Spring/Summer, NARS is making it difficult for me to be practical and keep my polish for a week.  The Thakoon for Nars collection features six nail polishes inspired by Thakoon’s Spring 2012 collection. “Super vibrant, exuberant color channels the pulsating hues of an Indian spice market for a bold dose of fashion-forward color at your fingertips.”

The polish dries to a glossy finish and lasts about 4 days chip free with my doing dishes without gloves. The UV protection in the polish also helps to maintain the glossy, bold color. Two coats does the trick but if you are in a hurry one coat will do for a slightly less glossy look.  The polishes are free of  toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP (3 Free.)

Check out the colors:

Lal Mirchi – Mandarin Red
Kutki – Powder Blue
Ratin Jot – Orchid Purple
Koliary – Cyan Blue
Anardana – Azalea Pink
Amchoor – Bright Yellow

Above I am wearing Ratin Jot with a Koliary Zebra like stripes. To make the stripe I cut away about 3/4 of an old nail polish applicator brush bristles,  rinsed it in acetone then simply free handed the stripes. To save for future use, wash in acetone or nail polish remover when done and store with your other nail supplies.

Each polish retails for $18 and can be purchased at narscosmetics.com,  Bloomingdale’s, Sephora, NordstromSaks Lal Mirchi – Mandarin red is Available exclusively at NARS 413 Bleecker St. Boutique 646.459.2323.


Want more NARS?


Destination Beauty: NARS Bleecker Street


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Writer @pinkplushallure tries out non liquid nail polish…
Sally Hansen Salon Effects surpass just about any “quick drying” polish, or any other instant nail glam goodies I have tried in the past.  I recently tried “Laced Up”, and found it’s a total manicure in a box (Sounds crazy right?).  The process is simple as: Start by slightly pushing back your cuticles, using the cuticle stick.  Next, select the sticker that best fits each nail, peel back the paper, and gently place it on.  Using the file included in the box, press down the excess sticker over the edge of the nail and lightly file away the rest. They’re fast and effortless, and within minutes your nails are manicured to perfection!  No dry time, no top coat needed, just admire your handy work- and off you go!  They come in a variety of patterns and colors, and are ideal for us ladies who appreciate artistic nail designs, but can’t do it ourselves and can’t always run out for those weekly manis.  They last for several days and remove easily with nail polish remover. They retail for $9.99…totally worth it!

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