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Have you noticed the abundance of Argan Oil products currently on the market?

The popular ingredient is produced from the kernels of the argan tree and is endemic to Morocco. Argan oil is said to possess both medicinal and cosmetic properties because it is rich in Vitamin E, Omega-6, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants and has great restorative properties.

Argan oil has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen elasticity and improve skin’s overall health and vitality. Extremely rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, Argan oil has also been shown to fight free radicals, help reduce inflammation, minimize the appearance of wrinkles and assist in protecting the skin from environmental factors.

Whether browsing Sephora or your local Target, there’s no shortage of skin care, hair care, and cosmetic products containing Argan oil.

By now savvy makeup wearers have embraced the concept of primer, the key to flawless foundation application. Prep your skin with Josie Maran Argan Primer Mist. The stem-cell infused primer is all natural and somewhat revolutionary in its delivery system. The Argan Primer Mist, yes I said “mist”, sprays evenly onto the skin to naturally firm, nourish, and prep skin for foundation. The mist also works as a setting spray after makeup has been applied. ThisThatBeauty loves double duty beauty products!

Creme of Nature recently announced the launch of their Argan oil collection, the first line of mass retail products with Argan oil for multicultural hair. Creme of Nature with Argan oil boasts an innovative line of five, moisture-enriched shine products infused with Certified Organic Argan oil. The new products include:

  • Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment Pack that strengthens, deeply infuses moisture, and prevents hair breakage
  • Creme of Nature Argan Oil Gloss & Shine Polisher to instantly impart radiant shine, seal in moisture, control frizz and leave hair silky smooth
  • Creme of Nature Argan Oil Foaming Wrap, a unique shine-enhancing foam that nourishes hair, and provides long-lasting hold while giving it a soft, silky feel
  • Creme of Nature Argan Oil Gloss & Shine Mist, a weightless mist that instantly shines, conditions and controls frizz and fly-aways
  • Creme of Nature Argan Oil Replenishing Sheen Spray, a high-gloss sheen with advanced moisturizing properties and a light-weight, soft finish.

Of the newly launched mass market hair care line, Shawn Tollerson, VP of Marketing says this:

“We are very excited to bring Creme of Nature with Argan oil with its shine and nutrient rich benefits to the multicultural marketplace. Finally, this new line offers Argan oil which is typically found in prestige products to the masses at an affordable price.”

If your hair is damaged, chemically-treated or excessively-curly, the Crème of Nature Argan Oil collection provides the hydration and radiant shine your hair deserves!

Kahina Giving Beauty is an organic skincare line that incorporates 100% organic Argan oil sourced from the women’s cooperatives of Morocco. Kahina products are formulated with organic ingredients whenever possible then manufactured in an eco-friendly, carbon neutral facility and packaged in recycled and recyclable materials. There are four products in the core line –

  • Facial Cleanser
  • Serum
  • Facial Lotion
  • 100% Organic Argan Oil
  • Eye Cream – A ThisThatBeauty fave! (more info below)
  • Travel Basics kit – Includes mini versions of the Argan oil, cleanser and lotion

While the entire line is impressive, in my opinion the hero product of the line is the eye cream. Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Cream is a high performance eye cream that is formulated to firm and nourish the delicate eye contour area.

The cream contains 79% organic content and is richly textured with essential ingredients like natural botanicals, collagen-boosting peptides and soothing aloe vera leaf juice. Additionally, Kahina Eye Cream contains:

  • Organic White and Green Tea Extracts – Studies have shown these anti-oxidant substances restore and build skin’s immune response at the cellular level, protecting skin from sun damage, wrinkling and discoloration.
  • Sea Fennel Extract – Sourced from the North Atlantic rocky coastal cliffs, this hydrating and vitamin rich ingredient calms and protects skin with powerful antiseptic properties.
  • Organic Acerola Extract – This potent, natural source of vitamin C inhibits melanin production, effectively brightening the skin and preventing mottling.
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract – This legendary Siberian herb has been linked with longevity and shown to reduce fat deposits, stimulate and boost cell metabolism.
  • Maritime Pine Extract – This Mediterranean tree’s bark provides a natural defense system, protecting the skin from oxidative damage, fighting the degenerative process of aging and stimulating the biosynthesis and regenerative processes of skin tissue.
  • Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract – This strain of yeast increases cellular oxygen consumption and energizes skin. Combined with Rhodiola Root Extract, it reduces the appearance of puffiness, strengthens and firms the skin and improves microcirculation.

