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I haven’t been this excited about a manicure since, well, last week (don’t judge me). I absolutely love how my Nail Rock Foil Manicure turned out. My love and excitement grew even more when I got unsolicited compliments from strangers. Anyhow, now that I have built this up like that time Obama said “you can keep your doctor,” let’s get to!

Here’s What You Need:

  1. Tweezer
  2. Nail Rock Foil Kit in Silver and Rose Gold
  3. Top Coat


Nail Rock Foil Manicure Supplies


  1. Apply two coats of polish to each nail. I used the blue polish from the silver kit.
  2. As soon as you are finished with the application, use tweezers to rip pieces of the foil and gentle place on nails.  
  3. Use bare fingers to gently press foil onto polish. 
  4. If you like the look of just the foil, apply the topcoat and you are done (shown below).Nail Rock Foil Manicure - Blue
  5. If you want the effect of foil floating in your polish, apply two very light coats of the blue polish over the foil.
  6. Apply top coat to boost shine and extend polish and you are done!


Nail Rock Foil Manicure


Did I already say how much I love this manicure? This manicure looks complicated but it is super easy to do. It’s really shiny and lasted about 7 days.  The Nail Foil is my favorite of all the Nail Rock kits I have tried so far because it is easy to use and also rather unique. If you want to add a little umph to your manicures, I highly recommend the Nail Rock Nail Foil kit.

Nail Rock Foil Manicure kits retail for $8.00. Available at Walmart & Walgreens and online at Urbanoutfitters.com

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I live for rambling and rattling off my faves, raves, and must-own products of the moment. But you know what I also enjoy?…sitting back and getting the goods via fellow beauty girls. I love being introduced to new products and hearing the passion behind the brands that excite my fellow beauty bellas. Last week I had the opportunity to spend time with Glamazon Diaries‘ own Makeda Saggau-Sackey. Makeda and I have been frolicking on the beauty scene for a bit now, but last week was the first time we settled in for a deep dive into her beauty musts. While sipping Oriel Wines Rosé, Makeda divulged all…

Never a selfish Beauty Editor, I am thrilled to share Makeda’s favorites with you:

Whether you’re tying the knot..or still content swinging single and tying one on on occasion, @Essie Polish Bridal Collection offers a balanced collection of classic sheer pink and stead-eddy red, along with more of the moment hues.

If you’re vacation deprived (much like yours truly), perhaps CND Tropical Coral can help channel the peace and serenity of the tropics. Hey folks…I haven’t been on a real vacation in almost two years…a woman is reaching…and exploring all delusions of grandeur.

Do you tire of spending good money on sunglasses only to accidentally leave them on the subway or in Sephora (OK, perhaps I’m the only who loses things in Sephora)….well, Knockarounds are for you. Simply put: They’re high quality, low cost (starting at $14) sunglasses that don’t send you into cardiac arrest if you lose them. While these might not be your everyday frames, they’re certainly a wise choice for travel, the beach, or just for knocking around..get it, Knockarounds!

For non-Knockaround days, Lucky Brand sunnies start at about $34.95.

Talk about the forgotten accessory…I haven’t worn pearls since my wedding day (shame on me!). After chatting with Makeda about her love of Pearl Paradise, and the unique craftsmanship that goes into every pair, suddenly I’m revisiting this classic necklace and thinking up ways to put my own modern twist on a double strand. Paradise Pearls are individually knotted on silk, and the strand is finished with a solid, 14-karat gold, fish hook clasp. Each strand features pink to peach body colors with subtle overtones, incredible luster and shine. I’ll be sure to Twitpic my take on working pearls into a causal outfit.

Now these just blew me away…Girls, these are basically fancy rain shoes. Yes, ma’am!..no more to the knee wellies in 90 degree heat. Melissa Shoes PVC footwear, in partnership with brands like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and Thierry Mugler, keep your feet fashionably in step — even on the rainiest days!

Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion

By now, we all know that faux glow is the way to go. For the last few summers I’ve learned to rely on self tanners and body bronzers to even the color on my legs and, ahem, camouflage imperfections.

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Skin Peel

Of all of Makeda’s summer beauty faves, I am most familiar with Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Skin Peel. I’ve been a long time fan since 2008…when I first penned this review.

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Holy Baroque, Batman! I love everything these nails are doing. Is this a trend you see yourself  embracing?


Jason Wu’s majestic, baroque nails were out in full force – Roxanne Valinoti for CND created gilded burgundy manicures using Dark Ruby layered with Bloodline, and gilded with Gold Chrome smile lines. These manicures matched slicked back ponytails with a flash of gold leaf. Even Versailles could not contain this beauty look!


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Girls, believe the hype.  CND Shellac’s claim of at least two weeks of chip free, mirror-shine finish is absolutely true! I’ve been rocking my CND Shellac manicure for almost three weeks and the finish is as glossy as the day it was applied…and for the record, I am quite domestic (cook/clean regularly) and I work with my hands (makeup artist). I highly recommend CND Shellac for women who desire a long lasting manicure. Whether you’re a girl about town who wants the perfect mani, always….or a busy mom who doesn’t have time for weekly salon visits — CND Shellac is for you!

If you’re in the NYC area, visit the salon where I had my CND Shellac manicure applied:

Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spa

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