Kahina’s social entrepreneur founder, Katharine L’Heureux, donates 25% of the profits back to the women of the Moroccan co-op who work to provide the Argan oil for Kahina.

After the successful launch of Bois D’Orange Reinvigorating Fresh Fragrant Water, Roger & Gallet have recently added a new product to its portfolio – Huile Sublime. If double duty beauty products float your boat, read on….This lightly textured dry oil is a multi-tasking product which is suitable for use on the face, body and in the hair. The zesty blend of mandarin, orange, bitter-orange essential oils, orange blossom, jasmine and Atlas cedar is certain to invigorate the senses.

Huile Sublime is made up of six active vegetable oils, including: Argan oil, known for its nourishing properties; almond oil, to soften the skin; camellia oil, to restore suppleness; macadamia oil, a nourishing ingredient; evening-primrose oil, to protect the skin; and sesame oil. The product also incorporates antioxidant vitamin E and orange essential oils.

Arganics hair care system is designed to help repair damaged hair. The new line of hair products feature an advanced blend of Moroccan Argan oil and extra virgin olive oil. The collection officially launches in the fall and will include:

  • OutGel This! Styling Gel: A water-based, alcohol-free gel to give hair firm hold, control and shine
  • OutMoist This! Oil Moisturizer Treatment: This lightweight treatment can be used daily to give hair body and shine
  • OutTreat This! Hair & Scalp Gro Treatment: A protecting treatment product which can be applied before heat styling or used to protect against breakage and chemicals
  • OutCleanse This! Infinite Moisturizing Shampoo: A cleansing and conditioning shampoo that promises to leave hair looking healthy
  • OutReplenish This! Infinite Moisturizing Conditioner: This conditioner is said to penetrate deep into the hair shaft to reduce hair breakage
  • OutPolish This! Polishing Hair Serum: Multifunctioning serum designed to protect, repair and give shine
  • OutShine This! Sheen Conditioning Hair Spray: A lightweight, protecting spray for all hair types
  • Double Conditioning & Moisturizing No-Lye Relaxer Kit: This product offers conditioning and moisturizing benefits during hair relaxing, and contains chelating rinse to reduce breakage
  • OutStop This! Neutralizing & Clarifying Shampoo: Washes away all relaxer and caustic residue after relaxing

Don’t put away your SPF after Labor Day. Sun protection is a year round job. Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Day Crème SPF 15 utilizes the power of Argan oil with Deep Sea Water to boost skin’s hydration and improve moisture retention. Keep your skin protected from damaging UVA and UVB 365 days a year!

Argan Hair Serum from SulaNYC uses Argan oil to restore shine and add softness to hair. The product is recommended for hair that is dull and lifeless. Argan Hair Serum (which is safe for use on the body) restructures, heals and repairs hair that has been damaged by heat, coloring or aggressive styling. The powerful serum also protects against UV damage and helps to tame unruly frizz. Are your locks in need of a little SulaNYC TLC?

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Somewhere around 1989 I abandoned the pre-shampoo treatment concept. Bye-bye V05 Hot Oil Treatment. But like all things 80’s it’s baaaaack! And just like certain things from the 80’s that never really left (Egad, like your auntie who still wears heavily contoured blush)….if you google the term “pre-poo” (which is short for “pre-shampoo”), you will stumble upon numerous hair bloggers and vloggers singing the praises of the pre-poo. So clearly, pre-poo has been around for quite some time. I however, have not included the pre-shampoo step in my routine for many years.

After a little chat with my hair homie, Kitiya of MischoBeauty, I decided to revive the ol’ pre-poo. Kitiya recommended many different oils. I decided to save myself a few bucks and go with a blended cocktail of oils currently taking up space under my sink…Jojoba and Coconut. In a rather unscientific manner, I applied generous portions of both to dry hair, massaged from root to ends, and then covered with a hot towel and plastic cap for an hour.

After one hour, I rinsed my hair then followed up with shampoo (Creme of Nature Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo) and conditioner (Pantene Time Renewal Conditioning Mask). From there I applied PhytoSpecific PhytoGrowth Serum to my scalp, Macadamia Hair Treatment Oil and Nourishing Treatment Cream to my hair, and styled as usual.

The end result was shiny and more manageable. My hair appeared healthier and had lots of body. The finish was sleek yet not weighed down. In a nut shell, my hair was PERFECT! See for yourself:

So yea, the pre-poo is my new BFF!

Not one to leave well enough alone, I decided to investigate current pre-poo’s on the market and share the deets with you:

PhytoSpecific Revitalizing Oil is a light yet rich pre-shampoo treatment that hydrates both hair and scalp. The key ingredients include:

  • Castor, Peanut, and Soybean oil to hydrate, nourish and fortify
  • Vitamin E to protect hair against external stress (Antioxidant alert)
  • Keratin Derivative to restructure and strengthen weak hair

PhytoSpecific Revitalizing Oil is recommended for hair that is dry due to chemical processes. It is also recommended for individuals with scalp irritation and/or flaky scalp.

In May Ojon will introduce its latest product, Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment. Featuring the brand’s signature Ojon oil, the treatment is designed to cater to dry, damaged hair types. The pre-poo contains a combination of ingredients rich in amino and essential fatty acids. Key ingredients include: passion fruit, babassu, macadamia, and crambe seed.

Do you pre-poo? If so, please share your recommendstions. I’d love to hear about the products YOU use. C’mon!…everyday I share with you…now share with me:)

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Egad! With work, busy schedules, and that thing called “life”…you’ve probably had no time to plan out how you’ll turn on your Valentine’s Day “whip appeal” ala Babyface.

Well worry no more. You are an avid ThisThatBeauty reader which means I’ve got you covered. Behold, ThisThatBeauty’s Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide. So lets get you ready…

Do not let a pesky protruding pimple ruin your perfect Valentine’s Day plans. Stop that bad boy in it’s tracks with the new ZENO HOT SPOT Blemish Clearing Device ($39.99). This FDA approved and dermatologist recommended doo-hickey works by using thermal based technology to kill the bacteria that causes blemishes to occur. Sized to fit in the palm of your well manicured hand, ZENO HOT SPOT is perfect for on the go treatments. How many times have you looked in the mirror at work around lunch time and caught a dastardly pimple plotting to peak by end if day? Here’s where you need ZENO HOT SPOT. Each treatment lasts for two to three minutes. Most blemishes, if caught early, require only two to three treatments. Add ZENO HOT SPOT to your routine. I’d hate to see a mole hill turned mountain to destroy your sexy Valentine’s Day plans.

Because cleanliness is next to sexiness, add Philosophy Flirty Girl Set ($35) to your Valentine’s Day prep plans! Show him you mean business by pampering your body with this soft, sweet, irresistible scent. The combination of Flirty Girl shower gel and lotion layers the light hearted scent beautifully…not at all overwhelming.

Get your skin rub-a dub ready with Creme of Nature’s new line of affordable hydrating lotions.The collection is formulated with natural ingrdients that deliver intense moisture to parched, dehydrated skin. Trust me, yo man does not want to feel all up on your scaly legs. Moisturize that si-du-a-tion (forgive me for the Jersey Shore refernce) with one of Creme of Nature three emollient blends: African Violet & Chamomille, Olive Oil & Lemon Zest, Sweet Mandarin & Lemongrass. Find a store near you.

For the smaller proportioned bella who struggles to find appropriate V-Day ready lingerie, may I suggest The Little Bra Company, a line of sexy, comfortable and stylish lingerie for women sizes 28A to 36B. The Little Bra company celebrates the fact that “good things do come in small packages™.” The sexy red Lucia ($56) features contoured, deep-plunge styling for the ultimate cleavage enhancement with glamorous, smooth lace that makes any small-busted woman feel gorgeous and confident. Lucia is the perfect choice for a dose of feminine confidence this Valentine’s Day…and beyond! Go on, play up your assets!

Don’t forget the “Fat Free Dressing“….a new collection of shapewear from Maidenform ($22-$30) that’s meant to secretly slim, smooth, and shape the body. This life saving figure flattering collection offers a tank top, tee shirt and boy short to address your shapewear needs. The tops are longer in length so there’s no embarrassing “roll down”. “Fat Free Dressing” is designed to fit comfortably all day long. If you’re wearing a body hugging top, dress or skirt for your Valentine’s Day rendezvous, consider these sexy underpinnings. ADDED BONUS: “Fat Free Dressing” is shapewear that doesn’t look like, you know? Shapewear!

If your cup runneth over, try Elomi lingerie for the fuller figure. The collection has a sexy boudoir feel that oozes glamour. From french inspired floral embroidery to contrasting underlay, the designs artfully combine comfort and support with a dash of naughty and nice!

If your pre Valentine’s Day primp fest leads you to the salon for a hair cut, preserve the integrity of your cut with HerCut ($22-$28), a new line of hair care products designed around your specific haircut….not hair type. Genius! The philosophy of the line is simple: All (most) cuts derive from five basic cuts – bob, pixie, shag, blunt, long layers. It does not take an expert to maintain your straight from the salon style, it merely takes the proper products that support your cut. In a press breakfast with HerCut Ambassador and Emmy Award winner Kyan Douglas, I learned that HerCut employs “catalysts” that work at the molecular level to ensure that hair conforms to the shape of your individual cut. Essentially, HerCut picks up where your stylist leaves off. Each HerCut “catalyst” (a serum to be used prior to blow drying) is customized for the five hair cuts previously mentioned. If you struggle to maintain your style post-salon visit, HerCut might be just what you need. And with Valentine’s Day just ’round the corner, you want to make sure your locks are their absolute best!

Don’t let excessive frizz ruin your dinner plans with Mr. Wonderful. Remington Frizz Therapy 1″ Straightener ($49.99) promises all day anti-frizz protection….even in high humidity! High grade ceramic plates dramatically diminish frizz upon styling. The frizz protection feature helps hair resist the effects of humidity all day, thus insuring a sleek smooth style. And since this a Valentine’s Day beauty guide, might I also suggest tossing this bad boy in your overnight bag for the morning after…if ya know what I mean 😉

This Valentine’s Day send his pulse racing with Kelly Van Gogh Wonderlust Illuminating Hair Tonic ($30). This multi-tasking wonder spray delivers smooth, sexy hair with long-lasting results. With just a quick spritz to damp hair, your locks are transformed into tantalizing tresses without a costly trip trip to the salon. Can we say “frugalista friendly”? Kelly Van Gogh Wonderlust Illuminating Hair Tonic incorporates mica shine technology, keratin proteins and caviar conditioners, to revitalize dry, dull hair and protect it from environmental factors including pollution, heat and water damage. This Valentine’s Day fall in love with Kelly Van Gogh Wonderlust Illuminating Hair Tonic!

Make him starry eyed with Urban Decay Stardust ($20). This eye catching shadow delivers a soft sheer wash of color coupled with the tiniest bits of iridescent sparkle. The glistening effect resembles that of wet snow. Yum…so sexy and McDreamy. Capture his eyes and heart this Valentine’s Day with an alluring pop of Stardust. From go-to basic neutrals like black, grey and brown to bright bursts of of turquoise, green and purple. The wide range of Stardust shades will help you bring out your inner kitten. Purrrrr! Want to know my personal fav? It’s Moon Spoon, described as grey with iridescent sparkle!

If your lip gloss isn’t poppin‘, try this – LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss ($22). This innovative paraben free gloss contains holographic pigments for multidimensional shine. The formula delivers a high lacquer, glam, glossy, vibrant finish with long lasting color. If you gotta get that BOOM BOOM BOOM for your lips, you gotta get LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss. My traffic stopping favs include Polished and Vivid. MWAH!

For girls who are short on time and have but a few precious moments to go from “office attire’ to “date ready”, this Valentine’s Day try Stila Yumberry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain ($24). When multitasking is a must, a great lip and cheek stain can be your BFF. Conveniently packaged in Stila’s iconic click-able pen, this lip/cheek combo reacts to your personal pH to give you a beautiful, fresh-faced flush in your perfect shade of pink.

If sexy bedroom eyes are on your Valentine’s Day prep list, try L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara. Frugalistas, breakdance! This drugstore mascara (which performs like a pricey department store formula) retails for $9.49. If you’re smart, you will try to catch it during a BOGO at your local Walgreens, Duane Reade, CVS, etc. The genius technology behind L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara is the spherical brush and clean formula that lengthens while separating. At first the design of the brush freaked me the heck out, TRUE STORY! But the results were Ah-May-Zing! See for yourself then run out and get your own!

If subtlety is your thing, try Coy, the newest gloss from Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. Coy is an extremely wearable and versatile shade of nude pink. Don’t let the name fool you…Coy redefines lips for a plumper pout. It is specially formulated with Portulaca Extract, a natural peptide that stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis to help add volume to lips. But hold up…there’s not irritating tingle or stinging involved. YES! Coy is also non sticky and incorporates Vitamin E to hydrate as it smooths. Say yes to Coy this Valentine’s Day and maybe you’ll be saying “YES” All. Night.Long. We’re all grown…I’m just saying!

Couture Couture ($35-$100), an “it girl” fragrance from Juicy Couture, is a stellar choice for Valentine’s Day. The aromatic blend of pink grape, orange flower, mandarin, blushed plum, honeysuckle, and sandalwood will capture Mr. Wonderful’s senses…the rest is up to you! Couture Couture is available at Bloomingdales.com.

For a little His and Hers action try two irresistible scents by Thierry Mugler. For her: ANGEL is the classic Thierry Mugler fragrance that started it all. Known for its pure, soft, and innocent style, ANGEL boasts notes of Bergamot, Hedione, Helional, Honey, Dewberry, Red Berries, Vanilla, Caramel, Patchouli, Chocolate, and Coumarin. The warm tender scent is sure to keep his attention this Valentine’s Day.

For him: A*Men will have you saying “Amen”. The strength of this fragrance lies in its perfect blend of fire and warmth…the perfect element for pure seduction.

ANGEL and A*Men by Thierry Mugler are available at Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomies, Neiman Marcus, and ThieryMugler.com

Simply put – DAY-UM! This aint yo grandmomma’s robe. No ma’am! Jenna Leigh’s Kimono Robe ($96) is for the grown and sexy. Translation: I WANT THIS! I love understated sexy…and while the models boobs are practically 3D in the picture below, I love that the robe offers a touch of modesty in in terms of coverage, but beautifully hugs a woman’s body in all the right places. I see this robe being a “warm up” piece. Its what you wear while preparing your sexy Valentine’s Day dinner at home. The wrap/ kimono style is perfect for a little “oops, my robe keeps coming undone “. After about three accidental slips of the kimono coming undone, dinner should be finished and then on to dessert. You feel me?

If a hot, steamy, sexy bath is on your Valentines Day list try Bath Ice Cream ($8.50). These adorable bath delights are perfect for creating a romantic spa like retreat at home. Bath Ice Cream fizz and melt immediately when submerged in water for an incredibly relaxing and indulgent experience. With over 40 flavors to choose from, the only thing left to do is to light a candle and….

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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